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June 2021 Archive

    1. Marvel Strike Force director launches Foxbear Games
    2. Indies criticize Sony over discount policies, poor communication, more
    3. Dream Games raises $155m bringing total valuation to $1bn
    4. Blizzard vets start up RTS studio with Tencent backing
    5. Vela Games raises $17.3m in Series A funding
    6. Chris Avellone files lawsuit over sexual misconduct allegations
    7. Room 8 Studio opening Montreal location
    8. The Age Appropriate Design Code: A quick, practical guide for games businesses
    9. Former BioWare GM Casey Hudson forms Humanoid Studios
    10. Funcom acquires majority stake in The Outsiders
    11. Remedy continues partnership with 505 Games for Control sequel and spin-off
    1. Krafton acquires Thingsflow
    2. Why Xbox indie champion Agostino Simonetta is leaving for Thunderful Games
    3. Iron Galaxy names Rejess Marshall DEI program lead
    4. Talewind's plan to become "the Supercell of Roblox"
    5. Sony acquires Returnal developer Housemarque
    6. How do AAA publishers justify overpaying execs? | Podcast
    7. Fingersoft confirms Jaakko Kylmäoja as permanent CEO
    8. App spending reaches all time high of $34bn during Q2 2021
    9. Ultima Underworld and Syndicate games delisted from GOG
    10. Game localization for discovery: Trickier than you think?
    11. Facebook value rises over $1 trillion as antitrust complaints are dismissed
    1. Microsoft launches Xbox Cloud Gaming beta on PC, iOS
    2. Best practices for developing VR games for theme parks
    3. Boom Corp raises $1.8 million
    4. What were the most talked about games of E3 week?
    5. Activision wins copyright infringement suit against Booker T. Huffman
    6. Indian streaming platform Loco raises $9m in seed round
    1. Mario Golf: Super Rush ends Ratchet & Clank's stay at the top | UK Boxed Charts
    1. When the money flows like water | This Week in Business
    2. Focus Home Interactive full year sales up 20%
    3. VRChat closes $80m Series D funding round
    4. Australia makes it easier for developers to get permanent residency
    5. An introduction to intellectual property in the games industry
    6. Microsoft Store gives app developers option to keep 100% of revenue, but not games
    7. Virtual reality still needs to find its business model | Opinion
    1. Windows 11 to run Android apps, incorporate some Xbox features
    2. What accessible gaming tournaments could mean for players with disabilities
    3. High-end mobile games surging worldwide - Report
    4. Sniper Ghost Warrior studio responds to report on controversial media event
    5. Azerion acquires Whow Games
    6. Kwalee's £20m growth spurt in India
    7. US has spent $650m on mobile sports games in the past year
    8. Australian games industry remained strong despite COVID-19 impact
    9. Valve reportedly limits region switching to combat Steam price exploitation
    10. Game and ISFE join Playing for the Planet Alliance
    1. India's gaming market to grow 113% by 2025 - KPMG
    2. Tencent-owned TiMi opens Seattle studio to make AAA console games
    3. GXC raises $4.73m in Series A funding
    4. Telling story through gameplay
    5. EA acquires Playdemic for $1.4bn
    6. Microsoft's Cyberpunk extended refund policy ends next month
    7. An E3 that happened | Podcast
    8. PAX West set to return as in-person event in September
    9. Combating tribalism and reducing bias in Persuasion Invasion
    10. Rovio to bring back old Angry Birds games
    11. Pokémon Sword and Shield leakers to pay $150,000 in damages
    12. Microsoft's market cap reaches $2 trillion
    1. EA changes executive compensation scheme, cuts execs' 2021 pay
    2. Unity acquires Pixyz Software
    3. Marvel's Avengers update exposes PS5 players' IP addresses
    4. Nier Replicant ships 1 million
    5. Tencent acquires majority stake in Yager
    6. GameStop raises another $1.13 billion through stock sale
    7. Quantic Dream and union at odds over "grotesque" trial
    8. Tentacle Zone and the benefits of a shared development space | GI Live Online
    9. Resolution Games no longer participating in Oculus in-headset ad test
    10. GameStop unveils top 10 pre-orders after E3
    11. Here's how to take part in the UK Best Places To Work Awards 2021
    12. Sea of Thieves team: "We changed everything to keep the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion a secret"
    13. Niantic rolls back some of Pokémon Go's COVID-19 changes
    1. Activision Blizzard wins executive compensation vote
    2. Kim Swift joins Xbox Game Studios Publishing
    3. Disney's resurgence into video games is only just beginning
    4. Sony is supportive of cross-platform play on PlayStation
    5. Square Enix praises Outriders Game Pass launch, says player numbers exceeded expectations
    6. The GI at E3 Newscast: E3 Recap, Nintendo's strategy and Game Pass, with Shahid Ahmad
    7. Battlefield 4 server capacity increased following surge in players
    8. The positive power of saying "no" in the workplace
    1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart sells more in its second week than its first | UK Boxed Charts
    1. When a disappointing E3 is a good problem to have | This Week in Business
    2. FIFA Ultimate Team tries out loot box previews
    3. Introducing Twin Suns: Why Tomb Raider, Halo, Hitman and Gears of War leaders are going it alone
    4. Lessons from the 'endless' runner Minion Rush
    5. It Takes Two passes 2m copies sold
    6. Microsoft brings back Xbox Design Lab
    7. E3 is no longer a clear lens on the industry | Opinion
    1. Twitch's 2.2bn hours watched in May another record
    2. Ubisoft Massive head stepping down
    3. Insights about diversity and inclusion from Take-Two's E3 2021 panel
    4. 33% of E3 and Summer Game Fest titles are non-violent (thanks to indies)
    5. Facebook to test in-headset ads in Oculus games
    6. Nintendo Direct leads E3 2021 viewership with 3.1m at peak
    7. Five Nights At Freddy's creator retires amid controversy over political donations
    1. GTA Online for PS3 and Xbox 360 shutting down
    2. PS5 VR headset expected for holidays 2022 - Report
    3. Xbox Series X|S-exclusive The Medium moves to PS5 in September
    4. VR firm Otherworld raises £2.9m to fuel UK expansion
    5. Is sustainable game development the new punk?
    6. Nintendo has a diverse line-up for 2021 - but 2022 is when the real blockbusters return | Opinion
    7. All the release dates | E3 2021
    8. Yakuza spin-off Judgment sells over 1m units
    9. Forza Horizon 5 voted most anticipated game in Official E3 2021 Awards
    10. Keywords Studios CEO Andrew Day retires
    1. The GI at E3 Newscast: Nintendo Direct and E3 2022, with Guha Bala
    2. China console games market projected to approach $2.5bn by 2025 - Report
    3. All the announcements | E3 2021
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 returns to PlayStation Store next week
    5. Breath of the Wild sequel closes E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, "aiming for" 2022 launch
    6. Video games are "core to the future of Dungeons & Dragons"
    7. Discuss E3, Summer Game Fest and more at 'The JW' event
    8. Everwild reportedly rebooted after creative director leaves
    9. Nintendo asks content creators not to co-stream its E3 2021 Direct
    10. Vungle acquires JetFuel
    11. Tips to connect with investors that are right for your studio
    12. Activision Blizzard delays vote on executive pay amid criticism over Bobby Kotick's compensation
    1. Turtle Beach gets into controller market
    2. BioWare names Gary McKay studio general manager
    3. The GI at E3 Newscast: Xbox, Square Enix and indies, with Cassia Curran
    4. Resident Evil: Village leads as May sales rise 3% | US Monthly Charts
    5. Deviation Games: "PlayStation has a culture where it's fearless to create"
    6. Niantic unveils Transformers AR mobile game
    7. Palestinian Aid bundle raises over $900,000
    8. Xbox answers critics in emphatic fashion | Opinion
    9. Qualcomm interested in Arm stake if Nvidia deals fails
    10. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the latest PS5 exclusive to claim No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy leads Square Enix E3 2021 showcase
    2. Bethesda's Starfield, Redfall bookend Xbox E3 conference
    1. The GI at E3 Newscast: Ubisoft Forward, Mario + Rabbids and E3 memories with Grant Kirkhope
    2. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora lead Ubisoft's E3
    3. Watch the E3 2021 livestream right here
    1. The four kinds of celebrity appearance | This Week in Business
    2. Hungri Games raises $1.1m for core mobile games
    3. Electric Gamebox raises $11m in Series A funding
    4. Roblox facing $200m lawsuit from music publishers
    5. How Games Industry Gathering became "the safest space on the internet"
    6. HoloVista and Alba among winners at 2021 Apple Design Awards
    7. EGX Rezzed Digital is looking for panel submissions
    8. The GI at E3 newscast: Video games are coming and Xbox gets serious
    9. Voodoo acquires marketing automation platform Bidshake
    10. How to successfully carve yourself a position as a communications leader
    11. Annapurna Interactive hosting its own games showcase on July 29
    12. CD Projekt employee data exposed by ransomware attack may be online
    1. BAFTA Breakthrough Brits applications open
    2. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Elden Ring highlight Summer Game Fest
    3. New Koch label Prime Matter "won't shy away from risky or niche games"
    4. Hackers steal EA source code for FIFA 21, Frostbite
    5. Scavengers Studio investigation faults studio for lack of communication
    6. Mobile gaming industry to be worth $272bn by 2030 - GlobalData
    7. An E3 to forget | 10 Years Ago This Month
    8. E3 2021 and Summer Game Fest: Full schedule and showtimes
    9. Xbox wants to release a game every three months
    10. Xbox to expand Game Pass and xCloud with more devices, countries and enhancements
    11. Finnish games industry generated over $2.9bn in 2020
    12. ESA says exposed E3 banned words list was a test
    1. GameStop pulls new leadership from Amazon, reports Q1 sales boost
    2. Piepacker raises $3m in seed funding round
    3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart | Critical Consensus
    4. Coffee Talk studio launches fund for Southeast Asian developers
    5. Catching up with the ESA on the eve of the first digital E3
    6. Building anticipation: How to make engaging gameplay trailers
    7. PS5 and Resident Evil Village dominate May | UK Monthly Charts
    8. Ofcom: More than half of UK played games to cope with lockdown
    9. bundle for Palestinian Aid raises $500k
    1. Prince of Persia remake now scheduled for 2022
    2. 75% of mobile gaming pandemic boost will persist - Report
    3. Ubisoft executives' next bonus depends on carbon reduction rather than increasing diversity
    4. Former Giant Bomb staff launch new project, Nextlander
    5. Will the new world of the metaverse be governed by old rules?
    6. Apple App Store has generated $230bn for developers since launch
    7. Yuji Naka no longer working at Square Enix
    8. Embracer's Gearbox acquisition appears to have blocked Homeworld 3's Fig investment scheme
    9. How developers use TikTok to boost their games
    10. King investigated by PayPal, causes freeze on withdrawals from online games portal
    11. Phoenix Games acquires stake in UK developer Midoki
    12. TinyBuild acquires Streets of Rogue developer DogHelm
    1. Microids opens Lyon studio
    2. Veloxia raises $3m
    3. Sina and Weibo reportedly in talks to buy stake in Yoozoo Games
    4. E3 Expectations 2021 | Podcast
    5. Capcom facing $12m lawsuit over alleged stolen art
    6. FIFA 21 reclaims No.1 in quiet week | UK Boxed Charts
    7. Knockout City passes 5m players
    8. Perceptions matter: Small things to make your game's marketing stand out
    9. bundle for Palestinian aid is now live
    1. Sony has people cross about cross-gen | This Week in Business
    2. Facebook acquires Unit 2 Games
    3. Pearl Abyss opens new studios in Europe and North America
    4. Fortnite court decisions show risks of contracting with minors
    5. Podcast: The Beautiful Games, with Peter Moore | GI Live Online
    6. "Just ship it": Tips for game development on a budget
    7. E3 2021: Xbox has everything to prove | Opinion
    1. Parent watchdog group warning about Roblox
    2. Ken and Roberta Williams making first game together in over 20 years
    3. Quicksave Interactive raises $1.5m in funding round
    4. Tencent opens new office in Los Angeles
    5. Atari VCS launches in stores June 15
    6. What does Lego look for when investing in game companies? | GI Live Online
    7. Snowed In Studios launches Scarab Games
    8. How internships can drive more diversity into games
    9. Call of Duty's Byron Beede appointed new general manager of Battlefield
    10. Clickwork Games raises $1.2 million
    11. It's vital Sony maintains its PlayStation 4 support | Opinion
    1. Sony delays God of War sequel
    2. Skillz acquires Aarki
    3. Minion Rush reaches 1bn downloads
    4. Larian opens new studio in Barcelona
    5. Valorant coming to mobile
    6. Atari founder launches new games studio, Athena Worlds
    7. Tip-top TikTok tips for game marketing
    8. reveals huge coverage plans for games event season
    9. Take-Two enters soccer market with $378m Nordeus acquisition
    10. Nintendo to open museum in Japan
    11. E3 Awards Show scheduled for June 15
    12. How fans made Human Fall Flat an indie hit | GI Live Online
    13. Fragbite Group acquires Playdigious
    1. Dark Horse Comics establishes gaming division
    2. Tencent reportedly sued over Honor of Kings
    3. Tencent shutting down Call of Duty Online in China
    4. CD Projekt co-founder helps launch indie publisher Retrovibe
    5. Breath of the Wild breathed new life into Zelda | Why I Love
    6. EA pulls several Need for Speed titles from sale
    7. Four things you need to know before raising money for your game
    8. Nintendo to get $2.1m in damages in lawsuit against RomUniverse
    9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales keeps Biomutant from No.1 | UK Boxed Charts