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Microsoft offers Xbox Live Indie Games more price changes

Indie developers can now submit price changes every seven days

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live Indie Game developers will be able change the price on their titles every seven days, starting May 23. Prior to the change, price alterations could only be made every ninety days. It's a good move for Xbox Live, a service that some feel has left indie developers behind.

"Existing requirements around game sizes and price points remain in place. Games with packages less than 150MB in size can be 80, 240 or 400 points. Games larger than 150MB can be 240 or 400 points," clarified the company on its Microsoft Developer Network App Hub forum.

"We're continuing to evaluate our developer base, listen to your feedback and adapt the system to the needs of creators. We hope this update gives you new flexibility in getting the most out of the Xbox Live Indie Games program."

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