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April 2017 Archive

    1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Nintendo's first UK No.1 since 2011
    1. Overwatch now has 30m players
    2. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite gets 2 million sales target
    3. Nintendo sold 2.3m NES Classics
    4. New school marketing for old school games
    5. Switch boasts 2:1 software tie ratio
    6. Kalypso Media appoints new strategic advisor
    7. “We're not competing with Devolver. We're really not that brave”
    8. Runescape sets fundraising target of £150,000 for mental health charities
    9. DICE veterans form Fall Damage
    10. Super Mario Run nearing 150m downloads
    11. Nintendo announces New 2DS XL
    12. Sony expects PS4 sales to slow as console nears 60m units
    13. GREE's Q3 net sales rise to $142.9m
    14. Breathing In: The Industry in Consolidation
    15. Xbox Live lifts Microsoft's Q3 Gaming revenue by 4%
    1. Sarkeesian finishes Tropes vs. Women in Video Games
    2. Mobile start-up Mech Moca raises $5m
    3. Roblox is aiming at $10 million annual revenue for its top creators
    4. Capcom pulls Street Fighter V DLC
    5. Punch Out creator Genyo Takeda retires
    6. Localiser demands his name be dropped from game credits after KKK reference removed
    7. AbleGamers opens Center for Inclusive Play
    8. Xbox head sees opportunity in a Netflix for games
    9. Burnout creator: “Everything is riding on Danger Zone”
    10. Call of Duty: WWII arrives November 3rd
    11. Capcom full-year sales rise to $782.9m
    12. Nintendo Switch sold 2.74 million units in March alone
    13. Atlus walks back "threatening" Persona 5 streaming restrictions
    14. Remedy Entertainment is planning an IPO
    1. GSN CEO stepping down
    2. Gaming CEOs dot Adweek Top 100 list
    3. "There is no Plan B"
    4. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds dev: “I want to find the next me”
    5. Two-year jail sentence for teen who hacked Xbox
    6. Tencent splashes $142.2m on Chinese developer Seasun
    7. Reboot: Develop 2018 dates announced, tickets on sale
    1. Vivendi to attempt hostile bid for Ubisoft this year - Reuters
    2. NBA 2K eSports league appoints Brendan Donohue as managing director
    3. Beware these soft-launch mistakes
    4. ZeptoLab: "There's no way around it. Devs need to understand the numbers"
    5. Mail.Ru founds Game Investment division
    6. Sonic co-creator Hirokazu Yasuhara to speak at Digital Dragons
    7. "There are so many amazing stories out there that don't end in success"
    1. Pro Overwatch player dropped for racial slurs
    2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Critical Consensus
    3. Avalanche takes over $10M in funding from Nordisk film
    4. Frontier to release Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster at physical retail
    5. The third age of Jagex
    6. Sketchbook Games and Crunch Studio qualify for Nordic Game Discovery Contest Finals
    7. Nintendo shuns N++ Switch port in favour of "games that will sell systems"
    8. HP joins Venture Reality Fund
    9. Fourth UK No.1 for Ghost Recon: Wildlands
    10. Over 500 ID@Xbox games released
    1. Netmarble Games IPO raises $2.3bn
    2. G2A's reputation can still be fixed, indies say - "Just stop being shit"
    3. Devcom tickets now on sale
    4. Bleszinski: “AAA is a nearly unsustainable model”
    5. Nominations now open for the eSports Industry Awards 2017
    6. New Ubisoft game marks its next big move into China
    7. Riccitiello: “There's always blood and sweat. We'd like to make the tears go away”
    8. Should indies release their video games in a box?
    9. Shopify enables devs to sell physical merchandise in-game
    10. IGDA launches £5,000 gaming and disability scholarship
    11. Nintendo, Ever the Toy Company
    12. Starbreeze wants publishing partners to take the lead on single-player
    1. Nintendo Switch drives March games sales to $1.36B in US - NPD
    2. Mobile games booming as global games market hits $108.9B in 2017 - Newzoo
    3. G2A: "We're not a grey marketplace, people just don't understand our business"
    4. DomiNations' lifetime revenue passes $100m
    5. "Why am I even making games?"
    6. Curve Digital hires new business development manager
    7. Palmer Luckey funds Trump through Chrono Trigger shell companies
    8. Twitch details premium subscription plans
    9. Patrice Desilets' Ancestors is no longer episodic
    10. Tencent bringing free-to-play Rocket League to China
    11. Yooka-Laylee: The backers' view
    12. Remote Control Productions expands into Romania
    1. Gaming video to generate $4.6 billion this year - SuperData
    2. Facebook 360 Capture SDK makes VR sharing possible
    3. StarCraft is now free
    4. Nintendo preparing SNES mini for this Christmas - report
    5. Digital sales now represent 74% of the US game market
    6. 6.8% of smartphones are ready for VR
    7. Ubisoft opens two new studios
    8. Watch highlights from Reboot: Develop streamed live
    9. Podcast: Death threats, Brexit and football, with Miles Jacobson
    10. 2022 Asian Games adds eSports as medal sport
    1. Facebook Spaces launches today
    2. "We want to be the global community for people to play, watch and share games"
    3. Nintendo discontinuing NES Classic globally
    4. Finnish games market growth slows dramatically
    5. Netmarble setting aside $4.4 billion for acquisitions
    6. StandUp For GamesAid returns to London next month
    7. David Braben named VP of charity SpecialEffect
    8. Development by expo: How Ghost Town built Overcooked
    9. "If you use the same tools as everyone else it's way harder to stand out"
    10. ESA Foundation grants now open to game projects
    1. Can the VR locomotion problem be solved without more hardware?
    2. Double Eleven's attention to retention
    3. Switch has sold 2.4 million - Superdata
    4. Switch Mini predicted for 2018-19
    5. UK Charts: Ghost Recon: Wildlands returns to No.1
    1. Peter Moore bids the game industry farewell
    1. Nintendo Switch becomes fastest-selling system in Nintendo history
    1. Project Scorpio: Can Microsoft bring the fight back to Sony's doorstep?
    2. VR First and Crytek split
    3. eSports: Show me the money
    4. Sweeney: “The future of the games industry? Make everyone a creator”
    5. Final Reboot: Develop line-up takes shape
    6. "We fart rainbows. Who needs cash?"
    7. Microsoft is trialling digital refunds for Xbox and Windows
    8. Cave Story publisher Nicalis buys two indie studios
    1. Xbox boss: "It's possible console generations slow down"
    2. GamesAid Golf and Spa day set for July 6th
    3. First-gen VR won't live up to hype - Report
    4. Devcom extends speaker submissions deadline
    5. NFTS appoints new head of games
    6. Rocket League physical sales pass 1m
    7. “Making premium mobile games? Go free or PC”
    8. Major layoffs at Russian indie Snowbird Games
    9. Future iOS updates could end support for 32-bit apps
    10. "Sega had a plan, to quietly become a powerhouse in PC publishing"
    11. Luxor Hotel to get Las Vegas Strip's first dedicated eSports arena
    12. Oculus wants a new trial in ZeniMax case
    13. Nintendo will pay up to $20,000 for Switch security information
    14. Five Jack raises $1.2 million for Itemku game marketplace
    1. CPI still 40% higher on iOS than Android, says study
    2. Exient lays off 60% of Leamington staff
    3. Speech Anxiety for Game Developers
    4. Why Sega is obsessed with Humble Bundle
    5. Hitman art director joins Playground Games
    6. 100: How to find your place in the business
    7. Remedy eyes PS4 development after 20% revenue rise
    8. Riot Games to open London office
    9. Mind Candy avoids bankruptcy with new loan terms
    1. Will Luton joins Rovio London as executive producer
    2. G2A pushes back against "rash" Gearbox
    3. Fnatic raises $7 million
    4. Supercell invests $2.9 million in Shipyard Games
    5. Minecraft introduces in-app purchases
    6. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tops 1 million sold
    7. Microsoft launches Xbox Academy development classes in Sydney
    8. Unity plans to triple workforce in India by 2018
    9. Argos to stock new Cars game exclusively in the UK
    10. What's next for PSVR
    11. PewDiePie launches weekly show on Twitch
    12. Persona 5 tops UK boxed charts
    1. Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson departs to form Typhoon Studios
    2. GameStop investigating security breach
    3. Pokémon GO now has 65m monthly active players
    4. Why Peter Moore once told Sega's Yuji Naka to "f**k off"
    5. "You're stupid to say betting is bad" - Wargaming
    6. Rising Star goes mobile
    7. "It's not the Michael Bay of games"
    8. EA plans to add 500 new jobs in Montreal
    9. Switch in seven days: How Sumo Digital readied Snake Pass for Nintendo's launch
    10. TT Games hires new global community manager
    11. SpatialOS panel talk featuring games industry legends
    12. SpatialOS panel talk featuring games industry legends
    13. Releasing the source code of our Unreal technical demo
    14. Releasing the source code of our Unreal technical demo
    15. UKTV commissions Go 8 Bit review show to run alongside second series
    16. Microsoft bans and removes emulators from Windows Store
    17. Gearbox severs ties with G2A over fraud backlash
    18. eSports Industry Awards returns on November 13th
    19. Noah Falstein leaves Google, says he's "not ready to give up making games"
    20. "Play is universal, even more universal than humanity"
    21. Sony will struggle with location-based VR
    1. Uncharted 4 wins BAFTA award for Best Game
    2. YouTube nixes monetization until channels hit 10,000 views
    3. Xbox could outsell PS4 this year thanks to Scorpio - NPD
    4. Sega has double standard for Puyo Puyo Tetris streaming
    5. King working on a mobile Call of Duty
    6. Project Scorpio "performance is remarkable"
    7. ASA rules against Mutant Box for misleading ad content
    8. Watch tonight's Games BAFTAs, live on Twitch
    9. Small Giant Games: The Importance of Efficiency
    10. Persona 5 has shipped 1.5 million units
    11. ASA bans Mobile Strike ad for objectifying women
    12. Survios' Chris Hewish to leave after a year as studio head
    13. The Podcast: How to get a job in games
    14. Coffee Stain invests in new Gothenberg studio Lavapotion
    15. Amazon to refund $70m in IAP after year of legal appeals
    1. 1-in-4 VR pros say biz growth disappointed in 2016 - Survey
    2. Terraria spin-off gets a new developer
    3. "We'd love to be the Rovio or Supercell of VR"
    4. Sony looking for new markets for PSVR - Report
    5. Infographic:'s snapshot of the games jobs market
    6. Team17's Debbie Bestwick on how to be a successful start-up
    7. New look Jagex posts record profits
    8. VR's level playing field is an open door for aspiring developers
    9. Develop:Brighton announces third keynote with NYU Professor
    10. The secret success of the Sherlock Holmes video games
    11. Roblox appoints vice president of customers
    12. Blizzard awarded $8.6m in Bossland lawsuit
    1. Atlus dictates terms to Persona 5 streamers
    2. Nier: Automata sells in 1 million
    3. Digital distribution may limit audience for games - Coldwood
    4. John Hanke: VR is "too good", could be a "problem for society"
    5. Sledgehammer, EA DICE and Patrice Desilets to speak at Quo Vadis
    6. Ghost Recon: Wildlands was the UK's best-selling game of March
    7. First speakers revealed for track at Nordic Game
    8. Richard Garriott to receive Spanish Academy's top honour
    9. EGX Rezzed secures record attendance for biggest ever show
    10. Steam calls on YouTubers to help fix its discoverability issues
    11. The Careers Survey: An industry driven by passion, not pay
    12. Square Enix development veterans depart
    13. Keywords Studios profit up 86% after year of acquisitions
    1. Vive celebrates first year on market with $100 price cut (for a day)
    2. We're thinking about games wrong
    3. Nintendo in hardware shortage shocker
    4. Introducing the 100 most influential people working in the British games industry
    5. The 100 most influential people in the British games industry
    6. Microsoft hires Oculus marketing chief for mixed reality push
    7. Mass Effect Andromeda holds No.1 in UK retail charts
    8. Guide to London Games Festival