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September 2013 Archive

    1. Shanda Group among first in China's Free Trade Zone
    2. Ubisoft Quebec operations will employ 3,500 by 2020
    3. Letter urges APA to review media violence research
    4. Ian Livingstone leaves Eidos
    5. Steam news only a "curiosity" without a must-buy like Half-Life 3 - Pitchford
    6. Twitch closes $20 million Series C investment
    7. PS4 comfortable leader in U.S. consumer poll
    8. EA closes North Carolina studio - report
    9. Rovio mergers boss leaves to form mobile studio
    10. FIFA 14 tops UK charts despite drop in debut week sales
    11. Shadow of the Eternals now in limbo
    12. Kickstarter game delays "really healthy for the ecosystem"
    1. Rockstar's Houser: There's a "huge audience" for single-player
    2. EA Sports not publishing 2014 college football title, settles lawsuit
    3. Angry Birds and Clash of Clans dev joins Scopely
    4. Microsoft testing game streaming service
    5. Valve offers a "different kind of gamepad" with Steam Controller
    6. Candy Crush dev valued at $5 billion in expected IPO
    7. China to end decade-long ban on game consoles
    8. Ford CEO is the top candidate to take over Microsoft - report
    9. 38 Studios auction scheduled for November
    10. Core games hit new heights, so why do they feel threatened?
    1. GameStop encouraged by industry's big investments in new IP
    2. Star Citizen passes $20 million in crowd-funding
    3. Candy Crush Saga publisher appoints new CFO
    4. Cut The Rope 2 coming this Holiday season
    5. Bioshock Infinite dev forms new Bay Area 2K Games studio
    6. Indie survival in an industry where "flux is the new status quo"
    7. Office of Fair Trading warns devs on high-pressure monetisation
    8. Microsoft and Creative England reveal £250,000 investment fund
    9. Phil Harrison's Eurogamer Expo session streamed live, here
    10. Activision: "We're taking some of the biggest risks"
    11. Sega's Japanese mobile network free to developers
    1. Ubisoft calls next-gen launch titles "miles better" than previous launches
    2. Journey dev sees "huge market" for new game genres
    3. Left Behind Games accused of revenue inflation scheme
    4. Stardock jumps into new territory with Stardock Mobile
    5. Valve announces Steam Machines
    6. EA: "We've asked for too much time, too much skill, too much money"
    7. 3DS eclipses Wii lifetime sales in Japan
    8. Rockstar Games: Time for new IP?
    9. Söderlund: EA Sports can learn a lot from other departments
    10. Evidence builds for GTA V microtransactions
    11. Reddy: Women in the industry must play their role
    12. Wargaming looks toward $200 billion industry revenue
    13. Samsung working on "curved display" smartphone
    14. NVIDIA's Tamasi: Consoles will never have better graphics than PC
    15. Watch D.I.C.E. Europe live-streamed here
    1. Bungie's Joseph Staten leaving for "new creative challenges"
    2. DDM glues together Comcept's Mighty No. 9
    3. Vivendi tries to appeal stalled Activision Blizzard sale
    4. EA does the executive shuffle
    5. Nexon: Market optimization key to free-to-play
    6. Game devs ditching mobile in favor of PC, console?
    7. Ubisoft buys Digital Chocolate Barcelona
    8. TGS attendance breaks records
    9. BlackBerry set for $4.7 billion buyout
    10. GTA V files hint at online microtransactions
    1. Microsoft partners to create Chinese game console
    2. Riot Games tops Fortune's Best Medium Workplace list
    3. Valve announces the Linux-based SteamOS
    4. Microsoft unveils new Surface tablets
    5. Xbox One: "Our long term vision hasn't changed at all"
    6. Beyond: Two Souls cost €20 million
    7. New iPhone sells a record 9 million units
    8. App devs facing major problems with piracy, profitability
    9. GTA V takes number one in the UK
    10. Rubin: "Games are becoming harder to make"
    11. BlackBerry to axe 4500 jobs after $1 billion loss
    1. Amnesia director: "Diversity can only be a good thing"
    2. That Dragon, Cancer dev defends Ouya
    3. Lionhead on "opposite end of the scale" from Microsoft
    4. Sony finding Western interest in Vita TV stronger than expected
    5. Wargaming pushes back World of Warplanes
    6. GTA V exceeds $1 billion in only 3 days
    7. Free Money: When $500,000 Simply isn't Enough
    8. SpecialEffect's first Team Fortress 2 item goes live
    9. Watch the 24 hour Peace Games Stream here
    10. FPS devs helped design DualShock 4
    11. GI Fair schedule featuring Rare, Ubisoft and BAFTA now live
    12. Iwata embraces Yamauchi's legacy whilst looking forward
    13. Atlus CEO gives acquisition by SEGA his blessing
    14. Microsoft: Use Xbox One vertically "at your own risk"
    15. PS4 hardware loss will be covered by launch purchases, Sony hopes
    16. Clang sword-fighting game put on hold
    17. 40% of Xbox Live users female
    18. Sony: "We're seeing the birth of a new wave of next-gen developers"
    19. GTA V performance issues highlight problems with digital future
    20. GTA V may not be misogynist - but its 'supporters' are
    1. Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja devs form new indie studio
    2. Sony bringing PS3 games to PS4 and Vita in 2014
    3. EA: "Our teams are killing themselves" to beat Call of Duty
    4. Tokyo Game Show 2013: Quiet on the Eastern Front
    5. Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85
    6. Ouya's Free The Games fund redesigned in face of controversy
    7. Ex-Sega CEO joins VC fund Mercia Fund Management
    8. Court blocks Activision Blizzard's bid for independence
    9. Monster Hunter 4 tops Japanese chart
    10. Sony sets PS4 sales target of 5 million units by March, 2014
    11. Sony Online Entertainment: Trolls and Tribulations
    1. Warhammer Online shutting down
    2. EA's Wilson on games as services: "Don't force anything"
    3. Machinima lays off 10% of workforce
    4. GTA V tops $800 million on day one
    5. GTA V now biggest UK game launch ever
    6. MLG board adds Houston Rockets GM
    7. John Riccitiello invests in Will Wright's Syntertainment
    8. Ouya loses another Free the Games entry
    9. EA's Wilson “makes sense” for CEO job - analysts
    10. Game development the "humane way"
    11. Kabam responds to Dragons of Atlantis boycott
    12. Microsoft exploring "hundreds" of TV concepts
    13. Sega confirms Atlus acquisition
    1. EA's new boss vows cost management will "feature prominently"
    2. Electronic Arts' new CEO is Andrew Wilson
    3. UC Santa Cruz hires Brenda, John Romero to run gaming program
    4. Blizzard to remove real-money auction house from Diablo III
    5. GTA V creator: "It's not just about shooting anymore"
    6. Skylanders hits $1.5 billion lifetime revenue
    7. Gioteck appoints new head of UK sales
    8. GTA V: Proving Old Industry Rules Are Irrelevant
    9. Newell: Steambox, Linux and the future of games
    10. New CFO for NVIDIA
    11. Capcom ships over 2m copies of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan
    12. Red 5 axes staff ahead of Firefall launch
    1. Disney Infinity sells 294,000 in first two weeks
    2. Summer in the City: GTA V sizzles in the high 90s
    3. GTA V expected to generate $1 billion in first month
    4. Schappert: What I Learned from Zynga
    5. Four weeks at #1 for the Saints
    6. Criterion Games down to 17 people
    7. Does respeccing your character build in Diablo 3 make you less happy?
    8. Why I don't want every game I play to last forever
    1. Rockstar "investigating" GTA V early sales
    1. 3D Realms drops Duke Nukem Forever suit against Gearbox
    2. Uncertainty a sign of a healthy industry, says Capy head
    3. The Last of Us dev says AAA can learn from indies
    4. Chair's Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat
    5. Hi-Rez founder addresses "misinformed" critics
    6. Microsoft to brand Windows Phone AI "Cortana" - report
    7. Harrison, Molyneux and more to speak at Eurogamer Expo
    8. Pitbull opens third UK studio in the Midlands
    9. Special Effect launches crowdfunding drive
    10. Gone Home has sold over 50,000
    11. Payday 2 sells 1.58 million, 80% through digital
    12. Nexon to acquire Thingsoft
    13. Jordan Weisman: "If you're not scared, then you didn't push yourself enough"
    14. The Lion's Den: Meet The New Team Behind Fable Legends
    15. Vita TV points the way to Sony's future
    1. Retail game sales up 21% in August - NPD
    2. Bioware founder Dr. Ray Muzyka will be MIGS Keynote speaker
    3. Sixense begins and fully-funds STEM Kickstarter campaign
    4. Xbox Live Arcade, Indie Games go missing
    5. Zynga, Kixeye settle ex-Cityville GM trade secret suit
    6. PS4 has "phenomenal" production yields
    7. GameStick to launch globally on October 29
    8. Blitz spirit: UK developers rally round for ex-Blitz staff
    9. Fargher swaps PlayStation for Call Of Duty
    10. Playdemic, Kobojo, Soshi all sign up to support Peace Games
    11. UK studio Blitz Games to close after 23 years
    1. Valve prepares Steam Family Sharing for beta
    2. Gone Home & TowerFall are IndieCade 2013 finalists
    3. Kids playing more on mobile platforms
    4. 38 Studios loan under investigation by SEC
    5. Splinter Cell sneaks into second place in Japan
    6. Mirror's Edge producer joins CCP to work on EVE: Valkyrie
    7. Remedy CEO Sees New Golden Age for Indie Studios
    8. Ouya's Uhrman defends Free the Games Fund
    9. Unity Technologies: Growing Without The Pains
    10. Her Interactive's Megan Gaiser departs
    1. Apple unveils 64-bit iPhone 5S
    2. Texas grows economic incentives for digital media
    3. Perfect World aiming for 20% success ratio in mobile
    4. Rockstar's Houser explains lack of female protagonist in GTA V
    5. Sony, Activision, Warner sign up for Brasil Game Show 2013
    6. Capcom looks toward big changes after difficult FY13
    7. Halo 4 designer joins Visceral
    8. Staying Alive: How Kuju is Thriving on Work for Hire
    9. New vice president for Stardock Entertainment
    10. Former EA marketing boss Bunney hops to Digital Capital
    11. Matthew Bromberg is new head of BioWare
    12. Paypal freezes 50% of Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm! funds
    13. Microsoft launches games and tech accelerator in London
    1. Gaming Insiders announce GI 30
    2. John Schappert surfaces with Shiver Entertainment
    3. G4 not changing to Esquire Network after all
    4. AAA devs form Hinterland
    5. Has Sony just closed the door on the microconsoles?
    6. Luc Bernard: Wolfenstein is an insult to the Holocaust
    7. PlayStation Vita TV will let you play on the big screen
    8. EVE Online lead designer joins Riot Games
    9. US game sales to post first double-digit year-on-year growth since April '11
    10. Saints Row IV holds off Rome II, Diablo III for UK number one
    11. Rockstar's Houser: "It has to hurt more"
    12. PlayStation 4 to launch in Japan on February 22
    13. Slimmer, lighter PlayStation Vita revealed
    1. Kojima Productions LA officially opens
    2. First Xbox One TV ad features no games
    3. How to build a AAA studio
    4. Hotline Miami 2 assault scene under consideration
    5. Goodgame Studios opens offices in Japan and Korea
    6. Runescape 3 boosts player numbers by 300,000
    7. EA to close Battleforge next month
    8. American Express: League Of Legends offers real sports opportunities
    9. Microsoft sponsors GameHorizon Investment Summit
    10. Kojima explains those "erotic" tweets
    11. Can the VR dream go mainstream?
    1. Madden NFL 25 sells a million in first week
    2. Layoffs at Irrational Games
    3. US gaming spend hit $2.88 billion in Q2 - NPD
    4. Xbox One playable at Eurogamer Expo
    5. Activision: A game in every genre doesn't mean you're creative
    6. Lost Planet 3 struggles in Japan
    7. Three Worlds: Monetising the MMO
    8. MS: Xbox One will be break-even or profit-making from launch
    1. Inside PS4's new VR headset
    2. Metal Gear Solid V designer stands up for Japanese industry
    3. Xbox One to allow loaning, trading of downloaded games
    4. PlayFirst acquires Big Head Mode IP
    5. Ex-IGDA director: Devs would be better off if IGDA didn't exist
    6. Kabam Off-Key With Wartune
    7. Xbox One release set for November 22
    8. MCV publisher Stuart Dinsey to leave Intent Media
    9. Last call for Game Connection Marketing Awards
    10. Xbox One gets CPU boost to 1.75Ghz, enters full production
    11. Warren Spector's Commandments of Game Design
    1. Apple confirms September 10 event
    2. Japanese games continuing decline, says Inafune
    3. Xbox has been "way more progressive and open," says Raptr head
    4. Report: Sony working on virtual reality device for PS4
    5. Hryb: Xbox One wasn't rushed
    6. Future CEO confirms 55 job losses in UK
    7. GamesAid opens 2013 charity vote
    8. Six new board members for TIGA
    9. Bethesda: "The time for convincing publishers to support Wii U has long past"
    10. Sony's Gara: PS4 "feels like a bit of a rebirth"
    11. Microsoft's Ballmer on the challenge ahead for Windows Phone
    12. Xbox One will support eight controllers concurrently
    13. Microsoft buys Nokia Devices and Services for $7.2 billion
    1. Lionhead dev: "I don't want to sit in a studio full of blokes"
    2. Gearbox had "no clear path" for Homeworld IP
    3. 2K Games' Bass joins Tilting Point
    4. Saints Row IV retains UK #1 as Final Fantasy takes 3rd
    5. Whore Of The Orient offends Australian councillor
    6. Sony launches Third Party Production team