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June 2017 Archive

    1. IGDA executive director Kate Edwards steps down
    2. Leaving Arkane: The pressure of "making impossible things"
    3. Team17 moves into Brazil with new game signing
    4. From PC to Nintendo: Porting GoNNER to Switch
    5. Paradox Interactive acquires Triumph Studios
    6. GAME issues profit warning as Switch stock dries up
    7. The game has changed for Nintendo on mobile
    1. The Podcast: Diversity in games with Anita Sarkeesian
    2. When to listen to players, and when not to
    3. Activision Blizzard: Overwatch League is the most ambitious in eSports history
    4. Nickelodeon enters esports as part of $15m funding round for Super League Gaming
    5. Southeast Asia: Mobile's misunderstood market
    6. Wargaming opens mobile publishing division
    7. Nexon acquires iDCC, renames it Nexon Thailand
    8. Layoffs as ESL restructures
    9. Palmer Luckey reportedly donates $2,000 to Vive hack
    1. Rust has almost $4.4 million in Steam refunds
    2. Sega and Nintendo want to sign your games at the Investment Summit
    3. Dave Ranyard's Dream Reality Interactive secures investment from Phil Harrison
    4. SIDE's Ben Ryalls resurfaces at head of new agency
    5. Wonder raises $14 million for smartphone-console hybrid
    6. EXP: London's secret new games venue
    7. G2A promises more transparency in new marketplace update
    8. Is the games industry nostalgia gold rush here to stay?
    9. AbleGamers launches Player Panels to help devs improve accessibility
    10. New Unity graduate fellowship program will research AI and machine learning
    11. Light, not bytes: The evolution of the pipeline
    12. New user acquisition raises $2m in funding
    13. New VC firm Eleven Ventures opens in California
    14. Nintendo apologises for Japanese Switch shortages as sales pass 1m
    15. Twitch expands subscription monetisation options
    1. ESL partners with University of York to develop eSports talent
    2. Raphael Colantonio leaving Arkane
    3. Ubisoft's Guillemot family acquires larger stake in company
    4. Xbox One X to sell 17m by 2021 - DFC
    5. Ninja Theory livestreams Q&A with Hellblade protagonist
    6. Epic's Tim Sweeney to keynote Devcom
    7. From Cooking Mama to Remedy: The rapid evolution of 505 Games
    8. Moss: Using VR to build a better mouse
    9. Vicon acquires IMeasureU
    10. Mobile fragmentation to blame for Sega Forever launch woes
    11. Dylan Cuthbert: “Star Fox 2 release is a big awesome surprise”
    12. PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program launched to create multiple new TV series
    13. CI Games admits “big mistake” in chasing AAA with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
    14. Playdead co-founder Dino Patti opens Jumpship in the UK
    15. NetEase appoints new CFO
    16. CastAR reportedly shut down
    1. id veteran Steve Nix launches publishing label
    2. Nintendo confirms Super NES Classic to launch on September 29
    3. Digital games up 9% in May to $7.8 billion - Superdata
    4. E3 2017: Every announcement and release date
    5. Introversion's latest game has "bombed in a big way"
    6. GTA V back at No.1 in poor week for UK games retail
    7. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits 4m sales, $100m revenue
    8. Rockstar: GTA single-player mods are "generally" safe from legal action
    1. Superhero games: Why they don't make 'em like they used to
    2. One in three VR/AR projects in development will be platform-exclusive
    3. A beginner's guide to boosting Lifetime Value
    4. Here's why 'deliberate Switch shortages' is a ridiculous notion
    5. Corona goes completely free
    6. Valve's SteamVR "Knuckles" controller tracks all five fingers
    7. Color Switch joins Skillz mobile eSports platform
    8. Paradox insists price hikes “create a more equal price point”
    9. Is PlayLink the PS4's missing link to casual consumers?
    10. GameMaker Studio 2 adds new license options
    1. WBIE opens WB Games New York
    2. Yunoia lands $1 million in funding
    3. Mobile gaming is a black ocean - GungHo CEO
    4. From prototype to product in less than a year
    5. German chancellor Angela Merkel to open Gamescom 2017
    6. Croteam: "VR-only" isn't the only way with VR
    7. Apple chip maker Imagination Technologies up for sale
    8. Conspexit adds Glen Drury to board
    9. ESA ponders E3's future
    10. Liberty Foundation offers $60k "fellowship awards" for indie devs
    11. Texas judge calls for an end to Oculus and ZeniMax's "big, hairy fight"
    12. Destructoid bought by Enthusiast Gaming
    1. One Special Day set for September 29
    2. NBC Sports launches Rocket League tourney
    3. HTC Vive signs European distribution deal with Westcoast Retail
    4. Gearbox to publish Fortnite physically on July 21st
    5. Six ways to make the most of Video Games Tax Relief
    6. Team17 awarded Sunday Times' Profit Track One To Recognise prize
    7. Sega Forever: The nostalgia trip that could change the company's future
    8. Sega launching range of free retro games for mobile
    9. Are retail investors right to be worried after E3?
    10. IO Interactive is now independent
    11. Sony is crowdfunding a kid-friendly robotics and coding kit
    12. Razer buys 19.9% of e-payment firm MOL
    13. The Void's exec team is full of games industry experience
    14. Teams revealed for UK Government-backed games design competition Tranzfuser 2017
    15. Netflix is experimenting with interactive narrative
    1. Tencent invests in Ourpalm - Report
    2. Twitch snags rights for Blizzard tournaments
    3. Samsung acquires VR studio VRB
    4. EA's Evolution: Free DLC, neural networks and (maybe) VR
    5. Microsoft "wins" E3 coverage race
    6. How PlayLink opens PS4 to mobile developers
    7. TopWare defends Two Worlds 2's surprise microtransactions
    8. Hutch hires former Codermasters, Gameloft devs
    9. Tencent's five-year plan for a ¥100bn Chinese esports industry
    10. MTG to acquire GameStop's Kongregate for $55m
    11. Fuze Code Studio teaches Nintendo Switch owners to develop games
    12. EA restructure bolsters Geneva HQ, cuts local teams
    13. EA Tiburon's Jon Sullivan killed
    14. HTC Vive now available through BestBuy, Walmart websites
    15. Waypoint publisher Vice Media takes $450m investment
    16. Pokémon Go Fest tickets sell out in minutes, scalpers rejoice
    17. Nine Australian indies funded by Film Victoria
    18. US games spending fell 11% on weak software market - NPD
    1. What did we think of E3 2017? New Podcast out now
    2. restructures editorial team
    3. Dave Cowling joins VR startup Within
    4. Capcom and Bandai Namco ink cross-licensing deal for fighting games
    5. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 triumphant as YouTube reveals E3 trailer rankings
    6. Channel 4: “There's a massively disproportionate amount of money and effort going into core VR games”
    7. Horizon: Zero Dawn back at No.1 in UK physical charts
    8. Atari is preparing to launch new hardware
    9. The E3 Interview: PlayStation's Jim Ryan
    10. Warner Bros comes out top in weak May for UK games retail
    11. Take-Two pulls two GTA Online mods amidst OpenIV fallout
    1. E3 is over and investors are hammering GAME, GameStop
    2. The E3 Award Winners
    3. Intellivision president Keith Robinson passes away
    4. Facebook reports 41m E3 posts, likes and comments
    5. Delayed reveals explain PlayStation's shorter E3 showcase
    6. Tencent pursuing Rovio buyout - Report
    7. Devolver claims ESA meddling after losing $100k on rented E3 lot
    8. CCP adds colourblind mode to Eve Online
    9. E3 2020 may leave Los Angeles
    10. Rockstar: Single-player Grand Theft Auto mods not under threat
    11. E3 2017: Conservatism and mid-generation lulls
    1. Scopely raises $60m with injection from AOL founding team
    2. Colombia's Brainz adds ex-Miniclip CTO to its board
    3. Why Super Mario was PlayStation's real E3 nemesis
    4. Fresh PSVR marketing pushed planned with more units heading to retail
    5. Microsoft: Sony's comments about Minecraft safety "not healthy for anyone"
    6. Who plays mobile games?
    7. Channel 4 launches first VR title
    8. New Telltale IP may be built for streaming services
    9. Konami accused of blacklisting former employees - report
    10. Xbox's revamped, inclusive avatars will let players “really reflect who they are”
    11. Xbox One X selling at a loss
    12. Silicon Studio acquires Enlighten tech from Geomerics
    13. Yahoo eSports winding down after Verizon acquisition
    1. E3 games feature more multi-gender options than ever before
    2. Ubisoft CEO: "Streaming will be the next big thing"
    3. Which E3 reveals took the internet by storm?
    4. Fan reaction to E3 mixed
    5. Roundtable: The best and worst of E3
    6. Valve: Steam Direct submissions could be "somewhat higher" than Greenlight
    7. BAFTA announces Young Game Designer Awards finalists
    8. PC will also get original Xbox titles and Game Pass, says Spencer
    9. TreasureHunt takes lifetime funding to $8.4 million
    10. Humble Bundle adds game library to subscription service
    11. PlayStation and Technicolor working on Sly Cooper TV series
    12. Microsoft will rebrand game packaging ahead of Xbox One X launch
    13. Microsoft and Nintendo embrace cross-platform play - but where's Sony?
    14. Riot Games opens New Delhi office
    1. Yo-kai Watch dev Level-5 acquires Keiji Inafune's Comcept
    2. Nintendo surprises with Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi
    3. Ubisoft outshone Sony with its most assured E3 performance to-date
    4. Watch the Nintendo E3 stream here
    5. Mario Kart VR coming to Bandai Namco's VR Zone Arcade
    6. Playmob combats climate change with playable mobile ad
    7. PlayStation Experience 2017 dated
    8. With 9 million players, Ark: Survival Evolved is finally ready to launch
    9. Life is Strange lost a key actor due to SAG-AFTRA strike
    10. PlayStation quietly announces smartphone-based PlayLink range
    11. Intel, Oculus and ESl form first ever VR eSports league
    12. PlayStation 4 hits 60.4 million sales
    13. Xbox doesn't need to rely on Gears and Halo - Phil Spencer
    14. Sony puts E3 2017 spotlight on VR, Spider-Man, God of War
    1. Xbox One X: Analysts concur that $499 is "a tough sell"
    2. Beyond Good and Evil, Mario and pirates headline strong Ubisoft E3 showcase
    3. Ubisoft Toronto: "We can bring life back to toys-to-life"
    4. How Ghost Recon Phantoms influenced Ubisoft's Skull and Bones
    5. Transference - what happened when Ubisoft teamed up with Elijah Wood
    6. "I wanted to ask for his autograph" - when Ubisoft's Davide Soliani met Shigeru Miyamoto
    7. Watch the PlayStation E3 conference here
    8. Starbreeze acquires location-based VR firm Enterspace
    9. Xbox comes out guns-a-blazin' at E3 2017
    10. Chris Charla: “We didn't want to rush the Cuphead devs”
    11. Xbox Design Lab hits UK, Germany and France
    12. Gamer Network signs live-streaming specialists Loots for US and UK sales partnership
    13. Watch the Ubisoft E3 press conference here
    14. EA sets five year goal for using neural networks in its games
    15. Microsoft using E3 giveaway to promote Mixer streaming service
    16. Minecraft unites platforms with "Better Together" update
    17. After 22 years, Wipeout finally claims first UK No.1
    18. Hyperkin recreating Microsoft's Duke controller for Xbox One X launch
    19. Saving Mind Candy
    20. Bethesda bets E3 on Wolfenstein, Evil Within sequels
    21. Bethesda introduces paid Skyrim, Fallout mods with Creation Club
    1. Xbox One X headlines Microsoft's E3 briefing
    2. Microsoft adding original Xbox backwards compatibility to Xbox One
    3. Project Scorpio unveiled as Xbox One X
    4. Watch the Bethesda E3 press conference here
    5. E3: The YouTuber show
    6. 64% of UK Xbox One owners didn't buy a physical game in the last year - Kantar
    7. Watch the Xbox E3 press conference here
    1. Star Wars Battlefront II grabs spotlight at EA Play 2017
    2. Season Pass dropped for Star Wars Battlefront II
    3. Electronic Arts teases new Seed division, BioWare's next IP Anthem
    4. EA Originals program continues with A Way Out
    1. Watch the EA E3 press conference here
    2. Double Eleven publicly disavows Testology
    3. Retailers building to E3 with deep discounts
    4. How Massive Entertainment tries to retain every employee for at least a decade
    5. G2A receives Business Insider innovation award
    6. The Podcast: Here's what we predict will happen at E3 2017
    7. Supercell, Phil Harrison, Richard Bartle and Mike Pondsmith added to Gamelab
    8. Who won E3 2016?
    9. Discord raised $50 million in funding this year - report
    10. Oculus to place Rift headsets and VR-ready PCs in California libraries
    11. Are 4K-enabled consoles backing into a niche?
    12. Overkill boosts Payday 2 audience by giving away 5 million copies
    13. FoxNext appoints president of licensing and publishing
    1. Twitch veteran to lead publisher relations for Discord
    2. Accolade brand returns with a new Bubsy game
    3. CD Projekt Red faces extortion over Cyberpunk 2077
    4. Microsoft unlocks more RAM on Scorpio for developers
    5. eSports investment group aXiomatic appoints Jeff Vinik co-chair
    6. Docomo partnership to open new mobile markets for Bandai Namco
    7. Vive doubles the number of games on its subscription platform
    8. Testology founder's anti-Muslim comments "still far too common" in games industry
    9. IO Interactive dropping episodic SKUs for Hitman Season One
    10. Come celebrate's 15th birthday at our Summer Party
    11. Ex-EA Chillingo marketing boss opens new consultancy
    12. Old Man's Journey, Severed among Apple Design Award 2017 winners
    13. Pole To Win opens new Taipei studio
    14. Everything is the first video game to qualify for an Oscar
    15. 50% of Xbox One owners have used backwards compatibility
    1. Arms: Critical Consensus
    2. Taking an IP and making it your own
    3. NBA considering Chinese eSports league - Report
    4. Blizzard and Bohemia Interactive headline Devcom
    5. Play Expo Glasgow offers free space to Scottish indie devs
    6. Angry Birds 2 lead programmer launches VR studio
    7. Valve loses fourth writer in 18 months
    8. Merge VR launches $1 million development fund
    9. Gearbox makes Battleborn multiplayer free to play
    10. Why 3DS is the right move for Pokémon
    1. Video games in US to grow to $28.5 billion by 2021 - PwC
    2. Steam Direct goes live next week
    3. PS4 price drops to $249 for a limited time
    4. ESL opens Singapore office
    5. Fox acquires former Kabam studio Aftershock
    6. No Xbox One VR at E3 - Report
    7. How will The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild change the open-world paradigm?
    8. Former Disney and GitHub execs join Improbable
    9. Daybreak puts up $1 million for H1Z1 eSports series
    10. Blizzard avoids China's loot laws by selling Overwatch in-game currency
    11. Gearbox chief creative Mikey Neumann departs due to ill health
    12. Violent game montages face demonetisation on YouTube
    13. Twitch Prime service rolls out worldwide
    1. PS4 Pro accounts for 1-in-5 PS4s sold
    2. Apple gets on the VR/AR bandwagon, improves App Store for games
    3. ESA sues to overturn Chicago online game service tax
    4. Palmer Luckey launching defense startup
    5. PlayStation Vita "still viable" - Sony
    6. Conflict minerals progress in jeopardy
    7. “I was completely unprepared for releasing a game in the modern marketplace”
    8. Garriott reassures backers after fresh crowdfunding push exposes finances
    9. PlayStation sponsoring London Pride 2017
    10. “Releasing your mobile game in China is an absolute necessity”
    11. China's mobile esports revenues to approach $7bn in 2017
    12. Tekken 7 secures series' first UK No.1 since 1998
    13. Newly-launched VC Rooks Nest Ventures has £28m to invest in tech and games firms
    1. Portalarium opens the books for equity crowdfunding
    2. Steam Direct fee set at $100
    3. David Eddings joins Rooster Teeth Games
    4. Rovio appoints new chairman of the board
    5. EA Play To Give will donate $1m to charity
    6. Sumo appoints new India studio director
    7. Denuvo denies claims of Rime slowdown, but publisher removes DRM
    8. Why the games industry should not stay neutral this election
    9. BAFTA to honour Riot Games' Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill at E3
    10. NPD: Grand Theft Auto V is the US' best-selling game since 1995
    11. OtherSide Entertainment hires new VP of marketing
    12. Mobile revenue gravity pulls Square Enix inwards
    13. Nintendo Switch online service pushed back to 2018
    1. Warner Bros and Google using Wonder Woman to get girls into coding
    2. Riot overhauls League of Legends eSports
    3. The industry goes stir crazy
    4. Square Enix signs publishing deal with People Can Fly
    5. App Store revenue breaks $70bn
    6. Zelnick: “We're probably undermonetising our users”
    7. BT Productions teams up with Attention Seekers to produce video games TV shows
    8. Klang receives additional funding, strikes a deal with Harvard Law professor
    9. Fatal1ty and eSports veterans launching ReadyUp team management platform
    10. What went wrong at Mad Catz?
    11. The Pokémon Company profits up 2500%
    12. Intrepid Studios hires MMO veterans as Kickstarter nears $3m
    13. Pain developer Idol Minds rebrands to focus on narrative