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April 2022 Archive

    1. Activision Blizzard receives new NLRB complaint
    2. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and GTA 5 are top UK downloads | UK Digital Charts
    3. Rovio sees 26% increase in group revenues to €85m
    4. Platforms are altering the deal | This Week in Business
    5. Court dismisses Bungie copyright infringement claim against AimJunkies
    6. Unionisation pushes reveal the industry's inequalities | Opinion
    7. Have we 'ad' enough of in-game marketing? | Podcast
    8. Maze Theory makes 14 hires, appoints Jon Attfield as CTO | Jobs Roundup: April 2022
    9. Nintendo Switch Sports | Critical Consensus
    10. Tales of Arise passes 2m sales
    11. Former Blizzard Versailles employees win appeal over redundancies that led to studio closure
    12. Game Workers Unite to become first Australian games industry union
    13. Epic Games faces labour complaint over allegedly refusing to hire union supporter
    1. Twitch reportedly considering cut to top streamers' pay
    2. Activision Blizzard stockholders approve of Microsoft acquisition deal
    3. Xbox & Bethesda Games showcase slated for June 12
    4. The magic of discovery in Broken Sword | Why I Love
    5. Room 8 to acquire PUGA Studios
    6. Could you be a mentor?
    7. PlayStation hires former Kabam and Zynga executives to mobile business
    8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel hits 30m downloads
    9. Yuji Naka took Square Enix to court over unfinished Balan Wonderworld
    10. Skábma: Snowfall writer on preserving cultural identity in games
    11. NetEase founder and CEO scales back duties amid tech restrictions in China
    12. Electronic Arts seeks more influencers as it opens Creator Network to all
    13. Moving Out has sold one million copies
    1. British Gas advises that game consoles on rest mode are "vampire devices"
    2. Devil May Cry 5 sells 5 million units globally
    3. Report - 91% of App Store apps follow opt-in tracking rule
    4. It's quiet, too quiet... | GI Market Report
    5. "What Disney Land is for families, we can be for horror"
    6. The trials of remote working
    7. Revenues up 6% to $3.74bn in Xbox's best non-holiday quarter to date
    8. Climate Replay launches pledge against irresponsible use of NFTs in games
    1. Sega to delist Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD
    2. Game trials will be required for some games on the PlayStation Store
    3. "Until I'm old and grey, I'm going to keep turning my silly ideas into games"
    4. Hutch Games opens Dundee office location
    5. Keywords staff at BioWare Edmonton look to unionize
    6. Recruitment tips when recovering from cultural issues
    7. Game Freak announces optional four-day work week
    8. BBC Proms to host first video game themed concert segment
    9. Women and over 50s show biggest UK games spending increase since 2019
    10. 343 delays Halo Infinite updates to prioritise team health
    11. Meta to open first retail store
    12. Crytek adopts permanent remote working options
    13. PlayStation sets up game preservation team, hires new senior build engineer
    14. Life is Strange: True Colors wins Game of the Year at Gayming Awards 2022
    15. Nintendo and Illumination delay Mario movie into 2023
    16. Ubisoft shutting down online functionality for 90 older games
    1. Virtuos invests in Umanaïa Interactive
    2. Lilith Games launches publishing brand Farlight Games
    3. Valheim moves 10 million units
    4. Adopting the four-day work week
    5. March spend down 15% to $4.9 billion, Q1 down 8% to $13.9 billion | US Monthly Charts
    6. Activision Blizzard sales and engagement tumble
    7. M&A deals in Q1 reached $98.7bn
    8. Dutch Gambling Authority vs Electronic Arts, and the future of loot boxes
    9. Enter the UK Best Places To Work Awards 2022 today
    10. Ubisoft reportedly attracting buyout interest
    11. Price of Eve Online subscriptions to increase in May
    12. Dying Light 2 has sold over 5m copies
    13. Apple to remove apps that haven't been updated in a "significant amount of time"
    1. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga retains No.1 as new releases slow | UK Boxed Charts
    1. NLRB says that Raven Software QA group is eligible for union election
    2. Nintendo contractors report harsh working environment
    3. Revamped PlayStation Plus to debut in June for Americas, Europe, Japan
    4. Coutts and NatWest launch interactive entertainment accelerator
    5. Rockstar's latest mob story | This Week in Business
    6. Perfect World Entertainment rebrands to Gearbox Publishing
    7. GOG announces menstrual leave for employees
    8. Metaverse concepts should distance themselves from NFTs | Opinion
    9. The relevance of review scores | Podcast
    10. PlayStation names Liliana Laporte as its new EMEA VP
    11. Games industry companies celebrate Earth Day 2022
    12. Play Create Green on building a lasting green movement within games
    13. Sony gender discrimination lawsuit dismissed, but plaintiff may file amended complaint
    14. Konami to change trade name to Konami Group Corporation
    15. Frogwares postpones Sherlock Holmes "indefinitely" on Xbox One due to war in Ukraine
    1. Nintendo of America receives labor complaints for alleged NLRA violations
    2. Kotick's ex-girlfriend obtained a restraining order against him
    3. Capcom raises sales forecast to $857m for its fiscal year ending in March 2022
    4. Activision Blizzard elects Lulu Cheng Meservey to its board of directors
    5. Games industry rallies behind Ukraine in face of Russian invasion
    6. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga moves 3.2m units globally
    7. Judge dismisses investor lawsuit against Activision Blizzard
    8. on "bringing legitimacy to the modding space"
    9. How to get the most out of your voice actors
    10. Rimworld unbanned in Australia
    11. Paradox Interactive invites indies to make their own Vampire: The Masquerade games
    12. The alternative UK console Top Ten
    13. Gearbox to acquire Tiny Tina co-developer Lost Boys Interactive
    14. Superbloom on evolving mobile games for women
    15. Bluehole MMO Tera is shutting down
    16. Probably Monsters raises total of $250m in Series A
    17. Sony reportedly considering in-game ads for free-to-play titles
    1. mobile anime games generated $17bn in global revenue during 2021
    2. Playable Worlds raises more than $25m in Series B funding round
    3. Fusebox Games opens LA studio
    4. Playdate | Critical Consensus
    5. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launch date brought forward to July 29
    6. Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori settle legal dispute over Halo music
    7. How can the industry and education bring through the next generation of games talent?
    8. Xbox head of research Chris Novak leaves company after 20 years
    9. Roblox bans developer of game he said contained Kim Kardashian sex tape
    1. Amy Hennig working on Star Wars again
    2. One More Games raises $22m in Series A funding round
    3. Why Nintendo Switch Sports is as important as Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 | Opinion
    4. Newzoo: Esports projected to generate $1.38bn in 2022
    5. PCGamesN parent company invests in indie event WASD
    6. Mobile studio Spoilz Games raises $693,000
    7. Nordic Game organisers respond to sexual harassment allegations, unveil whistle-blower program
    8. Getting physical: Understanding a future shaped by the metaverse
    9. Rovio surpasses 5bn downloads across all games
    10. The Pokémon Company acquires TCG card manufacturer
    11. Streamer and games voice actor Undrea Leach dies
    12. What's changed for devs seeking early investment?
    13. Rockstar has edited transphobic elements in GTA V re-release
    14. Patrick Plourde departs Ubisoft after 19 years stint
    15. Shin Megami Tensei V sells one million units
    16. More PS5 stock boosts Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West sales | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Playdate handheld console starts to ship
    2. Blizzard insists it has no NFT plans after surveying players on NFTs
    3. Square Enix CEO: When Japanese devs emulate Western games, the results fall short
    4. Activision Blizzard says it hasn't discussed Kotick's job post-merger
    5. Microsoft considering in-game ads for free-to-play titles - Report
    6. China to ban the livestreaming of unapproved games
    1. Subscriptions are the future - but nobody agrees on the details | Opinion
    2. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga launch was nearly as big as Elden Ring | UK Digital Charts
    1. Did Newsom Californicate with the Activision Blizzard suit? | This Week in Business
    2. CD Projekt Red's 2021 sales generated $207m in revenue
    3. SOC Investment Group pens letter to Activision Blizzard shareholders to reject the Microsoft deal
    4. Ubisoft Scalar aims to make games more like the web
    5. Coherence raises $8 million for its multiplayer tech
    6. How to get a job as a game UX designer
    7. CD Projekt Red brings Witcher 3 next-gen update in house, delays it indefinitely
    8. Nintendo Switch was Europe's No.1 console in March | European Monthly Charts
    9. Club Penguin Rewritten fan site seized by police
    10. Tencent cutting off Chinese gamers' access to foreign games
    1. California lawyer alleges Governor Newsom interfered with Activision Blizzard suit - Report
    2. QuakeCon 2022 to be a digital-only event
    3. SuperGaming opens new studio in India
    4. Beamdog to be acquired by Aspyr Media
    5. Epic invests in Aquiris
    6. Jack Tretton brings the SPAC to gaming
    7. Sony and Nintendo to update subscription guidelines
    8. Kirby and the Forgotten Land puts Nintendo back on top | Japan Boxed Monthly Charts
    9. Lorne Lanning says launching on PS Plus was “devastating” for Soulstorm sales
    10. Enter the Indie Publishing Awards 2022 today
    11. Bungie goes “digital-first”, offers remote roles in the US
    12. Xbox and Elden Ring top the charts in busy March | UK Monthy Report
    1. Infinite Reality to purchase RektGlobal in $470m deal
    2. Tencent leads's 2022 Top Publisher Awards for the mobile market
    3. Growing Black Girl Gamers from a safe space into a progressive space
    4. Soedesco opens new office in Spain
    5. Eden Games acquired by blockchain company
    6. Next Lev'Elles founders on fostering female leadership in games
    7. Can LEGO shake off its Minecraft regret? | Opinion
    8. Introducing the Academy Magazine
    9. Cocos Technology raises $50 million to further its open-source game engine
    10. Nintendo splashes $40m on land for new development building near headquarters
    1. Activision Blizzard names Kristen Hines as new head of DEI
    2. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is the UK's biggest LEGO launch ever | UK Boxed Charts
    3. Braid and Ethereal alum form new game studio Furniture & Mattress
    4. Sixers Innovation Lab announces second fund for startups
    5. China ends nine-month freeze on game approvals
    6. Epic raises $2bn from Sony and Lego investors
    7. Astra Fund announces first six partners
    8. Onboarding: How to set new starters on the road to success
    9. Cloud gaming generated almost $1.5bn in 2021 - Newzoo
    10. Limit Break applications open for 2022
    11. Gamescom Asia sets date for 2022 show
    12. Tribunal rules former Jagex employee was unfairly dismissed
    13. Why review scores are dead | Opinion
    14. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has biggest opening weekend ever for a game adaptation in the US
    15. During 2021 German consumer game spending amassed $11bn
    1. David Haddad remains WB Games head amid WB-Discovery leadership shuffle
    2. Collective action gets results | This Week in Business
    3. A breakdown of China's games market | GDC 2022
    4. Steam Deck now has 2,000+ playable games
    5. Elden Ring reclaims download crown | UK Digital Charts
    6. In-game ad platform Gadsme raises $8m
    7. Former Jagex CEO Rod Cousens resurfaces as co-CEO of Huuuge Games
    8. The 20-year nostalgia window | Opinion
    9. Ms Pac-Man removed from recent Bandai titles over licensing dispute
    10. Take-Two selling $2.7bn senior notes to fund Zynga acquisition
    11. Returnal wins best game at BAFTA 2022
    1. Riot Games wants LA staff to return to office, dropping vaccine & mask mandates
    2. Activision Blizzard converts all US QA staff to full-time
    3. Konami eFootball update intended to "regain the trust of our esteemed fans"
    4. NPD merging with IRI
    5. New Android rule requires old apps to be updated or lose discoverability
    6. Legendary Play raises $4m for esports-themed mobile titles
    7. Lego and Epic Games form new partnership to create kid friendly metaverse
    8. Tencent to shut down Penguin Esports
    9. Thunderful Group full-year revenues up to $345m
    10. Prioritising staff wellbeing in a high pressure environment
    11. Streamline Media Group opens Japan office
    12. Remedy and Rockstar partner for Max Payne remakes
    13. THQ Nordic to host digital showcase in August
    1. Simply Games reportedly has ceased operations
    2. Gender pay gap in UK games still wide at 17.1% for 2021
    3. Stand Up for Games Aid raises over £11,000 for youth nonprofits
    4. The Erosion of Ownership | 10 Years Ago This Month
    5. Crown prince of Saudi Arabia's foundation now has a 96% stake in SNK
    6. Valve, EA, Bandai Namco and Devolver Digital join GI Live: Online 2022
    7. DeepWell exploring media as medicine
    8. Ubisoft ends Ghost Recon Breakpoint updates, working on NFTs for other titles
    9. Novos raises $6 million for games training platform
    10. Mobile studio Superbloom raises $3m
    11. Why did so many people buy Elden Ring? | GI Asks
    12. Epic launches Unreal Engine 5
    13. Niantic acquires former Magic Leap developers NZXR
    1. Life is Strange: True Colors wins GLAAD 2022 Media Award for Outstanding Video Game
    2. Minecraft launches Rivercraft
    3. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga | Critical Consensus
    4. "We need to be more positive about the games industry"
    5. Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Mobile
    6. Tips for intentional and healthy networking | GDC 2022
    7. Ron Gilbert working on new Monkey Island game
    8. Roblox CEO set to receive $232.8 million by 2028
    9. Mobile studio Games24x7 raises $75m
    1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 opened to $25.5m made in international theatres
    2. How to run an incubator
    3. Wargaming to leave Russia and Belarus
    4. Is this the end of E3? | Opinion
    5. Ubisoft's Lisa Opie added to Develop:Brighton keynotes
    6. EU antitrust regulators gauging concerns over Microsoft's cloud business
    7. Activision Blizzard's COVID-19 vaccine mandates to be decided by each office's leadership
    8. Bombay Play raises $7m in Series A
    1. Kirby and the Forgotten Land scores second No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Twitch indefinitely stops the paid boost promotional feature
    2. Sensor Tower: mobile game earnings were down 7% during Q1 2022 at $21bn
    3. LIV raises $8.5m in Series A funding round
    4. Credit where it's overdue | This Week in Business
    5. Manga publisher Shueisha launches Shueisha Games
    6. PlayStation Plus and the rise of subscriptions | Podcast
    7. Nintendo UK veteran Andy Yates retires
    8. Microsoft reportedly set to launch Game Pass family plan
    9. Sony's new service offerings change the PlayStation landscape | Opinion
    10. US senators urge FTC to look further into Microsoft-Activision deal
    11. Dontnod Montreal on recruiting for gender balance
    12. 77% of Tiny Tina's UK launch sales were digital | UK Digital Charts
    13. Roblox backs Apple in ongoing battle against Epic's appeal
    14. Usain Bolt joins esports organisation Wylde as co-owner
    15. TinyBuild's post-IPO profit up 64% to $12.5m