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November 2017 Archive

    1. Ubisoft looking for mobile AR, blockchain start-ups
    2. Gfinity full-year revenues up 64%
    3. Digital revenues up 15% in October - Superdata
    4. The games industry has an inferiority complex, and it's holding us back
    5. Neill Blomkamp: 'It's inevitable that the uncanny valley just goes away'
    6. Sega's game division holds strong despite 54.5% cut to company-wide profit forecast
    7. Original co-writer returns for final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead
    8. Gambling-addicted teen begs EA to reconsider microtransaction strategy
    1. HTC Vive invests in 26 more companies
    2. Games industry is going 100% digital - Take-Two
    3. Traega sets up shop in Nashville
    4. Star Citizen now offering to sell in-game land
    5. Popularity of linear games declining - EA
    6. The Podcast: Licensing your IP, with Gary D Nissenbaum
    7. EGX Rezzed 2018 Leftfield Collection submissions now open
    8. Over 300,000 games consoles sold in the UK last week - GfK
    9. Autodesk to cut 1,150 jobs amid restructuring
    10. VR to star in China's $1.5bn future tech theme park
    11. Report: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp surpasses 15m downloads
    12. Bluehole enters a post-PUBG world
    1. Nintendo's "insane turnaround" driving holiday sales - Analyst
    2. Divinity: Original Sin II sells 1 million
    3. "You probably don't want Darth Vader in pink"
    4. Global gaming revenue on par with sports at $149bn for 2017
    5. The second launch of Yooka-Laylee
    6. Mobile still a moving target
    7. Gazillion Entertainment has officially shut down
    8. Jagex expands executive team with three new appointments
    9. More than one million VR headsets sold last quarter
    10. Unlocking the benefits of the whole game economy
    11. Unity buys GAME's Multiplay Digital business for £19m
    1. PlayStation exec: "Sometimes we announced games too early"
    2. Sony posts record Black Friday hardware sales
    3. PUBG going mobile with Tencent's help
    4. Games could be hit hard by net neutrality's death
    5. East meets West: Yosuke Matsuda on growing Square Enix's global empire
    6. Jobs roundup: Rock, Paper, Shotgun takes on two new editorial staff
    7. Nintendo Switch on track to outpace ten-month sales of the Wii by 20%
    8. UK charts: PS4 and PSVR enjoy a strong Black Friday
    9. Finding your place in the Creative Industries
    10. Desert Bus for Hope raised another $650k for Child's Play
    11. British Gambling Commission concerned with "increasingly blurred" lines between games and gambling
    12. Niantic has reportedly raised $200 million
    13. Niantic picks up BAFTA Children's Award for Pokémon Go
    1. Pokémon global lifetime sales surpass 300m
    2. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Critical Consensus
    3. Zelda concert producer: "I just want to bring video game music to the masses"
    4. PC microtransaction revenue has doubled since 2012
    5. Fans launch Black Friday boycott to #FixFIFA
    6. Yorkshire Games Festival sees attendance jump by 15% in second year
    7. Disney flexes its muscle over Star Wars and Marvel
    1. Why casual games need a narrative
    2. Kevin Chou joins the board at Critical Force
    3. “People in AAA talk about games being mainstream - they're not”
    4. Rovio share price down nearly 20% after latest financial report
    5. Victorian gambling commission: "What occurs with 'loot boxes' does constitute gambling"
    6. Playground Games hires GTA V, Metal Gear Solid and Hellblade devs for open-world action RPG
    7. Multiple layoffs at Gazillion day before Thanksgiving
    8. Could UK retail sell 2m games over Black Friday?
    1. Microsoft sued over HoloLens patent infringement
    2. Star Wars Battlefront loot boxes investigation continues, say Belgian authorities
    3. UK Budget 2017: games fund extended, R&D credits boosted and better maths education
    4. Ninja Theory in profit only three months after Hellblade launch
    5. "It's not Hitman without IO": Why Square Enix set the franchise free
    6. Publisher to donate 75% of Axiom Verge sales to support developer's son
    7. Nintendo Switch drives GameStop global sales to just shy of $2bn for latest quarter
    8. Tencent to publish PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China
    9. AppLovin abandons acquisition plans, opts for $841m debt financing
    10. Apple reportedly buys AR startup Vrvana for $30 million
    1. FCC is about to dismantle net neutrality
    2. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age sells 1 million
    3. Dan Gilbert makes multimillion investment in 100 Thieves
    4. Publishers are "the most valuable piece of the puzzle" right now
    5. Wargaming's symbiotic relationship with education and marketing
    6. Magic: The Gathering is Sesame Street
    7. Clicker Heroes developer drops free-to-play model over ethical concerns
    8. BrightLocker wants to go beyond Kickstarter and Early Access
    9. Steam overhauls user reviews to counter spam bots
    10. Tappx continues global growth with China office opening
    11. Three critical things to know about successful co-development relationships
    1. Loot boxes are not bad game design, say devs
    2. Behaviour closes Santiago studio
    3. "Life doesn't wait for you, and neither does VR"
    4. Tencent crosses $500 billion market cap milestone
    5. Mind Candy receives $1m cash injection
    6. Twitch: "We're almost ready to go full-blown Hunger Games"
    7. Gazillion faces surge of refund requests after Marvel Heroes closure news
    8. Plans to generate 500 new jobs in Adelaide games industry
    9. Xbox One X launch sales well behind competition in Japan
    10. MAG Interactive plans $68m IPO
    11. UK boxed charts: Disappointing debut for Star Wars Battlefront II
    12. EA share price dips following loot box debacle
    1. Disney pressured EA to pull Star Wars microtransactions - Report
    2. Star Wars Battlefront II: Will EA's concession hurt sales?
    3. Star Wars: Battlefront II debacle points the way forward
    4. Jon Shafer leaves Paradox over creative differences
    5. Nintendo Switch is dominated by physical sales - GAME
    6. Jobs Roundup: Green Man Gaming hires former EA, Activision marketing boss
    7. How Ninja Theory proved independent AAA has a future
    8. NCsoft will shut down Master X Master just months after launch
    9. Biomutant developer Experiment 101 acquired by THQ Nordic
    10. EA suspends microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II hours before game launch
    11. Chasing the local optimum
    1. Mario can't prevent US game sales from falling 11% in October
    2. Super Mario Odyssey tops US charts for October
    3. Facebook launches tools to help creators
    4. Vivendi: No plans for Ubisoft takeover for six months
    5. Crafting believable VR characters in Blood & Truth
    6. Ubisoft Berlin to work on Far Cry
    7. "We want to be the masters of our own fate"
    8. Starbreeze Studios reports pre-tax loss of $4.1m as it enters phase of expansion
    9. "Nothing should feel unattainable": DICE responds to Star Wars loot box backlash
    10. Launchpad comes to Africa to support tech start-ups
    11. Belgian Gambling Commission targets EA and Blizzard over loot boxes
    12. The survival of GAME
    13. $1.2bn games business lifts NetEase revenues up by more than a third
    14. Marvel Heroes to close down as Disney terminates Gazillion partnership
    1. Animoca Brands sells casual portfolio for $3.8m
    2. Former Twitch, Machine Zone, and Visceral executives join Outpost Games
    3. Kickstarter launches Patreon rival Drip
    4. Tencent online gaming revenue exceeds $4bn in latest quarterly financials
    5. Guerrilla Games: "We've gone from designing rollercoaster rides to theme parks"
    6. UK government pledges 2,000 visas, £61m investment to Tech sector
    7. Bury me, my Love: Using video games to push back far-right rhetoric
    8. Record attendance for NASSCOM Game Developer Conference
    9. National Videogame Arcade launching music festival in 2018
    10. Victoria state government creates opportunities for women in games with $140,000 pledge
    11. GAME posts full-year loss due to 'volatile' retail market
    1. GDC rolling out its own film festival
    2. Minions studio close to deal for Mario movie - Report
    3. GameStop suspends its unlimited used games program
    4. HTC unveils wireless, 6DoF VR headset
    5. GameStop CEO steps down for medical reasons
    6. Ark dev: "Retail was not something we had planned to do"
    7. Why didn't Jettomero take off?
    8. EA: Live services plus subscriptions equals "uncapped" monetisation
    9. AdColony shuts down AdMarvel, 125 jobs cut
    10. Esports Industry Awards winners announced
    11. Now you see me: Representation as innovation
    12. Hitman series in the works at streaming platform Hulu
    13. IGN promises change following allegations of sexual harassment against former editor
    1. More Hitman, more control: IO Interactive on its newfound independence
    2. EA promises "constant adjustments" to Battlefront II monetisation
    3. Razer raises $500 million with Hong Kong IPO
    4. Asda commits to video games despite buying team reduction
    5. Indie stores concerned as Nintendo delays shipments in Europe
    6. Funomena: A holistic guide to VR development
    7. UK Charts: Call of Duty: WWII closing in on Black Ops III
    8. Xbox One X hits 80,000 UK sales in first week
    9. Tencent to help establish Snapchat as games platform
    10. Bossa scraps Decksplash after free weekend failure
    11. Supermassive Games' PSVR title The Inpatient slips into 2018
    12. FIFA, Dungeon & Fighter boost Nexon's nine-month results
    1. Reviews vs. revenues: Mixed messages for Take-Two
    2. Indies feel the pinch from Sony's new ESRB mandate
    3. The Podcast: Virtual Reality, at Develop:VR
    4. English schools failing to provide computer science GCSEs
    5. CCP dev: "Virtual reality doesn't need a killer app"
    6. More than 6,000 games released on Steam in 2017 so far
    7. Nintendo to ship almost 50 million Switch units by April 2019
    8. Industry rallies behind charity for children affected by war
    9. Softly, softly: The Xbox One X Launch
    10. Nexon picks up Pixelberry
    1. EA buys Titanfall studio Respawn
    2. EA could replace annual sports games with live services
    3. Studio founded to develop bespoke esports title
    4. Where is VR's Nintendo Switch?
    5. Guillemot: "PlayStation 5 and fourth Xbox to launch 2019 at the earliest"
    6. Sony ramping up Move production for PSVR push
    7. Global Britain needs to be truly global
    8. Tencent still eyes acquisition of PUBG developer Bluehole - report
    9. Humvee maker suing Activision over trademark infringement in Call of Duty
    10. More third-party publishers 'aggressively' ramp up Nintendo Switch support
    11. Best Places To Work Awards: How to keep hold of your staff
    12. Unity opens Los Angeles office with Insomniac devs
    1. Apple readying AR headset for 2020 - Report
    2. Harry Potter AR game in the works from Niantic
    3. Jobs Roundup: Breakthrough Brits BAFTA winner joins Reality Gaming Group
    4. New Dragon Quest, old Final Fantasy drive Square Enix growth
    5. HTC Vive launches funding program for the arts
    6. to present at next week's Esports Industry Awards 2017
    7. A word of warning on VR
    8. Call of Duty: WWII doubles Infinite Warfare sales worldwide
    9. Zynga looks to solidify newfound profitability
    10. Take-Two wants "recurrent consumer spending" from all titles, won't always be virtual currency
    11. Ex-Quantic Dream dev opens new narrative studio in London
    12. Mobile still a "core pillar" of Nintendo's strategy, despite Super Mario Run shortfall
    13. Members vote to end video game voice actors strike
    1. NBA 2K18, GTA Online drive Take-Two's Q2
    2. Zynga turnaround continues, company buys Peak Games' card studio for $100m
    3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits 20 million sold
    4. Telltale Games restructures, cuts 90 staff
    5. Assassin's Creed Origins launch sales double Syndicate's
    6. It's what's Inside that counts
    7. Xbox One X pre-orders from Amazon UK delayed
    8. Bandai Namco ramping up support for the Nintendo Switch
    9. Funding your game through cryptocurrencies
    10. Fortnite's Battle Royale reaches 20 million downloads
    11. Finnish developer raises $1.4 million in seed funding to launch first game
    12. Dallas Cowboys owner buys majority stake in Complexity Gaming
    1. Xbox One X sales estimate nearly doubled by IHSMarkit
    2. Xbox One X: Critical Consensus
    3. Zen Studios gets into indie porting, publishing
    4. Xbox to make bigger first-party push, could acquire studios
    5. UK government awards £50,000 to Tranzfuser's winning students
    6. Call of Duty storms back to WWII
    7. Sold Out: "Nintendo does not exclude you, it just asks you to up your game"
    8. Xbox One X not just for the core crowd - Microsoft
    9. Monster Hunter Switch drives Capcom's sales up to $295m
    10. UK charts: Call of Duty: WWII launch 57% bigger than Infinite Warfare
    11. Blizzard embraces its legacy with World of Warcraft: Classic
    12. UKIE: Shared data the key to more government support
    13. A future I would want to live in
    14. Starcraft II goes free-to-play
    1. Runic Games shut down
    2. Niantic acquires Evertoon
    3. "The risk is to have no appeal at all"
    4. Building Bonfire: Rob Pardo's plans for 2018 and beyond
    5. Microsoft gaming revenue stalls ahead of Xbox One X launch
    6. The Trouble with Trailers
    7. Perfect World reduces Motiga to just core staff
    1. Destiny 2 and digital drive Activision Blizzard growth
    2. Canadian game dev surging - ESA Canada
    3. ESA applauds Republican tax reform proposal
    4. The Podcast: Getting Lucky on Xbox One X, with Playful's Paul Bettner
    5. UK physical market drops 16% in October as downloads increase
    6. EA not committing to more Switch games
    7. VR devs react to CCP exit: "VR is not dead"
    8. Odyssey is fastest-selling Super Mario game in US and Europe
    9. UK games tax relief extended to 2023
    10. UK console game sales now 30 - 45% digital
    11. Arc System Works establishes North American branch
    12. Glu Mobile revenue reaches $81.1 million in third quarter financials
    13. Google launches 3D asset library for VR/AR developers
    14. Sonic Mania success makes up for digital shortfalls in Sega financials
    15. PUBG ban in China unlikely, says industry analyst
    16. Virtual Arts: Making the case for a new engine for VR
    1. Razer confirms Hong Kong IPO
    2. Super Mario Odyssey sells over 500,000 copies in Japan in a few days
    3. Sony focus moving from hardware sales to active user base
    4. EA kicking a studio when it's downsizing
    5. Ken Wong: "Gaming's remit is up for us to challenge"
    6. Oculus' Bernard Yee: "Everything we've done to date is the warm-up for VR"
    7. Housemarque's bittersweet farewell to the arcade shoot 'em up
    8. Data shows versatility of the Switch is more than just a gimmick
    9. EA CEO on Visceral closure: "It wasn't about single-player vs live service"
    10. EA execs address Battlefront II loot box concerns
    11. Fortnite's Battle Royale exceeds 800,000 concurrent players