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May 2011 Archive

    1. Security a premium for new Call of Duty Elite service
    2. FreeStyleGames saved from closure with new Activision project
    3. 2011 Dare to be Digital teams announced
    4. Black Rock duo form Roundcube Entertainment
    5. Interplay on the brink as debts mount
    6. L.A. Noire beats DiRT 3 in UK Charts
    7. GRIN founders discuss new studio
    8. Wooga raises $24 million in investment round
    9. Retailer points to $100 Xbox 360 price cut
    10. PopCap's Ed Allard
    11. Call Of Duty Elite adds subscription fee
    12. Simultaneous releases are the "lowest common denominator"
    13. Sony confirms full PSN services to resume this week
    14. Perfect World acquires Cryptic Studios for $50 million
    1. Dare to be Digital launches Dare Academy
    2. PSN back online from Saturday in Asia
    3. Third quarter sales and profits up for SouthPeak
    4. Amazon launches Mac game downloads store
    5. Born Free
    6. Sony halving NGP RAM - rumour
    7. Seamus Blackley to return to game development - report
    8. Digital markets "an afterthought" for Japanese companies - Inafune
    9. Microsoft board backs Ballmer
    1. Sony confirms development of future games platforms
    2. THQ signs new project from Left 4 Dead developer
    3. Zuckerberg: All media should adopt gaming's social trend
    4. Florin takes chairman role at social publisher Kabojo
    5. Codemasters latest to suffer from hacked data
    6. Steve Ballmer faces calls to step down
    7. Kabam nets extra $85 million funding
    8. Peak Games secures $5 million funding deal
    9. TinyCo offers $5 million developer fund
    10. SPIL Games' Peter Driessen
    11. Edinburgh Interactive speakers announced
    12. Game sales continue to slump in Japan
    13. Irem's Kazuma Kujo forms new company
    14. Into The Pixel winners chosen for 2011
    15. Last Acton Hero
    16. PlayStation business swings to $435m profit
    1. Supercell raises $12 million in funding
    2. Ex-Realtime Worlds staff found eeGeo in Dundee
    3. GameFly confirms Direct2Drive acquisition
    4. Livingstone: "We write people off too early in this industry"
    5. Big names join GDC Online board
    6. Age of Conan offers free-to-play option
    7. Unity developers reach half a million milestone
    8. Minecraft Android will hit Xperia Play first
    9. Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon Online MMO
    10. Zynga reported to be close to IPO
    11. THQ to distribute Codemasters titles in U.S.
    12. Take-Two secures Rockstar talent, swings to profit
    13. Digital Distribution Woes
    1. Greek Sony BMG website hit by hackers
    2. Take-Two in new buyout rumour
    3. Capcom predicts drop in overall sales but backs PS3
    4. Apple backs devs in patent infringement case
    5. Riccitello tells Berkeley graduates: "fail well"
    6. Portable consoles need reinvention says Alan Wake dev
    7. EA and 2K extend NBA licensing deal
    8. CrowdStar nets $23 million funding
    9. Establishing a Perimeter
    10. Della Rocca: Industry must think globally
    1. Take-Two signs Lineage creator for new MMO
    2. UK becomes official gamescom partner
    3. Sony: PSN hack to cost approximately $170m
    4. "Master Takahashi" leaves Hudson
    5. Schell Games creates HIV prevention game
    6. Mediatonic becomes preferred Facebook developer
    7. L.A. Noire becomes fastest-selling new IP ever in UK
    8. High Voltage apologises after leaked email attacks reviewer
    9. Sony announces PSP Remaster line for PS3
    10. Sony suffers new hacker attacks
    11. Moshi Monsters, Habbo Hotel creators wary of IPO
    12. EGO Trip
    1. Sub £100 Wii available at retail now in UK
    2. L.A. Noire expected to sell 4m units
    3. Android sales beat iOS in Q1
    4. Sony SmartAR technology NGP bound?
    5. UKIE partners with tax specialist Jumpstart
    6. Activision music licensing expert joins Nimrod
    7. Microsoft offering free 360 to US students
    8. ngmoco buys Dutch studio Rough Cookie
    9. Profits drop by almost half at Future Publishing
    10. PopCap listing could be as early as November
    11. GameStop expects 3DS to lag in second quarter
    12. Rockstar and Sony unable to explain hardware overheating problems
    13. War is Over
    1. Zynga sued over Oregon Trail game
    2. PSN store set to return May 24
    3. Xbox Live gets expanded PayPal options
    4. Hardware and pre-owned fuel sales boom at GameStop
    5. Activision: Modern Warfare 3 leak became "a marketing win"
    6. Google rolls out fix for Android security flaw
    7. Do You Speak Metrics?
    8. Angry Birds downloads hit 200 million
    9. Dragon Quest and PSP still top Japanese charts
    10. Layoffs at Zipper Interactive
    11. Study: 5 million iOS game downloads per day
    12. Nought to 55 million in 12 months
    13. Applifier: Facebook reliance is "our single failure"
    14. Microsoft: Disc errors not specific to hardware
    15. DNA Games becomes Zynga's 14th acquisition in 12 months
    16. Gears of War 3 pre-orders top 1m
    17. Rockstar blames new firmware for PlayStation 3 overheating
    1. Sony suffers further ignominy as PSN password exploit exposed
    2. Namco Bandai confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    3. GDC Europe reveals summit sessions
    4. 360 firmware incompatible with older consoles
    5. Atari losses down in full year results
    6. Savage Entertainment acquired by social TV company
    7. Android marketplace must "evolve to a place that's a little more sane"
    8. Netflix on consoles tops bandwidth tables
    9. THQ "crushed the competition" with Homefront
    10. Atari drops Cryptic Studios
    11. L.A. Noire sends Take-Two shares skyrocketing
    12. Stringer: PSN attack the beginning of "a bad new world"
    13. In Theory: Mapping the Next-Gen Xbox
    14. Gold Star For You, Friend!
    1. Sony details ID protection scheme as PSN emails delayed
    2. Phil Harrison and Robin Kaminsky join Gaikai board
    3. Keep Australian PSN offline says security expert
    4. Frima signs comic creator Marv Wolfman for new IP
    5. Critical Consensus: L.A. Noire
    6. PopCap signs exclusive Amazon Android deal
    7. Unity sets date for annual conference
    8. 2K Sports secures Asian baseball deal
    9. NCsoft Q1 profits up by a third
    10. Ubisoft names first three 3D movies
    11. Sony thanks partners for support during PSN crisis
    12. Building Blocks
    13. Mojang interested in co-publishing other indies
    1. Spike TV to broadcast Microsoft E3 briefing
    2. Nippon Ichi back in black
    3. American McGee teams with PopCap
    4. Eurogamer hires Robinson as features editor
    5. Ubisoft offers $10,000 dev content prize
    6. Brink beats Lego Pirates in UK chart
    7. UK dev survey warns of rising costs
    8. To Be This Good Takes AGES
    9. SEGA: UK studios "the bedrock of our business"
    10. PSN restart faces legal block in Japan
    1. Sony restoring PlayStation Network services
    1. Modern Warfare 3 details leak ahead of official reveal
    2. Gamevil overseas sales up 37%
    3. Playdom makes $3 million FTC settlement
    4. We R Interactive raises $5 million
    5. PlayStation 3 trade-ins mount at retail
    6. Video game sales fall at Sega Sammy
    7. Personal data stolen from Eidos, Deus Ex websites
    8. Weak game sales, Final Fantasy delays hit Square Enix
    9. Sony's official letter to publishing partners addressing PSN downtime
    10. Riders on the Storm
    11. US sales return to double-digit growth
    1. Ubisoft sales up 19% on Kinect, 3DS success
    2. David Jones returns to APB as GamersFirst advisor
    3. Vaizey: "Mismatch" between game dev and finance communities
    4. Ed Fries: Creativity and constraint, Halo 2600 and a Donkey Kong haiku
    5. Game Connection to expand with conference and master classes
    6. SEGA opens 10,000 sq ft UK studio for Alien game
    7. PSone game sales on Xperia Play below 1,000 downloads
    8. PSP still dominates during Japanese Golden Week
    9. Konami full year results show slight drop in profits
    10. Limbo wins best Nordic Game honour
    11. 3DS eShop confirmed for June 6/7
    12. Square Enix warns of "extraordinary" ¥12bn loss
    13. Capcom to raise PC gaming profile
    14. Under the Bonnet: SHIFT 2 Unleashed - 2
    1. 15 projects split 6m DKK from Nordic Game
    2. Jagex to host recruitment event for Black Rock staff
    3. Redundancies spark strike at Eden Games
    4. Games Invest returns to Eurogamer Expo
    5. Social gaming will "crash very hard" - Dyack
    6. Sony to give 3D keynote at Develop
    7. Nordic Game Program calls for funding and partnership help
    8. Crime City creator scores $20 million funding deal
    9. Six month losses hit $128m for Disney games division
    10. Relentless and PlayJam partner on connected TVs
    11. 2011: Another 44m console sales for U.S. and Europe
    12. 100 million Android devices worldwide
    13. MPs push to extend scope of R&D tax credits
    14. PSN to resume in "a few more days"
    15. So You Want To Be A Graphics Programmer?
    16. Under the Bonnet: SHIFT 2 Unleashed - 1
    1. Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5bn
    2. Critical Consensus: Brink
    3. Zynga hires iPhone open source gurus
    4. Namco Bandai swings to ¥1.8 billion profit
    5. Unity certified by U.S. Army and Air Force
    6. Nintendo of America gets new VP of sales and marketing
    7. Row Sham Bow raises $3 million from Intersouth Partners
    8. Diablo III public beta due this autumn
    9. PS3 Brink still due for release this week
    10. U.S. senator praises Sony hacking response
    11. Beachhead features central to next Call of Duty
    1. Activision details new Call of Duty for China as profits climb
    2. PSN blackout costing Capcom "hundreds of thousands"
    3. GamesAid kicks off Swindon Town fundraiser
    4. Analyst: Next gen Xbox at E3 2012
    5. Apple beats Google for world's biggest brand
    6. Zumba Fitness number one again in UK
    7. TIGA brings new casual committee together
    8. Keiji Inafune reveals Capcom insider gossip
    9. PSN downtime continues as Sony crisis grows
    10. Relentless rallies for Black Rock in Brighton
    11. Video Game Marketing: The New Bible Part 1
    1. Crytek confirms "new direction" for Budapest studio
    2. Rose Amongst Thorns
    3. In-game video advertising hits Facebook
    4. European develop events ramp up with speakers
    5. IGN confirms UGO acquisition
    6. PSP dominates Japanese hardware sales
    7. Third cyber-attack on Sony planned - rumour
    8. Legendary takes stake in The Spire developer Raw Games
    9. Capcom FY2011 financials see profits up 257%
    10. Stringer pledges $1m identity theft insurance policy
    11. Rock and a Hard Place
    1. Sony subpoenaed by NY Attorney General - report
    2. EA commits to Eurogamer Expo
    3. Dragon Quest Monsters back on top in Japanese chart
    4. The Big Fries
    5. Hardware will innovate, but software is stagnating - Fries
    6. THQ cancels Saints Row: Drive By
    7. Rock Band downloads pass 100 million
    8. Last call for Nordic Game
    9. Game sales offset declines at Warner Bros Entertainment
    10. NPD: Mobile accounts for around half of all full game downloads
    11. Big publishers ready to "play hard" in portable MMO space
    12. Kaz Hirai's letter to Congress on the PSN breach
    13. Nexon America sales up 59%
    14. Sony alleges Anonymous involvement in PSN outage
    15. Riccitiello outlines three-point plan as EA takes the offensive
    16. NCsoft's Jeremy Gaffney
    17. Redundancies confirmed at Black Rock
    18. EA reduces full-year losses to $276m
    1. Sony hires three firms to investigate PSN breach
    2. Hackers revive PS3 OtherOS feature
    3. UKIE sponsors Dare To Be Digital
    4. Nintendo confirms Wii price drop
    5. 8GB of Flash storage rumoured for Project Café
    6. App Store ratings crackdown continues
    7. Tech Focus: LucasArts moves to Unreal Engine
    8. Losing Your Objectivity
    1. THQ full-year losses hit $136m
    2. EA acquires Real Racing developer Firemint
    3. Ubisoft confirms founding of Ubisoft Motion Pictures
    4. Microsoft founds new Vancouver studio
    5. TIGA appoints new board members
    6. PopCap acquires ZipZapPlay
    7. IGN buys UGO as News Corp. break rumoured
    8. DeNA reports record operating income and net sales
    9. Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat still lead UK charts
    10. U.S. and Australian governments question Sony
    11. 24.6 million SOE accounts potentially compromised
    12. Franchise Cheat Sheet: Driver
    13. Man In The Mirror
    1. Sony outlines PlayStation Network revival plans