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June 2015 Archive

    1. Sony claims up to 90% market share in Europe
    2. Industry's days of stability are over - Square Enix CEO
    3. "VR is going to yield this staggering orgasm of the new"
    4. Nintendo's Miyamoto "not actively participating" in NX development
    5. Kongregate's Emily Greer joins the board at PlayFab
    6. Unikrn raises $7m for eSports
    7. SteamSpy: Bigger discounts don't lead to more revenue
    1. Disney combines interactive and consumer products divisions
    2. Mojang ends Scrolls support
    3. Twitch's E3 content attracts 21m unique viewers
    4. Steam's hardware early pre-orders sell out
    5. Avellone becomes The Bard's Tale IV stretch goal
    6. "There would be pitchforks at the gate" - Hines
    7. Gearbox hires The Elder Scrolls Online's creative director
    8. Batman: Arkham Knight is the UK's biggest launch of 2015
    9. New British studios are choosing PC over mobile
    10. Ella Romanos joins Tenshi Grants to head up expansion program
    11. The Last Guardian: "We have to deliver, we have extra pressure"
    1. VR could be biggest for non-gaming uses - Sony exec
    2. Christian Svensson joins Six Foot as COO
    3. Apple pulls games with Confederate flag imagery
    4. Nintendo is not in a transitional year - Moffitt
    5. Microsoft puts Windows and games at the centre of its strategy
    6. Fallout Shelter was a top five earner in 37 countries
    7. Keiji Inafune: Return of the industry mega man
    8. Destiny's business model leaves Bungie walking on eggshells
    1. Demi Lovato latest star to sign game deal
    2. Goodgame Studios now accepting bitcoin
    3. MobilityWare appoints new VP of engineering
    4. BioShock vet to join Dots as Head of Studio
    5. Radiant Entertainment raises $4.5m in seed funding
    6. Irish game development poised to break out
    7. Two takes on E3 2015
    8. France reforms cultural tax breaks for games
    9. Investment summit returns to EGX
    10. Cliff Bleszinski makes a business case for diversity
    11. Suzuki: Sony won't get "a cent" of Shenmue 3's Kickstarter cash
    12. Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales suspended
    1. Undead Labs hires new GM
    2. Rhythm Heaven still Japanese #1
    3. Unity's users can now access its internal roadmap
    4. Innospark scores $6.5m in Series B funding
    5. People Can Fly regains its independence
    6. Jordan Mechner: "Embrace your shadow"
    7. Original vision for Xbox One hasn't changed - Xbox CMO
    8. VR "not for the whole world" - Epic CEO
    9. GameDuell hires Nintendo, Microsoft veteran Howard Phillips
    10. Splatoon hits 1 million sales worldwide
    1. Bethesda wins E3 coverage race - ICO
    2. Roblox integrates SuperAwesome's ad platform
    3. GamesIndustry Summer Party tickets available now
    4. Warren Spector on E3: VR is a fad
    5. PlayStation TV didn't capture consumers' imagination - Yoshida
    6. Gameforge: "In a competitive market quality is the only answer"
    7. Randy Pitchford to keynote Develop Brighton
    8. UK industry employment levels at a record high
    1. Yoichi Wada steps down as Square Enix chairman
    2. Soomla SDK raises $5.5 million
    3. How to Crack China: Ubisoft Lifts the Lid on its Asian Experiment
    4. Yu Suzuki wants to double Kickstarter record for Shenmue 3
    5. "You don't need to be a data scientist"
    6. New PS4 models set to launch this month
    7. Luckey: VR's iPhone moment is coming, but not yet
    8. Tale of Tales is finished with game development
    9. "People on the internet can actually be very nice!"
    1. The average game on Steam sells only 32,000 copies
    2. Android CPI well above iOS, rising 72% since March
    3. E3 2015 sees attendance jump to over 52,000
    4. It's time for game financing to catch up with distribution - Marks
    5. HoloLens' field-of-view may be a problem without a solution
    6. Nintendo should pull out of E3 entirely
    1. Nintendo not a believer in current VR tech
    2. Hitman dev: Season pass "wrong approach" for gamers
    3. Sony's Yoshida admits he was nervious about a female lead in Horizon
    4. Big names talk mobile tactics, Nintendo's dilemma
    5. Ask Shinji Mikami a question and get a free pass for Gamelab Barcelona
    6. Bandai Namco overhauls US executive team
    7. Stephen Elop to exit Microsoft in Devices Group reshuffle
    8. Rhythm Heaven takes number one in Japan
    9. Over 12,000 sign petition to cancel Metroid Prime: Federation Force
    10. Bungie, Airtight veterans found Highwire Games
    11. Fallout Shelter is out-grossing Candy Crush Saga on the App Store
    1. EA: "We have to start building new IP that might feel like a big risk today"
    2. Roundtable: The winners and losers of E3
    3. Fumito Ueda's new studio, genDESIGN, surfaces
    4. Sony commits to helping Shenmue 3 development
    5. Nod Labs raises $13.5 million for VR controllers
    6. Xbox boss sees more opportunities for cross-platform with Windows 10
    7. We've been thinking about storytelling wrong - Payton
    1. PC Gaming Show: Watch it live here
    2. Square Enix at E3: Watch the live stream here
    3. Nintendo at E3: Watch the digital event here
    4. The Best Trailers of E3 So Far
    5. Shenmue 3 raised $2 million in 12 hours
    6. Zynga buys Mark Pincus' incubator for $1
    7. The Last Guardian, Shenmue III, FF VII Remake - Sony's E3
    8. CCP veterans are ready to bring AAA to VR
    9. PlayStation at E3: Watch the live stream here
    1. Ubisoft at E3: Watch the live stream here
    2. EA at E3: Watch the live stream here
    3. Xbox shines at E3: Backward compatibility, HoloLens and more
    4. Xbox at E3: Watch the live stream here
    5. RockYou buys six mobile games from Kiwi
    6. Official Oculus store will have comfort ratings, require pre-approval
    7. Mobile pushes Japanese industry to record $9.6b value
    8. Elder Scrolls Online takes UK #1
    9. Starbreeze makes strides into both VR and mobile
    1. Bethesda at E3: Watch the conference here
    1. Riot donating LCS tournament fines to LGBTQ charity
    2. Take-Two CEO: Being No.1 isn't crucial
    3. Google launches YouTube Gaming
    4. XREAL relying on symbiosis of game dev, YouTube
    5. Arc System Works buys Double Dragon rights
    6. FTC settles first ever crowdfunding case
    7. Igarashi's Bloodstained breaks Kickstarter record
    8. What do the platform holders need to do to “win” E3?
    1. NPD: PlayStation 4 is back on top
    2. Forge of Empires hits €100m lifetime revenue
    3. Razer quiet on Ouya rumours
    4. Oculus reveals consumer unit, Oculus Touch
    5. Watch Oculus' pre-E3 livestream here
    6. 3DS tops 15 million sold in US
    7. Amazon embraces "long-form" mobile gaming
    8. Android outpaces iOS with 50 per cent spending growth
    9. Winko Games raises $1.4 million for core mobile title
    10. Men are a growth market on mobile, says Innospark
    11. Osmo appoints Google vet as COO
    12. Armature to attempt to port UE4-powered game to Wii U, Vita
    1. €2m for eSports startup Dojo Madness
    2. Splatoon and Wii U hold Japanese #1
    3. EA VP: "It's not worth paying for Paris Hilton"
    4. Digital-only games account for 66% of console releases - EEDAR
    5. "Entrepreneurialism is the new get-a-job-as-a-games-tester"
    6. Intel launches $125 million pro-diversity VC fund
    7. PlayStation Now arrives on Samsung TVs
    1. Steam refunds: Young Horses and The Indie Stone react
    2. Oculus: Image leak shows "ancient" concept
    3. Apple names Design Award winners
    4. Indie Fund adds more investing partners
    5. ARK: Survival Evolved has already generated $10 million
    6. Who will control the quad-screen future?
    7. Chris Avellone leaves Obsidian
    8. ChinaJoy: New opportunities in the first year of Xbox and PlayStation
    9. Pim Holfve appointed as Avalanche's first ever CEO
    10. The Witcher 3 sold 4 million in two weeks
    11. Xbox One price drops to $350
    12. PlayFab introduces a Free Tier
    13. EGX Rezzed will return to London in 2016
    14. 'Playmium' focused mobile dev Gigataur enters publishing
    1. Sonic Dash passes 100 million downloads
    2. Apple introduces Metal for Mac
    3. No Xbox One or PS4 price cuts at E3 - Analyst
    4. Bigpoint hires new creative director
    5. TwitchCon to discuss fundraising, building communities
    6. Blizzard's Paul Sams joins Ready at Dawn as new CEO
    7. Angry Birds strike Lego deal
    8. Quality is the best strategy for app store discovery
    9. Amazon staffing for "ambitious" PC game
    1. Evolution Studios vets found new VR studio
    2. Project Cars sells one million copies
    3. Vive Developer Editions now shipping
    4. Desura to devs: "We are not refusing to pay you"
    5. Paid betas hurt Early Access - Tripwire
    6. Dota 2 tournament prize-pool is the largest in eSports
    7. Valve dates Steam Machines, Controllers, Steam Link
    8. The App Store is changing - for the better
    9. The persistent myth of the "MOBA market"
    1. Bungie Foundation raises $1m for Nepal
    2. Oculus names Mobile VR Jam 2015 winners
    3. Super Mario, Pong among World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees
    4. Critical Consensus: Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA for the masses
    5. Could Nintendo take the Android plunge?
    1. Global gaming market to hit $93 billion by 2019 - Report
    2. Reload Studios scores $2m investment for VR
    3. Black Tusk Studios becomes The Coalition
    4. eSports revenues to pass $250 million in 2015 - Newzoo
    5. Riot Games hires Warhammer writer
    6. Conflict minerals the real link between games and violence
    7. Splatoon takes Japanese number one, boosts Wii U sales
    8. Remedy CEO leaves after 15 years
    9. Hinterland: Navigating Early Access with The Long Dark
    1. Magic Leap releasing AR SDK soon
    2. Warner Bros. shutting down Infinite Crisis only 2 months after launch
    3. Steam now offering refunds
    4. GameFly acquires Playcast, launches streaming service
    5. Perception constrained by reality
    6. Activision Blizzard improves conflict minerals sourcing
    7. Glu eyes $500m annual revenue from celebrity games
    8. Next Gen Skills Academy focuses on games with first courses
    9. Rovio, Nokia devs form Koukoi Games
    10. Adobe acquires Mixamo
    11. Knowing When To Stop
    1. Accel sells Supercell shares, SoftBank ups stake
    2. New VP of American sales for CI Games
    3. Crossy Road devs invest in Australian startup
    4. GameStop Expo back for 2015
    5. Lego Worlds debuts in Early Access
    6. Can Blizzard's Storm tackle a saturating MOBA market?
    7. Brokering a truce between creators and consumers
    8. Get 10% off early bird tickets for Develop 2015
    9. Splatoon can't topple The Witcher in the UK
    10. Bioshock Infinite reaches 11 million sales
    11. Nvidia targets VR with new flagship GeForce GPU
    12. "We're trying to make 25 games this year. It's ridiculous"