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April 2013 Archive

    1. Xbox IllumiRoom "just research" right now
    2. Zynga partners with Disruptor Beam for Game of Thrones social game
    3. Mobile to be "primary hardware" for gaming by 2016
    4. Destruction is the new ragdoll, says Havok
    5. Iwata backs quality over consistency as Wii U falters
    6. Mobile skill-based gaming: Another way for devs to monetize
    7. No reason for tablets in five years, says Blackberry CEO
    8. Games need more direction, says filmmaker James McTeigue
    9. De Fondaumiere: UK tax-breaks could be applied retroactively
    10. Star Citizen funding now over $9m
    11. Chucklefish makes $1m from Starbound pre-orders
    12. French team launches digital-focused Seaven Studio
    13. Gears Of War movie signs up Battleship producer
    14. Monaco grosses $120K before launch
    15. ChangYou's paying user revenue up 77 per cent in Q1
    16. MP for Newcastle to discuss girls in ICT at GameHorizon 2013
    17. GDC Next and App Developers Conference call for submissions
    18. Madden lawsuit proceeds to trial
    19. Rockstar co-founder joins Soul and Vibe advisory board
    1. Consoles should empower players to create content, says Raptr boss
    2. Game stigmas exaggerated, says Quantic Dream exec
    3. PS4 November launch hinted at by new Watch Dogs trailer
    4. Square Enix warns of impending redundancies
    5. Dev cracks own game to track piracy
    6. Riot: Don't ban your players, reform them
    7. Industry instability is here to stay, says The Behemoth
    8. Rovio and Ragnar Tornquist among the speakers at Unite Nordic
    9. Dead Island: Riptide lurches to #1
    10. EA's PGA Tour franchise to skip a year - report
    11. SCEA appoints MOFILM as crowdsourced advertising agency
    12. RIP: Flight sim pioneer Jim Mackonochie
    13. Price: Hard but necessary to accept industry change
    14. GTFO: Don't film the trolls
    15. GigaMedia appoints new COO ahead of China push
    16. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Oculus Rift
    17. The Class Of Quality Assurance
    1. CCP creating EVE TV series with director Baltasar Kormakur
    1. Activision's Kotick was paid $64.9 million last year
    2. 2K Games won't have a booth at E3 2013
    3. Nordic Games wanted THQ's "smaller assets"
    1. Ubi Singapore's Jamie Stowe joins 22Cans
    2. 2K Marin's XCOM shooter revamped, due Aug. 20
    3. THQ creditor claims total hundreds of millions
    4. Epic Games' global marketing head leaves to oversee Halo marketing
    5. Roundtable: Is Nintendo making the right call on E3?
    6. Zynga: Closing games puts the best talent in the right places
    7. MP highlights lack of women in games industry
    8. Arkadium hires EA vet David Elton as new GM
    9. Where is Zynga's supposed turnaround?
    10. Playfirst VP: Recognizable characters key to App Store success
    1. EA confirms more layoffs [Updated]
    2. Steam now carrying subscription-based games
    3. Next Xbox always-on reportedly not as strict as feared
    4. PS4 launch lineup will be strongest of any PlayStation
    5. Ambient Studios to close, Death Inc backers to be refunded
    6. Nintendo "forgot Marketing 101" for Wii U
    7. App Annie: Amazon Appstore could grow to the size of iTunes
    8. Tomodachi Collection boosts 3DS XL in Japan
    9. Sony doubles full-year profit forecasts to ¥40 billion
    10. GungHo hits $9 billion market cap after stock surge
    11. AnyoneGame raises $1 million for Just Sing It
    12. EA Partners to close - report
    13. Self-professed leader of Lulzsec arrested in Australia
    14. Zynga's bet on midcore, real-money gaming could be a win
    15. Nintendo won't have a press conference at E3 2013
    16. IDC expects paying mobile gamers to pass paying handheld gamers this year
    17. Sony Online collaborating with Storybricks on Everquest Next
    1. Zynga profits $4.1m in Q1 but sales and active users decline
    2. Microsoft to announce next-gen Xbox on May 21
    3. The 160 year old social gaming company
    4. Up to 60 jobs go at German online games company Travian
    5. Brian Fargo: We no longer have to answer to the Walmart buyer
    6. Disney sees Infinity as game platform with "infinite" possibilities
    7. Apple sets date of June 10 for WWDC 2013
    8. Unity drops Flash support
    9. Iwata becomes CEO of Nintendo of America
    10. Post Mortem: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    11. Nintendo misses profits forecasts by 50% due to weak Wii U, 3DS sales
    12. Xbox veterans create USC fund to support student gaming innovation
    13. Chartboost opens international office in Europe
    14. Cloud Imperium opens new office in Santa Monica
    15. Ratchet & Clank film coming in 2015
    1. Apple sells 37 million iPhones but profits dip in Q1
    2. That Brain: Big team sizes are a hindrance to development
    3. Chris Roberts: I can be more profitable than AAA games on a fifth of sales
    4. Warren's Mailbag: Games are still niche, too expensive
    5. John Needham becomes head of Lionhead studio
    6. Vlambeer to fight latest cloned game release
    7. Activision wins in £19,000 PR fraud case
    8. Leading the Charge: Execution Labs' First Cohort
    9. Darksiders and Red Faction go to Nordic Games
    10. Skullgirls funding held by Paypal
    1. Namco Bandai charges $55 for iOS iDOLM@STER
    2. Gearbox picks up Homeworld franchise [Updated]
    3. Nexon America hires former THQ VP
    4. Talking Shop: DeNA's Head of Culture and Communication
    5. Gameforge to close Berlin office
    6. BBC aspires to Defiance-like transmedia approach
    7. Disney VP joins GigaMedia board
    8. Neon Play wins Queen's Award for Enterprise
    9. Mojang names global partner for toys and electronics
    10. Papo & Yo dev: Sometimes exclusivity is the only way
    11. Injustice: Gods Among Us debuts at #1
    12. Volition: Saints Row's tone doesn't hurt sales
    13. Far Cry 3 nets six wins at Canadian Videogame Awards
    1. Proletariat raises $2.25 million in equity funding
    2. US Patent Office cancels “Edge” trademarks
    3. THQ auction for remaining IP raises nearly $7 million
    1. Bethesda unveils Shinji Mikami's new survival horror game
    2. Quantic Dream: $100m grossing Heavy Rain proves experiments can be profitable
    3. TeamPixel refunds Homeworld backers after auction loss
    4. For Nintendo, slow and steady makes sense
    5. Ouya hits 10,000 developers milestone
    6. Rovio hires Playfish vet as head of games division
    7. Game Marketing: "If the rules of the game aren't working, change the rules"
    1. Microsoft keeps quiet, but the numbers say change is needed
    2. BioShock, Tomb Raider can't save March US sales from 10% decline
    3. Xbox 360 tops consoles in US in March with 261,000 sold
    4. Monster Hunter Online coming to China from Tencent
    5. Xbox Live at 46m users as Xbox division sees sales jump 56%
    6. Mobile, tablet players spend just 92 cents a month on average
    7. New CEO for Giant Interactive Group
    8. Unity co-founder reveals new studio Framebunker
    9. Pixel Toys: From standing start to 3DS publisher in 6 months
    10. Capcom cancels games, brings development back in-house
    11. MinoMonsters brand expands with merchandise, books and animation
    12. The Future of Games: F2P Is Not Evil Nor The Only Solution
    13. Whore Of The Orient team shut down - Report
    14. Microsoft aims for Japan with Xbox Live promotion
    15. Timegate appeal in Section 8 lawsuit fails
    1. Google's Android on track for 1 billion activations
    2. Number of devs switching solely to mobile "frightening," says Divnich
    3. Nintendo: Our digital sales are soaring
    4. Supercell's Q1 profits hit $104m as IPO mooted
    5. Nintendo announces brand-new 3DS Zelda
    6. Sony helping to unify console biz, says Ready at Dawn boss
    7. Luigi and 3DS on top in Japan
    8. Platinum president disappointed with sales
    9. Protecting App Titles with Registered Trademarks
    10. 9 million Russians playing Crytek's Warface
    11. Tough Guy Studios nets $350,000 for multiplatform project
    12. Comedy night raises £6,000 for GamesAid
    13. Suda51 on games, sex and Killer Is Dead's Gigolo Mode
    14. EA cull continues with 50 jobs lost in India
    15. Bethesda VP: used games are "absolutely" a concern
    1. Defiance show Syfy's most-watched scripted premiere since 2006
    2. Indie Fund backs Little Flag Software's Kachina
    3. Southend Interactive splits from parent company
    4. New Jersey task force pushes for violent game regulations
    5. 5th Planet adds industry writer to dev team
    6. DICE: "If it's a gimmick, ignore it"
    7. AAA troubles can help independent scene, says Klei founder
    8. Ouya beaten by phones in benchmark tests
    9. Obsidian, Introversion and Red Thread confirmed for Rezzed
    10. EU Commission "doubts" UK tax relief is necessary
    11. Remember Me's gender politics "a subconscious militant act"
    12. Poor Gears of War, God of War sales in March
    13. Criterion's Ward: It's time to make something new
    14. Jaffe: "You are worth what you can negotiate"
    1. Ubisoft's Mallat says audience is ready for always-online
    2. Wargaming CEO: Hardware should not constrain the player
    3. Perils of Whale Hunting: When F2P Players Leave The Sea
    4. Pachter: Price drop won't help Wii U
    5. Gordon Walton: Publishers see devs as "replaceable meat puppets"
    6. Publisher 2.0 - Data Driven Marketing
    7. EA shutting down Playfish games
    8. Hilco plans 400 job cuts at HMV
    9. Bioshock Infinite enjoys third week at #1
    10. Random House launches free-to-play game
    11. Fez sells 200,000 copies on XBLA
    12. Fishing for dollars: CocoaChina brings rapid mobile growth to the West
    1. Nintendo takes axe to Wii online services
    1. Dan Teasdale leaves Twisted Pixel Games
    2. Talking Shop: Assassin's Creed IV's Senior Public Relations Manager
    3. Crytek CEO: "It's always been about graphics driving gameplay"
    4. Indie Fund: Striving for irrelevance
    5. Dark Souls has sold over 2.3 million units
    6. Death Inc. gets $10 paid alpha
    7. Ska Studios challenges view that Microsoft is bad for indies
    8. New board member for Candy Crush dev King
    9. Office of Fair Trade to investigate f2p mobile and web games
    10. What The Next Xbox Needs To Do
    11. Winnti hacking group targets online game industry
    1. CliffyB: "Technology doesn't advance by worrying about the edge case"
    2. Ted Price aiming to offer "something fresh" among a "sea of sequels"
    3. Layoffs at Electronic Arts
    4. Ubisoft completes Related Designs acquisition
    5. Stardock creating fund for startups
    6. nDreams dev starts indie studio Hoverfly
    7. Marmalade names Harvey Elliott its new CEO
    8. "No room for B-games," says Ubisoft Montreal head
    9. US tech leaders to push for immigration and education reform
    10. PC shipments suffer worst quarterly decline on record
    11. Miami judge accuses Apple and Google of improper use of court
    12. Luigi's Mansion holds top spot in Japan
    13. Adam Orth leaves Microsoft as "always on" conversation takes toll
    14. GameStick: Selling the Shop Window
    15. EA: "Gaming isn't mass market yet"
    16. Microsoft's next Xbox will take over your TV [Report]
    17. Namco Bandai opens social-focused studio in Vancouver
    1. GDC China 2013 set for Sept. 15-17
    2. Slant Six institutes temporary layoffs
    3. 2012 a record year for game consolidation
    4. Talking Shop: Shovel Knight's Pixel Artist
    5. Hothead Rants Pt. 4: Naomi Clark
    6. Dubit hires new games writer
    7. IGDA sets out new event guidelines
    8. Fourth LulzSec member pleads guilty to Sony, Nintendo attacks
    9. InnoGames snaps up Bigpoint analyst
    10. Man of Many Parts: Chris Avellone's busy schedule
    11. Dota 2 passes League of Legends as most played PC game in the West [Updated]
    12. Sony adds DualShock 3 support to Android Xperia devices
    1. BioWare co-founder wishes Jade Empire had been a 360 launch title
    2. The Doctor is Out: Zeschuk on BioWare, EA and consoles' uncertain future
    3. Creative Assembly director temporarily heading up Relic
    4. Gender issue a chicken and egg problem, says Monaco dev
    5. Game Developer magazine ceasing publication
    6. Electronic Arts named Worst Company in America again
    7. Lobby group calls Android a "Trojan Horse" for Google's dominance
    8. Paid user acquisition a must for major pubs, says Sega exec
    9. Plain Vanilla gets $2.4m funding
    10. Xbox always-online: Maybe it's not so terrible
    11. Rezzed calls for Leftfield Collection submissions
    12. CCP to sponsor GameHorizon party at Fat Buddha
    13. Japanese market shows growth for first time in five years
    14. Nnooo: Australian classification costs are prohibitive
    15. Spry Fox CCO criticises Microsoft's "gamers as bros" culture
    16. Activision supports veterans with $3.7m for Call of Duty Endowment
    17. Wada: "Huge loss was like a voice from the heavens"
    18. Naughty Dog forced to request female focus testers
    19. The Psychological Appeal of Violent Shooters
    20. Microsoft switching to AMD for next Xbox - Report
    21. Capcom slowing down on digital updates of old fighters
    1. Rod Fergusson leaves Irrational
    2. Blizzard buys IGN Pro League tech, assets
    3. Mobile "just too scary" for indies, says Spelunky dev
    4. Microsoft to focus on Xbox TV after Mediaroom sale
    5. Report - Next Xbox priced at $500
    6. Kabam sets up $50 million fund for Japanese devs
    7. Anuman Interactive creates Kid's Business Unit
    8. BioShock Infinite fends off Defiance
    9. Lodsys launches patent suits against Gameloft, Gamevil, others
    10. IGDA head Kate Edwards: "Games are an art-form, pure and simple"
    1. GameStick shipping pushed back from April to June
    2. Torment Kickstarter closes at $4.19 million
    3. Zynga sued by shareholder over early executive stock sales
    1. AIAS opens 2013 Into the Pixel and scholarship submissions
    2. Microsoft apologizes for dev's "always-on" comments
    3. Ouya responds to negative reviews
    4. EA's Moore on Worst Company in America poll
    5. Games legislation still an option, says Sen. Feinstein
    6. Life After Disney: Warren Spector's Exit Interview
    7. Zynga adds veteran investor John Doerr to board
    8. Early Ouya reviews highlight panoply of problems
    9. Report - HMV saved with £50m deal
    10. New finance director for Fishlabs
    11. Minecraft PC hits 10m sales
    12. Sony's House wants female devs on PS4
    13. Zynga's Pincus cuts salary to $1
    14. Dancing girls and industry evolution
    15. Google ditching Nvidia for next Nexus 7 - report
    1. Sega Studios Australia to be shut down
    2. Hawken has an advantage due to “amazing” partnerships
    3. Konami mobile exec: Player acquisition "keeps me up at night"
    4. Where Are Gaming's Role Models?
    5. Apple's new HQ $2 billion over budget - report
    6. Gamestop names mobile and online gaming as threat
    7. Avalanche: We don't need 40 first-person shooters
    8. Play Expo tickets now on sale
    9. Hothead Rants Pt. 3: Anna Anthropy
    10. Chris Avellone joins Torment design team
    11. Annual developer survey supports need for gender balance
    12. Cage: We're not crazy with our finances
    13. Inafune: Japanese devs "don't know what to do or how to do it"
    14. Keep Taking The Tablets: Ben Cousins on the move to mobile
    15. Activision takes back the rights to King's Quest
    1. Disney shuts down LucasArts development
    2. Tom Hall joins PlayFirst
    3. Luigi and Nintendo 3DS on top in Japan
    4. Doom 4 development troubled - report
    5. The Royal Society seeks devs for game jam
    6. Rovio doubles sales to €152.2 million in 2012
    7. US Department of State releases educational game
    8. Sega Europe admits to misleading Colonial Marines trailers
    9. Double Fine: Consoles can win over devs with reason
    10. Guillaume de Fondaumière confirmed for Digital Dragons
    11. GDC 2013: Hothead Rants Pt.2 - Anna Marsh
    12. New Square Enix president to "fundamentally review" company
    13. The Kids are Alright - Jade Raymond on a Ubisoft future
    1. Square Enix cuts staff at LA office
    2. Activision lays off 40 at High Moon Studios
    3. PS4 praised as "perfect gaming PC" by Epic VP
    4. Zynga launching real-money gambling in UK tomorrow
    5. GameStop: Next Xbox will be "a very hot, compelling device"
    6. EA mobile boss: Freemium haters a "vocal minority"
    7. Zynga says goodbye to Dan Porter
    8. Raph Koster gone from Disney
    9. The War Z hacked
    10. Warren Spector to write for GamesIndustry International
    11. Capcom prepping new IP for kids
    12. Crytek USA to bid on Darksiders IP
    13. Report - Supercell closing $100m funding round
    14. GDC: 2013 - Hothead Rants Pt. 1: Mitu Khandaker
    15. Playdek secures $3.8 million for digital expansion
    16. BioShock Infinite is UK number one
    17. Ubisoft: Player satisfaction justifies Assassin's Creed sequels
    18. Sony Computer Entertainment merges Japanese and Asian operations
    19. Tomb Raider had biggest launch in franchise history
    20. Nvidia: Next wave of mobile graphics will outpace X360 and PS3
    21. Suda51: GungHo acquisition means complete creative freedom
    22. Zynga Austin vet forms Team Chaos
    1. Inspiration in five minutes: GDC 2013 Microtalks
    2. Pachter: PS4 has helped boost investor confidence
    3. GDC 2013 draws 23,000
    4. Windows 8 tops 10% share on Steam survey
    5. HTML5 will cause tension, says Epic
    6. EA paying Probst $1.03 million
    7. EA's survival has been a "rare" feat, says Gibeau