December 2016 Archive

    1. Call of Duty remains No.1 in strong week for UK games retail
    1. Crytek Sofia developers re-form Black Sea Games
    1. FIFA 17 beat Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in November digital sales - SuperData
    2. Super Mario Run hits 50m downloads
    1. Super Mario Run's inevitable backlash
    2. Uncharted 4 is the best game of 2016 - Metacritic
    3. Keywords Studios buys Sonox in €650k cash and stock deal
    4. Glu Mobile acquires Quiz Up dev Plain Vanilla
    5. "Nintendo still has an opportunity to win over Super Mario Run users" - App Annie
    6. 78% of Australian developers expect growth in 2017
    7. Media Molecule teams up with theatre group Punchdrunk
    8. Playrix's Gardenscapes: New Acres is Facebook's game of the year
    9. Mobile success goes far beyond just making a good game
    1. Super Mario Run has been download 40m times - Nintendo
    2. More time needed to judge Super Mario Run experiment
    3. VR killer app, Red Dead 2 and Nintendo Switch top games industry's 2017 wish list
    4. 2016 games industry brings in $94 billion - Superdata
    5. Super Mario Run: Critical Consensus
    6. 30 Years of Ubisoft: “The Guillemots are critical to our success”
    7. Brianna Wu running for US Congress in 2018
    8. Riccitiello: VR will be mainstream by 2020
    9. Overwatch comic locked in Russia due to “gay propaganda”
    10. Kabam will "explore selling the rest of the company" following Vancouver deal
    1. Asheron's Call goes offline in January
    2. The pros and cons of Early Access
    3. Wicked leaks: what legal weaponry is available to fight game launch hacks?
    4. Crytek dropping multiple studios in wake of pay troubles
    5. Super Mario Run made $14 million in 3 days - App Annie
    6. Physical releases rising with over 300 games launched in 2016
    7. What VR can learn from casual games
    8. Ludicious 2017 adds summits on serious games and new technologies
    9. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare digital sales down 27% - SuperData
    10. Atlus expands with opening of Studio Zero
    11. What to expect in the games biz for 2017
    12. Netmarble buys Kabam's Vancouver studio
    1. D&D, Lord of the Rings Online devs spin off from Turbine
    2. presents... 2016: The Year In Numbers
    3. “We don't have any ambitions to be the next Lionhead… but I wouldn't rule it out”
    4. Updated: GTA V has generated £240m in the UK
    5. Our Favourite Games of 2016
    6. Super Mario Run downloads hit 37m - App Annie
    7. CD Projekt Red, Techland receive grants from Polish government's $27.4m research fund
    8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes UK Christmas No.1
    9. G2A adds VR development to its ambitions
    10. Kojima Productions brings in former Konami exec as its president
    11. Former EA execs join Dovetail's senior management team
    12. Stillfront Group acquires MENA publisher Babil Games
    1. Riot and MLB Advanced Media finalize League of Legends deal
    2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare tops physical game revenues in US
    3. No tears for Crytek
    4. Fnatic: "We opened an eSports store to prove it was possible"
    5. Facepunch Studios invites "bored" customers to quit Rust
    6. Virtual reality, touchscreen hinted at in Nintendo Switch patents
    7. Verdun promotes peaceful gameplay with War Child Armistice DLC
    8. US games market slumps 24% in November - NPD
    9. Super Mario Run slower to top charts than Pokémon Go
    10. Starbreeze acquires Dhruva Interactive for $8.5 million
    11. Mechanical Turks
    12. GAME launches Belong - is this the future of video games retail?
    13. The power of platform as a service at DIGIT
    14. VR: The Next Big Thing is Already Here
    1. Activision, Pandemic vets team up for VR/AR
    2. Why outsourcing doesn't work
    3. Analysts set expectations for Super Mario Run
    4. Esports Predictions: Great Growth in 2016, Storm Clouds for 2017
    5. Ex-Crytek dev crowdfunding legal fees to sue for unpaid salaries
    6. Magic Leap PR chief follows CMO to the exit door
    7. Where do consoles go from here?
    1. Bigben acquires rights to Test Drive
    2. Todd Howard to be inducted into AIAS Hall of Fame
    3. Pokémon Go was the most popular Google search of 2016
    4. Almost half of Xbox One owners have used backwards compatibility
    5. High Fidelity secures $22m funding for social VR platform
    6. How to get your US patent approved faster
    7. 2016: Did the "Year of VR" deliver?
    8. Where now for Call of Duty?
    9. 11 bit Studios closes its Games Republic online store
    10. Unity dropping major updates in favour of date-based model
    11. 3D and VR livestreaming Twitch rival receives $3.5m in funding
    1. Survios lands $50 million in investment
    2. Drifter lands $2.25 million in funding
    3. Oculus restructures into PC and mobile divisions as Iribe steps down
    4. Big Viking Games signs 5-year deal with Valiant
    5. The Sin of Mainstream Videogames
    6. End to Wii U production “nothing to do” with Yooka-Laylee Switch
    7. Nintendo Switch conference gets late night start in the West
    8. Improbable teams with Google to help devs build bigger game worlds
    9. “You're not hunting zebras with M16s”: Avalanche on its push for ethics in theHunter
    10. Le Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo publishes 3rd annual survey of French industry
    11. Gina Jackson joins The Imaginarium as Head of Games
    12. Twitch introduces new tool to fight chat abuse
    13. Turtle Rock: AAA boxed product "not a welcome home" for indies
    1. Twitch divests itself of Evil Geniuses, Alliance eSports teams
    2. Blood Sail: The Assassin's Creed game you won't get to play
    3. Creative England and Microsoft's £250,000 Greenshoots indie development fund returns
    4. Eight Pixel Square acquired by Outplay Entertainment
    5. The future of the European games industry is written in the telecom regulations
    6. The Last Guardian outsells Shadow of the Colossus but fails to reach No.1
    7. Majesco Entertainment exits the video games business
    8. Did crowdfunding survive 2016?
    1. Ubisoft says AMF claims "unjustified, unfounded and illegal"
    2. Vicarious Visions working on Destiny
    3. "For many of our fans, Farming Simulator is one of the very few games they actually play."
    4. Koch and Square Enix clarify review code policy
    5. People of the Year 2016
    6. China forces devs to reveal loot box drop rates in game
    7. Nintendo getting its mojo back
    8. Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian: The Last of their Kind
    1. Obsidian laying off staff
    2. Jobs roundup: Daybreak turns to Ham, Shanks out as president
    3. HTC launches Vive Studios
    4. “I wouldn't want to see virtual reality wasted on a few hardcore gamers”
    5. Dean Hall on VR: "There is no money in it"
    6. Are console-quality graphics the key to mobile user acquisition?
    7. VR companies push for solidarity amid mounting uncertainty
    8. A Tale of Two Markets
    9. Vivendi stake in Ubisoft passes 25%, increasing takeover threat
    10. Overview on popular occlusion culling techniques
    11. Unity hires Uber's machine learning expert for new role
    1. Nintendo to bring GameCube games to Switch - Report
    2. Sony mobile push begins with Hot Shots Golf, PaRappa
    3. Solitaire studio MobilityWare acquires Critical Hit Software
    4. Anti-tobacco group takes games to task
    5. "If we do a good job of this, EVE might even outlive us all"
    6. PlayStation 4 worldwide sales surpass 50m
    7. "The end of comfortable publisher-journalist relationships will lead to better journalism"
    8. Game Jolt offers YouTubers, Twitch streamers 10% of game sales
    9. Nintendo offering $20,000 for those that find 3DS security flaws
    10. Virtuix not shipping Omni outside the US, refunds backers
    11. British Esports Association announces advisory board
    12. Activision to donate $5 Call of Duty in-game purchase to veterans
    13. Apple names Clash Royale its iPhone GOTY, Reigns is Runner Up
    1. League of Legends World Championship draws 43 million viewers
    2. Holiday sales no longer "make or break" - DFC
    3. Will Ferrell to portray pro gamer in new eSports film
    4. Cryptic vets form Cold Iron
    5. Don't ignore the trolls
    6. FIFA 17's The Journey shortlisted for British writers' guild award
    7. The story behind one of Xbox's most notorious TV ads
    8. GamesAid launches '12 Days of GamesAid' eBay promotion
    9. Meet the development team behind The Apprentice's VR episode
    10. FIFA 17 under fire in Russia following EA's support of LGBTQ campaign
    11. Konami issues cease and desist against Unreal Castlevania fan remake
    12. The Difference Between Us
    13. Games for Change appoints former White House advisor to its board
    1. The Last Guardian once again asks for your patience
    2. THQ Nordic acquires three more franchises
    3. Worlds-as-a-service: Charting the future of location-based games
    4. Final Fantasy XV is the second fastest selling game in franchise history in the UK
    5. Sony already the market leader in virtual reality
    6. The mobile market in 2016 may portend major instability ahead
    7. Mafia III has "allowed me as a white developer to make connections with people of color"
    1. DoomRL creator says ZeniMax threatened legal action
    2. GAME teases new Central London 'experience'
    3. That Dragon, Cancer co-dev: “You chose to love us through our grief”
    4. Charity games bundle raises over $160,000
    5. Virtual Reality Check
    6. Super Evil Megacorp to debut Vainglory franchise program in 2017
    7. One month left to submit your game to the International Mobile Gaming Awards
    8. Wargaming bolsters mobile with Boomlagoon acquisition
    9. Xbox: “We'll look back on 2016 as our tipping point”
    10. Facebook seeks to reignite the social spark
    11. Nolan North: "Their performance matters more than mine"
    1. Digital game sales jump 14% to $6.7 billion in October - SuperData
    2. Annapurna Pictures gets into game publishing
    3. "I cannot now imagine a PlayStation 4"
    4. Square Enix reports 5m Final Fantasy XV sales in one day
    5. "It's always extremely scary to call someone out"
    6. Call of Duty comes out on top in difficult November for UK games retail
    7. Creative England and Barclays reveal Brighton-based accelerator
    8. “Current virtual reality experiences are too expendable”
    9. Pokémon, NES Mini, Stranger Things and the commercial power of nostalgia
    10. Peter Vesterbacka announces involvement in citizen space program
    11. Facial animation firm Cubic Motion opens offices at Pinewood Studios
    12. New games on Steam in 2016 rose 40% over last year