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January 2015 Archive

    1. Octodad: $5m revenue and 28,000 dev hours
    2. Joystiq closure official
    3. PewDiePie criticizes Nintendo's Let's Play plans
    4. Former Joystiq, Shacknews editor Andrew Yoon passes away
    5. Gearbox lead writer departs for Hulu series
    6. Prison Architect sells 1 million
    7. MENA Games Conference to host Weidemann, Della Rocca, van Husen
    8. "I think hardcore is a lot easier" -ZeptoLab CEO
    9. The Center of Mass for Mobile Gaming Has Shifted to Asia
    10. Digital boss Ian Chambers departing GAME Group
    11. TIGA reveals "20/20" vision for UK's industry
    12. China lifts Free Trade Zone restriction on consoles
    13. Is Sega finished with console retail?
    14. Kabam hits new high of $400m annual revenue
    15. Why Nintendo must stay the course with hardware
    1. Ouya gets $10m investment from Alibaba - Report
    2. PS Vita could be the first post-retail system
    3. Twitch reaches 100 million viewers per month
    4. Rovio loses its head of games
    5. 2014 saw money pledged to videogame Kickstarters slashed
    6. Synthesis looks to China with its new Taiwan office
    7. Growing pains
    8. Nintendo offers revenue share to YouTubers
    9. Gameloft aims for a busier schedule after a disappointing 2014
    10. Steam's community content creators have earned over $50m
    1. Kickstarting Women In Tech: The Book
    2. The most backed Kickstarter ever? Exploding Kittens
    3. Fingerprint snaps up Cognitive Kid and Scribble Press
    4. Tales of Zestiria is Japan's new #1
    5. Newly independent Sumo Digital appoints new chairman
    6. PS Vita losing some functionality
    7. 10% discount on tickets to Reboot Develop for readers
    8. Wii U still flounders but Nintendo predicts full-year profits
    1. Players will expect a free-to-start experience - EA
    2. EA holiday quarter exceeds expectations
    3. iPhone smashes street expectations with 74.5m sold over holidays
    4. Brenda Romero, David Braben honored by GDC
    5. Mobile-only gamers account for 20% of the market - NPD
    6. Valve bans alleged eSports match-fixers
    7. 5 Hot Trends in Indie Gaming That AAA Game Studios Need to Learn
    8. Joystiq likely to be shut down - Report
    9. DAU-UP study finds Android ARPU now equaling iOS
    10. Oculus VR is now making films in-house
    11. Feminist Frequency planning two new video series in 2015
    12. Mobcast acquires Lumines and Meteos IP
    13. Mobile barriers to entry have risen - Tommy Palm
    1. Xbox ships 6.6 million consoles over holidays
    2. Frontier cuts staff as it refocuses development in UK
    3. Wooga created 100 concepts in 2014
    4. GTA V holds UK number one
    5. Apple to be honored with first Technical Impact Award at DICE
    6. Fiksu: App Store downloads for December up 44 per cent
    7. Seriously: Taking on the "big guys" of mobile, one step at a time
    8. Opportunity knocks: Vlambeer and co. on finding the indie advantage
    9. Sony Corp. to delay Q1 report over The Interview hack
    1. IGF Student Showcase winners are here
    2. DayZ standalone sells 3m copies
    3. FunPlus signs Apple exec
    4. PSN hack settlement process begins
    5. HoloLens: The industry reacts
    6. Tim Schafer heads up new wave of VPs for SpecialEffect
    7. Athlete and Hollywood focused talent agency acquires e-Sports group
    8. Molyneux warns Microsoft: Don't overpromise on HoloLens
    9. "All Games Will Be Kickstarted"
    10. HoloLens: Can it live up to Microsoft's sizzle video?
    11. Dragon Age: Inquisition recognized by GLAAD
    12. SXSW Gaming Awards finalists revealed
    1. Mad Catz drops MOJO price again
    2. SuperAwesome announces Unity and Oculus support
    3. Riot's Brandon Beck to keynote 2015 DICE Summit
    4. No One Left Behind unites game development and education
    5. Cover Fire founder joins PlayFab advisory board
    6. Rovio to launch Young Adult novel series
    7. Europe's data protection laws are changing, are you prepared?
    8. Xbox One sank to 300 sales in Japan last week
    9. Chris Roberts expects $100m funding before Star Citizen's launch
    1. Nintendo does not reward risk taking - Adelman
    2. Microsoft touts Windows 10 Holographic
    3. Alien: Isolation exceeds 1 million sales
    4. Defy Media lays off staff at gaming sites
    5. Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription model
    6. Eutechnyx sells its NASCAR games business
    7. Uncertainty separates the strong from the weak - Divnich
    8. Storm8 hires Zynga vet as new head of product
    9. Digi-Capital: For the mid-tier "just being good is no longer good enough"
    10. GigaMedia faces NASDAQ delisting
    11. Game Oven to close in April
    1. Human Element "on hiatus" as Robotoki shuts down
    2. Counter-Strike pro team accused of match fixing
    3. AppsFlyer raises $20 million
    4. King's Tommy Palm leaves for new venture
    5. "A lot of games have unrealistic forecasts"
    6. Club Nintendo will close in September
    7. nDreams gets $2.75 million investment
    8. Ruzzle developer makes strategic investment in Delinquent
    1. Free-to-play resistance decreasing, says Robot CEO
    2. Xiaomi buys $68 million in Kingsoft stock
    3. Sony's H1Z1 plagued by technical issues at launch
    4. Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz found Crash Override
    5. PerBlue hires former Kabam and Glu Mobile exec
    6. Twitch rankings: 5 key takeaways for the industry
    1. Hatred gets AO for Adults Only rating
    2. Disney, Activision both claim landslide victory in toys-to-life category
    3. Starbreeze sells Brothers IP for $500,000
    4. Fiksu: CPI down for iOS and Android over December
    5. We R Interactive acquired by Inspired Gaming Group
    6. British teen arrested in connection with PSN and Live hacks
    7. Playhubs: "You'll be able to walk in here and see the future"
    8. SuperData study shows US digital market growing by 11% YoY
    9. Devolver claims Hotline Miami 2 verdict "stretched the facts"
    10. Streaming can only work if the price is right
    1. PS4, Xbox One drive US industry to $13.1 billion in 2014 - NPD
    2. Xbox One is best selling console during the holidays
    3. Unity hires Mike Foley as CFO
    4. Monument Valley has revenues of nearly $6m
    5. The Long Dark tops 250,000 sold in Early Access
    6. Retail losing importance, finds GDC survey
    7. War Z has sold 2.8 million copies to date
    8. Facebook boss compares current VR to first "terrible" mobile phones
    9. The right way to monetize kids?
    10. DeltaDNA expands with first US office and new key hires
    11. Second funding round for PlaySpace brings total to $3m
    12. Kalypso opens mobile office in Hamburg
    13. Dailymotion launches game streaming service
    14. Hotline Miami denied classification in Australia
    15. Twitch starts free-to-use music library
    1. ESA responds to Obama's calls for stronger data privacy laws
    2. Kixeye CEO: Layoff reports "incorrect, exaggerated"
    3. Crossy Road pulls in $1 million from ads
    4. Yokai Watch 2 still on top in Japan
    5. Shadow of Mordor leads D.I.C.E. award nominations
    6. Square Enix shutters Indonesian mobile studio
    7. App Annie raises $55 million after a bumper 2014
    8. 8-Person BrainWars team hits 10m downloads in 8 months
    9. Update: New 3DS XL release date of February 13 confirmed by Nintendo
    1. BAFTA Scotland launches New Talent search
    2. PS4, Xbox One software up 94% but GameStop's holiday numbers slide
    3. TabTale acquires Level Bit
    4. Journey composer could be expelled from union
    5. Ubisoft launches 2015 Graduate Program
    6. US mobile gaming market tops $5.2 billion
    7. Turtle Beach updates net sales forecasts
    8. Xbox One wins an Emmy
    9. GTA V delayed on PC
    10. Evolving Business Models For The Top Game Brands
    11. Kabam acquires TapZen, Magic Pixel
    12. Three execs walk from AMD
    13. "Inadequate customer support has been shown to ruin a company's market"
    14. Blizzard's Overwatch hits trademark snag
    15. Survey: 45% of the UK industry's women feel gender is a "barrier"
    16. Call of Duty Online launched in China
    17. Writers Guild Awards game nominations revealed
    1. Telltale president Bruner becomes CEO
    2. New trustee for GamesAid
    3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition passes 30m downloads
    4. EA finance director joins Gazillion
    5. Nintendo exits Brazil thanks to high taxes
    6. Bigger Bets, Fewer Gambles: Getting Core Publishers Back on Top of Mobile
    7. Microsoft clarifies position on external content usage
    8. GTA V returns to UK number one
    9. Awesome Games Done Quick secures $1.5m for charity
    10. White House considers a 30-day limit for disclosure of data breaches
    11. Next Gen Art Event: Putting games in galleries
    1. Twitch expands to film with Devolver Digital
    2. Shadow of Mordor leads GDC Award nominees
    3. Apple hiking app prices
    4. Baer, Alcorn to receive AIAS Pioneer Award
    5. Codemasters cutting over 30 employees - Report
    6. iOS devs made $10 billion in revenue in 2014
    7. Seriously hires new execs from Rovio, 20th Century Fox
    8. Yokai Watch 2 reigns supreme in Japan
    9. Steam Machines will be "front and center" at GDC
    10. Spoiled Xmas Mornings: The Dark Side of the Online Future
    1. Call of Duty 2015 Championship set for March 27-29
    2. Bastion sells 3 million, Transistor tops 600,000
    3. Pokemon Company International hires Hasbro vet as director of licensing
    4. David Haddad new head of Warner Bros. gaming division
    5. Nintendo teams with GungHo on Mario themed Puzzle & Dragons
    6. Com2uS opens new office in Taiwan
    7. AbleGamers hands out Accessibility Awards for 2014
    8. Sony delays PS4 in China
    9. Japanese console sales continued to slide in 2014
    10. Builder Box founded as Zombie Studios closes its doors
    1. Assassin's Creed movie dated
    2. Hamza Aziz leaves Destructoid
    3. IGF's Main Competition finalists announced
    4. Keywords Studios makes two new acquisitions
    5. YouTube's fastest growing gaming audience: Women over 25
    6. Mobile gaming growth slows
    7. Oculus: Big companies will miss out on early VR success
    8. Indiegogo opens sales channel for successful campaigns
    9. Monument Valley dev views piracy as "essentially free marketing"
    10. Gamer Network hires Craig Stephens as Marketing & PR Manager
    11. No Steam Dev Days in 2015
    12. Intel pledges $300 million to promote diversity
    1. Roblox: Developers making $250,000 a year
    2. Hines joins mental health charity board
    3. Retired NFL player suit against EA proceeds
    4. Robot Entertainment taps Paul Hellquist
    5. Riot working with ISPs for dedicated League of Legends network
    6. Razer gets into VR, microconsoles
    7. "Free-to-play is the most exciting opportunity out there for Britain"
    8. Cryptic Comet abandons digital for board games
    9. 18.5m PlayStation 4 units sold
    1. 1980 games funded by Kickstarter last year
    2. Greg Miller leaves IGN
    3. "Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for"
    4. New president and VP for Open Gaming Alliance
    5. Lizard Squad hacker arrested
    6. Ex-DICE, Spark devs form Fugitive Games
    7. What you missed over the holidays
    8. PlayStation Now subscription model launches next week
    9. FIFA 15 was the UK's best selling game in 2014
    10. Tegra X1 has a teraflop of processing power
    11. Captain Toad fails to break UK top 10
    12. Steam passes 8.5 million concurrent users
    13. Perfect World may go private in 2015
    1. Xbox Live founder leaves Microsoft
    2. COD holds UK number one
    3. PlayStation Network, Xbox Live hit by DDOS attacks