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July 2020 Archive

    1. Microsoft's full-year gaming revenues nearly flat for fiscal 2020
    2. The Outer Worlds wins GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Video Game
    3. Grounded reaches one million players in 48 hours
    4. Pandemic has accelerated a number of long-term gaming trends
    5. Mobile revenues grew $135m in Malaysia and Singapore in two years
    6. Fostering a positive community in VR
    7. Sega president Kenji Matsubara resigns
    8. I really want E3 back | Opinion
    9. 15,000 games removed from iOS App Store in China
    10. Sky: Children of the Light passes 35m downloads
    11. Congress defeats bill to block US military from recruiting via Twitch
    12. FIFA Ultimate Team revenue "off the charts" during lockdown
    13. If 30% is too high, what's the right number? | Opinion
    1. 2K signs deal to use real NFL player likenesses in games
    2. Steam launches, new releases, and The Sims propel EA's first quarter earnings
    3. Defying game design rules to simulate dementia in Before I Forget
    4. What's wrong with HR and how can it be fixed?
    5. Should streamers be worried about DMCA strikes on Twitch?
    6. Riot Games ends controversial partnership with Saudi Arabia mega-city project Neom
    7. How to watch Live: State of Games today
    8. Valve attempts to block regional pricing VPN exploit on Steam
    9. Apple's claim that "we treat every developer the same" tested by US Congress
    10. SuperData: Big publisher showcases did not suffer from absence of E3
    1. Private Division signs publishing deals with Moon Studios, League of Geeks, and Roll7
    2. We don't need E3 anymore
    3. GAME sells its Belong brand to esports firm Vindex
    4. AIAS announces new round of Foundation Scholars
    5. Tim Sweeney: Apple has "gone crazy" over rev share approach
    6. Microsoft launches Family Safety app on iOS and Android
    7. Konami is now making esports PCs
    8. Jobs Roundup: Benjamin Jordan named CTO at Big Run Studios
    9. Moss dev Polyarc secures $9m investment to branch into augmented reality
    1. Ferrari launching esports series this September
    2. US homes with a console jump 31% year-over-year, says Comscore
    3. Rogue One writer Gary Whitta headlines initial speakers for Changing Channels 2020
    4. Roblox developers set to earn $250 million in 2020
    5. The sublime theatrics and pacing of Metal Gear Solid 4 | Why I Love
    6. Niantic doubles donation to Black Lives Matter causes to $10m
    7. Players spent $17.5m during Pokémon Go Fest 2020
    8. Investment health check: Preparing for the due diligence process
    9. Suikoden successor's Kickstarter raises $1.5 million on day one
    10. Google announces winners of Indie Game Festival
    1. SuperData raises XR forecast for 2020 to $6.9 billion
    2. Netflix's The Witcher gets a prequel spin-off
    3. Analogue Pocket ships in May 2021
    4. Lessons learned guiding Riot Games through a cultural crisis
    5. Loot boxes should be a consumer protection matter not a gambling one, says EU report
    6. Huuuge Games acquires Double Star
    7. Improving your influencer marketing strategy with authenticity
    8. Animal Crossing is Japan's best-selling game of the year so far
    9. Find out how COVID-19 has impacted the video games market this week
    1. Ghost of Tsushima holds No.1 as Paper Mario slips l UK Charts
    1. Suikoden creators launch Rabbit & Bear Studios for crowdfunded JRPG
    2. Video game TV network G4 teases a return in 2021
    3. Epic has awarded devs $42m under its MegaGrants program
    4. Ubisoft Quebec managing director steps down
    5. Xbox confuses its cross-generation message | Podcast
    6. Ghost of Tsushima sells 2.4 million in three days
    7. Respawn responds as Glassdoor review warns of crunch during lockdown
    8. A beginner's guide to bringing a game to market
    9. Polyopia dev Midjiwan pledges €100,000 for solar energy investment
    10. Dontnod's Tell Me Why aims for a transgender story not "rooted in pain or trauma"
    11. Amidst pandemic, the ESA focuses on positive impacts of gaming
    1. Animal Crossing, FIFA, The Last of Us top European game sales so far this year
    2. LocalizeDirect raises $1.1m toward new games development CMS Gridly
    3. The Investment Summit Online returns this September with a two-day event
    4. Xbox Games Showcase bookended by Halo Infinite, Fable
    5. Livestreaming pandemic surge sustained through Q2
    6. Shigeru Miyamoto's base salary is higher than Bobby Kotick's
    7. Squanch Games shelves VR focus for now
    8. SuperData: Valorant and The Last of Us Part 2 set records for digital sales in June
    9. Modern Times Group CEO Jørgen Madsen to step down
    10. "I don't envision us going back to everybody being in the studio five days a week -- ever"
    11. 63% of UK games businesses report no risk of closure during COVID-19 pandemic
    12. The console war is over | Opinion
    13. Watch today's Xbox Games Showcase here
    14. PlayStation Japan warns of Ghost of Tsushima stock shortage
    15. More than 40 companies commit to SpecialEffect's One Special Day
    16. Apple defends its controlled ecosystem in the face of antitrust investigation
    17. Meet CtW: The investors taking on Activision Blizzard and EA over exec pay
    18. The US Army is reportedly withdrawing from Twitch as criticism mounts
    1. Microsoft's gaming revenues jump in Q4 of FY20 due to ongoing lockdowns
    2. Ubisoft CEO: When informed of misconduct in the past, "we made tough decisions"
    3. Final Fantasy 14 Online tops 20 million players
    4. Ubisoft's holiday next-gen games will be the same price as current-gen
    5. Ubisoft reports record bookings despite light Q1 release slate
    6. French union preparing collective lawsuit against Ubisoft amid abuse allegations
    7. Hermit Crab Studios playing its own shell game
    8. Mobalytics closes $11.25m Series A round
    9. Polish studio Far From Home launches with close-to-home support network
    10. Ubisoft fires PR director over harassment allegations
    11. How to guarantee your pitch will be rejected
    12. Voltage Entertainment says striking writers group "is not a union"
    13. Deadly Premonition 2 dev claims transgender content "fixed"
    1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey has two leads because Ubisoft execs believed women don't sell
    2. Rocket League goes free-to-play
    3. Xbox backs off Game Pass on every platform goal
    4. Adopt Me: The most popular game you've never played
    5. Inside GlobalStep's culture of fear | Podcast
    6. Cloud gaming "will take the biggest hit" from 5G delays caused by Huawei ban
    7. The end of 30%? | Opinion
    8. Riot Games creative director leaves to focus on indie book publishing
    1. Nintendo isn't throwing in the towel on mobile just yet
    2. German regulator won't ban Coin Star after all
    3. Ape Out: Understandable in a split second | Why I Love
    4. Metacritic now delays user reviews until more than 24 hours after games launch
    5. More than 15m people have played Sea of Thieves since launch
    6. Wales Interactive quietly pulls announcement for FMV game about female streamer abuse
    7. Game dev agency Amber merges with KaraOkulta
    8. Google blocks anti-fascist game for containing references to Nazis
    9. Investment health check: Growing your studio from seed to Series A
    10. Microsoft drops 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription
    11. Fueling a new studio with healthy brains and healthy Beans
    1. Ghost of Tsushima comfortably beats Paper Mario to No.1 | UK Charts
    1. EA to update Madden NFL 21, making Washington a "generic team"
    2. GameStop will require face masks for customers; reportedly won't enforce it
    3. Numinous Games announces The Playability Initiative for accessible gaming
    4. Ring Fit Adventure sprints to the US top 10 in June thanks to stock increase
    5. Layoffs at Microsoft as it begins new fiscal year
    6. No Man's Sky added 1m players since Xbox Game Pass debut
    7. Paradox buys Iceflake Studios
    8. Reaching Chinese gamers through internet cafés
    9. Dreams wins Game of the Year at Games for Change Festival
    10. How to design better communities
    11. One month left to win a UK Best Places To Work Award
    12. Cloud streaming: complement, not competition, to next-gen consoles
    13. Smilegate opens new Barcelona studio
    1. Nexon OC shuts down
    2. Drive-in esports arenas planned for Horizon malls in the US
    3. ISFE, EGDF express concerns over CJEU ruling on EU to US data transfer
    4. Former Faze Clan executives launch new esports organization Xset
    5. Twitch orders end to US Army giveaway promotion on its channel
    6. Bungie delays Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion to November 10
    7. Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital discontinued ahead of Xbox Series X
    8. Microsoft resets expectations ahead of Xbox Showcase
    9. Carbonated raises $8.5m in seed funding
    10. GDC Survey: One third of game businesses suffering decline amid COVID-19 pandemic
    11. TinyBuild acquires Hello Neighbor developers
    12. Why Ian Livingstone is building a school
    13. Nazara Technologies buys majority stake in Paper Boat Apps
    14. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get Project xCloud access from September
    15. Get your free tickets to Live: State of Games
    16. Developing Bake It under quarantine
    17. Xbox Live GM Dan McCulloch exits Microsoft
    18. How to pitch your mobile game to a publisher
    1. MidBoss Summer of Pride raises $25,000 for LGBTQIA+ charities
    2. VGames raises over $30m for Israel and Eastern Europe-focused investment fund
    3. Sonic Dash has made $10 million in six years
    4. Three-quarters of all US households include someone who plays video games
    5. Reggie Fils-Aimé joins Rogue Games as strategic advisor
    6. Bad Robot Games appoints Anna Sweet CEO
    7. Moderating the "marketplace of ideas" with user-made gaming platform Core
    8. Ghost of Tsushima: Critical Consensus
    9. Feminist Frequency launching Games and Online Harassment Hotline
    10. Tilting Point acquires FTX Games assets and Plamee Studios from Playtech
    11. Rising video game prices drove UK inflation in June
    12. Huuuge Games acquires Dutch advertising startup
    13. PES 2021 "pared back" as Konami focuses on Xbox Series X, PS5 version
    14. Researchers criticise whiteboard technical tests
    15. How to build an audience and conduct business without trade shows
    16. Sony reportedly increasing PS5 production to 10m units by 2021
    1. Stadia lands exclusives from Konami, Harmonix, and more
    2. Ubisoft names Christophe Derennes new head of Montreal studio
    3. Splash Damage exploring friendlier territory with Outcasters
    4. Toxic culture at Ubisoft connected to dysfunction in HR department
    5. PUBG reaches 70m copies sold
    6. Global Mis-Steps: From acquisition to accusations
    7. Nifty Games opens new Chicago development studio
    8. Creative Assembly appoints James Clarke as new COO
    9. The Chinese Room's ambition to move out of the art house niche
    10. Twitch reinstates Donald Trump's channel after two-week ban
    11. GungHo's Ninjala hits 3m downloads in three weeks
    1. Swery apologizes for depiction of transgender individual in Deadly Premonition 2
    2. Skull & Bones reportedly gets an internal reboot
    3. What went wrong at Ubisoft? | Podcast
    4. How to avoid burnout
    5. Phil Spencer: “I don't have any regrets about Mixer”
    6. Rare copy of Super Mario Bros sells for a record $114,000
    7. Niantic donates $10,000 to the Edinburgh Fringe
    8. Darewise Entertainment secures €3m in seed funding
    9. European Union sets limits on platform madness
    10. F1 2020 overtakes The Last of Us Part 2 at No.1 | UK Charts
    1. Far Cry 6 announced at Ubisoft Forward, launches next year
    2. Three more Ubisoft executives step down due to toxic culture
    1. Former Ubisoft developers form new studio Beans
    1. Twitch deletes Black Lives Matter video after criticism it lacked Black creators
    2. Amazon delays MMORPG New World into 2021
    3. Portuguese AI start-up Replai raises $1.3m
    4. Game companies line up for pandemic relief loans
    5. Breaking the formula: How to make a standout game trailer
    6. Are Xbox Series X developers being held back by Xbox One?
    7. Over 8,000 games pulled from App Store in China in one week
    8. Could Sony stumble on cross-generation games? | Opinion
    9. Tencent is the latest potential buyer for Leyou Technologies
    10. Join Creative Assembly for a live Q&A about game audio today
    1. Blizzard will make changing character gender free in next WoW expansion
    2. Sony invests $250m in Epic Games
    3. Half-Life Alyx developers want to make a full-scale Half-Life game for consoles
    4. Developing for Xbox Game Pass: "I could never pitch these ideas to a publisher"
    5. Pokémon Snap had a different kind of focus | Why I Love
    6. Capcom says its game sales are 80% digital and rising
    7. How Minecraft and Mojang taught Xbox how to buy studios
    8. Traplight closes €8m investment round
    9. Ian Livingstone building new science and tech school The Livingstone Academy
    10. EA developing an addiction to executive overpay, says investment group
    11. Ambition: A Minuet in Power's extravagant aspirations
    12. Microsoft rolls out special version of Project xCloud for developers in lockdown
    13. BAFTA Games Awards entrants to be tested on BFI Diversity Standards
    1. 72% of esports audience is male, says report
    2. Video game projects remain steadfast on Kickstarter despite COVID-related declines
    3. Ninja appears to have moved to YouTube Gaming
    4. Sky: Children of the Light downloaded 20m times
    5. EA partners with TBS for four-episode The Sims reality show
    6. Why the discussion around difficulty is outdated and archaic
    7. Manticore Games launches $1m creator fund for proprietary game dev platform
    8. PR danger closer than it may appear | 10 Years Ago This Month
    9. Family Video Game Database launches out of beta
    10. Microsoft reportedly against publishers charging for Xbox Series X upgrades
    11. Notes on inspiration from a BAFTA-winning studio
    12. PES loses licenses for AC Milan and Inter Milan
    1. Infinity Ward pulls "OK" gesture from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    2. Sega announces Astro City Mini arcade cabinet
    3. Magic Leap appoints Microsoft exec as CEO
    4. 11 Bit Studios commits $21m to production of seven games
    5. Mediatonic stealthily evolves to take bigger risks
    6. Former Bungie boss says deal with Activision "not a marriage made in heaven at all"
    7. European trade bodies unite for Eurovision-style Gamescom contest
    8. We need a movement to tackle systemic abuse, not a moment | Opinion
    1. Microsoft to hold Xbox Games Showcase on July 23rd
    2. Our cute pets column has a name | Creature Comforts
    3. Since launching four years ago today, Pokémon Go has grossed $3.6bn
    4. The Last of Us Part 2 holds firm as Iron Man VR debuts at No.2 UK Charts
    5. The rising cost of video games | Podcast
    6. How to successfully cater to older players
    7. Naughty Dog condemns abusive fan response to The Last of Us 2
    8. Watch: The Global Games Market, COVID-19 and Next-Gen Impacts
    1. Ubisoft's Maxime Béland resigns amid abuse allegations
    1. Nintendo condemns abuse as allegations spread across Smash Bros. community
    2. Criterion raising money for charity with release of game jam titles
    3. Overcoming the "ugly necessity" of scaling back inactive teams
    4. Evo CEO dismissed, event cancelled amid accusations of misconduct and abuse
    5. Performance capture in the era of remote working
    6. Sony considering a bid for Digital Extremes owner Leyou
    7. Animoca Brands secures $4.1m in new investment
    8. PlayStation unseats Nintendo in June with The Last of Us Part 2 l UK Charts
    9. Amazon and Google are in games for the wrong reasons | Opinion
    10. India bans 59 Chinese apps, including Clash of Kings
    1. PUBG Mobile has made over $3 billion in lifetime revenue
    2. My Friend Pedro to get a TV adaptation
    3. Ubisoft to restructure its editorial team in wake of abuse allegations
    4. IDG: Other publishers are considering raising game prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X
    5. Zynga closes acquisition of Peak for $1.8 billion
    6. Amazon Studios developing new Fallout TV series
    7. Paradox acquires Playrion
    8. NBA 2K21 price is $10 more expensive on Xbox Series X and PS5
    9. Crush Crushing stereotypes with adult games about everyday people
    10. Live digital event series debuts on July 30th
    11. PlayStation suspends Facebook advertising
    12. Psyonix commits $4.5m a year in prizes to Rocket League esports
    13. Ofcom: Less than 6% of UK children, 4% of adults have purchased loot boxes
    14. How three homesick brothers made a game for their friends and became millionaires
    15. Animoca Brands buys Gamee for €4m
    16. House of Lords calls for loot boxes to be immediately reclassified as gambling
    17. First game from Oculus co-founder's new studio "unlikely to be VR"
    18. Tru Luv secures investment for "emotionally conscious AI"
    1. Kongregate no longer accepting new titles, undergoing layoffs
    2. Mixer just saw its second-best quarter ever
    3. Crysis Remastered delayed for additional polish
    4. Digital Dragons will be entirely digital this year
    5. Dead Cells has sold over 3m copies
    6. Tencent starts US studio to make AAA games for next-gen consoles
    7. Unity Asset Store content now available to Sinespace creator community
    8. Voicemod raises $8m for AI-powered 'voice avatars'
    9. How to navigate the modern world of games publishing
    10. A Plague Tale: Innocence reaches one million sales
    11. Cloud gaming startup RemoteMyApp raises €2m in funding
    12. Roblox hacked by Trump supporters
    13. The astronomical challenge of recording The Outer Worlds
    14. Discord raises $100m to further expand beyond games