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October 2013 Archive

    1. Android 4.4 aims at budget phones
    2. PS4 pre-orders "much, much, much higher" than past consoles
    3. South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed until 2014
    4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf sells 6.35 million
    5. Qualcomm: "We're never going to build a chip that's faster than a console"
    6. GungHo stock plummets after Q3 results
    7. Sony loses $8m on games as overall business cuts forecast by 40%
    8. Kickstarter names co-founder Yancey Strickler as its new CEO
    9. Losses increase at Glu Mobile to $7.8m
    10. Sonic misses the mark in Japan
    11. Tom Hall steps up as VP of creative for Playfirst
    12. Monster Hunter 4 rescues Capcom's six-month results
    1. GameStop exec blames console decline on lack of innovation
    2. Console revenues to grow 29% by 2017
    3. Wii U being outsold by original Wii
    4. Wargaming on "tank porn" and being "drug dealers of experiences"
    5. Console resurgence starts with PS4, Xbox One launches - Riccitiello
    6. Facebook: Devs need to make cross-platform games
    7. Steam accounts now over 65 million
    8. Indies: Market early and often or "sink into obscurity"
    9. New Zealand game revenue up 86 per cent in 2013
    10. Nintendo sold 133 million games in Japan this century
    11. New publisher Relevant Games to target North Carolina devs
    12. Wii U sold under 500k in six months
    13. Asian markets "two years ahead" of West in mobile monetization
    14. How Sony Can Win the Next-Gen War
    1. PS4, Xbox One to ship 10m units by March - EA
    2. Journey producer: Start with feelings, not mechanics
    3. Consoles and mobile devices merging, says Nexon CFO
    4. Grand Theft Auto V: 29 million shipped
    5. EA boosts digital revenues in Q2
    6. Do publishers have a place on mobile?
    7. EA cancels F2P Command and Conquer as Victory Games "disbanded"
    8. Games are just the beginning for VR, says Oculus
    9. Critical Consensus: Assassin's Creed takes to the sea and comes adrift
    10. DICE Awards now taking submissions
    11. Indie market far from saturated, says Campo Santo dev
    12. Rumble CEO: Tablets will be the clear winner of the console war
    13. Microsoft hires Jonathan Ross to work with Xbox teams
    14. Critical Consensus: Battlefield 4 highlights the gulf between current and next-gen
    1. EA splits from Tiger Woods
    2. Apple sells 33.8m iPhones, 14.1m iPads in September quarter
    3. Indie publisher Rebel Machine formed
    4. Going Indie: "I'm more scared of staying in AAA right now"
    5. Line planning $8 billion IPO for 2014 - report
    6. Brazil: New Consoles Have It All To Play For
    7. OBJ Enterprises acquires Novalon Games
    8. The Playforge lays off staff, halts new development
    9. Batman: Arkham Origins hits UK no.1
    10. ChangYou's profits flatten as user numbers decline
    11. Star Citizen reaches $25 million in funding
    1. The Witcher series sales top 6 million in 6 years
    2. Nintendo may outsource more HD remakes, says Miyamoto
    3. PS4 gets iOS and Android app
    4. Xbox One and PS4 to ship 5-6 million this year
    5. 343 Industries, Vlambeer to speak at Control Conference
    6. The Trouble With Trying To Write Positive Female Characters
    7. Critical Consensus: Arkham Origins delivers more of the same
    8. Still Catching 'em All
    1. Ouya will "absolutely" embrace the cloud
    2. Zynga boss "energized" by success of Supercell, King
    3. Microsoft posts record first quarter revenues
    4. Zynga quarterly revenues drop 36%
    5. Zynga hires Clive Downie as COO
    6. Bruce Wayne's Millions Can't Buy F2P Success
    7. John Romero joins Corona Labs advisory board
    8. Ouya hires free-to-play specialist
    9. Prima Games relaunching website, preparing for next-gen
    10. Game Devs: When Does Crunch Cross The Line?
    11. Jobling brothers juggle top roles at Eutechnyx
    12. Stardock seeds new dev Oxide Games
    13. Fishlabs files for bankruptcy, but hopes to continue trading
    14. DeNA West appoints new CEO as Clive Downie resigns
    15. Pokemon holds the top spot in Japan
    1. Carolyn Feinstein new co-chair for Game Marketing Summit
    2. Activision Publishing CEO doesn't want games to mimic movies
    3. The life of the Nintendo Wii - through the eyes of Satoru Iwata
    4. PS4's $1,840 price in Brazil bad for gamers, says Sony
    5. Euro distributor Gem rebrands to Exertis Gem
    6. Big Fish now publishing Android apps to PC and Mac users
    7. Digital Capital hires Patrick Sweeney as Chief Legal Officer
    8. Gamevil seeks growth in SE Asia
    1. Gaming adds $2.3 billion to Canada's GDP
    2. Autodesk Scaleform offered free to Project Anarchy users
    3. Sony tries to pull Beyond nude shower scene reports
    4. The Sims 4 delayed until Fall 2014
    5. MLG and Relativity Media form content and marketing partnership
    6. Console games need more variable pricing, says Riccitiello
    7. iPad Air is Apple's new tablet
    8. Zynga "not a mobile business" says EA exec
    9. Game Journalism: Stepping Stone to PR?
    10. Getting a better Signal: Bringing F2P to 360 with Ascend
    11. The9 lines up $24m investment in Red 5
    12. Mobile developer TinyCo lays off 27 staff
    13. Microsoft: Xbox One will not run all Windows 8 apps
    14. Simon Maxwell steps up as COO of Gamer Network
    15. Wild Games Studios accused of censorship
    1. Oddworld's Lanning: Industry needs more 'Pink Floyd' and less 'Britney Spears'
    2. Need for Speed: Rivals skipping Vita and Wii U due to poor sales
    3. EA working on "high-end" Battlefield mobile game
    4. Low-end devices to drive PC/mobile growth - Report
    5. Will Luton joins mobile developer TinyCo
    6. Mojang: Freemium a possibility for Scrolls if players don't show
    7. Blizzard wins $7m in bot suit
    8. Supercell deal helps push games M&A over $5 billion
    9. Epic: Valve can guide consoles to a more "enlightened path"
    10. GTA V stays top in UK, Skylanders: Swap Force stumbles in debut week
    11. The Stanley Parable sells 100k units
    12. Nvidia hopes to eliminate screen tear with new G-Sync monitors
    1. Oculus working on 4K Rift headset
    2. Xbox One headset adapter not coming until 2014
    3. More Zynga layoffs predicted
    4. $50M funding for Chukong Technologies
    5. 2K Marin shut down entirely - Reports
    6. Sony confirms Driveclub delay
    7. Video game BAFTAs now open to the public
    8. Disney Infinity sees 1 million toy box downloads in 2 weeks
    9. Xbox One and PS4 chips put AMD back in the black
    10. Riccitiello: Adding a Star Wars brand is not an innovation
    11. Let Slip the Watch Dogs
    12. Xbox 360 reaches 80 million consoles sold worldwide
    1. US monthly digital revenue approaches $1 billion
    2. GTA V drives US console software sales up 52%
    3. Wii U sales tripled in September
    4. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified devs laid off
    5. Zynga co-founder leaves company
    6. Xbox co-founder, DeNA CEO among DICE 2014 speakers
    7. Green Man Gaming, Mindy Candy fast-tracked by government for IPO
    8. Bach on the Frontline: Battlefield 4's lead producer readies for war
    9. NaturalMotion: Scaling from mobile studio to entertainment business
    10. Popcap exec becomes Hipsoft CEO
    1. Game Devs Suck at Pitching: Advice for Attracting Investment
    2. Nintendo wants to "change movies" with an interactive Zelda film
    3. Polygon owner Vox Media raises $40 million
    4. Ubisoft shares plunge 20%
    5. Pokemon beats GTA to number one in Japan
    6. Splinter Cell, Rayman failed to hit sales targets
    7. Xbox Entertainment Studios signs football reality show
    8. Chinese social dev Rekoo to open London office
    9. Nordeus sets sights on global success with Top Eleven
    10. PS4, Xbox One take "painful body blow" from Watch Dogs delay
    1. Middle East games market "growing like crazy"
    2. Apple confirms possible iPad reveal event for October 22
    3. GTA V expected to double September NPD sales year-over-year
    4. Watch_Dogs delayed to Spring 2014
    5. Wii U still misunderstood by consumers, retailers - Analyst
    6. Roundtable: Is VR finally ready to be the next big thing?
    7. Pokemon X and Y top 4 million in first two days
    8. Xbox Live Compute: The Difference Engine
    9. Ancel: Innovation Nintendo's greatest strength and weakness
    10. Clash of Clans developer Supercell sells 51% stake to SoftBank and GungHo
    11. Xbox One promises feature rich Live service
    12. Epic's Gamble to lecture at Staffordshire University
    13. Big Fish appoints new VP of corporate communications
    1. Making Xbox One Number One
    2. Linux just needs one killer game, says Battlefield dev
    3. Marvel Puzzle Quest dev sees “permanent renaissance” for indies
    4. Ex-Valve devs launch castAR Kickstarter
    5. Modern Warfare 2 is Amazon UK's biggest seller
    6. Ziff Davis appoints new VP and managing director
    7. Activision Blizzard completes share buyback
    8. GTA V back on top of UK charts
    9. Valve shows Steam controller working with real-time strategy
    10. Riot Games president confirms Twitter hack
    1. High Road To (And From) China
    2. Sumo Digital founder awarded honorary doctorate
    3. Rapper sends cease and desist to Rockstar
    4. Dead Rising 3 denied rating in Germany
    5. Steam Machines to support Nvidia, AMD and Intel chips
    6. Valve is the champion PC gaming deserves
    1. Activision sale cleared by Delaware Supreme Court
    2. Nintendo's Iwata doesn't fear failure
    3. Razer sells every product at a loss
    4. Foxconn using unpaid students to build PS4s - Report
    5. Gaming more pervasive in China than US - report
    6. Xbox One expected to outsell PS4 - UK retailer
    7. Angry Birds film signs Disney director
    8. THQ files suit against EA over UFC licence
    9. Worldwide PC hardware sales shrink again as tablet shift continues
    10. Masahiro Sakurai: Glut of franchises and remakes at an unnatural level
    11. Escape Goat dev: PC indies need Steam to survive
    12. Valve's "Steam Dev Days" to offer early access to new products
    13. Monster Hunter tops 2.5m sold in Japan
    14. Is it legal to sell second hand digital games?
    1. Good old days weren't so good - Cerny
    2. EA taps "war chest" for mobile strategy
    3. New iPads to be announced Oct. 22 - Report
    4. Making the case for design school
    5. Music+Sound Awards expand video game coverage
    6. Siobhan Reddy: Girls, Games and GTA
    7. Russian government offers funding for "patriotic" games
    1. League of Legends aims for more big corporate sponsors
    2. Square Enix launching Collective crowdfunding program
    3. Gamevil acquires Nine Wheels
    4. Battlefield Heroes executive producer jumps to Dust 514
    5. Critical Consensus: Beyond puts gameplay in the backseat
    6. Microsoft shoots down report of Kinect-based ad targeting
    7. Free-to-play needs a new kind of publisher - Scopely
    8. Mad Catz to sell microconsole for $250 in December
    9. Richard Garriott: The power of crowd-sourced development
    10. Warface producer: 'sexy' female character skins result of "cultural relativism"
    1. Turtle Beach names new CFO, SVP
    2. Spector: Industry must recognize both good and bad effects of games
    3. GTA V posts biggest Euro PS3 digital debut to date
    4. Steam Box, Oculus Rift will define next-gen, says Cliffy B
    5. SNK demands halt of Neo Geo X sales
    6. State Of Decay sells 1 millon
    7. LEGO, Lara and Thomas nominated for Writers Guild Awards
    8. Bruce Shelley joins Shenandoah board
    9. Scotland gets its own video game trade body
    10. Killzone dev: Effort needed to make next-gen title has "quadrupled"
    11. Square Enix president describes "urgent" need for reform
    12. GTA V surpasses GTA IV lifetime sales after three weeks in UK
    13. Valve releases Steam Machine prototype specs
    14. Giveaway: 5 pairs of tickets for BAFTA Battlefield 4 showcase
    15. Activision Blizzard files patent suit against Worlds Inc.
    16. Warner's Wolff: "We really have a competitive advantage"
    1. Ex-Rhode Island official says governor forced 38 Studios under
    2. WB Games expanding Montreal studio by 100 devs
    3. Gamevil acquires Com2uS
    4. GTA Online patch now live on PS3
    5. Mainstream finally seeing value of indies, says IndieCade founder
    6. Konami appoints Julien Merceron as worldwide technology director
    7. Job losses as Kabam closes Imperium: Galactic War
    8. Sony emphasises "second screen" with PlayStation app
    9. GTA V actors reject accusations of encouraging violence
    10. Millions of Adobe customers hit by cyber attack
    11. Zynga's hope for salvation doesn't lie with Pincus
    1. Daring Options for Nintendo
    2. Gaming risks a repeat of 1983 crash - Report
    3. Oliver Comte joins Wakfu publisher Ankama
    4. Significant layoffs to hit Capcom Europe - report
    5. Mind Candy revenues rise on licensed Moshi products
    6. Digital console revenue to surpass PC this year
    7. Rockstar puts GTA V Online microtransactions on hold
    8. Mojang hires new vice president
    9. Gree offers redundancy to 11 per cent of workforce
    10. EA promotes Maxis' Lucy Bradshaw to SVP
    11. Shuhei Yoshida: PlayStation 4, indies, and the Xbox One
    1. Upstart tablet aims high
    2. World of Warcraft movie dated
    3. Author Tom Clancy dies aged 66
    4. Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter tops $4 million
    5. Bethesda Softworks opens Sydney office
    6. How Double Fine left behind its "dark ages"
    7. Pincus: "I'm pretty bored with all games"
    8. Shuhei Yoshida: Vita, Vita TV and Sony's future
    9. Microsoft investors lobby for Bill Gates' retirement - report
    1. Layoffs at Sega of America
    2. GTA V to pull in $437 million in digital add-ons
    3. Can Steam Machines succeed?
    4. Ubisoft picks up Future Games of London
    5. Donkey Kong delay hurts Wii U holiday lineup
    6. Nintendo winding down Wii production in Japan
    7. Women in Games: Rebalancing The Scales
    8. Rockstar warns of GTA Online launch issues
    9. Nvidia announces new high-end Battlebox PC range
    10. Monster Hunter 4 still top in Japan
    11. New CFO for Future Publishing
    12. Vlambeer renames Wasteland Kings over InXile concerns
    13. Zynga settles Bang With Friends suit
    14. Why Quantic Dream chose PS3 for Beyond
    15. Idea Factory moves for global expansion
    16. Screen Australia backs 21 indie games
    17. Namco Bandai SVP joins Ankama as COO