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September 2016 Archive

    1. Worldwide digital sales top $6 billion in August - Superdata
    2. Is it a problem when games are a second job for the unemployed?
    3. Pokemon GO still generating about $2m a day - Newzoo
    4. Ubisoft fends off unwanted suitor
    5. Niantic facing court in The Hague over Pokémon Go
    6. SEC clears Fig for unaccredited investments in Psychonauts 2
    7. Amazon wants to disrupt industry "locked into sequel mentality"
    1. Zynga names Gerard Griffin new CFO
    2. Xbox boss admits internal goal was to sell 200m consoles
    3. Influx of capital into eSports will force it to grow up
    4. Ubisoft: "We won't relax until they sell their shares"
    5. Oculus founder apologizes as devs suspend support
    1. Ad watchdog looking at No Man's Sky
    2. Games shouldn't have to be "defended from innovation" - Pinchbeck
    3. "There's no publisher but...there's no publisher"
    4. Jagex now at the core of publicly-listed Chinese company
    5. Game Digital sells UK head office and distribution centre
    1. Ubisoft acquires mobile publisher Ketchapp
    2. Traditional sports luminaries acquire Team Liquid eSports
    3. Valve aims to improve Steam discoverability
    4. Firewatch headed for the big screen
    5. Vita was simply too late - Tretton
    6. Colabee Studios: Taking on the World
    7. Choose Your Own Adventure
    8. Roadhouse Interactive confirms closure
    1. Zynga names Doug Scott new CMO
    2. Real-world teams march further into eSports
    3. Entries open for BAFTA Games awards 2017
    4. EGX Celebrates record-breaking year
    5. Ubisoft buys back €122.5 million in stock
    1. Soma generates profit on 450k sold
    2. Star Wars: Uprising shutting down
    3. Microsoft calls out Sony's 4K claims as console battle heats up
    4. Riot commits to revenue sharing with LoL eSports players
    5. Jobs roundup: Microsoft taps USC VR researcher
    6. Palmer Luckey is funding a pro-Trump "shitposting" group
    7. VR: There will be blood
    1. Ubisoft launches publishing house
    2. Making VR and AR a low-risk investment
    3. Iceland rejected EA's $15k offer for FIFA 17 national team rights
    4. Watch Arkane Studios and Guerrilla Games at EGX 2016
    5. Boss Fight, Fireproof and SWERY to speak at NASSCOM GDC
    1. Blizzard phasing out branding
    2. Is AR the future of the VR market?
    3. Supercell buys majority stake in Frogmind
    4. Valve relents on Steam key reviews - well, almost
    1. Ex-38 Studios execs to settle suit for $2.5 million
    2. Don't call it permadeath - Rogue dev
    3. Riot announces first board game
    4. 10 Soft Launch pitfalls and how to avoid them
    5. Pokemon Go could be headed to China, South Korea
    6. Superhot: "It was about adventure, not just rational choices"
    1. TGS 2016: Mobile takes a back seat
    2. Steam pulls Digital Homicide games following fan lawsuit
    3. YouTubers charged in UK's first video game gambling case
    4. VR's Brookhaven Experiment kicks off AAA push into casinos
    1. No Man's Sky PR strategy wasn't great - Yoshida
    2. Logitech buys Saitek from Mad Catz
    3. Great job! You're fired!
    4. Raw Data the first VR game to make $1m in a month - report
    5. Jobs roundup: Blizzard's Chris Metzen retires after 22 years
    6. Battlefield 1's beta is the biggest in EA's history
    7. Nintendo raises the banner for premium mobile gaming
    1. NPD: Madden NFL 17 is August's biggest seller
    2. Disney lays off 250
    3. Pixelmage sees "seismic shift" in game marketing
    4. Disney Infinity devs to lead new studio for castAR
    5. The Indie View: Resistance Isn't Futile
    1. Sony lays off employees at San Diego studio
    2. Never-ending Siege
    3. Job losses at Sony London as first VR project wraps up
    4. F2P Economics: Inflation and the Perpetual Revenue Machine
    5. EA unites Mobile and Maxis with its other development studios
    1. Steam alters review system, irritates indies
    2. There is a formula to Pokemon Go's Success, but it's not AR
    3. CCP on "path to break even" in VR after $30 million investment
    4. Marmalade ceasing SDK support, focusing on game making
    5. A Gambitious Proposal?
    1. IGDA survey underscores industry's racial, gender disparities
    2. The Last Guardian delayed again
    3. Martin Rae leaves AIAS for VR firm Vreal
    4. PS4 Pro: Boom or Bust?
    5. Rob Pardo announces new developer, Bonfire Studios
    6. Perwyn LLC buys NorthEdge Capital's share of Sumo Digital
    7. Watch DICE Europe 2016 here
    1. Sony nixes mod support on PS4
    2. Xbox One tops US console sales in back-to-back months
    3. Will Mario on mobile revitalize Nintendo?
    4. No fan left behind
    5. Gram Games opens London studio
    6. Apple: Mario, Pokemon and iPhone 7
    7. Jobs roundup: New chief people officer for EA
    8. BottledBy founded in Brighton by Relentless veterans
    9. Evolving the PS4 - and the Console Business
    10. World Of Warcraft: Legion sells 3.3m on launch day
    1. Nintendo makes progress on conflict minerals sourcing
    2. Roundtable: Did Sony just steal Xbox Scorpio's thunder?
    3. PS4 Pro: "This could be the final nail in the coffin for Xbox One" - analyst
    4. $10m+ Production Budgets: Avoiding the Shark Fin
    5. Xbox: Scorpio's extra power will be "obvious"
    6. First speakers confirmed for Develop:VR
    1. PS4 Pro coming November 10 for $399
    2. Activision Blizzard hires Fox Sports exec as MLG CEO
    3. Ark expansion sparks familiar Early Access concerns
    4. Watch the NY PlayStation conference here
    1. Forging a new publishing model
    2. Riot Games' Brandon Beck and former Nexon CEO Min Kim will keynote DICE Europe
    3. VR: Not all legal plain sailing ahead
    4. ICG raises concerns over "de-monetisation" of YouTube content
    5. Guillemot family to buy another 3.5% of Ubisoft
    1. "My biggest nightmare is waking up and realising we've not failed in a year"
    2. Versus Evil: "We're establishing a new brand every time"
    3. ID@Xbox courts Japan's Indies
    4. Pokémon Go "a real game changer" for Sony's mobile ambitions
    1. Nintendo cracks down on fan-made games
    2. Jobs roundup: New MD for the IGDA Foundation
    3. Ninja Theory launches Senua Studio division
    4. Team17 secures £16.5m investment, buys Mouldy Toof
    5. Giving in, giving out, giving up
    6. NX' first task is to avoid Wii U's pitfalls
    1. Lindsay Lohan sets lawyers on Grand Theft Auto 5
    2. Google Play opens up Early Access
    3. Sony and the pre-launch price cut
    4. Bulkypix is in liquidation
    5. More speakers for the Investment Summit
    6. Resistance is futile: EVE Online goes free-to-play