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January 2014 Archive

    1. Warner Bros teams with Fabrika to bring Infinite Crisis to Russia
    2. Activision considering closing The Blast Furnace
    3. Ouya launches 16GB model for $130
    4. Xbox One will see cheaper SKU this year - rumor
    5. Dontnod CEO: "There is no bankruptcy"
    6. The OFT, in-app purchasing and you
    7. Warner Bros cancels Wii U's Batman: Arkham Origins DLC
    8. Spaceteam wins GameCity Prize
    9. Pocket Gems earned $82m in 2013
    10. Akihiko Yoshida joins Playdek's Unsung Story team
    11. Funcom offices raided by Economic Crimes unit
    12. Patrick Wyatt joins Undead Labs
    13. Core gamers can be whales too
    1. Zynga acquiring NaturalMotion for $527 million
    2. Layoffs at EA Salt Lake
    3. Satya Nadella likely Microsoft's next CEO - Report
    4. Xbox One campaign pays gamers to trade in PS3s
    5. League of Legends: Why Riot should be catering to noobs
    6. Jawfish Games staff axed - report
    7. Phoenix Online hires Scott Steinberg
    8. Sengoku Basara 4 takes number one in Japan
    9. OFT releases final guidelines for in-app purchases
    10. PS Vita Slim to launch in UK
    11. Nintendo outlines plans for long-term growth
    12. Spicy Horse down $1.7m on Akaneiro
    1. Damon Johnson named IGN's new SVP, GM
    2. Sony Santa Monica moving, expanding
    3. A word about commenting on GamesIndustry International
    4. PC gaming market to exceed $25 billion this year - DFC
    5. First GameHorizon 2014 speakers announced
    6. Satoru Iwata's salary to be cut by 50 per cent
    7. Qualcomm faces $1 billion Chinese antitrust fine
    8. Nintendo profits tumble as Wii U drags on the bottom line
    9. EA CEO: Recent departures purely "coincidental"
    1. EA beats guidance as sales shrink, losses deepen
    2. Gameloft full-year sales up 12%
    3. Nintendo denies report of going mobile
    4. Big Fish boasts 11th consecutive year of growth
    5. Rovio: We don't work with government spies
    6. UKIE launches training programmes for game makers
    7. Making an indie label in the era of self-publishing
    8. Roundtable: Gears in Motion
    9. Amuzo receives £50,000 from Creative England
    10. Kutaragi to receive GDCA Lifetime Achievement Award
    11. VG247 relaunches with new look
    12. Alien: Isolation playable at Rezzed
    13. IndieGoGo raises $40 million in series B round
    14. 1.5m Xbox Fitness workouts since launch
    15. 3DS reaches 15 million sold in Japan
    16. GungHo expects $1.2 billion revenue this fiscal year
    17. PlayStation: The Official Magazine appoints new editor
    18. Cliffy B confirms he's not involved in Gears
    19. League of Legends reaches 27m daily players
    1. Apple sells record number of iPhones, iPads
    2. Skyrim has sold over 20 million copies
    3. Nintendo going mobile - Report
    4. Google acquires AI firm DeepMind for a reported $400 million
    5. King: "We should never have published Pac-Avoid"
    6. Square Enix Collective launches
    7. Microsoft acquires Gears of War IP from Epic
    8. Cygames invests ¥70m in Japanese indie project
    9. Namco Bandai to rebrand overseas subsidiaries
    10. New editor for Official Nintendo Magazine
    11. FIFA 14 is still number one
    12. Sony's credit rating cut to "Junk"
    13. Enter now for Dare to be Digital
    14. Jon Blow: Valve's VR can take games to a "new place"
    15. Red5 grabs $23m in funding for Firefall
    16. Cave axes community presence outside of Japan
    17. Minecraft sells a million on PS3
    1. CEO Rod Humble leaves Linden Labs
    2. SOE shuttering four games
    3. Conan O'Brien charges for Clueless Gamer reviews
    4. King: We do not clone other people's games
    5. Judge overturns multimillion dollar award in Madden lawsuit
    6. New creative director for Dovetail Games
    7. Stafford Uni gets Epic Games Centre
    8. Ubisoft to create 100 new jobs in Quebec City studio
    9. What Nintendo needs isn't smartphones, but surprise
    1. "King copied our game" says indie dev
    2. Xbox One at 3.9 million shipped
    3. Ari Mark new Microsoft head of unscripted programming
    4. Anti-piracy circumvention may be legal, EU court rules
    5. Kirby holds number one in Japan
    6. Capcom CEO pledges 100 new dev hires a year
    7. PlayStation SVP joins Game Marketing Summit board
    8. IGF Student Showcase winners announced
    1. Barry Meyer joins Activision Blizzard board of directors
    2. EA paying YouTube gamers for coverage
    3. Blizzard sues Hearthstone clone developer
    4. Quark Games becomes fifth dev to partner with Tilting Point
    5. New artistic additions for Improbable
    6. Console earnings boost AMD's Q4 report
    7. World Of Tanks hits 1.1m concurrent users
    8. King opposes Banner Saga trademark
    9. Playraven secures $2.3m seed investment
    10. Dead Rising 3 ships a million
    1. Kabam doubles revenue in 2013, "seriously considering" IPO
    2. Nintendo: Time to Break Open The Piggy Bank
    3. Machinima and Microsoft had deal for paid Xbox One endorsements
    4. Over 1 million playing Klei's Don't Starve
    5. Joint Namco-DeNA mobile venture to finish in March
    6. King trademarks "Candy", goes after developers
    1. 'Booth babes' damage foot traffic, leads at events, study finds
    2. League of Legends 2013 revenue topped $600m - report
    3. FIFA 14 makes it 5 weeks at #1
    4. Star Wars 1313 trademark abandoned
    5. Disney Infinity sells 3 million starter packs
    6. "Rust has made about 40% of what GMod made in 9 years"
    1. Tomb Raider achieves profitability
    2. Sony creating new PS3 hardware for PS Now - report
    3. Nintendo should "get out of the Wii U business" - Pachter
    4. Nintendo evaluating new business, "studying" smart devices
    5. Satoru Iwata downplays resignation talk
    6. Square Enix shutters CoreOnline
    7. New managing editor for Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    8. Valve paid $10.2m to TF2, DotA item creators in 2013
    9. Valve will not release VR tech to consumers - report
    10. Twitchers watched 12 billion minutes a month in 2013
    11. Weak Christmas hardware sales slash Nintendo forecasts by ¥80bn
    12. Shifting the mood on Sony
    1. Grand Theft Auto V best-selling game of 2013 - NPD
    2. Games industry still in "Dark Ages" says Dyack
    3. AAA games dominate AIAS nominations
    4. Newell: EA Origin on Steam Machines would be fine
    5. Ubisoft grabs Tetris license
    6. Nintendo's Next Move: Consolidation
    7. Plastic surgery game removed from sale
    8. Unity to add Vita support with 4.3
    9. Valve adding 12 new currencies to Steam this year
    10. Xbox multimedia exec leaves Microsoft
    11. Valve adds buttons to Steam controller
    12. Ouya loses one of its founders
    1. Sales bad for players and devs, says Jason Rohrer
    2. Valve looking to drop Greenlight
    3. Apple settles FTC complaint over kids' in-app purchases
    4. Hello Games back up after the flood
    5. Kabam adds three new execs
    6. Kirby takes Japanese number one as 3DS dominates
    7. A developer's year: Sunni Pavlovic
    8. GAME sees 90% sales jump this Christmas
    9. U4iA Games closing today
    10. Valve launches Steam VR beta
    11. Rovio: Less than half our staff are working on games
    12. EA Maxis: SimCity offline took six months to complete
    1. Majesco full-year sales tumble 64%
    2. Mobile gaming to push industry above $100 billion by 2017
    3. Greg Street now lead game designer at Riot
    4. UK game industry shrinks
    5. GameStop holiday sales up 9.3%
    6. Peter Molyneux, Richard Bartle to speak at Casual Connect Europe
    7. A developer's year: Tom Francis
    8. Microsoft kills Halo movie rumours
    9. Speedrun marathon raises $1 million for cancer prevention
    10. MLG CEO declares company "EBITA positive"
    11. DayZ alpha hits 1 million sold
    12. Microsoft: Xbox hardware "will be important for a long time"
    13. PlayStation UK Boss calls Vita "the iPod of handheld gaming"
    1. Players will be "sucked into Steam Machine" as digital swells - IDC
    2. EA PR chief moves to GoPro after 14 years
    3. SimCity reversal: EA finally adding offline mode
    4. Oculus games may command a premium price
    5. HMV Oxford Street store to close
    6. 343 Industries hires pro-gamer
    7. SoftBank leads $120m investment round in Chinese app store
    8. A developer's year: Anna Marsh
    9. Capcom: Next gen development is "eight to ten times" more work
    10. FIFA 14 makes it 4 weeks in a row at #1
    11. China hints at new console guidelines
    12. Undead Labs signs Microsoft Studio deal
    13. Silicon Knights denied appeal in Epic case
    14. AbleGamers Charity raised $100,000 in 2013
    1. Beyond: Two Souls sold 1 million
    2. 2014: Year of the Indie?
    3. Ford's Mulally bows out of Microsoft CEO race
    4. 3DS US sales top 11.5 million
    5. Games projects grow by 30% on Kickstarter in 2013
    6. A developer's year: Vlambeer's Rami Ismail
    7. 2K closing Prague office
    8. New art director for 343 Industries
    9. Last Of Us and Assassin's Creed nominated for WGA award
    10. Steam Machines must be more than a hobby
    11. Bungie vet Joe Staten rejoins Microsoft
    1. Xbox One streaming still a ways off
    2. Oculus heads, Inafune, and more headed for DICE
    3. The Last of Us, Tearaway, Gone Home lead GDC Award noms
    4. Nintendo acquires patents from IA Labs following legal victory
    5. Why The Violent Game Debate Actually Isn't Over
    6. Roundtable: PlayStation Now or never?
    7. $480 million pledged on Kickstarter in 2013
    8. Legend of Zelda is Japan's #1
    9. Xbox 360 app made $1m in 4 months for Pizza Hut
    10. Attempted robbery at Robotoki offices
    1. GameStop wants in on PlayStation Now
    2. Two Tribes "reboots"
    3. Oculus making its own games
    4. PlayStation Now won't "disenfranchise" future consoles - Sony
    5. New head of HR for InnoGames
    6. Crytek's Hautz joins Rovio Stockholm
    7. $10 billion spent in App Store in 2013
    8. Livingstone Hopes: Why Eidos' President is opening a school
    1. Letting Off Steam
    2. IGF finalists named
    3. PlayStation Now dings GameStop shares
    4. PS4 sells 4.2 million
    5. PlayStation Now: Sony's Gaikai service to launch this summer
    6. EA studio founders may be "victims of cost cutting"
    7. Future veteran becomes Yogscast GM
    8. New MD for Future UK
    9. Dean Hall promises "something special" for EGX Rezzed
    10. Oculus VR, Twitch and Ubisoft all make Forbes 30 Under 30
    11. China temporarily lifts ban on foreign consoles
    12. Alienware, GigaByte, Origin PC all making Steam Machines
    13. Sony reveals new head-mounted display
    14. 2K Sports no longer releasing MLB games
    1. Starbound tops 1 million sold
    2. PS4 has edge with core gamers - Analyst
    3. Xbox One has sold 3 million units worldwide
    4. EA sees Chillingo founders depart
    5. The violent game debate is over
    6. Playing Catch-Up
    7. EverQuest 2 CCO launches new company and MMO
    8. Nvidia promises "same graphics features as PS4/Xbox One" from Tegra K1
    9. FIFA 2014 starts year at number one
    10. Nintendo dominates in post-holiday Japan
    11. Zynga testing Bitcoin payments
    12. Yogscast raises over £700,000
    13. Phil Spencer praises PS4 launch, Nintendo catalogue
    14. Clint Hocking departs Valve
    1. Wikipad joins the mobile controller fray
    2. Blizzard warns of World of Warcraft account-stealing Trojan
    3. Criterion co-founders leave studio and EA
    1. PopCap losing cofounders
    2. Chinese gaming market tops $13 billion
    3. PS4 to "win" console wars - Analyst
    4. Brightman becomes EIC for GamesIndustry International
    5. Microsoft considered a digital-only Xbox One
    6. Nintendo apologises for holiday eShop outages
    7. Expired licences signal end of production for Acti's Marvel games
    8. Hello Games offices flooded in holiday storms