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Journey devs negotiating with publishers for next title

With Journey's release, thatgamecompany can reach beyond Sony for its next game

Thatgamecompany founder Jenova Chen has told VG247 that the developer is talking with "various partners" to publish its first title after the three-game deal with Sony. The deal covered 2007's Flow, 2009's Flower, and 2012's Journey, with all titles being exclusive to Sony's PlayStation Network.

"It takes us a little bit of time to basically readjust after the three game deal. We're very close in figuring out what the next deal is," said Chen. "We're negotiating with various partners, so maybe within the next month, we'll be able to determine which is the [right deal]."

"In terms of when you'll know about the next game, I think we intentionally announce our games very early. We announced Flower half a year after we launched Flow. We announced Journey half a year after we launched Flower. So hopefully within this year, you'll hear from us about our next game."

Chen said that the three-game deal was just right for thatgamecompany and it allowed the developer to really shine.

"If it wasn't for Sony's deal, I don't think we'd be ever to get into a situation to make a game like Journey because Journey is so far the largest budget for a PSN game and there is some money spent on marketing for Journey and I think that's the first time in history," he said.

"If it weren't for the three-game deal, we would not have the luxury to be able to build this game. It's much larger and a more expensive game and it took us three years to make. Internally, we're calling Journey the AAA PSN game."

The full interview at VG247 also covers the loss of two key employees at thatgamecompany, and Chen's feeling on Sony's PlayStation Move.

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