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London Games Festival set for September

"Looking to unite the whole industry in a month-long celebration of games and gaming culture"

UKIE has set the dates for its London Games Festival, which will run across the capital from September 27 to October 28.

"London Games Festival is a real focus for UKIE this year," said Kirsty Payne, event director.

"We're looking to unite the whole industry in a month-long celebration of games and gaming culture, and expect this to be the biggest LGF to date."

Publishers, developers, retailers and the community are encouraged to hold their own events as part of the festival

"We're devoting more resources to it than ever before with the aim of making this the busiest event yet. The way people buy, play and consume games is changing - and we hope to reflect that with a wide range of brilliant events falling under one glorious banner".

Some of the events that have already been planned are consumer shows, career fairs and game launches.

"UKIE is delighted to be spearheading the London Games Festival," added Dr Jo Twist, CEO.

"It's the perfect opportunity to bring together and showcase all elements of the interactive entertainment industry including, education and skills, accessibility, government, talent, innovation and above all, fun events for anyone who likes to play games."

Those interested in taking part should contact

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