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Gaming social network Pixwoo launches in the US

New gaming social network hopes to attract gamers and developers on common platform

A new social gaming platform for the United States has finally launched, following successful launches in the UK and France. Pixwoo hopes to bring gamers and developers together on a social networking platform specifically geared towards the core gaming audience.

"Pixwoo was created to provide a platform for all types of gamers and industry members to connect and communicate with one another," said Pascal Vielhescaze, CEO and founder of Pixwoo. "The world of video games is such a rich and content-filled one. The video game world has expanded beyond people who play video games and has infiltrated pop culture and lifestyles in general. We wanted to create a dedicated social networking space for everyone interested in video games to come together and share their passion. We want everyone in the industry asking each other: 'Do you Pixwoo?'"

The platform hopes to attract gaming professionals by offering perks just for companies and industry personalities. Companies can opt to get a professional page developed, where they can offer news and information straight to their fans.

"In addition to being the destination online for gamers, we welcome all types of industry professionals and provide specific benefits they can leverage," said Vielhescaze. "After creating a general professional page for their company on the site, for example, they can take it a step further and become a Pixwoo partner. This allows them to connect all of the pages of the games that their company publishes to their company page, and directly communicate with all of their fans in one place. They also have the ability to create and manage pages for characters from their video games, in order to interact with fans as the video game character itself."

Things seem to be picking up for the site, which currently boasts partnerships in Europe from companies like Ubisoft, Sega and Namco Bandai. They hope to launch in Germany, Japan and South Korea before the end of the year. Pixwoo now has more than 8,000 members, 2,500 game pages and 300 groups.

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