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April 2014 Archive

    1. How Watch Dogs' delay helped marketing
    2. Lionsgate launching games division
    3. Nintendo offers free game with purchase of Mario Kart 8
    4. Your game portfolio is your greatest asset
    5. Microsoft launching Xbox One in China this September
    6. Nick Baynes: From Big Bit to a big idea
    7. Zynga co-founder launches mobile studio
    1. Activision: TV marketing still needed to make a blockbuster game
    2. PC market has surpassed console - DFC
    3. Nintendo skipping E3 media briefing again
    4. Towerfall dev says Ouya version sold around 7,000
    5. Game Insight closes San Francisco office
    6. France prepping developer visa
    7. TIGA urges PEGI to review its prices
    8. "I'm actually quite a big fan of Candy Crush"
    9. Respawn's Zampella establishes mobile studio
    1. Gameloft Q1 revenues up 4%
    2. MLG event will be part of X Games Austin
    3. "VR is here to stay this time" - Virtuix CEO
    4. Video Game Education Opens Doors
    5. Critical Consensus: The Elder Scrolls Online falls short of its pedigree
    6. Rovio sees just 2.5% YoY revenue growth in 2013
    7. Titanfall still topping UK charts
    8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare gets micro-transactions
    9. From Software bought by Kadokawa Shoten - report
    10. Funcom nets $1.6 million for Lego MMO launch
    11. Thomas Was Alone passes million sale milestone
    12. E.T. cartridges unearthed in New Mexico
    1. MLG building permanent arena in China
    2. The Write Stuff: Narrative and the Arvon Foundation
    3. Microsoft: 1.2m Xbox One units sold in Q3, $20.40b in revenue
    4. La Vita e Bella?
    1. Women increasing representation among US gamers - ESA
    2. Epic adds consoles to $19 Unreal Engine 4 program
    3. VR treadmill dev gets $3 million investment
    4. Teacher's Lounge: Insider Views on Games Education
    1. GameStop 3.0 pushing company beyond games
    2. Zynga upgrades exec team as Pincus steps down from operational role
    3. FTC OKs Facebook purchase of Oculus
    4. So you want to publish a game in China...
    5. Xbox One debuts in Japan September 4
    6. PlayStation Vita still hardware #1 in Japan
    7. King opens Tokyo office
    8. Should developers go to school?
    9. First speakers confirmed for Develop in Brighton
    10. TIGA announces Games Tax Relief tour
    1. SOE: Teaching students to self-critique is crucial
    2. "What we're doing is quite remarkable; let's not forget that"
    3. Free-to-play a $470 million market in Brazil - Report
    4. Nominees unveiled for Nordic Game Awards 2014
    5. Titanfall still UK #1, beats FIFA World Cup
    6. Devil Inside writer joins Visceral's Star Wars project
    1. Perfect World to buy $100 million in Shanda shares
    2. Final Fantasy XIV registrations hit 2 million
    3. Assassin's Creed franchise sales top 73 million
    4. Nate Wells leaves Naughty Dog
    1. Teaching the Games Business
    1. Microsoft trumpets Titanfall success as Xbox One hits 5m shipped
    2. Titanfall tops chart, but PS4 leads hardware again in March - NPD
    3. King resolves trademark disputes
    4. MLG names Ryan Wyatt as VP of programming
    5. Tom Buscaglia takes chair of IGDA board
    6. Education vs. Vocation
    7. NCsoft invests $4.8 million in Korean web comics firm
    8. New Robot Wars title makes Vita Japanese #1
    9. PS4 sales top 7 million
    10. Putting shareholders before customers will kill your company
    11. Sony sells all Square Enix stock
    1. King partners with Tencent to distribute Candy Crush in China
    2. Twitch now distributing games
    3. Unity acquires Playnomics - report
    4. App Store garbage isn't the problem - Canabalt designer
    5. The game that saved a life
    6. SuperAwesome and Bin Weevils sign exclusive ads deal
    7. Second Stand Up for GamesAid raises £9000
    8. Watch BAFTA's Games Question Time on Narrative
    9. Free-to-play dominates Steam
    10. Xbox One expected to sell 100k in China - report
    11. Halo composer fired "without cause"
    12. GungHo has four games earning $1 million a month
    13. Fable lead designer departs Lionhead
    1. Transgaming gets into publishing
    2. "Games making should appeal to children as much as games playing"
    3. CCP drops into red, losing $21m in FY 2013
    4. 85,000 Oculus Rift dev kits sold
    5. EverQuest veteran's MMO encounters trouble
    6. Elevator Pitch: A Game to Make You More Creative
    7. Crytek hires exec
    1. Square Enix shuts down India studio - Report
    2. CCP cancels World Of Darkness
    3. PS Vita doesn't deserve bad reputation - Drinkbox
    4. Nintendo cuts price on 3DS best-sellers
    5. Dungeon Defenders studio names Darrell Rodriguez CEO
    6. Future Publishing launches Kotaku UK
    7. Titanfall beats Hobbit on UK chart
    8. GaymerX 2014 will be the last
    9. Capcom investing $80m in new facilities
    1. Preview: GameHorizon 2014
    2. Wargaming: Free-to-play on Oculus Rift needs 10m users
    3. EA sees eSports opportunities in its franchises
    4. SOE Player Studio user earns $100,000
    5. Microconsoles: Back for Round Two
    1. Spector aims to build "Navy SEALs of game development training"
    2. Zynga appoints Best Buy exec to CFO
    3. Community is a double-edged sword
    4. Infamous: Second Son tops 1 million sold
    5. Game publishing should be driven by fun, not sales - Grey Box
    6. Kickfailer: How one studio is asking fans for help
    7. GTA V wins big at the European Game Awards
    8. World of Tanks leads the way in average revenue per user
    9. GTA Online attracts 70 per cent of connected GTA V players
    10. Sony and Bossa sponsor Stand Up for GamesAid
    11. Double Fine warns indies against deep discounting
    12. Minecraft: Pocket Edition up to 21m sales
    13. Quiet week on Japanese charts
    1. Traditional games are the real bait-and-switch - Cousins
    2. Kabam expands with new Berlin office
    3. Only 2.2% of free-to-play users ever pay - Report
    4. Sega cuts staff at London office
    5. TabTale: "We don't believe in virtual currency for kids"
    6. Telltale named gaming's most innovative company
    7. "The Instagram of interactive content"
    1. Redesigned PS Vita hits US May 6
    2. RealNetworks names Atul Bali president of games
    3. Disney Infinity adding in Marvel heroes
    4. Industry volatility has devs unsure of next steps - IGDA head
    5. Mike Hayes joins VR specialist nDreams
    6. Tetris now at 425 million paid mobile downloads
    7. Amazon details "nuanced" approach to game development
    1. Reality check: VR's road to relevance
    2. Publishing indies in the era of self-publishing
    3. Xbox lines up big names for TV push in June
    4. FIFA beats Elder Scrolls Online to UK #1
    5. Google preparing Android TV for launch - report
    6. Molten Games loses funding, fires staff - report
    1. 505 picks up Adam Orth's game
    2. NaturalMotion CEO: Don't be afraid to cancel a game
    3. Wargaming to invest $10m in eSports in 2014
    4. Square Enix Collective goes live
    5. Masato Masuda dies at 48
    6. Film crew wins right to excavate E.T. landfill
    7. Are Japanese women the future of its gaming?
    1. GameSpy shutting down all hosted services
    2. Amy Hennig lands at Visceral
    3. The Behemoth helping other indies with funding, UX, QA
    4. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls sells 2.7 million
    5. Next Games: From Angry Birds to The Walking Dead
    6. Kalypso Media launches mobile arm
    7. Jesse Divnich leaves EEDAR for Tilting Point
    8. Hi-Rez Studios expanding with 30 new jobs, bigger HQ
    9. Ouya boss on Fire TV: Gaming isn't an "added bonus" for us
    10. Amazon Fire TV: A "nonevent" for games?
    1. Airtight Games lays off 14
    2. Amazon hires Swift, Hocking
    3. Amazon launches Fire TV for $99
    4. Killing your game the right way
    5. 3DS XL Japanese number one again
    6. EGX London tickets now on sale
    7. Apply now for BAFTA Breakthrough Brits
    8. Submissions open for Develop Brighton's Indie Showcase
    9. King seeks to grow headcount by 25 per cent
    10. EA's Moore apologises for Frostbite prank
    11. Uber Entertainment and PopCap vet start PlayFab
    1. VR will be bigger than smartphones - Sweeney
    2. Free-to-play whales more rational than assumed
    3. Xbox One streams 108,000 Twitch broadcasts in week one
    4. New CEO for Machinima
    5. Crytek's Warface amasses 25m users
    6. Valve's Nicholls joins Oculus VR
    7. Thunder Bunnies and the Social Contract
    8. Industrial Toys secures $5m in funding