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December 2011 Archive

    1. Happy holidays from
    1. 2011 In Review: Mobile
    1. Sky TV launches 3D Games Review
    2. 2011 in Review: Social
    3. 2011 In Review: Console & PC
    4. Gardens Of Time 2011's most popular Facebook game
    5. Unity launches public beta for Flash add on
    6. Zynga designer joins Loot Drop
    1. Zynga Stalls
    2. New physical retail sales fall behind in Q3
    3. Yoshida: Japanese gamers now open to Western releases
    4. Razer raises $50 million in first VC round
    5. CrowdStar: HTML5 still too immature for game devs
    6. PlayMob and Fat Bob Games help SpecialEffect
    7. GTA3: A New Direction for Mobile Gaming?
    1. New digital division for Relentless Games
    2. Eurogamer launches Gaikai game streaming
    3. IndieCity halfway to 100 game target
    4. Zynga shares fall for second consecutive day
    5. Vita sells 320,000 in two days
    6. Advertiser Appssavvy raises $7.1 million
    1. Growing Pains
    2. Christmas number one for Bethesda
    3. HMV revenues fall by 40 per cent
    4. THQ wins Ubisoft poaching case
    5. Pincus: Employees have a "real love" for Zynga
    6. AOL's Thomson and EA's Breen join Outplay board
    7. Uncharted Territory
    1. Macdonald named as Channel 4 games commissioning editor
    2. Sony increases Vita shipment by 200,000 units - report
    3. Kindle Fire sells 1m units for third consecutive week
    4. Rovio aiming for Hong Kong IPO in 2013
    5. Square Enix: Hacked servers contained data from 1.8m users
    6. Skyrim ships 10 million units
    7. CD Projekt demands settlement from Witcher 2 pirates
    8. Zynga makes $1 billion with $10 share price
    9. Landmark Search
    1. APB Reloaded hits 3m registered users
    2. House: PS3 on track for 15 million sales
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic roll-out avoids digital gridlock
    4. Xbox 360 dominates US rental chart
    5. Xbox design head steps down - report
    6. In-game ads firm Double Fusion acquires NeoEdge
    7. Bossa head predicts early death for PlayStation Vita
    8. Jaffe, Blackley, Hirschberg added to 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit
    9. Social network Tagged acquires Hi5
    10. Obituary: DJ Hero producer Will Townsend
    11. MMOs go live with the wrong business model - Vindicia
    12. Making Them Pay
    1. Analysts cool on Zynga IPO
    2. Charity bundle LittleBigBunch launches
    3. Visceral Melbourne dev founds mobile studio
    4. 3DS Circle Pad Pro now GameStop US exclusive
    5. R18+ supporter O'Connor leaves Australian home affairs role
    6. PlayPhone launches network with 3 million users
    7. Square Enix member service hacked
    8. Playdead and Q-Games PSN's biggest indie sellers
    9. Nexon raises $1.17 billion from IPO
    10. Zynga vet and Lionside founder joins Kixeye
    11. Tech Focus: Where Now For PC Graphics Hardware?
    1. Team17 hires Iguana Entertainment founders
    2. Edmondson replaces Jobling as chairman of GameHorizon
    3. PapayaMobile: Publishers relying on "most vulnerable piece of the puzzle"
    4. Vivendi denied €1 billion credit line - report
    5. Andy Lees moves on from heading up WP7
    6. Platinum's Inaba defends Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    7. Avellone: "I hope digital stabs the used market in the heart"
    8. Prices for E3 2012 double
    9. Sony confirms departure of Fumito Ueda
    10. Jobs lost at ad firm IGA Worldwide
    11. Mac App store clocks over 100 million downloads
    12. Exent exec predicts "massive layoffs" in social space
    13. Mobile Army
    14. Stock Ticker: DeNA vs Gree
    1. comScore: Games Media UK Results, Q3 2011
    2. Modern Warfare 3 beats Avatar to $1 billion milestone
    3. Epic, Bioware and Naughty Dog reveal new titles at VGAs
    4. Child's Play fund raising tips over $1.5m for 2011
    5. Microsoft searching for Xbox Live TV exec - report
    6. Eutechnyx to open London publishing office
    7. Toys R Us sees sales fall for games
    8. Price drops see Skyrim take UK number 1
    9. CryEngine 3 programmer joins Red 5 Studios
    10. 15% climb in physical sales keeps US industry flat
    11. Bioware takes over EA's Victory Games
    12. 30 laid off from uDraw team
    13. All Change
    1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev GSC denies closure via Twitter
    2. How PlayStation Plus adds up
    3. Indie devs shun Xbox dashboard update
    4. Dr Jo Twist appointed as new CEO of UKIE
    5. Vaz calls for discussion on "harmful" video games
    6. Bastion, Mini Ninjas playable in Chrome with native client
    7. Club Penguin hosts $2 million charity event
    8. Zynga: We can double paying players
    9. Eutechnyx picks up Red Herring Top 100 prize
    10. Red Robot acquires Supermono, Harrison joins as advisor
    11. Dashboard Light
    1. THQ sales "even worse than feared"
    2. German online publisher Neonga gets new investment
    3. Tecmo Koei to acquire Atelier developer Gust
    4. Big debut for Mario Kart 7 puts it top of Japanese chart
    5. Epic's Tim Sweeney to be inducted into AIAS Hall of Fame
    6. Mimimi Productions wins Game Connection Best Project
    7. Steam broadens discount options with coupons
    8. Windows 8 app store to offer devs 80% cut
    9. Miyamoto to work on smaller projects at Nintendo
    10. Big Point to Prove
    11. Bigpoint: "Everyone wants to reduce their dependence on Facebook"
    12. OnLive app brings streaming to smartphones and tablets
    1. THQ slashes Q3 sales expectations by 25%
    2. Sony vice president Hayama joins Bossa Studios
    3. Epic: Games business is "shockingly immature"
    4. Epic Win
    5. PlayFirst makes undisclosed number of layoffs
    6. Android Market hits 10 billion app downloads
    7. GDC 2012 confirms Volition, Naughty Dog, EA sessions
    8. Verbinski's production studio inks Microsoft content deal
    9. Content Tourism and the Value of Gaming
    1. Gove backs computer science for school curriculum
    2. Partnertrans closes UK office
    3. Microsoft teams with IGF for new publishing prize
    4. Nexon's $1.2bn IPO set for December 14
    5. EFF requests loosening of laws on console, smartphone jailbreaking
    6. We R Interactive gets €150,000 EU funding
    7. Tenshi Ventures starts up consulting business
    8. Old Republic draws 2m beta testers
    9. Could Mobile Replace the Console?
    1. New head of Nintendo UK communications appointed
    2. Jim Ryan: PS3 moving towards younger, family audience
    3. MW3 sales up 2% this week as #1 spot retained
    4. Zoo Entertainment delisted from NASDAQ
    5. Major redundancies at Day 1 Studios as Konami moves on
    6. X Marks the Spot
    7. Sony: Euro labour market is in rude health
    1. New Xbox dash with Kinect and Bing goes live tomorrow
    1. Majesco expands with European hires
    2. Zynga share prices set at $8.50 to $10
    3. Four new senior hires for Rare
    4. Bethesda: "We need to treat our updates with greater care"
    5. Nintendo of America's general counsel to retire in spring
    6. Zelda sells nearly 200k in debut week in Japan
    7. Ex BioWare/Pandemic boss raises $15m for new publisher
    8. Tapjoy seeking buyers - report
    9. EA turns KlickNation acquisition into BioWare Social
    10. Safe Haven
    11. The9 snaps up Chinese CrossFire 2 rights for $500m
    1. Parker: UK investment cash is going to Scandinavia, Germany
    2. Electronic Arts to acquire KlickNation - report
    3. 3DS surpasses DS's year one sales in 8 months
    4. Humble Introversion Bundle raises $650,000
    5. Herotopia developer gets further investment
    6. MMO Glitch goes back into beta
    7. Blizzard's Pearce joins AIAS board
    8. Key publishers absent from Vita UMD Passport launch
    9. Apple and Google ignore ESRB ratings
    10. Fumito Ueda quits Sony - rumour
    11. GamePro closes after 22 years
    12. Thumbs Up
    13. Sony America loses Steinberg and Dyer