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September 2015 Archive

    1. GamesAid raises £564,000
    2. Black Forest Games loses Diesel trademark dispute
    3. Star Wars Battlefront won't save the Battlefield franchise - SuperData
    4. Twisted Pixel Games is an indie again
    5. Cost Per Loyal User passes $4 for the first time - Fiksu
    6. Divinity: Original Sin II ends with over $2m
    7. Mind Candy COO departs
    8. Super Mario Maker still Japan's #1
    9. EGX grows attendance to 75,000
    10. Sniper Elite franchise reaches 10 million sold
    11. Sega Europe: "We're definitely on the right track"
    12. Super Mario Maker sells 1 million
    13. Hothead Games opens new Halifax studio
    14. Five factors key to making eSports a $1bn business by 2020
    15. Sega lowers six month revenue forecast by 22 per cent
    1. GameStop: “Disc-based games will be around forever”
    2. Humble Bundle expands "choose your own charity" feature to all bundles
    3. GameStop to hire 28,000 seasonal workers
    4. Research firm says iOS 9 adoption rates running around 45%
    5. Microsoft to report Xbox results under "More Personal Computing" segment
    6. Google Play APK limit doubled to 100MB
    7. Project Spark ditches micro-transactions
    8. "I think a lot of people were expecting me to charge everybody"
    1. Over 20,000 attend first Twitchcon
    2. FarmVille creator Mark Skaggs leaves Zynga
    3. Mobile eSports company Skillz raises $15m in Series B funding
    4. Sony: "Climate is not healthy" for a new PlayStation handheld
    5. Atomhawk opens new studio, appoints new studio head
    6. iPhone 6s, 6s Plus sell 13m in launch weekend
    7. Valve: "The idea that VR must get you sick is bullshit"
    8. FIFA 16's week one UK sales down versus FIFA 15
    9. Wizards of the Coast settles Hex lawsuit
    1. Oculus exec warns uptake may be slow
    2. Watch TwitchCon live now!
    3. Twitch policy on nudity a "disgrace" - Yang
    4. Carmack: Minecraft is "the single most important application for VR"
    5. "Oculus Ready" PC line to start at under $1000
    6. Revolution's Noirin Carmody is the new chair of Ukie
    7. All creative staff should support the actors
    1. Capy's Vella confronts industry opinions
    2. Lucy Bradshaw leaves EA
    3. Nordic acquires Codename: Panzers franchise
    4. Oculus announces new $99 Gear VR
    5. Watch the Oculus Connect 2 livestream here
    6. Gameloft shutters Seattle studio
    7. Turner forms Counter-Strike eSports league, TV series
    8. Roblox rolling out on Xbox One
    9. Microsoft and Creative England double Greenshoots fund
    10. All 4 Games recruits talent from Sony, Outplay
    1. Nvidia launches VR friendly laptops
    2. Green Man Gaming secures Nintendo partnership
    3. Cities: Skylines takes home Unite Golden Cube
    4. Kids gaming most on mobile - NPD
    5. 'Games as art' is good for business
    6. Playdek Kickstarter delay partly down to "financial crunch"
    7. Tiger Style: Spider sales "disappointing and even alarming"
    8. Voice actors union voting on strike action
    1. Riot slaps Team Immunity with two-year ban
    2. Io-Interactive delays Hitman
    3. Kickstarter becomes public benefit corporation
    4. Survey finds more stability in gaming audio field
    5. Collaboration vs. Competition: The battle for VR dominance begins
    6. Ian Livingstone CBE joins Sumo Digital
    1. VR company Jaunt adds $65m to its wallet
    2. Pre-alpha game sees PS4 launch this month
    3. "Unity By The Numbers" report reveals extent of engine's reach
    4. How Bazaar: Theresa Duringer's view of VR
    5. "The console installed base is as big as it's ever going to get"
    6. Mobile barriers to entry growing exponentially - Scopely
    7. Unity to help devs with discoverability
    8. Destiny: The Taken King is number one in the UK
    9. Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn returns to Bioware
    1. PlayStation VR priced "as a new gaming platform"
    2. Honeyslug founders go their separate ways
    3. Star Fox Zero pushed to 2016
    4. Watch all of Unite 2015 live from Boston right here
    5. Two thirds of devs still working crunch, some at 70 hours a week
    6. Strong show for Sony, but mobile rules at TGS 2015
    7. Rothenberg Ventures invests in VR startups
    1. Canadian Cineplex invests in esports
    2. Esports revenues will hit $765m in 2018 - Newzoo
    3. Julien Merceron leaving Konami - Reports
    4. EA forced to pull 13 women from FIFA 16 due to NCAA rules
    5. Dead Island: Epidemic shuts down next month
    6. Amazon intros $50 Fire tablet, 4K-capable Fire TV
    7. Destiny: The Taken King breaks PlayStation download record
    8. Scopely hires new SVP, publishing platform
    9. Unique games will still find an audience
    10. Final details confirmed for Investment Summit at EGX
    11. "We've lost our internal compass for what 'good' even means any more"
    12. Andrew House: the PS4 is struggling against censorship in China
    1. Ubi's Grow Home saw 2m PlayStation downloads in a week
    2. IndieCade Festival nominees announced
    3. Super Mario Maker grabs Japanese #1
    4. Witcher 3 devs launch new studio, Wickerman Games
    5. Halfbrick hires new CMO
    6. 30 million VR headsets by 2020 - Juniper
    7. Creative Skillset calls on industry to complete 2015 census
    8. Nintendo Direct will continue, says platform holder
    9. Rockstar, DMA staff heap criticism on BBC's Gamechangers
    10. Wargaming "Our ARPUs are very, very healthy"
    1. From Software expands with new studio
    2. CD Projekt Red slams rumours of a sale
    3. UKIE CEO joins British Screen Advisory Council board
    4. ESL UK appoints new co-managing director
    5. Sony rebrands Morpheus as PlayStation VR
    6. Sony's 2015 pre-TGS conference
    7. Apple TV: Limitation or Opportunity?
    8. Need For Speed delayed on PC
    1. Zynga acquires social casino studio Rising Tide Games
    2. Lionhead's creative director Gary Carr departs
    3. Halfbrick gets rid of designers - report
    4. New COO for Playwire Media
    5. Starbreeze promotes CTO to management team
    6. Digital Bros invests €1.44 million in Ovosonico
    7. What path now for Kimishima's Nintendo?
    8. The Phantom Pain holds Mario Maker to UK #2
    9. New targets for Smoking Gun
    10. Tatsumi Kimishima named as new Nintendo President
    11. Watch all the sessions from DICE Europe here
    1. Kabam's president of worldwide studios leaves after 11 months
    2. Wales Interactive: YouTuber requested $17,600 for coverage
    3. Epic makes 7,600 Infinity Blade assets free to devs
    4. 7 million amiibos sold in US
    5. Curse moving Voice team to California
    6. Square Enix: AAA development in the digital age
    7. VRTGO and nDreams launch VR competition
    8. Machine Zone resolves trade secrets lawsuit with Kabam
    9. AppleTV has games potential, but its limitations disappoint
    1. NPD: August sales fall 2%, Madden NFL 16 is software #1
    2. Hi-Rez Studios: Players make the content everyone is trying to monetise
    3. PC gaming pushes US digital up 11% in August
    4. From Disney to Discord
    5. "I think we owned the industry once and we let it go"
    6. Zynga graphics chief to keynote NASSCOM dev conference
    7. Gameloft has closed seven studios in 2015
    8. Nintendo partners with Niantic Labs for Pokemon on mobile
    9. AMD forms separate Radeon graphics division
    10. Microsoft sunsets XNA Creator's Club and Xbox Live Indie Games
    1. IGDA has new partner and member relations manager
    2. Metal Gear Solid V arrives on Japanese charts
    3. New Apple TV adds games
    4. 10 years ago this month: September 2005
    5. Harmonix raises $15 million in equity funding
    1. Press Play let gamers choose its next project
    2. YouTuber PewDiePie passes 10 billion views
    3. Prospect Games moves to new Manchester studio
    4. Starship: "The mobile marketplace is completely random"
    5. Voting opens for GamesAid charities
    6. New streaming service, Panda TV, to launch in China
    1. Ubisoft will open a theme park in 2020
    2. Metal Gear Solid 5 scores record sales in the UK
    3. Arbitrator settles in favour of Marty O'Donnell in Bungie case
    4. Robbie Bach: "The next console generation will be a whole new game"
    5. RedSix founded in London by Lift, SCEE, Rare veterans
    6. Boomlagoon founder goes indie
    7. It's all about the players
    1. Peter Moore: Some of our most powerful franchises are overseen by women
    2. Mega Man movie in the works
    3. Gameloft cuts around 80 staff from Tokyo office - report
    4. Grind and bear it
    5. Gazillion confirms layoffs
    6. War Child game jam attracts 343, Creative Assembly, more
    7. MCV publisher to lead project from Ukie and Film London
    8. Glu Mobile adds Disney Animation CTO to the board
    9. Can Apple TV shake up living room gaming?
    10. DotEmu founders launch new publisher Playdigious
    1. Serious Games pulls controversial slave content from Steam
    2. Next Apple TV adds gaming functionality - Report
    3. New CCO for Bandura Games
    4. Fig partners with Harmonix
    5. DDM founder and co-CEO Jeff Hilbert steps down
    6. Shanda forms Western-focused mobile division Eyedentity Mobile
    7. Supercell dominates all-time iOS earners
    1. SoulCalibur Lost Swords to close November 30
    2. Critical Consensus: Thank the Mario Maker
    3. GameStop's ThinkGeek to get first physical store
    4. Undead Labs cancels commercial release of Moonrise
    5. FTC slaps Machinima for deceptive Xbox One ad campaign
    6. Finalists for the Unity Awards revealed
    7. Unity's Mika Kuusisto joins Outfit7
    8. QC Games launches, signs deal with Nexon
    9. Dragon Quest VIII enters Japan chart at #1
    10. Palmer Luckey: 3D TV was never a real medium, it was a feature
    11. Colossal Order: Selling Cities: Skylines
    12. Lara Croft Go stakes out new territory
    13. Amazon opens Nintendo digital storefront
    14. Half of Steam's million-sellers in 2015 are on Early Access
    15. Bleszinski: "People get jaded in this business"
    16. Chinese mobile market will rise 66 per cent in 2015
    1. Nintendo bringing New 3DS to North America
    2. Mobcrush confirms $11m in funding
    3. AbleGamers launches $10,000 scholarship programme
    4. Brand new top four for UK retail chart as Gears Ultimate Edition takes #1
    5. Unearthed E.T. cartridges fetch more than $100,000