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August 2012 Archive

    1. City of Heroes to shut down
    2. Publisher 2.0 - Did The Social Bubble Just Burst?
    3. Wikipad: "A bridge device between a tablet and a console"
    4. Sega adds support to Eurogamer Expo
    5. BAFTA hosting young game designer sessions at GI Fair
    6. Patrick Liu leaves DICE for Rovio
    7. ArenaNet boss: None of us are sleeping very much
    8. Zynga recruits online gambling vet as new COO
    9. Activision Blizzard revenues down as WoW, CoD contract
    10. Ngmoco axes 20 jobs at Freeverse - report
    11. Complacency Kills: Managing the world's biggest gaming brand
    12. Has the world unsubscribed?
    13. More Zynga execs leave
    1. BioWare GM unsure if free-to-play will save Old Republic
    2. World of Warcraft, Raph Koster will be honored at GDC Online Awards
    3. Sony's Hirai puts Vita sales near expectations
    4. Archos announces Android-powered GamePad
    5. Steam Greenlight officially launches
    6. Xbox Live supports GaymerCon event
    7. Delivering earned media performance
    8. Madden NFL 13 sees 900k sold on day one
    9. Future shuts down Nintendo Gamer magazine
    10. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II added to Eurogamer Expo
    11. ArenaNet signs deal to take Guild Wars 2 to China
    12. EA's Gibeau on PopCap cuts
    13. New Super Mario Bros. 2 breaks 1m sales in Japan
    14. Unity: "If our only goal was to make an engine, I'd make myself redundant"
    1. Oculus CEO: "This is just gonna change everything"
    2. Nintendo in the Crosshairs: Why PlayMG Believes it Can Top 3DS
    3. Konami's Puzzle Chasers hits 1m monthly active users
    4. EA Maxis: PC isn't dead
    5. Square Enix launches CoreOnline for browser based gaming
    6. Capcom devs to host sessions at Eurogamer Expo
    7. Perlman's "ego" key to decline of OnLive - report
    8. Blizzard confirms restrictions against Iranian WoW players
    9. Funcom financials reveal Secret World disappointment
    10. How do you sell a next-gen console?
    11. Dishonored: No Marines, No Elves, No Bank Heists
    12. Zynga chief creative officer leaves for new startup
    1. OnLive founder Steve Perlman says goodbye
    2. Heavy Rain 2 never seriously discussed between Quantic Dream and Sony
    3. Guild Wars 2 crosses 1 million in sales prior to launch
    4. PlayMG launches first dedicated Android gaming portable
    5. Zipper Interactive vets form nobodinos
    6. Molyneux session confirmed for Eurogamer Expo
    7. Cave CEO & president Ito Masahito resigns, citing personal reasons
    8. MLG disqualifies "colluding" League of Legends eSports teams
    9. Second week at UK number one for Sleeping Dogs
    10. Foxconn posts six-month loss of $224 million
    11. Apple seeks US ban on eight Samsung smartphones
    12. Bigpoint's big changes
    13. Nexon America promotes SVP to CEO
    1. Zynga stock falls again after brief climb
    2. OnLive CEO Steve Perlman replaced with Charlie Jablonski
    3. Hawken adds Oculus Rift support at launch
    4. Shanda Games CEO resigns
    5. Shadow of the Colossus producer leaves Sony
    6. Mobile Games: Making it to the 1%
    7. Xbox 360 gets its first free-to-play game
    8. Microsoft seeks ex-OnLive developers
    1. How to Monetize Free-to-Play Games
    1. Apple v. Samsung: Verdict in, Samsung infringed 5 patents
    2. The9's sales and losses mount in H1 2012
    3. Activision: Mobile will catch Xbox 360 in a generation
    4. Nintendo's Iwata: Social is "mandatory" for gaming
    5. Dungeon Fighter Online passes 3 million concurrent users
    6. Gigamedia sees 19% YoY sales fall
    7. Frank O'Connor to present at Eurogamer Expo
    8. THQ Digital Warrington veterans launch mobile studio
    9. Head in the Clouds
    10. Perlman stays CEO at new OnLive
    11. High costs fuelling Facebook exodus, says analyst
    12. Nukotoys CEO: "We're merging digital play with physical play"
    1. Gree partners with North American indie developers
    2. EA's Moore: Games are becoming "365 days a year" experiences
    3. Remedy calls next-gen a "quantum leap"
    4. World of Warcraft free-to-play not moving past level 20
    5. Microsoft updates 25 year old logo
    6. Zynga loses CityVille GM to Kixeye
    7. Roundtable: The DLC "Problem"
    8. Sony Mobile moves headquarters back to Tokyo
    9. Fargo: "Without corporate interruption, we're kicking ass"
    10. Criterion to present Eurogamer Expo dev session
    11. Unity inks Intel Atom deal for Union portfolio
    12. GameStop loyalty scheme hits 20m members
    13. OnLive had $30m in debts
    14. New head of PR for Jagex
    15. Nintendo wins Japanese charts
    16. Unity will support Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
    1. Xbox 360 price cut? Not so fast, say analysts
    2. Interplay revives Black Isle Studios
    3. Indie Megabooth returns to PAX Prime
    4. Lumosity raises $31.5 million in funding
    5. Oculus Rift heading to South Korea
    6. Microsoft slashes price of Kinect in US
    7. GAME's Oxford St flagship store closing as lease expires
    8. Peter Molyneux: Keep it simple, keep it crazy
    9. Unity launches Online Services marketplace
    10. Sony closes Studio Liverpool
    11. THQ adds Company of Heroes 2 to Eurogamer Expo
    12. DayZ creator ready to take on hackers
    13. Dell sees 8 per cent fall in sales
    14. Guillemot: As many PC players pay for F2P as boxed product
    15. SGN hires McGuckin as VP of Marketing
    1. Nintendo Power ceasing publication [Report]
    2. THQ cuts non-development team by 20 employees
    3. Funcom confirms layoffs in "cost-adjustment initiative"
    4. Nintendo: The handheld market is not shrinking
    5. PopCap confirms "reorganization" and layoffs
    6. Wii U price to be revealed on September 13?
    7. EA's Soderlund: Physical retail could be gone in ten years
    8. Retailer Best Buy sees 3% YoY revenue fall
    9. GamesAid cycle team arrives in UK
    10. 2.2 million PlayStation Vitas sold so far
    11. Apple surpasses Microsoft as richest company ever in US
    12. Riot Games settles porn site lawsuit
    13. EA: "We're standing up for the industry" against Zynga
    14. BT prepared to write off OnLive investment
    15. Racing Ahead: The Rise Of Triple-A Mobile Games
    16. GameStop: Is history on their side?
    17. EA taking FIFA hacking "very seriously" this year
    1. New Super Mario Bros 2 digital downloads make up 5 percent of total sales
    2. GDC Europe beats attendance record
    3. Nimblebit was "taken aback" by Zynga clone
    4. New CEO for Best Buy
    5. Nexon warns consoles could "go the way of the dinosaurs"
    6. Simon Maxwell joins Eurogamer Network
    7. New OnLive owner is Lauder Partners
    8. Sleeping Dogs jumps straight to UK number 1
    9. Roy Bahat exits IGN president role
    10. HTC takes $40 million hit from OnLive issues
    11. GameStop President: "Reservations are up on every major title"
    12. Wargaming: Battleships, Belarus and Business Suicide
    1. Steam "Big Picture" mode hits beta in September
    1. 38 Studios' Project Copernicus was planned as free-to-play
    2. Assassin's Creed sequelization put in context by Ubisoft
    3. Firefall doubles team, hires former 38 Studios devs
    4. OnLive lives, but employees laid off
    5. Sony downplays lack of 3D at E3, Gamescom
    6. EA adds its support to Eurogamer Expo
    7. Alex Hutchinson: Game journalists exhibit "subtle racism"
    8. Nintendo criticised by conflict minerals advocacy group
    9. Rebellion files lawsuit against Stardock and Ironclad Games
    10. GameStop's sales drop by 11% as $10m shaved from profits
    11. Sony's software brilliance still isn't enough
    12. David Cage says games "need to grow up"
    13. Sony says "it's too early" for PS Vita price cut
    1. Resident Evil web service aims to help players complete RE6
    2. GameStop lets users download DLC in store
    3. Ubisoft launches Uplay PC digital distribution platform
    4. Last Story publisher says core gamers "follow the best games regardless of the system"
    5. Moshi Monsters magazine in UK top 30
    6. Kuju: "We will not continue to own Vatra"
    7. Sony in talks with publishers for Cross Buy promotions
    8. EA buyout rumours power share price hike
    9. Brandon Beck: "E-sports will be an Olympic event in my lifetime"
    10. Corsair acquires Raptor Gaming
    11. Bigpoint launching F2P titles on Amazon
    12. EA's Moore: "There's no feud" with Valve
    13. Penny Arcade Kickstarter hits 'no-ads' goal in last hours
    14. Super Mario and 3DS top Japanese charts
    15. Hunicke: Journey development plagued by unrealistic expectations
    16. Axl Rose and Activision going to trial
    17. Netease records Q2 sales of $309m, profit of $138m
    18. Vigil responds to Darksiders II credits row
    19. EA drops all weapon ads associated with MoH
    20. Consoles still king for kids, but tablets catching up
    1. Gamevil sales double for H1 2012
    2. Spector: Make "believeable characters" not "believable guns"
    3. Stardock sues marketer over poor Elemental reception
    4. NaturalMotion acquires Boss Alien
    5. Roundtable: Will Wii U Get The 3rd Party Support It Needs?
    6. Eurogamer launches new dedicated Xbox website
    7. Yoshida: "Our priority right now is definitely to bring more content"
    8. Gree posts record figures for full year 2012
    9. Hirai emphasises importance of cloud
    10. Verizon integrates ESRB ratings into Verizon Apps store
    11. Wheel of Time game planned for Android and iOS
    1. Sony kicks off Gamescom with new IP
    2. Oculus hires Gaikai chief product officer as its new CEO
    3. PlayStation Mobile adds Asus and Wikipad as partners
    4. Sony reveals Cross Buy for PlayStation Vita
    5. Rockstar Vienna's former CEO joins Socialspiel
    6. Capcom grabs IP rights to new title Remember Me
    7. Origin coming to Mac, Android, Facebook, smart TVs
    8. Facebook now has 235m gamers
    9. Suzanne Powles joins Gem Creative
    10. Oskar Burman joins Rovio's new Swedish studio
    11. FTC report highlights "unfair and deceptive" Facebook privacy
    12. Bioware talks day one DLC
    13. Neil Young: "This is the best time to be a game designer"
    14. TinyCo. to open Vancouver studio
    15. Nate Wells swaps Irrational for Naughty Dog
    16. Dare To Dream: The Gaming Stars Of Tomorrow
    17. Biometrics: The Science Of Play
    18. EA looking to support Windows Phone 8
    1. Ubisoft's Raymond: controversial topics need "certain level of polish"
    2. Rovio's New Product Wizard leaves the roost
    3. Valve highlights user-generated content on Steam Community
    4. Wargaming CEO: Companies too "emotionally attached" to change business models
    5. Brian Fargo Interview: "Our definition of success is their failure"
    6. Minecraft on PC sees 7m sales
    7. Epic Games buys Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly
    8. DICE GM: It's about the games, not the business models
    9. Funcom: Poor Metacritc damaged Secret World performance
    10. What European developers need to know about American online gamers
    11. TIGA founds new industry awards
    12. Study names GameStop as 10th worst place to work in US
    13. Creative director, artists, exit People Can Fly
    14. Sega's London 2012 takes gold again
    15. Dare to Be Digital winners announced
    16. Colin McComb joins Wasteland 2 team
    17. Quake, Wing Commander artist Paul Steed passes away
    18. EA's Moore: Digital will overtake boxed products in two to three years
    19. Youth facing up to 15 years prison for Runescape robbery
    20. Pitfall creator: Zynga gives the casual market a bad name
    21. Queen to King's Castle
    1. Zynga offered to port Fez to mobile, says Polytron
    2. Double Fine looks to completely shift away from work-for-hire
    3. Amazon readying new Kindles?
    4. Eurogamer's Loman now a SpecialEffect VP
    5. Sony Interview: Jack Tretton Defends Vita, Dedicated Consoles
    6. Brasil Game Show opens registration for Game Festival awards
    7. BioWare's Zeschuk widens his role at company
    8. Kinect 2 image leaked - report
    9. HMV boss: Won't bet my house on chain seeing 2021
    10. Habbo Hotel revenue at 75 per cent of pre-scandal levels
    11. Zynga staff vent over stock price collapse
    12. Spending on Smart TV gaming to hit $1.6b in 2016
    13. Submissions open for 2013 IGF Competition
    14. Tegra sales boost Nvidia profits to $119 million
    15. CCP raises $20m for DUST 514 promotion
    16. Capcom: Western developers start with the visuals
    17. Anonymous claims retaliations against Ukranian government
    18. Steam's Greatest Challenge Yet
    19. Tera lawsuit settled between En Masse/NCsoft
    20. Blizzard's hacked
    21. Gears of War producer joins Irrational Games
    22. Zynga hands out stock options to employees to stop exodus
    23. Dungeon Defenders publisher gets four more recruits
    24. Ouya begins post-Kickstarter pre-orders
    25. Sony having a "difficult time" getting third-parties on Vita
    1. Xbox 360 sells 203,000 units in US during July
    2. Game sales down another 20 percent during July for US
    3. Crowd-funding developer compares project to Breaking Bad
    4. iQU expands to the US
    5. Mass Effect, IGN veterans hired by Reverb
    6. Retailer R.U. Game? up for sale on eBay
    7. Epic names new outfit as Impossible Studios
    8. DeNA profits hit $131m, record sales of $609m in Q1
    9. BigWorld CEO quits following Wargaming acquisition
    10. Real money prices on Xbox Live "an error"
    11. Dragon's Quest X tops Japanese chart with 420,000 sales
    12. Search for a Star winner takes role at Sony's Motorstorm studio
    13. Megaupload raid video surfaces online
    14. Jason Della Rocca hoping to promote Canadian indie development
    15. NTT Docomo demos two-sided, translucent OLED phone screen
    16. 38 Studios' assets transferred to Rhode Island state
    17. HMV sees £16m loss, 12 per cent drop in sales for year
    18. Ouya Kickstarter closes on $8.6m
    19. The Blast Furnace: Gordon Hall joins Activision Mobile
    20. The Blast Furnace: Rebooting Activision's IP for the tablet generation
    21. Zynga in the Doghouse
    22. Silent Hill HD patch cancelled for Xbox 360
    1. John Schappert resigns from Zynga
    2. Digital game sales in US grew 17% during second quarter - NPD
    3. Netflix launches 'Just for Kids' section on Xbox 360
    4. TERA publisher hit with layoffs
    5. Publisher 2.0: League of Legends' player focused marketing
    6. BioShock Infinite loses key executives
    7. Valve confirms Steam expansion into non-gaming software
    8. Game development the "best goddamn job in the world"
    9. Minecraft XBLA selling 17,000 copies per day
    10. David Sears joins Special Operations Forces Studios
    11. Diablo III player makes $10,000 from in-game auction house
    12. NCsoft makes Q2 loss amid spiralling costs
    13. New Shanghai studio for Crytek
    14. Gameforge cancels Star Trek: Infinite Space
    15. Angry Birds toys to make $400 million in 2012
    16. Funium Raises $1.8m for genealogy game
    17. Disney Interactive narrows Q3 losses despite falling revenue
    18. US packaged goods sales to drop 26% in 2012
    19. Game Informer now third largest magazine in US
    20. New COO for Hansoft
    21. Codemasters rolls out GRID 2 to Eurogamer Expo
    1. Crytek CEO: The next generation is social
    2. EA: Madden "did not have the level of innovation as our other franchises"
    3. Microsoft renames Windows Phone Marketplace
    4. Xbox Windows branding coming to Windows 8
    5. PCGamesN launching ten new channels
    6. Wargaming snaps up BigWorld for $45m
    7. Battlefield 3 designer Goldfarb joins Starbreeze
    8. Facebook UK launches first real money gambling game
    9. Lost Winds dev Frontier opens new studio in Canada
    10. Hideo Kojima to present Metal Gear retrospective at Eurogamer Expo
    11. Wozniak: reliance on Cloud could prove "horrendous"
    12. Acer urges Microsoft to "think twice" on Surface
    13. Kim Dotcom accuses NZ police of brutality during arrest
    14. Best Buy founder looks to make retailer private once more
    15. Square-Enix records ¥2bn loss for quarter ending June 30, 2012
    16. THQ internal studios working on four unannounced projects
    17. Wooga: "We love platforms that are hundreds of millions of users"
    18. The Fallacy of Photo-Realism
    19. Amazon Game Studios launches with Facebook game
    20. THQ back in the black in Q1
    1. THQ kills Guillermo del Toro's InSane
    2. PC Developers On Microsoft's "Wrongheaded Strategy" for Windows 8
    3. League of Legends kicks off new professional league
    4. Zynga's high-speed, data-driven design vs console development
    5. ARM's new GPU designs promise better mobile graphics
    6. EA vs Zynga to drag on for "several years" says Pachter
    7. ChangYou profits and revenues up for Q2, 2012
    8. Former Gizmondo boss claims mafia rumours were press manipulation
    9. Electronic Arts UK signs new PR agency
    10. GameStop: We're not cannibalising new game sales
    11. Konami undergoing European restructure with new UK HQ
    12. Byron, Twist: safe gaming starts with parents
    13. Sole new entry Risen 2 debuts at 14 in UK chart
    14. Facebook claims 230m users played games last month
    15. HMV Finance Director David Wolffe moving on
    16. Games will be "indistinguishable from reality" in 10 years, says ILM
    17. Seropian: Don't port unnecessary concepts to mobile
    1. Gameforge begins mobile development
    2. Telltale calls the '99 cent' mobile gamer a myth
    3. SOE says SWTOR going free was the "right decision"
    4. Call of Duty: "Significant concerns" that it's peaked, "genre tired" says analyst
    5. Guild Wars 2 could impact Activision Blizzard's stock
    6. EA sues Zynga over Sims Social copyright infringement
    7. World of Warcraft film gets new script
    8. Roundtable: The Old Republic's Free-To-Play Future
    9. Glu Mobile acquires IGN's GameSpy tech
    10. Pincus: It's okay to be misunderstood, but not by your customers
    11. id shelves all mobile development for Doom 4
    12. Gree founds "strategically significant" new London studio
    13. Namco Bandai Q1 profits up 200 per cent
    14. Swedish developer Junebud files for bankruptcy
    15. PlayStation punctured: Sony's games business deflates again
    16. Zombie Farm developer acquired by Saban Brands
    1. Diablo III cannibalized WoW admits Blizzard
    2. Valve finds extra performance in OpenGL and Linux
    3. Activision CEO says competition putting out "less than adequate" products
    4. Ouya snags Shadowrun Online
    5. Rise of the Triad reboot coming
    6. LucasArts president Paul Meegan steps down
    7. Activision sales up over forecasts, WoW subs down
    8. StarCraft II skillsets similar to online poker, says Playhem
    9. Temple Run has been downloaded 100m times
    10. EA's Peter Moore: Zynga has "dropped to their knees"
    11. 2K's Christoph Hartmann: Why Consoles Will Always Matter
    12. Vaizey praises UK games investment at Creative Content Summit
    13. Minecon 2012 to be held at Disneyland Paris
    14. Christoph Vietzke joins Eutechnyx team
    15. Sony, Sega, Sheridans, Standfast commit to Games Invest 2012
    16. ArenaNet: Have subs MMOs been ridden to death?
    17. HMV CEO Simon Fox leaves after six years
    18. 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2 storm the Japanses charts
    19. Words on Play: Episode 5 - Social Collapse?
    20. Declining PlayStation sales lead to loss for Sony
    21. iPad market share falls according to survey
    22. NBA 2K13 names Jay Z as executive producer
    1. SOCOM "not done" according to Shuhei Yoshida
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic could attract up to 50m monthly players says Wedbush
    3. Wii patent lawsuit dismissed
    4. Atlus' US CEO steps down
    5. Microsoft finished with RTM build of Windows 8
    6. Dragon's Dogma likely to become franchise
    7. Ouya lands Vevo music video support
    8. Zynga pulling Schappert is "idiotic" says Pachter
    9. Games must achieve photorealism in order to open up new genres says 2K
    10. Gree, others join the ESA
    11. VR headset Oculus Rift passes Kickstarter goal with a month to go
    12. Facebook App Center now available worldwide
    13. Flurry study names ads as fastest growing mobile revenue sector
    14. Steam subscriber agreement now blocks class-action suits
    15. Notch: Windows 8 could be "very, very bad for indie developers"
    16. Schappert stripped of responsibility for games in Zynga reshuffle
    17. Tech Focus: The Evolution of Steam and the "Windows 8 Catastrophe"
    18. EA transition continues to test investors' patience