May 2022 Archive

    1. Evercade EXP handheld announced
    2. Summer Game Fest lineup released
    3. Bright Gambit reveals first round of funded games
    4. Activision says SOC call against board re-election contains "blatant misrepresentations"
    5. Niko: Chinese console market tops $2bn
    6. How to get a job as a game level designer
    7. A future for all: How Brazil's multicultural industry might shape the global business | Playable Futures
    8. Euro Truck Simulator 2 developer shelves Heart of Russia DLC
    9. Gamigo joins Playing for the Planet Alliance
    10. Net profit at The Pokémon Company up 123% year-on-year
    11. Dovetail Games VP Lizzie Wilding has died
    1. Eight things to check out during GI Live: Online
    2. Diablo Immortal reportedly won't launch in two countries due to loot box legislation
    3. Music licensing in games: trials, tribulations, and what's next
    4. Candivore raises $10m
    5. Supercell acquires majority stake in Trailmix
    1. Sniper Elite 5 debuts at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Microsoft shelves "Keystone" Xbox streaming device
    2. Sony announces live action adaptations of God of War, Horizon, and Gran Turismo
    3. Raven's union came from business as usual | This Week in Business
    4. Phil Spencer to recognize Raven's union once Activision Blizzard merger is done
    5. Gotham Knights developer addresses criticism over Batgirl's “recovery” from requiring wheelchair
    6. SOC urges shareholders to vote against re-election of Activision Blizzard directors
    7. Halo Infinite head of design leaves 343 Industries
    8. Is there an end in sight for the industry's merger mania? | Opinion
    9. Next-gen Cyberpunk 2077 doubles CD Projekt's Q1 profits
    10. UK indie Force of Habit goes on indefinite hiatus
    11. Returnal wins Game of the Year at Finnish Game Awards
    1. Mafia 3 developer Hangar 13 suffers another round of layoffs
    2. Microsoft staff accuse execs of misconduct, abuse
    3. Apex Legends Mobile generates almost $5m in first week
    4. Curt Schilling's vanity project strikes out | 10 Years Ago This Month
    5. Fellow Traveller on why indies will always need digital events
    6. EA won't make public statement on abortion rights
    7. 12 live-service games, $300m PC sales, "aggressive" mobile strategy: PlayStation lays out its plans
    8. Replaced pushed to 2023 due to war in Ukraine
    9. Belgian government introducing tax shelter for games by 2023
    1. Global gaming market to hit $222 billion this year -
    2. The future according to Reggie
    3. How to get a job as a technical artist
    4. EA adds customisable pronouns options to The Sims 4
    5. Twitch working on more detailed ban notifications
    1. Current and former Activision Blizzard staffers issue demands to management
    2. Big Fish Games appoints Larry Plotnick as president | Jobs Roundup: May 2022
    3. Enthusiast Gaming shareholder calls for change of leadership
    4. Check out next week's GI Live: Online schedule
    5. One month left to enter the UK Best Places To Work Award
    6. Does a Day 1 Game Pass debut make your game convert worse on Steam?
    7. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 sells 1m copies
    8. Former PlayStation employee files renewed gender discrimination lawsuit
    9. US labour board says Activision Blizzard illegally threatened staff
    1. China video games market revenue hits $45.5bn during 2021
    2. Firestoke raises $2.2m in seed funding
    3. Raven Software QA group becomes the first US major video game union
    4. Take-Two completes Zynga acquisition
    5. Esports firm Skillz lays off 70
    6. Charting the evolution of social instant gaming
    7. V Rising sells 500k copies in three days
    8. Ubisoft reportedly unlikely to sell for less than €60 per share
    9. FTC moves to strengthen guidelines on “fake and manipulative reviews”
    10. EA reportedly had acquisition talks with NBCUniversal, Amazon, Apple, Disney
    1. New PS5 bundle sends Horizon Forbidden West back to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Inaction speaks louder than words | This Week in Business
    2. Reggie Fils-Aimé on diversity, technology and memeability | Podcast
    3. Thunderful and Coatsink acquire Islanders IP
    4. Games account for 32% of Tencent's $21.3bn Q1 revenues
    5. Thunderful sees 85% drop in operating profits, but revenues are up
    6. God of War Ragnarök to feature 60+ accessibility options
    7. There's no hiding from the culture wars | Opinion
    8. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown delayed to 2023
    9. Former employee sues GameStop for reportedly violating New York Labor Law
    10. Tappx acquires From The Bench brand
    1. DAGERSystem acquires Can I Play That
    2. Whatever happened to 'the power of the cloud'? | Opinion
    3. Certain Affinity will pay to move its devs out of places hostile to their rights
    4. TikTok testing gaming functionality - Report
    5. Take-Two and Zynga shareholders approve acquisition deal
    6. Super Mario Sunshine reimagined the franchise | Why I Love
    7. Embracer lost $431 million last year
    8. Sony brings environmental goals forward by ten years
    9. Skybound Entertainment secures fresh investment from Hiro Capital, Knollwood Advisory and more
    10. Andreessen Horowitz launches $600m VC fund for games
    11. What to think about when setting up an apprenticeship program
    12. Hyperlab raises valuation to $7.5m
    13. Focus Entertainment: "We're trying to build a Federation of Studios"
    14. Virtuos acquires art production studio Glass Egg
    15. FIFA Online 4 will be unaffected by EA and FIFA split
    16. Blizzard faces poposed class-action lawsuit over Hearthstone card packs
    17. Blizzard bans professional Hearthstone player following sexual assault conviction
    18. EA Austin lays off customer service staff
    19. Microids opens Berlin office as "logical milestone" in international development plan
    1. Twitch viewership hit 1.8bn hours in April
    2. New York AG investigating Twitch, Discord role in Buffalo shooting
    3. David Helgason launches Transition Labs
    4. How AI can improve and streamline 3D asset creation in game development
    5. You can't quantify DEI, Activision Blizzard | Opinion
    6. Streaming is the key to discovery
    7. Dr. Jakin Vela confirmed as IGDA executive director
    8. Gameloft opens new Paris studio
    9. Bungie shares statement on terrorist attack, says it won't be “muzzled” by Sony
    10. What makes a good PUBG Mobile brand collaboration?
    11. Twitch details response after Buffalo shooter livestreamed mass shooting
    12. Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund buys 5% stake in Nintendo
    1. CI Games offers to buy back United Label ahead of potential dual listing
    2. Why doesn't GTA Online have more brand collaborations?
    3. DDM: Gaming investments reached $3.5bn during Q1
    4. Sony donates $100,000 to reproductive rights charity but forbids public statements
    5. How one festival wants to give game music the spotlight it deserves
    6. Deathloop leads nominations for Develop:Star Awards 2022
    7. City University of New York launches game design degree
    8. Improbable sells Scavengers studio Midwinter Entertainment
    1. Tiny Tina, WWE, next-gen GTA 5 beat Take-Two's expectations
    2. Fall Guys to go free-to-play
    3. Frogwares to use Epic Games MegaGrant to relocate its Ukrainian staff
    4. How to develop a game design document
    5. Ubisoft+ headed for PlayStation
    6. Microsoft patent application may allow disc owners to access digital games
    7. Lego, Switch and PS5 top April Charts | European Monthly Report
    8. Following sale of Western devs, Square Enix wants to acquire and establish new studios
    9. Capcom scales back divisive Street Fighter esports licensing rules
    1. Nintendo Switch Sports scores third No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Epic Games to release Unreal editor for Fortnite later this year
    2. Remedy's profit grew 56% as it amassed $13.2m during Q1 2022
    3. Curve Game acquires Hue franchise
    4. Is 2022 still shaping up to be one of video games' biggest ever years? | This Week In Business
    5. PUBG: Mobile accounted for 75% of Krafton's Q1 2022 revenue
    6. April spending down 8% despite strong hardware sales | US monthly charts
    7. BioWare contractors looking to unionise no longer required to return to the office
    8. Sega's COVID recovery continues as sales rise 15.6% to $2.5bn
    9. Class action lawsuit accuses grading firm Wata of "manipulating the retro video game market"
    10. Can a Switch successor be third time lucky for Nintendo? | Opinion
    11. Strong year for Square Enix as Final Fantasy 14 offsets non-MMO game decline
    12. Xbox's Chris Charla joins GI Live: Online line-up
    1. Bad Robot Games and EA win big at the US Best Places To Work Awards 2022
    2. PlayStation staff criticize Jim Ryan's message on abortion rights
    3. Arkane Studios adds accessibility options to Deathloop
    4. Watch the 2022 US Best Places To Work Awards here
    5. Yu-Gi-Oh drives record year for Konami with profits up 25% to $626m
    6. Report: Top 10 companies made 65% of global games market in 2021
    7. FRVR acquires free-to-play shooter Krunker
    8. Elden Ring: A discussion on the differences between accessibility and game design
    9. Starfield and Redfall delayed to 2023
    10. Kirby racks up second month at No.1 | Japan Monthly Charts
    11. The many virtues of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 | Why I Love
    12. EA expands Criterion with Codemasters Cheshire team
    13. Ubisoft has "everything we need to remain independent," says CEO
    14. TIGA: UK games development workforce grew 25% to over 20,000 full-time staff
    15. RichCast launches $330,000 Creators Fund
    1. Ubisoft's annual sales decreased 4% to $2.2bn
    2. During Q1 2022 global mobile game revenue declined 6% to $21.2bn
    3. Starbreeze Q1 losses increased 471% to $2.4m
    4. Resident Evil Village drives Capcom to fifth year of record profits
    5. An introduction to games technical art
    6. Sumo Group joins Playing for the Planet Alliance
    7. Kwalee opens Portuguese office
    8. Microsoft announces new accessibility tools for devs
    9. Warner Bros cancels Gotham Knights' PS4 and Xbox One versions
    10. Sony reduces PlayStation 5 forecast to 18m units due to component shortage
    11. PS5 stock improves and Lego Star Wars breaks records in April | UK Monthly Charts
    12. Bandai Namco's profit rose almost 50% in FY2022
    13. Roblox Q1 revenues rise to $537.1m
    14. Activision Blizzard calls for court to dismiss DFEH lawsuit
    15. Unity Q1 2022 revenue up 36% to $320m
    16. Games Branding opens first US-based office in Boston
    17. Ubisoft adds seven to executive committee to "accelerate its transformation"
    1. EA's live service offerings drove its fourth quarter earnings
    2. EA and FIFA end nearly 30-year-old-partnership
    3. Tencent provides clarification on new subsidiary's business operations
    4. How studios support their devs in wartime
    5. US District Judge says that Valve will face antitrust ligation
    6. Riot files new lawsuit against Moonton for copying League of Legends: Wild Rift
    7. Activision Blizzard's anti-union efforts continue ahead of Raven vote
    8. Buying Tomb Raider makes Embracer one to watch. Well, keep watching | Opinion
    9. GI Academy Live returns to EGX in September
    10. Nintendo sales dip 3.6% to $13.1bn due to semiconductor shortage
    11. PlayStation sales rise slightly to $20.7bn as PS5 nears 20m shipments
    1. Zynga reports 2% revenue increase to $691 million for Q1 2022
    2. EA announces The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth is in development
    3. Strauss Zelnick to remain Take-Two CEO until 2029
    4. Nintendo Switch Sports holds No.1 after small sales drop | UK Boxed Charts
    5. Correction: Nexon leadership remains unchanged
    6. Ocean Software co-founder David Ward dies
    7. What if Goldeneye was made today? | Opinion
    8. Arcadia VR shutters Moscow office
    9. Hiro Capital, Yogscast and Sega are meeting devs at GI Live: Online
    10. Universally Speaking to open new studio in Liverpool
    11. Stardew Valley has sold more than 20m copies worldwide
    12. Mastering predictive lifetime value in the iOS 14.5+ era
    13. Children banned from tipping and watching livestreams after 10pm in China
    14. Microsoft reportedly planning to launch cloud streaming device by summer 2023
    15. 12-hour Xbox outage leaves console owners unable to launch or buy games
    1. Deep Rock Galactic dev invests in Danish game studios
    2. Turtle Beach explores potential buyout
    3. Nvidia to pay $5.5m in fees for misstating sales to crypto miners
    4. Check out the finalists for the US Best Places To Work Awards
    5. Tencent Games opens Liverpool studio
    6. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 becomes top-grossing video game movie of all time
    7. People Can Fly say that in 2021, Outriders hadn't made a profit
    8. Bungie speaks up | This Week in Business
    9. Square Enix is practically giving away Tomb Raider | Podcast
    10. Xbox partners with Epic to bring Fortnite to the cloud
    11. Paradox's "very punk way" of sharing Vampire: The Masquerade IP
    12. Summer Game Fest showcase dated for June 9
    13. Women in Games opens Asia branch
    1. Razer to delist and go private this month
    2. Blizzard hires former Disney exec Jessica Martinez as first head of culture
    3. Ousted Arm China CEO is refusing to leave the company
    4. Video game market revenue forecasted to hit $200bn for 2022
    5. Bungie chief people officer on transforming into a "digital-first" studio
    6. Social gaming platform Piepacker rebrands to
    7. NetEase Games opens Jackalope Games, its first US studio
    8. Backing the essence of intentionality | Opinion
    9. Nacon launches new studio in Milan
    10. Develop:Brighton 2022 full conference programme now available
    11. Indielab launches new games accelerator
    12. Haden Blackman steps down as Hangar 13 studio head
    1. Simply Games is active again since ceasing business operations
    2. New York sues Activision Blizzard over Microsoft acquisition
    3. Guillemot family is considering purchasing Ubisoft
    4. Legal experts say TSM and Blitz may have misclassified contractors
    5. Genshin Impact's mobile consumer revenue has amassed over $3bn to date
    6. Netflix announces the launch of Relic Hunter: Rebels
    7. Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick to open GI Live: Online
    8. Five lessons from Reggie Fils-Aime's book
    9. Bernard Kim to leave Zynga, named new CEO of Match Group
    10. Could the UK's Online Safety Bill change gaming worldwide?
    11. AppLovin buys earlier Wordle game
    12. Bungie expresses support for essential healthcare rights
    13. Roblox introduces flexible working options
    1. Nintendo contractors criticize company culture and treatment
    2. Prince of Persia Sands of Time remake switches studios
    3. Square Enix to retain Just Cause, Outriders, and Life is Strange
    4. Epic Games & Apprenti announce new Unreal Engine apprenticeship initiatives
    5. The industry has embraced remote working. Now what?
    6. Kong Studios relocates HQ to Santa Monica
    7. Intel CEO expects chip shortage to last into 2024
    8. Interim director says IGDA is "revamping its ethics processes"
    9. Efuse chief strategy officer resigns over past sexual harassment case
    10. Square Enix sale of Western studios marks the end of an existential crisis | Opinion
    11. Activision Blizzard urges shareholders to vote against New York's proposed annual abuse report
    1. Trip Hawkins joins 110 Industries as advisor
    2. The birthplace of Nintendo
    3. How Dread Hunger found and retained an audience
    4. Embracer acquires Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal for $300m
    1. Nintendo Switch Sports smashes to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts