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March 2022 Archive

    1. Sony lays off nearly 90 PlayStation sales and marketing staffers
    2. Undead Labs employees accuse studio of misogyny, mismanagement
    3. E3 won't have a digital show this year either
    4. PS Plus is not a Game Pass competitor, nor does it need to be | Opinion
    5. Capcom to raise Japan-based staffers salaries by 30%
    6. Utomik to launch multiplatform cloud gaming service
    7. Why indie developers should consider hiring a COO
    8. Anzu raises $20m to expand in-game advertising efforts
    9. Ensemble exhibition returns to demonstrate "there's no shortage of talent in the industry"
    10. 40% of mobile companies in US and UK suffer losses post-IDFA
    11. Dropping FIFA brand "presents risks" for Electronic Arts, but EA Sports FC expected to perform well
    12. UK games market maintains momentum with 1.9% growth to £7.16bn in 2021
    1. A crash course in understanding trademarks | GDC 2022
    2. New indie publisher Kinda Brave focuses on social and ecological sustainability
    3. Loop Hero developer encourages players to pirate the game
    4. Games writer and designer Scott Bennie dies aged 61
    5. Funomena shutting down - Report
    6. Fast & Furious Crossroads to be pulled from sale next month
    7. Epic facing new lawsuit over Fortnite dance emotes
    8. Team17 delivers another year of growth, as revenues hit £90m in 2021
    1. Activision Blizzard EEOC settlement going forward
    2. Microsoft & Gamers Outreach announce Beyond Xbox: Therapeutic Play program
    3. Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel delayed to 2023
    4. Two weeks left to enter the US Best Places To Work Awards
    5. Miniclip mobile games top 4 billion downloads
    6. PlayStation's Jim Ryan: Our games could suffer if they went straight into PS Plus
    7. Sony merges PS Now and PS Plus to create three-tier subscription service
    8. "It's welcome and long overdue": Analysts on PlayStation's new subscription service
    9. Beenox to open new studio in Montreal
    10. Any use of mobile devices while driving is now illegal in UK
    11. Sony discontinues Uncharted: Fortune Hunter
    12. NDreams receives $35m investment
    13. Here are the biggest video game franchises in UK history
    1. Bungie issues lawsuit over DMCA YouTube strikes
    2. GDC 2022 on-site attendance down 59% from last pre-COVID show
    3. Room 8 acquires Massive Black
    4. Unity announces Unity For Humanity 2022 Grant winners
    5. Can an event as big as Gamescom truly be climate-friendly?
    6. EU may force Apple to allow sideloaded iOS apps
    7. TikTok lessons from Among Us' success | GDC 2022
    8. Neil Haldar is hired as Streamline Media Group, VP of publishing | Jobs Roundup
    9. Humble Bundle for Ukraine raises $20m
    10. Coffee Talk creator Fahmi dies at 32
    11. Xbox looking to publish cloud games
    12. Long-running Amazon Games boss Mike Frazzini is stepping down
    13. Kirby and The Forgotten Land is the biggest Kirby launch in UK history | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Rockstar to launch GTA+ for GTA Online
    2. DFC halves 2022 console growth forecast on supply concerns
    3. Report: Teen accused of leading recent cyber attacks
    4. Twitch accumulated 2bn hours of viewership during February
    5. Scandals, snake oil, and optimism: GDC is back | This Week in Business
    6. Omdia: Biggest subscriptions opportunity in mobile is casual and cloud | GDC 2022
    7. Apple calls on court to reject Epic's appeal
    8. Maradona suspended from FIFA due to dispute over rights
    9. New Activision Blizzard lawsuit details further allegations of harassment and discrimination
    10. Microsoft "will not stand in the way" if Activision Blizzard recognises Raven Software's union
    11. Nintendo retreats to arm's length engagement with mobile | Opinion
    12. Netflix continues games push with Boss Fight Entertainment acquisition
    13. Grand Theft Auto 5 ends Elden Ring's reign at No.1 | UK Digital Charts
    1. Microsoft: Since ID@Xbox's 2013 launch indie devs have earned $2.5bn
    2. How (and why) games can adopt the TV writers' room approach to craft their stories | GDC 2022
    3. Studio heads rave over four-day work weeks | GDC 2022
    4. Kirby and the Forgotten Land | Critical Consensus
    5. Kickstarter CEO steps down, blockchain plans remain unchanged
    6. The Artful Escape director on making "the Guns N' Roses of video games"
    7. Tencent games revenues rose to $27 billion in 2021
    8. Miniclip opens new studio in Lisbon
    9. Inscryption wins big at GDC and IGF Awards | GDC 2022
    1. Activision Blizzard launches Level Up U initiative
    2. John Romero recalls Sierra's attempt to acquire Id Software | GDC 2022
    3. Microsoft opens up cloud functionality to indies with ID@Azure, virtual machines | GDC 2022
    4. Developer of Roblox games Gamefam raises $25m in funding
    5. Playtonic Games opens Leamington Spa studio
    6. Deep dive: Inside Strange Horticulture's delightful Steam success
    7. Microsoft confirms cyber attack, source code stolen
    8. EA launches two partnerships for STEM-based learning in schools
    9. Game director on new Witcher game takes stance against crunch
    10. Judge prepared to approve Activision Blizzard's settlement with EEOC
    1. EA Sports' first PGA Tour game in eight years arrives spring 2023
    2. Did anything fail during the flood of new releases? | Analysis
    3. Just Add Water appoints Bec Gilray as director
    4. Ubisoft drops suit against Assassin's Creed Symphony producer
    5. Tekken getting Netflix animated series
    6. Five essential things to listen out for in game audio
    7. Tencent, EA, Media Molecule and Creative Assembly among first announced speakers for Develop:Brighton 2022
    8. Nintendo to shut down Dragalia Lost
    9. Activision Blizzard calls on shareholders to vote in favour of Microsoft deal
    1. Bungie reports Destiny YouTube video copyright takedowns
    2. Unity shows off Enemies tech demo to demonstrate advances in digital humans
    3. Ramen VR raises $35m in series B funding round
    4. Next Witcher will use Unreal Engine
    5. Moon Studios devs accuse founders of poor management, bullying, unprofessional behavior
    6. Meet the games industry's best places to work at GDC
    7. GGWP raises $12m in seed funding
    8. Jade Raymond and Hermen Hulst on why Sony is buying Haven Studios
    9. PlayStation to buy Jade Raymond's Haven Studios: Sony's first developer in Canada
    10. Qualcomm launches $100m AR & VR fund
    11. Funomena co-founder Robin Hunicke accused of creating toxic workplace
    12. Google's white label version of Stadia is Immersive Stream for Games
    13. Dorian raises $14 million in series A round
    14. Ubisoft's Scalar cloud technology aims for larger game worlds and smoother development
    1. Gran Turismo 7 retains first place as classic Switch games surge | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Even in subscriptions, Nintendo is playing its own game | Opinion
    2. Are licensed games actually getting better? | This Week in Business
    3. WWE 2K22 launch sales are more than double WWE 2K20's | UK Digital Charts
    4. Razer reports revenues of $1.6bn for 2021
    5. Resident Evil Netflix series coming in July
    6. Bundle for Ukraine raises $6.3m
    7. Tripledot acquires entertainment platform Live Play Mobile
    8. Belgium's games market reaches €600m in value
    9. Generation Overlap: The next-gen consoles learn to cohabit | Opinion
    10. Beyond-FX announces first VFX apprenticeship programme
    1. GameStop holiday quarter pushes full-year losses to $381 million
    2. Deathloop's Dinga Bakaba on rising to director and avoiding crunch
    3. Offworld Industries acquires Redstone Interactive
    4. 'Always-on' fandoms: How esports communities are shaping the future of games | Playable Futures
    5. Studio MayDay rebrands as Riffraff Games after Tencent investment
    6. Hidden Door lands $2m pre-seed funding for social AI narrative platform
    7. Lockwood Publishing opens new Cambridge office
    8. Frvr raises $76m to expand casual games platform
    9. Tilting Point enters educational games market with Budge Studios acquisition
    10. Kowloon Nights passes $150m revenue
    11. #TwitchDoBetter movement demands more action from Twitch
    12. Sony acknowledges new harassment accusations, still calls for case to be dismissed
    1. Crusader Kings 3 hits 2m sold
    2. Arkane Lyon's Dinga Bakaba to keynote Develop:Brighton 2022
    3. How game developers can better respond to the talent crisis
    4. Bandai Namco Mobile trials four-day work week
    5. Lila Games raises $10m in Series A funding
    6. Private Division pivots vision with smaller additions
    7. Mods specialist Overwolf acquires server monetisation firm Tebex for $29m
    8. Ten Square Games acquires 24% of Gamesture
    9. Revenue of games made in Unity up 30% in 2021
    10. Code Coven receives $100k grant to support aspiring game developers
    11. Elden Ring hits 12m worldwide sales after European, US and Japanese chart success
    12. Arm to lay off up to 960 staff following collapse of Nvidia deal
    13. Electronic Arts cancels E3-adjacent EA Play event
    1. Tencent becomes majority investor in Rime developer Tequila Works
    2. Snake Eyes and the evolution of adaptation
    3. Avalanche Studios vets set up Elemental Games
    4. Core Keeper sells 250,000 units during first week
    5. Second record year for French games market at €5.6 billion
    6. Report: Perfect Dark studio The Initiative sees wave of staff departures
    7. Twitch addresses ongoing hate raids, shares tips to avoid harassment
    8. New publisher Deepwell focuses on therapeutic games
    9. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin | Critical Consensus
    10. Vodafone and Nazara launch mobile games subscription service in India
    11. Gran Turismo 7 holds first place ahead of WWE 2K22 | UK Boxed Charts
    12. Uncharted movie tops $300 million at international box office
    13. China proposes further restrictions on online gaming
    14. Elden Ring is the biggest new IP since The Division | European Monthly Charts
    15. British Games Institute founder Rick Gibson stepping down
    1. Reggie Fils-Aime skeptical about Meta's metaverse
    2. Cloud gaming is being sold as the next stage of video game innovation, but consumers will have the last word
    3. Riot Games invests in Arcane studio Fortiche Production
    4. Unity report: Mobile players on the rise but active payers decline
    5. Sperasoft vets form Arctic7
    6. Halo Infinite and Forza win at 2022 Video Game Accessibility Awards
    7. Microsoft promises all Xbox consoles, games and packaging will be 100% recyclable by 2030
    8. Pokémon Legends: Arceus fends off Elden Ring as Japan's best-selling game in February | Japan Monthly Charts
    9. Indian game streaming platform Loco raises $42m
    10. David Polfeldt leaves Ubisoft
    1. Microsoft, EA, among companies urging Texas to drop anti-trans directive
    2. Ontario launches $1 million esports scholarship program
    3. Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023
    4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel amasses 20m downloads
    5. US game revenue fell 6% to $4.4bn in February, says NPD| US monthly charts
    6. Blockchain gaming pitches' latest curve ball | This Week in Business
    7. What are the UK's biggest Gran Turismo games? | UK Time Tunnel
    8. Frontier cancels console release of Elite Dangerous expansion
    9. Russia has reportedly legalised piracy in the face of economic sanctions
    10. TIGA publishes UK immigration guide, reiterates call to waive visas for Ukrainians
    11. Ubisoft confirms "cyber security incident," says no evidence player data was exposed
    12. Will Steam Deck suffer from Valve's short attention span? | Opinion
    13. Dr Disrespect and Twitch resolve lawsuit over permanent ban
    1. Tether Games lifetime revenue generated $250m
    2. Niantic acquires 8th Wall
    3. The industry's response to the invasion of Ukraine | Podcast
    4. Scopely invests $20m in new game company Burlingame Studios
    5. Reboot Develop announces return
    6. Hideo Kojima receives the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts
    7. Plarium donates $500k to Ukrainian Red Cross, helps staff to safety
    8. Ten years later, Jenova Chen reflects on Journey
    9. Elden Ring downloads keep Gran Turismo 7 from No.1 | UK Digital Charts
    10. Can Dreams teach you how to become a game developer?
    11. Ikumi Nakamura launches new game studio Unseen
    12. PlayStation unveils four new IPs at State of Play showcase
    13. Third round of Makers Fund raises $500 million to invest in games startups
    14. Artesian Builds ceases business amid giveaway controversy
    15. Gamescom returns as “climate-friendly” hybrid event this August
    16. Playwind Games raises $4m
    17. Nintendo and Bungie halt sales to Russia
    18. UK games industry still predominantly young, white, and male
    19. Elden Ring and Nintendo Switch come out top in February | UK Monthly Charts
    1. Report: Eight women join gender discrimination lawsuit against PlayStation
    2. Sony, Rovio pull games over invasion of Ukraine
    3. Dutch court rules in EA's favor and says that loot boxes aren't gambling
    4. Valve: During 2021 Steam saw 2.6m first-time buyers each month
    5. Supercell and CI Games stop sales in Russia and Belarus
    6. Mass Effect 3's ending blows up | 10 Years Ago This Month
    7. Games firms opposing Russia are cutting off a $3.4bn market
    8. Atari purchases Moby Games
    9. Nintendo delays Advance Wars remake indefinitely amid Ukraine invasion
    10. Will Epic's ownership of Bandcamp affect the music industry for better or worse?
    11. Trio of Activision Blizzard shareholders reportedly under investigation
    1. Amazon Games addresses Lost Ark's gender representation concerns
    2. Netflix names Roberto Barrera as new head of gaming strategy
    3. EA removing Russian national teams from FIFA, NHL 22
    4. Gran Turismo 7 | Critical Consensus
    5. Postcard Game Studio secures $3.5m seed investment from Smilegate
    6. Lightforge Games raises $15m in Series A funding round
    7. Bohemia Interactive unaffected by sale of former sim arm to defence contractor
    8. Far Cry 6, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ratchet & Clank sold better at physical retail than digital in the UK last year
    9. Sanctions prevent Twitch from paying Russian streamers
    10. Xbox to launch women's mentorship programme
    11. Adaptive audio in menus: game development's untapped opportunity
    12. Lost Ark passes 20m players
    1. Luminous Productions delays Forspoken
    2. Bobby Kotick to exit Coca-Cola board of directors
    3. Frost Fatales 2022 raises over $100,000 for Malala Fund
    4. features editor Marie Dealessandri wins Women in Games Journalism Impact award
    5. Take-Two halts sales, marketing and more in Russia and Belarus
    6. Sold Out rebrands to Fireshine Games as it ramps up digital portfolio
    7. Next Level Games president Douglas Tronsgard announces retirement
    8. A post-IDFA guide to user acquisition for indies
    9. Class action lawsuit over NBA 2K loot boxes accuses Take-Two of “unfair, deceptive and unlawful practices”
    10. RimWorld removed from Steam in Australia
    11. GMG Union wins fairer contracts for G/O Media workers
    12. Epic Games ceases commerce with Russia but keeps communication open
    13. Gran Turismo 7 overtakes Elden Ring to take pole position | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Russian Nintendo eshop put in maintenance mode amid wave of firms cutting all sales
    2. Activision Blizzard is the latest company to cut off Russian market
    1. Activision Blizzard sued by family of employee who committed suicide
    2. Spanish Association of Video Games launches #PlayEquall program
    3. Activision Blizzard failed to meet requirement for women board members
    4. InGameJob calls on companies to help hire games professionals fleeing Ukraine
    5. EA pulling games and virtual currency sales from Russia and Belarus
    6. Sensor Tower: Genshin Impact & PUBG Mobile among 2021's top grossing monetization enabled titles
    7. How does Bandcamp fit in with Epic? | This Week in Business
    8. Microsoft suspends sales to Russia
    9. Tournament licenses are a necessary step in taming eSports' Wild West | Opinion
    10. PlayStation seemingly cancels Gran Turismo 7 launch in Russia
    11. Inworld AI raises $10 million to create characters for virtual worlds
    12. Report: Twitch confronted with staff "exodus" over strategy disagreements
    13. The Medium developer Bloober Team also pulls all sales from Russia, Belarus
    14. Twitch updates community guidelines to prevent misinformation spread
    1. What's it like for a game dev in Kyiv?
    2. Returnal picks up eight nominations for BAFTA Games Awards 2022
    3. Elden Ring is the biggest non-FIFA or Call of Duty launch since Red Dead Redemption 2 | UK Digital Charts
    4. CD Projekt halts sales to Russia, Belarus
    5. The return of the London Games Festival
    6. Thatgamecompany receives $160m investment
    7. This War of Mine has raised almost $700,000 for Ukraine so far
    8. Xbox has sold 2.3 million consoles in Japan over 20 years
    9. ESL bans organisations with ties to Russian government from Pro League
    1. Group urges FTC to monitor Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard
    2. GTR launches new seed funding program
    3. Epic Games acquires music store Bandcamp as part of “creator marketplace ecosystem” vision
    4. Netflix to acquire Next Games
    5. Ukraine calls on gaming companies to block players in Russia, Belarus
    6. Educational games platform Legends of Learning raises $5m
    7. Doing accessibility right with Forza Horizon 5
    8. WB Games veterans establish new games studio Fortis
    9. CI Games prepares to float on London Stock Exchange
    10. Can current leadership solve the industry's toxicity problem? | Podcast
    11. Nexon founder Jung-Ju Kim dies aged 54
    12. Little Orpheus release pushed back "in light of recent world events"
    1. Gamesight: Lost Ark amassed 76m hours watched on Twitch during its launch week
    2. Intellivision halts StartEngine investment
    3. Steam Deck | Critical Consensus
    4. Amazon Luna launches in the US
    5. Lessons learned from getting an indie publisher off the ground
    6. DDM: Gaming investments reached $38.5 billion during 2021
    7. Camouflaj opening new Japan studio
    8. Kotaku and Gizmodo Media Group workers strike
    9. Tencent acquires minority stake in Canadian studio Offworld Industries
    10. Forza Horizon 5 adds sign language support in free update
    11. Bandai Namco boosts base salary of Japanese staff to "improve workability"
    12. Ampere Analysis: Console market grew to record $60bn in 2021
    13. MiHoYo invests $65m in nuclear fusion technology
    14. Wargaming fires World of Tanks' creative director following pro-Russia statements
    15. Xbox Wire launched in Japan