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November 2023 Archive

    1. Jobs Roundup: November 2023 | Rockstar veterans join Dan Houser's new studio
    2. Thirdverse raises $8m in latest funding round
    3. Creating equality at work from play to pay
    4. Overcoming the challenges in Africa's digital creative ecosystem
    5. Ex-Xsolla exec sues company
    6. Regional pricing in games distribution is still necessary – here is why | Opinion
    7. Judge orders Epic, Google to hold settlement talks | Epic vs Google
    8. Nintendo Live 2024 to be held in Tokyo | News-in-brief
    9. Honkai: Star Rail wins iPhone Game of the Year
    10. Sega says Sonic Superstars sales "weaker than expected"
    1. Rovio releases inclusive game development and marketing guide
    2. Riot Games to establish new EMEA esports arena
    3. BAFTA Breakthrough 2023 cohort unveiled
    4. Riot Games Social Impact Fund hits $50m | News-in-brief
    5. After the cancellation of Hyenas, Creative Assembly will hone in on RTS games
    6. Report: Embracer to officially close TimeSplitters studio
    7. Frontier reduces revenue targets, refocusing on sims
    8. Atari's re-focus on retro
    9. Genvid denies using AI to write Silent Hill: Ascension
    10. Unity to lay off another 265 staff, drop Weta in 'company reset'
    1. Gamescom Latam launching in 2024, merging with BIG Festival
    2. Fishlabs to downsize by 50 roles
    3. East Asia PC and mobile games market expected to hit $30bn in 2023
    4. NCsoft and Sony announce team-up
    5. PS4 and Xbox One launches underwhelm, but overperform | 10 Years Ago This Month
    6. Organization cohort creates Stronger Together in Games fundraising campaign | News-in-brief
    7. Take-Two Interactive sued over use of virtual currency
    8. The five pillars of emergent gameplay
    9. ByteDance reportedly pulling out of games following Nuverse restructure
    10. Bandai Namco invests in Flickplay and Code Charm
    11. EA Sports FC 24 back at No.1 for Black Friday week | UK Boxed Charts
    12. UKIE: Video game technology was worth £1.3 billion in 2021 for non-gaming industries
    1. The must-see sessions of Africa Games Week 2023
    2. ReedPop seeks buyer for Eurogamer, GI, VG247, Rock Paper Shotgun and more
    3. First speakers announced for Hamburg Games Conference 2024
    4. US kids want games subscriptions and virtual currency more than games this Christmas
    5. How is the UK's Video Games Tax Relief changing next year?
    1. Be thankful this didn't happen to you | This Week in Business
    2. Revolution Software wins big at Game Republic 20th Anniversary Awards
    3. Ubisoft says technical error caused in-game ads in Assassin's Creed
    4. Gabe Newell ordered to make in-person deposition for Valve v. Wolfire Games lawsuit
    5. Steam stumbles on regional pricing | Opinion
    1. What is the best game engine: is Unity right for you?
    2. Nintendo to launch 18-rated Switch Online app in Japan
    3. Embracer: Human cost of restructure is "significant" but "necessary"
    4. Toge Productions acquires Mojiken Studio
    1. Layer AI raises $1.8m in funding
    2. Steam's USD currency change for Argentina and Turkey results in game price hikes
    3. Stefan Heikhaus is appointed as new Gamescom director
    4. What's the gaming M&A market like in 2023?
    5. Report: 83% of mobile games fail in the three years after launch
    6. Sony fails to block lawsuit over PlayStation Store prices
    7. A Plague Tale: Requiem reaches 3m players | News-in-brief
    8. Niantic pushing for arbitration ahead of sexual bias lawsuit hearing
    9. A case for building your own tech | Opinion
    1. Fortnite restricted content is mostly unusable in creative maps rated ten and up
    2. GameMaker offers more free options for non-commercial use
    3. Black Myth: Wukong dev accused of sexist recruitment and social media posts
    4. China's game market to grow 5.2% this year
    5. What is the best game engine: is Unreal Engine right for you?
    6. Harry Krueger exits from Housemarque after 14-year stint
    7. Sony-owned Savage Game Studios rebrands to Neon Koi
    8. AviaGames sued for use of bots in real-money skill-based games
    9. Assassin's Creed, Spider-Man, Mario and PS5 deliver strong sales in October | European Monthly Charts
    10. Tim Sweeney: We were willing to sue Sony for cross-play | Epic vs Google
    11. Ubisoft pulls advertising from X
    1. Spirittea amasses $1m in revenue | News-in-brief
    2. Early Black Friday deals put Hogwarts Legacy back at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    3. Are Embracer's struggles a sign of wider issues to come? | Microcast
    4. The indie scene "is not going anywhere" on Xbox – as long as it can thrive
    5. Disney Illusion Island wins Game of the Year at TIGA Awards 2023
    6. Aonic acquires NDreams for $110m
    1. Has 2023 been a good year for new games? | This Week in Business
    2. PlayStation Portal has sold out two days after launch
    3. Strauss Zelnick didn't say games should be priced per hour, but is he right about their value? | Opinion
    4. Embracing disaster | Opinion
    5. Spider-Man and Super Mario win in October as console sales fall | UK Monthly Charts
    6. New York Game Awards to honour Neil Druckmann
    1. Fellow Traveller: "It's a lot easier to start a publisher than to sustain one"
    2. Studio Folly to donate 10% of Gubbins' revenue to charity
    3. Outright Games pledges to donate £100,000 on World Children's Day
    4. Annapurna acquires 24 Bit Games
    5. Unity 6 launching in 2024, featuring AI tools and more multiplayer tech
    6. Dove and Open Source Afro Hair Library launch Code My Crown
    7. Sega of America accused of threatening workers with mass layoffs over unionisation
    8. Monopoly Go player spending pulls in $1bn
    9. Unity's push for "responsibly sourced" AI tools
    10. NetEase launches Worlds Untold
    11. June's Journey generates more than $1bn in revenue | News-in-brief
    12. Starbreeze revenue rises 42.9% to $46.6m in Q3
    13. Embracer debt reduced to $1.4 billion as restructure continues
    14. Epic Games unveils voice reporting in Fortnite
    1. Why Witch Beam is staying small after Unpacking’s huge success
    2. Prideful Sloth on making "games with heart"
    3. DDM: Gaming M&A activity hit $6bn during Q3
    4. Boosteroid joins Samsung Gaming Hub | News-in-brief
    5. AusGamers alum launch 3rd-Phase Boss
    6. Nordcurrent snaps up River End Games
    7. Thunderful H1 revenue gets a 4% bump
    8. Osama Dorias: Progress fighting crunch is at risk
    9. Strong release slate can't avoid sales dip in October | US Monthly Charts
    10. Newzoo lowers 2023 games market value forecast to $184bn
    11. Wargaming raises over $1m for Ukraine aid | News-in-brief
    12. Atlus to raise employee salaries by 15% in April 2024
    13. ByteDance reportedly planning to sell Moonton Technology
    14. Humble Games affected by layoffs
    1. League of Geeks: "It's a very serious time for a studio of our size"
    2. Twitch gets an 8% bump in viewership for October
    3. Digital Bros is posed to cut 30% of its workforce
    4. Transcend Fund amasses nearly $60m in second seed fund
    5. Super Mario Wonder leads a raft of new releases | Japan Monthly Charts
    6. GTA 6 is not being made by the same Rockstar that made GTA 5 | Microcast
    7. SIDE expands to Tokyo
    8. Report: Modern Warfare 3 devs complain of crunch, rushed development
    9. Bandai Namco names Nintendo-focused team Studio 2 and Studio S
    10. Code your own adventure, without code
    11. Remedy's upcoming free-to-play title Vanguard to become premium
    12. OnePlus, Samsung say they were restricted from including Fortnite in app stores | Epic vs Google
    13. Squido Studio raises CA$1.5m in funding round
    14. Steam Deck 2 will be a "generational increase" as original sells "multiple millions"
    15. Alan Wake 2 and Baldur's Gate 3 lead Game Awards 2023 nominations
    1. PlaySide on growing Dumb Ways To Die: "We just passed Pokémon on TikTok"
    2. Summerfall Studios on life after Stray Gods
    3. Neowiz invests in Blank Game Studios
    4. Amazon reduces games division by 180
    5. Samwise Didier retires from Blizzard
    6. Join our free webinar on how games companies can protect children in online games
    7. Report: Meta pens deal with Tencent to sell VR headsets in China exclusively
    8. UKIE and Amiqus launch online EDI resource Empower Up | News-in-brief
    9. UKIE names Nick Poole as its next CEO
    10. Larian Studios and Baldur's Gate 3 sweep Golden Joystick Awards
    11. Bandai Namco to open another store in London
    12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts
    1. The Australian games industry's journey back to a "complete healthy ecosystem"
    2. The Australian games industry in numbers
    1. Uppercut scales back
    2. Digital Extremes impacted by layoffs, closing publishing division
    3. Australia Games Week kicks off on this Monday
    4. Multiplayer game and live streaming gaming platform Noice raises $21m | News-in-brief
    5. Unity announces layoffs despite increased revenue and reduced losses
    6. Roblox faces lawsuit claiming it lacks child safety measures
    7. Samurai Punk to close down
    8. Are video game consoles set for a bumper Black Friday?
    9. Blizzard’s Overwatch League was ambitious and doomed | Opinion
    1. Nexon names Junghun Lee as its next CEO
    2. Kotaku staff hit by redundancies
    3. Valve to release Steam Deck OLED on November 16
    4. Warner Bros to expand its game IPs to live service and free-to-play
    5. Sony delays six live service titles
    6. Opening of Nintendo's new development centre delayed
    7. Zelnick on GTA 6: "We stay away from claiming victory until it's occurred"
    8. PlayStation 5 shipped 4.9m units during Q2 2023
    9. Epic turned down $147m deal to put Fortnite on Google Play | Epic vs Google
    10. Download the free UK Salary Survey summary here
    11. Activision Blizzard "transitioning" away from Overwatch League
    1. AppsFlyer acquires Devtodev
    2. Take-Two losses deepen to $543.6m in latest quarter
    3. BFI: Overseas buyers accounted for 118 UK games M&A deals since 1993
    4. The Escapist veterans form Second Wind
    5. Free Radical Design may shutdown
    6. Sega raises forecasts after strong H1
    7. Roblox revenue sees a 38% bump in Q3
    8. Xbox enforcement actions increased to 19.5m in H1 2023
    9. crowns 2023 Best Places To Work Awards Canada winners
    10. First GTA 6 trailer to release in early December | News-in-brief
    11. Microsoft, EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Epic face game addiction lawsuit
    12. Nintendo raises profit forecast to $2.8bn as Zelda shifts close to 20m units
    13. The core principles of building prosperous game economies
    14. Epic, Google antitrust trial is a "tough case to predict" | Epic vs Google
    15. The Escapist staff resign following termination of editor-in-chief Nick Calandra
    16. The Glory Society cancels Revenant Hill
    17. Crunchyroll adding games to subscription service
    18. Nintendo announces live-action Zelda movie
    1. Sony to end PlayStation integration on the site formerly known as Twitter | News-in-brief
    2. VR game firm MyDearest raises $8m in funding round
    3. Ubisoft sees layoffs across VFX and IT teams
    4. Kotaku, Washington Post, and Vice alum form Aftermath
    5. Square Enix's H1 sales get a 5% bump as profits plummet
    6. Identifying the human problems behind the lack of a clear vision in games development
    7. Epic accuses Google of "bribe or block" dominance on Android | Epic vs Google
    8. 30% is "a market fee, not a monopoly fee," says Google | Epic vs Google
    9. Kirsty Rigden takes over FuturLab as sole CEO
    10. Former Keywords Studios employees to strike outside BioWare Edmonton
    1. Report: Minecraft users targeted the most by desktop cyber threats
    2. Microsoft and Inworld team up to create AI game dev tools
    3. Phoenix Games acquires Sad Panda
    4. Eiji Aonuma named Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters
    5. 100 Thieves to cut 20% of its workforce
    6. Sexual abuse legislation at work is changing
    7. Embracer COO leaves amid restructuring to form new company
    8. Motorsport Games to lay off up to 38 employees
    9. Fortnite OG launch draws record 44.7 million players | News-in-brief
    10. Epic vs Google antitrust trial begins today
    11. Super Mario Wonder continues its No.1 reign | UK Boxed Charts
    1. BlizzCon 2023 reveals World of Warcraft and Diablo 4 DLC
    2. Let's fake a deal | This Week in Business
    3. Cryptic Studios impacted by layoffs
    4. RapidEyeMovers to host city-wide games festival
    5. Does Sony have a long-term software strategy? | Opinion
    6. The Longest Walk and Hercule Poirot: The London Case crowned at Scottish Games Awards
    7. SIE acquires AI company iSize | News-in-brief
    1. The Day Before is delayed a week before launch
    2. Sonic The Hedgehog franchise moved 1.6bn units
    3. Safe In Our World: Making mental health awareness a part of companies' DNA
    4. NetEase and industry veteran Greg Street set up Fantastic Pixel Castle studio
    5. 1m sales and zero marketing: The story (so far) of Wobbly Life
    6. EA reports 'softness' in European video game spend
    7. EA Sports FC 24 on track to beat FIFA 23
    8. EA Q2 FY24 bookings boosted by Sports FC 24 launch
    9. Twitch app to be delisted on Nintendo Switch | News-in-brief
    1. Microsoft has control issues | This Week in Business
    2. Midia Research: Video games to pass $300bn revenue, 3.8 billion players by 2030
    3. EA to terminate older Windows support for Star Wars and Battlefield titles
    4. Devolver acquires System Era for up to $40m
    5. Games for Gaza bundle on raising money for Palestinian aid
    6. Ubisoft to retire online services for some of its older titles | News-in-brief
    7. Remedy posts flat revenue for Q3 2023
    8. Bungie affected by layoffs