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Epic v. Silicon Knights: Jury finds for Epic on all counts

Tweet from Epic VP Mark Rein says it's over [UPDATE: Judge awards Epic $4.5m]

Update: Details are still trickling in, but according to a source close to the case speaking to The Escapist, a judge has awarded Epic Games $4.5 million in damages in its countersuit against Silicon Knights. The situation does not look good for the Canadian developer, which now owes far more than its already large legal fees. We've contacted Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack for reaction, but have yet to hear back.

Original story:

The five-year long battle between Silicon Knights and Epic is over, according to a tweet from Epic VP Mark Rein: "Case over. Jury finds for Epic on all counts."

Silicon Knights sought $58 million in damages over problems with Epic's support for the Unreal Engine 3 during development of Silicon Kinght's Too Human game. The case was essentially mooted a few weeks ago, when the judge decided that Silicon Knight's damages claims were only worth $1 each.

There's no word yet on whether Silicon Knights might appeal. At least for the moment, this trial appears to be finished.

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