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September 2021 Archive

    1. Making Unity industry-agnostic
    2. EA CFO and COO Blake Jorgensen set to leave publisher
    3. Humble Bundle raised $200 million for charities
    4. Chinese government tightens video game restrictions
    5. Sony acquires Bluepoint Games
    6. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Why I Love
    7. Check out the GI Live: London speaker schedule
    8. Opera to launch self publishing platform
    9. 1939 Games raises $5.3m to create Kards mobile game
    10. New publishing group Digital Matters launches
    11. "Accessibility doesn't hamper a vision, it enhances creativity"
    12. Xbox Cloud Gaming launches in Japan and Brazil, others tomorrow
    13. Genshin Impact mobile generates $2bn in first year
    14. Twitch adds phone verification to chat
    15. Bungie starts in-house accessibility group
    16. Nintendo denies existence of 4K Switch
    1. Supersocial raises $5.2m for metaverse experiences
    2. Out Making Games calls on Rockstar to remove transphobia for GTA 5 re-release
    3. Where is the line between fan creativity and IP infringement?
    4. How Atari's new CEO is looking to Recharge the brand
    5. Haven Studios co-founder Jade Raymond joins GI Live line-up
    6. Firesprite acquires Fabrik Games
    7. Microsoft to allow third-party storefronts onto Windows store
    8. Stadia adds controller support for TV via phone link
    9. Fast Travel Games aims to fill "great need for VR publishers"
    10. Publisher Kepler Interactive launches, raises $120m
    11. Netflix acquires Oxenfree developer Night School Studio
    1. Ex-Electric Square devs form Rev Rooms
    2. Inside The Oliver Twins' user-generated, voice-controlled, make-your-own-game platform
    3. People Can Fly expands to work on smaller games in new genres
    4. Potion Craft sells 100k copies in three days
    5. New South Wales extends tax rebate to game developers
    6. Esports professionally recognised in Thailand
    7. What might your Steam 'long tail' revenue be?
    8. Donkey Kong area of Universal Studios Japan to open in 2024
    9. Oliver Twins' Panivox unveils new interactive narrative platform RichCast
    10. Xbox to open GI Live: London next week
    11. PS5 hits 1m UK sales in record time | UK Monthly Charts
    12. Roblox reaches agreement with National Music Publishers' Association
    13. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe reclaims No.1 after Switch price cut | UK Boxed Charts
    14. The Activision Blizzard lawsuit: All the headlines
    15. Activision Blizzard settles with EEOC, creating $18m fund to compensate staff
    1. Twitch announces partnership with Warner Music Group
    2. China bans livestreaming by children under 16
    3. Nintendo's approach to subscriptions is worth watching | Opinion
    4. Debating the value of Nintendo Switch Online | Podcast
    5. Three strategies for mobile ad creatives in an iOS 14 world
    6. GOG responds to backlash following release of Hitman
    7. Fall Guys becomes most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time
    8. Quantic Dream wins one libel case, loses another
    9. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan to headline GI Live: London
    1. UK ad regulator issues new guidance on in-game spending
    2. EA lays out the plan for Playdemic
    3. Improbable promises of the metaverse | This Week in Business
    4. SOC Investment Group: Activision Blizzard execs need to be held accountable for toxic working culture
    5. Over 200 Chinese games firms reportedly vow to self-regulate in face of new restrictions
    6. Microsoft's The Initiative partners with Square Enix's Crystal Dynamics for Perfect Dark reboot
    7. Chris Pratt cast as Mario in animated adaptation dated for Holiday 2022
    8. The story of Zool: Redimensioned - A game made by Sumo's student developers
    9. Nintendo adds new Switch Online tier with N64, Mega Drive games
    1. Rovio to open Toronto studio
    2. The future was free-to-play | 10 Years Ago This Month
    3. Mobile gaming will bring in $116bn in 2024 - Newzoo
    4. Misfits Gaming Group secures $35m investment
    5. God of War | Why I Love
    6. Sega Ikebukuro Gigo arcade shuts down
    7. Sumo Digital opens new Indian studio
    8. Epic vs Apple: All the headlines
    1. Apple won't let Fortnite back on App Store until court ruling finalized
    2. Zynga grants $1.4m to North Carolina A&T college of engineering
    3. Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Critical Consensus
    4. Amazon Games' Christoph Hartmann: "Eventually, we'll be judged by our successes"
    5. StreamElements raises $100m in investment round
    6. Improbable leaning into the metaverse
    7. How to make the games industry more sustainable
    8. Twitch signs deal with National Music Publishers' Association
    9. ESRB launches Spanish-language hub
    10. Overwatch executive producer latest to leave Blizzard
    1. Founders of The TrailerFarm and Atomhawk launch Big Thursday Creative
    2. Minority Media becomes Meta4 Interactive
    3. EA: Publishers have a responsibility to demystify video games for parents
    4. FuzzyBot raises $3.5m in seed funding round
    5. Kotick: "Absolutely no place" at Activision Blizzard for unequal treatment
    6. How Gareth Edmondson is "bringing brilliant people together" in a post-pandemic games industry
    7. The many discussions around Deathloop | Podcast
    8. China trials website for public to report games violating new restrictions
    9. The evolution of dating sims: With great romance comes great responsibility
    10. Blizzard chief legal officer departs amid multiple lawsuits
    11. Deathloop takes No.1 in dominant week for PS5 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. SEC investigating Activision Blizzard
    2. The games industry pays tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair
    3. My.Games acquires hypercasual publisher Mamboo Games for over $2m
    4. Niantic will shut down soft-launched Catan: World Explorers this November
    5. Jennifer Scheurle steps down as IGDA group chair amid abuse allegations
    6. Listening to your employees: Key lessons from the pandemic
    7. FIFA 22 to include Preview Packs from launch
    8. Outgoing UKIE chair issues warning on loot boxes
    9. Keywords Studios appoints new CEO
    1. Tim Woodley elected as new UKIE chair
    2. Intolerance for intolerance | This Week in Business
    3. Creating a diverse future for the games industry
    4. Composer Marty O'Donnell found in contempt of court over Destiny assets
    5. How to support your staff's mental health
    6. The Epic vs Apple judgement leaves much undecided | Opinion
    1. Ikea to release gaming furniture collection
    2. Sir Clive Sinclair dies at 81
    3. Warner Bros. Games names David Hewitt as head of Monolith Productions
    4. Statespace raises $50m in Series C funding
    5. Who are the 2021 best places to work in the UK games industry?
    6. Erin Wayne joins Riot as first global head of player community | Jobs Roundup
    7. Elodie Games raises $32.5m in Series A funding
    8. Watch the UK GamesIndustry Best Places To Work Awards 2021 right here
    9. UKIE announces games industry census 2022
    10. Meet the Best Boss: Fireside chat with Creative Assembly's Gareth Edmondson
    11. Mobile Premier League raises $150 million
    12. Former Capcom USA CEO joins Sony
    13. Curve, Team17, Hiro Capital and Wired Productions join GI Live: London
    14. Does the Epic vs Apple judgement open iOS to more legal attacks?
    15. Amazon Games Montreal hires Ubisoft Toronto MD
    1. Battlefield 2042 delayed a month
    2. Anthony Mackie to star in live-action Twisted Metal show
    3. Anti-women, anti-Black, anti-Asian harassment growing in online games
    4. Dying Light 2 Stay Human now scheduled for 2022
    5. Disco Elysium | Why I Love
    6. Mental health in the games industry: The ongoing journey
    7. App Annie charged with securities fraud, agrees to pay $10m
    8. Twitch changes refund policy to avoid chargebacks
    9. Nintendo drops base model Switch price in Europe
    10. TinyBuild acquires Bad Pixel for $17.1m
    11. Activision Blizzard accused of interfering with employees' right to organize
    12. Activision Blizzard hires senior Disney and Delta execs
    1. Atomhawk to open new art studio
    2. Digital Bros opens Nesting Games
    3. Splitgate studio raises $100m in funding round
    4. Madden NFL 22 takes No.1 in record August | US Monthly Charts
    5. Deathloop | Critical Consensus
    6. Ubisoft revives Driver as a live-action series
    7. Funcom acquires Conan IP holder
    8. Climate change: How the games industry can fight back
    9. Team17 reports record revenues of £40.1m in H1
    10. Sumo acquires Auroch Digital
    11. Yogscast, Humble Bundle, Sega and Devolver set for GI Live: London
    1. Paradox CEO addresses inappropriate behavior
    2. We're not talking about diversity. We're talking about our future
    3. Pitfalls to avoid when looking for funding
    4. Stadia director for games moves to Google Cloud division
    5. Apple refuses to reinstate Epic's developer account in South Korea
    6. Wario Ware takes No.1 as seven new games enter the Top 40 | UK Boxed Charts
    7. Epic appeals against judge's ruling in Apple antitrust case
    1. Stillfront acquires Jawaker for $205m
    2. Twitch sues users over hate raids
    3. Judge orders Apple to allow apps that link to external payment options
    4. Progress isn't always pretty | This Week in Business
    5. Check out the UK Best Places To Work Awards schedule
    6. Riot Games diversity figures slowly inching up
    7. eFootball PES 2021 Mobile passes 450m downloads
    8. Former Starbreeze CFO acquitted of insider trading charges
    9. China reportedly slowing down online game approvals
    10. Epic to discontinue Houseparty platform in October
    11. Cross-gen software is still Sony's Achilles' Heel | Opinion
    12. Toya raises $4m to fuel development on Roblox
    1. Take-Two: Enhanced GTA 5 delay won't harm fiscal year
    2. "This is what happens when chess intersects with PlayStation"
    3. Global mobile games market generates $7.7bn in August
    4. AccelByte raises $10m in Series A funding
    5. Twitch viewership sees growth of 27% for August
    6. WarioWare: Get It Together | Critical Consensus
    7. Hurricane Ida relief bundle raises $27,000
    8. "Letting commercial decisions dictate creativity is the biggest detriment"
    9. Cloud Imperium receives ASA warning over “concept ships” in Star Citizen
    10. Jagex shuts down Old School RuneScape HD mod
    11. Young Horses implements four-day weeks
    1. GameStop reports second quarter sales growth
    2. Jam City acquires Ludia for $165m
    3. Wata Games chief advisor accused of conflict of interest
    4. Why PlayStation is buying Firesprite, one of the UK's fastest growing studios
    5. GI Live: London is a new games conference taking place at EGX in October
    6. Garry's Mod reaches 20 million units sold
    7. The biggest games in the world are only as successful as their communities
    8. Stardew Valley has sold 15 million units
    1. Ubisoft names Igor Manceau its new chief creative officer
    2. Dontnod adopting permanent work-from-home policy
    3. Enthusiast Gaming acquires Addicting Games in $35m deal
    4. Keeping trolls out of the Caves of Qud community
    5. Virtuos raises $150m to fuel global growth
    6. Jet Set Radio artist Ryuta Ueda returns to Sega
    7. Yogscast Games: "You can tell a lot about the people you're working with through their contracts"
    8. Tripwire CEO steps down following anti-abortion stance
    1. Focus Home Interactive rebrands to Focus Entertainment
    2. Playright Games acquired by Qiiwi Games for around $1.1m
    3. The first ever Paralympics video game
    4. Kickstarted game guides project shut down due to "legal trouble"
    5. Employee survey at Paradox Interactive alleges gender discrimination and "mistreatment"
    6. Minecraft for Switch takes No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    7. Technical localization challenges and how to solve them
    8. Current generation console shortage may last until 2023
    9. Shipwright Studios cuts ties with Tripwire Interactive over president's anti-abortion views
    10. Sony to charge $10 for PS4 to PS5 game upgrades
    1. Take-Two sues makers of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City reverse engineering project
    2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe surpasses 4 million sales in Japan
    3. Naughty Dog's real mark on the industry | This Week in Business
    4. Azerion acquires digital advertising company Sublime
    5. From Cooking Mama to Control: The rise of 505 Games
    6. Facebook Gaming opens licensed music library up to more creators
    7. Odeeo raises $1m for "non-disruptive" ads for mobile games
    8. South Korea's App Store law is a grand experiment | Opinion
    9. Bravely Default 2 sells 950,000 units on Switch
    10. Multiscription raises €800,000
    1. #ADayOffTwitch campaign drops viewership
    2. Thunderful Games acquires developer Stage Clear Studios for €2.5m
    3. Disgaea's focus on "the road most niche"
    4. Gigantic Duck raises SEK 10m
    5. The Breach Studios secures €3.5 million from My.Games
    6. EGX 2021 to introduce remote exhibiting
    7. Video games projects raised $13m on Kickstarter during H1 2021
    8. Fortnite fumbles with Martin Luther King tribute | Podcast
    9. Apple to relax store rules for "reader apps"
    10. Dr Lupo signs YouTube exclusivity deal
    11. The perfect publisher pitch deck
    12. Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud leaves due to "differing views on company strategy"
    1. CD Projekt first-half sales up 29%
    2. ProbablyMonsters raises $200m to make games with a "people-first" culture
    3. From James Bond to Legally Blonde, MGM focused on "modernised nostalgia" in video games push
    4. Playtika acquires developer Reworks in deal worth up to $600m
    5. Best Places To Work Awards 2021 UK finalists revealed
    6. Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene leaves Krafton to form new studio