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June 2011 Archive

    1. Molyneux: Lionhead working on "super secret" second project
    2. Unity Technologies opens Stockholm office
    3. League of Legends splits European territory
    4. The changing face of voice-acting
    5. Analyst says Blizzard’s Titan is a casual MMO
    6. Bungie launches new venture to support indie developers
    7. Schade: When EA drops its iOS prices, you raise yours
    8. Trademark issues block Trenched release in Europe
    9. Respawn updates website for first time
    10. Sony reveals PSP Engine for PlayStation 3 Remasters series
    11. Myspace sale confirmed, but not to Bobby Kotick
    12. Microsoft: Kinect has improved since launch
    13. Zynga signs content deal with AT&T
    14. Howard Marks' Gamzee raises $1m seed funding
    15. Gamevil to invest $10 million in external developers
    16. Kabam opens new European office
    17. HMV see sales and profits plummet
    18. Inside Canada's Talent War
    1. Hawkins: "The browser has already won on the PC"
    2. HMV refuses Resident Evil Mercenaries trade-ins
    3. US to spend $21.6 billion on games in 2011
    4. Codemasters devs reaching console limits
    5. SEGA to host Eurogamer Expo Indie Arcade
    6. Yasumi Matsuno Joins Level-5
    7. Sledgehammer: 60fps is our "competitive edge"
    8. Future Publishing to streamline UK operations
    9. EA Sports planning new Texas studio
    10. PlayStation Vita keynote at Develop 2011
    11. Rumour: Zynga IPO filing could be this week
    12. Novarama now Sony exclusive developer
    13. Andrew House becomes president of Sony's PlayStation business
    14. World Of Warcraft adopts limited free to play model
    15. Interplay submit new filing in Fallout case
    16. Call Of Duty: Black Ops smashes sales record
    17. Tech Focus: MLAA heads for 360 and PC
    18. OnLive to bring MOVA animation tech to video games
    1. Social2Web gives Facebook games their own site
    2. BBC could be "perfect ambassador" for UK industry
    3. Braben to present Develop keynote
    4. Micro transactions on console "a distant horizon"
    5. IGDA to investigate Team Bondi allegations
    6. Preloaded's Phil Stuart
    7. Social games need to be "more fun, less cynical"
    8. Ignition UK devs given 30 days notice
    9. BAFTA Young Game Designers competition begins
    10. Habbo Hotel designer joins Makielab
    11. Molyneux "pretty ashamed" at Fable III review scores
    12. GM of Kaos Studios now with Ubisoft Red Storm
    13. Controversy over Xbox 360 exclusivity deals
    14. Marvel Studios chairman joins Rovio
    15. Stringer: Sony was attacked for protecting its content
    16. Jaffe to headline Penny Arcade Expo
    17. Digital gamers purchase more games than core
    18. EA: Free-to-play can be "as profitable as a console game"
    19. EA's Frank Gibeau
    1. Games win First Amendment protection in US
    2. UTV Ignition makes layoffs at Austin office
    3. An industry perspective on cloud gaming
    4. Pac-Man creator warns against "easy games"
    5. Ex-employees describe LA Noire's difficult development
    6. EVE producer defends microtransaction costs
    7. Zumba Fitness dominates UK chart in 31st week
    8. Xbox COO sceptical about Vita's chances
    9. GeoHot reportedly working at Facebook
    10. Hacker group Lulzsec disbanded
    11. OnLive's Steve Perlman
    12. OnLive metrics helping developers "design games better"
    13. HMV raises £2 million with Canadian sale
    1. Stock sale puts Mind Candy price at £125m
    2. iPad has 89% of tablet traffic worldwide
    3. Microsoft readying free-to-play framework - report
    4. Google games push continues with new hire
    5. BioWare offers forum hacking apology
    6. 15,000 tickets sold for Eurogamer Expo
    7. Judge likely to allow Amazon Appstore name
    8. No restart date for Japanese PlayStation Network
    9. Sony cut security staff before hacker attacks
    10. Blizzard investigating iOS platforms
    11. Editorial layoffs at IGN, UGO and Future US
    12. Online games worth $29 billion by 2016
    13. Valve's Team Fortress 2 becomes free-to-play
    14. Blowing Bubbles
    1. Levine: Developers need to "firewall" motion control
    2. Gloomy forecast for 3DTV
    3. Ulf Waschbusch joins MindJolt
    4. Kojima discusses East/West skills and design gap
    5. CCP debates micro transactions in EVE Online
    6. Pitbull's Big Top wins NHS innovation award
    7. Zelda helps 3DS outsell PSP in Japan
    8. Teenage hacker charges unrelated to gaming
    9. Xbox COO offers solidarity to Sony over security breaches
    10. EA to be overtaken by Wooga in social space
    11. GameSalad adds HTML5 publishing tools
    12. Amazon shipping PlayStation Vita in January?
    13. PopCap is possible $1bn acquisition target - report
    14. Portal 2 sales hit 3 million
    15. Gaikai targets 10 million MAUs through affiliate scheme
    16. Gaikai's Nanea Reeves
    1. DeNA to release free-to-play Infinity Blade in Japan
    2. Critical Consensus: Shadows of the Damned
    3. PlayStation Home space Aurora clocks 1m visits in 6 weeks
    4. Pennsylvania proposes tax credit bill
    5. LEGO Universe builds free-to-play option
    6. ESA announces new general counsel
    7. Video: NUads coming to Kinect-equipped Xbox 360s
    8. Yakuza series ships 5 million worldwide
    9. Developer hits back at Take-Two $40 app comment
    10. Cataclysm to launch in China next month
    11. Flash Builder to support iOS and Blackberry
    12. Creativity: Influence vs Individuality
    13. In Theory: Can Cloud Gaming Replace Console?
    1. Gaikai joins forces with
    2. ChangYou MMO budget hits $80 million
    3. Konami latest to support Eurogamer Expo
    4. Teenage hacker arrested over DDoS attacks
    5. Cousins to create new ngmoco studio in Sweden
    6. Witcher 2 producer leaves CD Projekt
    7. Take-Two boss talks $40 tablet games
    8. Fable technical director leaves Lionhead to form new team
    9. Mass Effect 3 named "most promising retail" title of E3
    10. Jim Redner explains Duke Nukem 'blacklisting'
    11. US parents want universal ratings says study
    12. Uncredited L.A. Noire staff reveal frustration at working conditions
    13. Miyamoto: Wii U may not be much more powerful than current gen
    14. Avalanche Studios predicts new hardware by 2014
    15. Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot
    16. Ubisoft expects less risk from TV and movie production
    1. New 320GB PS3 model for Japan
    2. Bigpoint reaches 200 million users
    3. Sumo Digital teams with Sheffield Hallam University
    4. Tapjoy announces $5 million Android fund
    5. SEGA was hacked after post-PSN security update
    6. Zumba Fitness denies Zelda UK number one
    7. 33 million users for Zynga's Empires And Allies in 3 weeks
    8. 3DS TV service to begin in Japan
    9. Crytek denies working with new Xbox hardware
    10. West and Zampella lawsuit on course for jury trial
    11. Ex-Black Rock staff form ShortRound Games
    12. Sega's Mike Hayes
    1. SEGA reveals hacking of SEGA Pass sites
    2. Ubisoft ready for HD console price cut
    3. New Wii U dev kits within weeks - report
    4. Gears of War 3 sales target is over 6 million
    5. Zynga, Valve, Take-Two commit to July IGDA event
    6. THQ Warrington to hold recruitment open day
    7. Sega continues UK investment with new Solihull studio
    8. Japanese studio Game Republic closed
    9. Carmack: Cloud computing is a shoo-in within 10 years
    10. Veteran Madden producer leaves EA Sports
    11. Zynga sues developer for copying games
    12. Riccitiello questions Activision's COD Elite strategy
    13. Redbox launches US game rentals nationwide
    14. Kinect gets Windows SDK beta
    15. Facebook creating iOS app platform - report
    16. Origin of War
    1. "No offline games" for EA Sports
    2. GamersFirst acquires Fallen Earth
    3. Best Buy to halt UK expansion?
    4. Asian companies have "significant appetite" for Western acquisitions
    5. Report: Wii U dev kits "underclocked"
    6. Take-Two shares slump after Duke Nukem scores
    7. $4 million investment boost for Roblox
    8. Mochi Media launches Achievments API
    9. Zynga expands Cityville franchise to mobile
    10. Australian industry welcomes extended R&D credits
    11. Nintendo rejects free to play games
    12. Zombie Yakuza game tops Japanese charts
    13. 2K pours public scorn on agency who discussed 'blacklisting'
    14. Epic to hold London developer event
    15. Patrice Désilets starts at THQ Montreal
    16. Valve behind Crysis 2 exit from Steam
    17. Data Protection and the Games Industry: Part 2
    18. Publishers jostle for first-mover advantage on Wii U
    1. Avalanche opens New York Studio
    2. No Blu-ray, DVD support for Wii U
    3. Best Buy Q1 profit falls by $19m
    4. Rockstar designer launches indie studio
    5. Critical Consensus: Child Of Eden
    6. Microsoft Gamefest 2011 explores Kinect and 3D
    7. EA confirms more platform exclusives for Origin
    8. Transformers Universe producer to keynote Develop
    9. Riccitiello: Cross-platform publishing is "greatest innovation"
    10. Bungie moves into mobile
    11. Report: New Xbox due at E3 2012
    12. Crysis 2 gone from Steam, appears on Origin
    13. New Kinect genres "two years away" - Turn 10
    14. Activision confirms Wii U support
    15. Double Fine regains Psychonauts rights
    16. EA: social networking is a "primary design pillar"
    17. EA Sports to open retail chain
    18. Eve, Minecraft, League of Legends and The Escapist all hacked
    19. Sony UK management still in state of flux
    20. Steam launches free to play games
    21. GAME warns new releases "unlikely to improve the market"
    22. Tech Analysis: Nintendo Wii U
    23. Force Sensitive Resistor
    1. Wii sales down to 236,000 in May
    2. Will PEGI make it into law this year?
    3. Data Protection in the Games Industry: Part 1
    4. CCP Games CEO confirmed for GameHorizon
    5. Bigpoint secures Russian games deal
    6. Casual Connect confirmed for July
    7. Independent Games Summit speakers announced
    8. Xbox 360 retains number one spot in US
    9. Crytek to support Wii U, Epic unconfirmed
    10. Studio head details Zynga acquisition process
    11. Sony: US PS3 hardware sales up 14% year on year
    12. Two million sign up for Call Of Duty: Elite beta
    13. Microsoft planning Kinect dashboard ads?
    14. Minecraft breaks 2.5 million sales barrier
    15. Majesco back in black thanks to Zumba Fitness
    16. US physical game sales hit lowest since October 2006
    17. The Right to Remain Silent
    18. "This is the age of the niche" - Straandlooper
    1. Charles Cecil awarded MBE
    2. THQ closes Kaos and Warrington studios
    3. Martyn Gibbs out as GAME MD
    4. Bethesda is latest victim of hacking
    5. Critical Consensus: Duke Nukem Forever
    6. Video: Ubisoft's E3 Wii U roundtable discussion
    7. Wedbush declares Wii U "two years late"
    8. Star Wars: The Old Republic "highly derivative" of Warcraft
    9. 3DS tops one million Japanese sales
    10. welcomes new staff writers
    11. DoA: Dimensions has rating revoked in Australia
    12. Wii U reveal won't harm Wii sales, says Fils-Aime
    13. Duke Nukem takes UK number 1 from L.A. Noire
    14. Apple preparing to intervene against Lodsys in court
    15. Nintendo and Epic suffer hacking attacks
    16. Sony's Andrew House
    17. Sony: $170m PSN cost will not impact video game budgets
    18. E3 2011: The conservative convention
    1. Spanish police detain 3 possible Anonymous members
    2. User data stolen in Codemasters hack
    3. THQ on Wii U controller: "We thought of it 18 months ago"
    4. Activision: Mobile is "a double-edged sword"
    5. Crytek CEO expresses cautious optimism over cloud gaming
    6. ESA report shows digital filling retail shortfall in US
    7. $7m investment for Telltale
    8. Nintendo baffled by share price slide
    9. Jagex appoints Phil White
    10. Venue change on the cards for E3
    11. Identity Theft
    1. Hirai: Hacking threatens "the very fabric of society"
    2. Carlson Choi tells Nintendo to back 3DS pricing
    3. EA prepping new iOS versions of Battlefield, FIFA, Madden
    4. HMV Boss calls for regulation of supermarkets
    5. First post-release new 3DS SKU unveiled
    6. Research in Motion acquires Scoreloop
    7. PSVita likely to be region-free
    8. Capcom sells Devil May Cry movie rights to Sony subsidiary
    9. Sony cancels Motorstorm Apocalypse in Japan
    10. Gears of War team denies working with Kinect
    11. Sony and Apple planning Wii U-style control concepts
    12. Gaikai targeting online TVs
    13. OnLive hardware deal to grow total addressable market by 75m
    1. Eurogamer Network is first European partner for Gaikai
    2. Iwata: Wii U likely to cost more than ¥20,000
    3. Miyamoto discusses Wii U with Iwata
    4. Nintendo shares fall to 5 year low after Wii U reveal
    5. Wii U includes AMD graphics, new 25GB disc format
    6. Fils-Aime admits to using PS3, 360 footage in presser
    7. CCP: Dust 514 would be "tricky" on Xbox Live
    8. Chillingo reaches 140m app store downloads
    9. Miyamoto makes Pikmin first official Wii U title
    10. Infinity Blade brings in $10m for Epic and Chair
    11. OnLive to launch tablet client this year
    12. Winning the Night
    13. Sony: PlayStation Vita price was decided from day one
    14. Excitement and confusion at Nintendo's Wii U reveal
    1. EA commits to Wii U
    2. New Wii U console unveiled with focus on controller
    3. Majesco acquires Quick Hit assets and team
    4. Richard Baker; An Obituary
    5. Microsoft to release new 360 wireless wheel
    6. CCP's Dust 514 is F2P, PSN-only
    7. Microsoft's Chris Lewis
    8. Microsoft: Kinect games can sell 10m units
    9. Vita priced and apologies made as Sony aims for fresh start at E3
    10. Microsoft rolls out blockbusters and big guns for E3
    11. PlayStation Vita to retail from $249 / £223 / €249
    12. Move sales top 8.8m
    13. PlayStation branded 3D display bundle for $499
    14. Sony uses E3 to apologise for PSN outage
    1. Relentless signs with Microsoft and Chillingo
    2. No Beyond Good & Evil 2 this generation
    3. Ubisoft leads presentation with Far Cry 3, Brothers in Arms
    4. EA taunts Activision with Battlelog service
    5. EA peppers E3 presentation with release dates
    6. Kinect Fun Labs revealed onstage at E3
    7. Minecraft coming to Xbox Live, with Kinect support
    8. YouTube, live TV and Bing all coming to XBL
    9. Microsoft opens E3 with Halo 4 announcement
    10. Gem Distribution pens Logic3 deal
    11. Blizzard seeks "PlayStation 3 specialist" for Diablo III team
    12. Lionhead confirmed for MS press conference
    13. PSN users raise £500k for Japan disaster
    14. Dundee gets games event focused on Dare to be Digital
    15. THQ adapting uDraw for 360 and PS3
    16. L.A. Noire remains at UK number one
    17. E3 2011 expecting 45,000 attendees, 200 exhibitors
    18. 100 devs protest omission from L.A. Noire credits
    19. Nikkei report appears to confirm Project Cafe controller screen
    20. New PSVita trademarks confirm NGP rebrand?
    21. Nintendo US servers compromised
    22. Will Wright working on social title based on novel
    23. Xbox Live IPTV service rumoured
    24. ICO Partners Part 2
    25. MMO business models must become more sophisticated - ICO
    1. Global Xbox 360 sales hit 55 million
    1. Calling the Elite
    2. Ngmoco reveals Sandbox developer environment
    3. Sony offering scholarships to Gamer Camp Pro applicants
    4. Trion Worlds gets new Euro GM
    5. Kojima Productions unveils Fox engine
    6. Magic Pixel Games forms to create motion control titles
    7. Nintendo offering free Wi-Fi to US 3DS users
    8. EA launches Origin distribution service
    1. OnLive unveils Facebook integration, Intel hardware deal
    2. Sony: NGP faces same game pricing problems as 3DS
    3. One Piece Unlimited gives 3DS software and hardware boost
    4. Staggered content hitting PSN store in EU and US
    5. Eurogamer and to host Develop Awards after-party
    6. EA requests Madden Football legal claim be dismissed
    7. Former DICE, Visceral producer joins Paradox
    8. Lodsys sues seven App Store devs over patents
    9. Angry Birds creator Rovio acquires animation studio
    10. RockYou acquires Australian developer 3 Blokes
    11. Investment in Garriott's Portalarium totals $3.6 million
    12. ICO Partners Part 1
    13. UK online market is one of the hardest in Europe - Bidaux
    1. Shanda Games pushing IP to Renren, Tencent, Sina
    2. Order & Chaos Online makes $1m in 20 days
    3. Microsoft: Xbox to become entertainment brand
    4. Nokia shares plummet after warning
    5. Apple promotion ban hurts Tapjoy
    6. Price behind slow 3DS sales, claims survey
    7. BAFTA Games Awards head to US
    8. DS Lite drops to $99 at US retail
    9. New board appointment helps EA stock hit one year high
    10. Tech Focus: L.A. Noire's MotionScan Animation