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March 2017 Archive

    1. Making games is the new "Starting a band"
    2. Mad Catz enters bankruptcy
    3. Nintendo's soul-searching on F2P
    4. acquired by Resero Network
    5. HTC introduces eye-tracking VR ads
    6. THQ Nordic acquires Slipgate's Rad Rodgers IP
    7. Women In Games launches Ambassador programme
    8. BAFTA-winning Brenda Romero: “We need to expand the range of voices making games”
    1. Palmer Luckey to leave Facebook
    2. Harmonix lays off 17
    3. The Witcher franchise tops 25 million copies sold
    4. CCP CEO: "I would call the VR installed base huge"
    5. Green Man Gaming appoints communications exec
    6. Mobile game spend will double to $105 billion by 2021
    7. Nintendo Switch reaches 500,000 sales in Japan
    8. Tribeca Film Festival adds game focused event
    9. "You just get years where the appetite for certain titles wanes a little" - GAME
    1. GAME to stock GameStop's Deformers exclusively in the UK
    2. Gear VR motion controller launches April 21
    3. What game creators need to know about protecting their brands
    4. Secret World re-launching as free-to-play Secret World Legends
    5. Gree: Escaping mobile's middle-class
    6. The Magazine is out tomorrow
    7. Maximum Games signs distribution deal with Gearbox
    8. "We're in a start-up phase"
    9. GAME profits fall 27% after disappointing Christmas
    10. Square Enix expands Final Fantasy XIV's free tier
    11. App Store developers can now respond to user reviews
    1. Former Take-Two CEO Paul Eibeler joins Green Man Gaming as board advisor
    2. Hearthstone is killing itself - Superdata
    3. The dangers of passion projects: Staying sane in indie development
    4. Redefining community management for games-as-a-service
    5. PS4 is clear leader in media coverage despite Switch hype - ICO
    6. Uncharted 4 animator: Mass Effect shows "AAA games can't skimp on animation"
    7. Facebook hires Apple design chief as head of hardware for Oculus
    8. Red Barrels made a mistake with Outlast 2 classification
    1. Overwatch League could bring in $720 million annually - Analyst
    2. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds does $11 million in three days
    3. It all ads up: Why devs should be rewarding players that watch promotions
    4. How can we solve Nintendo Switch's cartridge cost quandary?
    5. Mass Effect Andromeda tops UK charts but can't match Mass Effect 3
    6. 150 store closures planned at GameStop
    7. Mad Catz to be delisted over "abnormally low" share price
    8. Kickstarter reaches 10,000 funded games
    1. Nintendo disappointed by Super Mario Run revenues
    2. Digital retailer secures $1m in funding
    3. Nintendo Switch's path ahead is still unclear
    1. GameStop expects Switch shortages all year
    2. GameStop blames sales dip on "weak" game category
    3. Brian Fargo plans to retire after Wasteland 3
    4. Xbox first-party is "critical" for Scorpio, says Spencer
    5. Playtonic removes controversial YouTuber JonTron from Yooka-Laylee
    6. “Consumers at home are only part of the picture for VR”
    7. Game developers who run together, succeed together
    8. Twitch hires former GM of PlayStation Network
    9. "We are 'all in' on this experience. This is not a portfolio strategy"
    10. Psyonix disapproves of Rocket League gambling
    11. Ubisoft addresses For Honor microtransaction concerns
    12. Traplight secures $2.7m funding round
    13. Take-Two adds education specialist to board of directors
    1. NHL sizing up eSports opportunity
    2. Facebook takes on Twitch with its own live gameplay streaming
    3. Nintendo denies design issue with Switch controllers
    4. Bloodstained drops Wii U version for Switch
    5. Oculus not doing developers a service, says HTC Vive
    6. Getting emotional about monthly burn rate
    7. Tencent cleared $10 billion game revenue in 2016
    8. Abertay University launches new Dare Academy games design competition
    9. Australian senator urges censors to "leave gamers alone"
    10. Game developers react to abusive tweets by donating to Girls Make Games
    11. Linden Lab adds Bing Gordon to its board
    1. The Podcast: GDC 2017 Part II, with Raph Koster and Justin Ma
    2. Switch "could possibly eclipse" Wii - GameStop
    3. How to get the most out of a games convention
    4. A taste for Adventure
    5. Improbable sponsors GamesIndustry.quiz
    6. Nintendo increasing US Switch shipments
    1. How Forza overtook Need for Speed to become the world's biggest racing IP
    2. Mass Effect Andromeda: Critical Consensus
    3. More violence makes it safer
    4. 50 indie studios from 14 countries looking for partners at EGX Rezzed
    5. Nintendo wins 3DS patent case against Tomita
    6. Careers Fair: Full UKIE Careers Bar schedule revealed
    7. Netmarble to raise $2.4 billion with an IPO
    8. Wooga appoints new chief financial officer
    9. Ghost Recon: Wildlands holds No.1 spot in UK charts
    10. DotEmu to close retro-leaning online store
    11. BioWare: "Attacking individuals is never acceptable"
    12. Uncharted 4 collects another GOTY award at SXSW
    13. Machinima appoints new GM as CEO prepares for exit
    1. PlayStation 3's lifespan winding down
    2. Green Man Gaming launches Community Platform
    3. Brenda and John Romero lead Develop:Brighton line-up
    4. Alibaba investing $145m in global network for mobile games
    5. For Honor and GTA V come out top in quiet February for UK games retail
    6. Nintendo set to double Switch production - report
    7. King's chief legal officer joins Improbable
    8. Microsoft and Sony set sights on the Netflix model
    9. Appodeal buys Corona Labs
    1. Ubisoft's For Honor tops US game sales during tough February - NPD
    2. Telltale CEO stepping down
    3. Horizon: Zero Dawn hits 2.6m sales
    4. Apple ramps up its support for indies
    5. The sorry saga of the crowdfunded Sinclair Vega+ console
    6. Unlicensed eSports gambling sites are "parasites feeding off popular video games"
    7. Square Enix Collective Returns to EGX Rezzed With Seven Diverse Games Out in 2017
    8. UK games market generated £4.33bn in 2016
    9. Zynga buys four Solitaire games for $42.5 million
    10. Outlast 2 refused classification in Australia
    1. East meets West - How Capcom is evolving to meet a global audience
    2. Last chance for Early Bird tickets to Nordic Game Conference
    3. War Child Armistice campaign raises $122k through game devs
    4. Staying on Message
    1. Roblox lands $92m in funding
    2. Starbreeze signs System Shock 3
    3. Razer invests in Celsius
    4. Sega Europe make three senior promotions
    5. Facebook may one day have no need for Oculus
    6. World of Warcraft vets form Frostkeep Studios
    7. Games industry charity bowling tournament returns to London
    8. "There will be AAA VR games - we're making one with Star Trek: Bridge Crew"
    9. Nintendo Switch has sold 1.5m worldwide - SuperData
    10. Kinda Funny's Colin Moriarty resigns following controversial tweet
    11. Microsoft expands HoloLens partner initiative to Europe
    1. PlayStation Now to add PS4 games
    2. An Epic shift to games-as-a-service
    3. Tickets on sale for Develop in Brighton - 10% discount for GI.Biz readers
    4. "Mobile PR doesn't follow the same path as traditional gaming"
    5. Tencent topped mobile revenue charts in 2016 - App Annie
    6. Oculus VR breach of contract suit dismissed
    7. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is the UK's biggest release of the year so far
    8. What publishers look for in indie games
    9. Washington D.C. pushing to be "the capital of eSports"
    10. Cities: Skylines has sold 3.5 million across all platforms
    1. Zelda: Breath of the Wild GDC talk now online
    2. Steam tweaking user review system this week
    3. The Podcast: GDC 2017 with Jason Della Rocca
    4. Google tops Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For
    5. ERA: Supermarkets now the most expensive place for boxed games in the UK
    6. Australian political party promises $4m games development fund
    7. John Carmack sues ZeniMax for $22.5m from id Software deal
    8. Can indie games help to sell the Switch?
    1. Hello Games looking to fund other devs
    2. Amazon taps RTS pioneer Louis Castle to lead Seattle studio
    3. Double Fine's Digital Archaeology
    4. Games Industry Law Summit sets legal challenge
    5. Reboot Develop secures EGDF as key partner, adds more speakers
    6. “People will be cynical about our intentions” - Square Enix Collective
    7. Humble Bundle: "The sky's the limit"
    8. Uncharted 4 nominated for eight awards at this year's BAFTAs
    9. China will ban new Korean games from being published - report
    10. The 100 Party set for March 30th at EGX Rezzed
    11. Small Giant secures €5.4m in funding
    12. Gree lays off staff in San Francisco
    13. PlayStation and Girls Make Games team up for development summer camp
    14. Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra to depart after 15 years
    1. Aquaman actor to star in Just Cause movie
    2. Switch will get streaming media "in time"
    3. YoYo Games: “Our competition with Unity is all in people's heads”
    4. Kiss appoints Mark Boote as new Head of Finance
    5. Unity Without Borders offers a path to Unite Europe for devs affected by Trump
    6. The state of education: Why UK universities are pushing for closer ties to the industry
    7. EGX 2017 tickets now available
    8. UK Industry braces for Brexit impact, with 40% considering relocation
    9. Rovio sells TV animation studio to Kaiken Entertainment
    10. GamesIndustry.quiz debuts this month
    11. Plug In Digital forms indie publishing label Playdius
    12. Dean Hall and Improbable have scrapped Ion
    13. "India is now a top five country, and we'll probably climb further"
    14. Slouching toward relevant video games
    1. Indies on Nintendo: “We've been treated like royalty”
    2. Nintendo claims victory in Canadian case over mods
    3. A second chance for Take-Two
    4. Nintendo and Sega set to Meet The Indies @ Rezzed
    5. Indies: Top tips for when you meet publishers
    6. ZeptoLab publishing division now open to all
    7. Youzu continues global expansion with Indian office
    8. Animation veterans form The Nuttery Entertainment
    9. Motiga lays off 15 staff
    10. Nintendo Switch and Zelda break European and US records
    11. Blade & Soul: Table Arena - NCsoft's VR MOBA takes shape
    12. Sega expands Creative Assembly with Crytek Black Sea acquisition
    1. Gearbox Publishing, Triseum and Legends of Learning join ESA
    2. Please stop making "bland and flavorless" games - Sheffield
    3. “We want games to be as important to us as film and TV” - BAFTA
    4. Ukie hires new head of public affairs
    5. Nintendo Switch UK launch sales hit 80,000
    6. Riot Games wins $10 million in LeagueSharp suit
    7. Unity engine adds GitHub extension
    8. Standing ovation for Palestinian dev at #1ReasonToBe
    1. "You need a community before doing something like Kickstarter"
    2. Green Man Gaming launches retail website in Germany
    3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Critical Consensus
    4. Analysts can't agree on Nintendo Switch potential
    5. Nintendo Switch launches into a storm of expectations
    6. Ghost Recon lands Ubisoft in trouble with Bolivian government
    7. How to succeed in mobile VR
    1. "Our player base was absolutely not ready for this"
    2. Nintendo Switch: Critical Consensus
    3. Is Xbox Game Pass really a threat to physical retail?
    4. Oculus drops Rift and Touch price by $200
    5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was prototyped in 2D
    6. Nexon makes strategic investment in PlayFusion
    7. 6.8m gamers took part in Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta
    8. Nintendo Switch to sell 5 million in 2017 - SuperData
    9. Quadrilateral Cowboy wins Grand Prize at IGF Awards
    10. Unreal at GDC 2017: Star Wars, Andy Serkis, Borderlands 3 and Oculus price drop
    11. Overwatch wins GDC Game of the Year
    1. Breathing life into Seaman
    2. "People don't leave companies. People leave their leads"
    3. Microsoft introduces the Xbox Live Creators program
    4. Xbox One, Project Scorpio to get mixed reality support in 2018
    5. EA's Ultimate Team now worth $800 million annually
    6. Four simple ways to get more influencers covering your game
    7. Switch, Twitch and Horizon: A critical week for retail
    8. Where to watch Unreal's 2017 GDC keynote
    9. Mo-cap specialist Xsens launches Indie Program
    10. Nintendo promises 60 Switch indie games this year
    11. "You don't have to suffer to make great games"
    12. Nvidia announces 1080Ti card