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October 2015 Archive

    1. SXSW plans Online Harassment Summit
    2. IndieCade co-chair steps down
    3. Ad-blockers "devastating for smaller channels" - PewDiePie
    4. EA now expects 13m Star Wars Battlefront sales by March 2016
    5. Metal Gear ships 5 million in a strong six-months for Konami
    6. Payday 2 shows how not to change a business model
    1. EA raises full-year outlook in advance of Star Wars Battlefront launch
    2. Rovio vets form Lightneer
    3. Microsoft drops price of Xbox One Kinect
    4. Paradox Interactive buys White Wolf Publishing
    5. Eight Pixels Square takes funding past £2 million
    6. Respawn and Nexon partner for Titanfall franchise
    7. Facebook to crack down on game invitations
    8. Sony shipped another 4m PS4s in Q2
    9. Capcom reports broad six-month profit decline
    10. Nintendo's still being slow and cautious on mobile
    1. Ancient Games launches fund for indies
    2. US approves DRM circumvention on abandoned games
    3. Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes is Japan's #1
    4. Koukoi Games gets $1m in funding
    5. Mind Candy branded non-compliant by ASA for "direct exhortations to children"
    6. eSports market to approach $2bn by 2018 - report
    7. Don't expect original IP to sustain your studio
    8. Quake Live no longer free-to-play
    9. "The beauty of PSVR is that we have the PS4 to power it"
    10. Nintendo profits dip slightly, but Wii U sales are up
    1. Apple sells another 48m iPhones in Q4
    2. Bandai Namco expands with Indian subsidiary
    3. VR may be slow to take off - Analyst
    4. MIGS 15 adds master class sessions
    5. VR Developers Conference advisory boards announced
    6. SXSW cancels gaming panels after threats
    7. Watch Sony's Paris Games Week briefing live!
    8. Trials dev launches new studio MotionVolt
    9. Reforged Studios scores $2.5m from NetEase
    10. "The very low end of mobile development is likely to go away"
    1. Critical Consensus: Halo 5 nails an ageing formula
    2. Arkham Knight PC going back on sale
    3. Assassin's Creed takes UK #1, but sells fewer at retail than Unity
    4. Overkill: Microtransactions necessary to keep Payday 2 running
    5. Paris Games Week: City of Leading Lights
    6. Xbox Live architect Eric Neustadter leaves Microsoft
    1. Razer OSVR Hacker dev kit pre-orders open
    2. Her Story wins Indiecade 2015 Grand Jury award
    3. Newzoo partners with eSports team
    4. Microsoft stops reporting console sales
    5. Pillars of Eternity sells 500,000
    6. Audiomotion Studios loses its MD
    7. "You pay a heavy price for being a pioneer"
    8. Could a 2016 NX launch work to Nintendo's advantage?
    1. Xbox Live revenues up as Microsoft's overall revenues fall
    2. Activision's move into eSports belated, but shrewd - Analysts
    3. Playful Corp. raises $25 million
    4. Vainglory Autumn 2015 Live Finals set
    5. Critical Consensus: Assassin's Creed Syndicate
    6. Harmonix fesses up to reviewing Rock Band 4 on Amazon
    7. FIFA 16, Metal Gear Solid V lead digital sales to $5.4bn in September
    8. "Are we all just fooling ourselves to some degree?"
    9. Activision Blizzard appoints ex-ESPN CEO as head of esports
    10. Vivendi raises stake in Ubisoft to 10.4 per cent
    11. Artillery closes Tencent-led funding round
    12. Solfar's principles of virtual reality design
    1. InXile Entertainment opens New Orleans studio
    2. YouTube intros $10 subscription for ad-free videos
    3. Sega's 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is Japan's #1
    4. Unikrn introduces eSports integrity certification
    5. Rovio confirms 213 job cuts
    6. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ships 4 million
    7. Magic Leap performs its greatest trick yet
    8. 5TH Cell reveals Fig project
    9. "I think you need to work hard to get luck"
    10. Rebellion acquires Grin's crowdfunded Woolfe IP
    11. Ubisoft: "We're going to fight to preserve our independence"
    12. Sony cuts PS4 price in Europe, Australia, more
    13. Payday 2 players in revolt over micro-transactions
    14. Wargaming launches dedicated mobile division
    1. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment appoints new president
    2. Ubisoft Club replaces Uplay Win
    3. Ubisoft joins Open Gaming Alliance
    4. Hideo Kojima gone from Konami
    5. Yager Development: Back from the dead
    6. Kojima's departure is the end of an era for Japanese development
    1. NPD predicts "positive 2015 holiday season"
    2. 12 arrested in eSports match fixing scandal - Report
    3. Defiance TV show cancelled, game will continue
    4. Nexon sells shares in NCSoft, ending takeover bid
    5. "People in 2017 will look back and say we had it easy"
    1. Valve: Ads on Steam "would be a bad business decision"
    2. EA not interested in remakes - Moore
    3. New indie studio Heartquake launches in Switzerland
    4. 82% of Brazilians 18-59 play games - NPD
    5. How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still dominating Steam
    6. Report: Nintendo already distributing SDK for NX
    7. Testronic appoints Brett Morris as new CEO
    8. Vlambeer: "It's important to make sure that you can fail"
    9. Star Citizen had more crowd-funding in 2014 than all gaming Kickstarters combined
    10. Unity's VP of Asia joins MaxPlay
    11. Russian esports company nears $100 million investment
    12. Ending the Cycle of Abuse in Publisher-Developer Relationships
    1. Stompy Bot Corporation expands board of directors
    2. Scopely hires chief people officer Jessica Neal
    3. Azubu sets sights on Brazil with UOL BoaCompra partnership
    4. Everquest designer launches Stonethunder Games
    5. Sumo Digital, Glu and Newzoo round out NASSCOM schedule
    6. Teen interest in consoles growing - Survey
    7. Yo-kai Watch Busters back to Japanese #1
    8. China now leads the world in game revenues - Newzoo
    9. Niantic scores investment from Nintendo
    10. Mobile users spend up to 10X more time in games than other apps - report
    11. Blazing Griffin moves into film production with new hires
    12. Vivendi buys stakes in Ubisoft, Gameloft
    13. GMA's bring prizes for UK Games media
    14. Bossa Studios: Whole new worlds
    1. Preorders drive more sadness than anticipation - Adobe
    2. Bandai Namco pulls plug on Rise of Incarnates
    3. Being Indie: A Survival Guide
    4. ESL adds Guild Wars 2 eSports league
    5. EA veteran Tim Wilson joins Glu Mobile as CTO
    6. Playlab eyes SE Asian dominance after $5m round
    7. Oculus and Jason Rubin: We're re-learning the language of game making
    8. Ubisoft acquires Longtail Studios
    1. Oculus to sell 5m units next year - Credit Suisse
    2. Star Wars Battlefront beta attracts 9 million
    3. nDreams: “We're not picking one. We're going with all of them”
    4. Capcom's Resident Evil division "focusing" on VR
    5. Heroes' fate could determine Activision's
    6. Gfinity Championship series racks up 60 million views
    7. PTC Acquires Vuforia AR platform from Qualcomm for $65m
    8. Measuring Everything and Understanding Nothing
    9. Humble Bundle cuts 12 jobs
    1. Brianna Wu: "I see a generation with almost no innovation"
    2. Kongregate: Game players are omnivores
    3. Glu: Celebrities are a permanent marketing asset
    4. Get in the Game workshop tour calls for more speakers
    5. Craig Albeck joins Kuju Entertainment
    6. iQU Group appoints Anant Bakre as its new CEO
    7. Open Gaming Alliance appoints new executive director
    8. Rock Band 4 scrapes into the UK top 10
    9. UK government's Games Prototype Fund launches today
    10. Star Citizen's starry cast includes Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis
    11. Go Play Inside - Is Project Tango Going to Underpin AR?
    1. Chinese Room studio head leaving games
    2. Zynga launches gamified ads
    3. "Games aren't really supposed to be easy at all times"
    4. Unity to drop Web Player support in March 2016
    5. Riot Games bans G2A esports sponsorship
    6. Ark: Survival Evolved hits 2 million sales
    7. 2016 is the Year of VR; but is VR ready?
    1. Aeria Games hires two marketing execs
    2. How are eSports gamers different?
    3. BBC Three to stream League of Legends World Championship
    4. MinoMonsters rebrands as Mino Games, raises $2.2m
    5. ESA butts heads with UN over online harassment report
    6. Side-Kick Games reveals advisory board
    7. Scribblenauts studio joins Fig
    8. "If people have a voice, you're going to do well"
    9. Sony acquire "3D vision technology" specialist Softkinetic
    10. Sony cuts price of PS4 for North America
    11. SAG-AFTRA now has the authority to strike
    1. Stanley Parable designer launches new studio
    2. Japanese chart has all new top five
    3. Brad Muir joins Valve
    4. 10 Years Ago This Month: October 2005
    5. Epic Minds' $70k Kickstarter cash is gone, needs $120k to finish
    6. Game Connection Europe reveals awards nominations
    7. NextGen Aspiring Women initiative to mentor 20 female professionals
    1. Daybreak Games moves offices, expands role of Jens Andersen
    2. HoloLens dev kit ships Q1 2016
    3. Critical Consensus: Soaring prices mar the excellent Lego Dimensions
    4. Todd Howard, Sid Meier among first DICE 2016 speakers
    5. The Escapist faces possible legal action over Star Citizen exposé
    6. Rock God: Alex Rigopulos
    1. Destiny introduces microtransactions
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops III tops in consumer interest - Nielsen
    3. Ubisoft acquires Ivory Tower studio
    4. Steam Sections to appear at selected retailers
    5. eSports to bring in $1.8 billion by 2020 - Analyst
    6. tinyBuild: Indiepocalypse? What Indiepocalypse?
    7. Lego Dimensions outsells Skylanders and Disney Infinity in the UK
    8. Fan turns to the crowd for Pokemon PAX party settlement
    9. CastAR's Jeri Ellsworth: Remember Star Wars holographic chess?
    1. Microsoft buys Havok from Intel
    2. Harmonix: "We're basically reinventing the company"
    3. NBA 2K16 breaks new milestones
    4. Amazon to ban sale of Apple, Google streaming boxes
    5. Oculus Rift will cost more than $350
    6. Is Sony declaring defeat on handheld?
    1. Square Enix cancels unpopular Augment Your Pre-Order program
    2. Ubisoft delays Trackmania Turbo
    3. Changes to UK Consumer Rights Act are good news for gamers
    4. iWin acquires
    5. Reload Studios closes first funding round with $4m
    6. Humble Bundle introduces subscription service
    7. New CFO for InnoGames
    8. SOMA sells 92,000 in ten days
    9. "We weren't expecting this many people would buy a PlayStation 4"
    10. Valve wipes user reviews over free Steam keys
    11. Introversion has earned $19m from Prison Architect