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June 2014 Archive

    1. STALKER: Who's the rightful heir?
    2. EA hopes to benefit from "great fight" among consoles - Moore
    3. Watch: The Flight at GameHorizon 2014
    4. Seriously hires Rovio marketing exec
    5. Rebellion revokes "unlicensed or stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam keys"
    6. Sniper Elite 3 shoots to #1
    7. Dota 2 tournament prize pool reaches $10 million
    8. Stephen Toulouse returns to Microsoft
    9. "My love is for games and game music, not the music by itself"
    10. Hansoft raises $10m with Hasso Plattner Ventures
    11. Steam sale draws in new record peak concurrent users
    1. Toxic players are necessary, says Orcs Must Die dev
    2. Destiny could sell 10-15 million - Analyst
    3. Fixing PlayStation Now
    4. Sony: Turnover helped foster indie love
    5. Castlevania 2 wins GOTY at the Spanish Game Awards
    6. Ustwo: Monument Valley "left money on the table" with premium pricing
    7. Nintendo re-elects Satoru Iwata as president
    8. GameCity Prize shortlist announced
    9. Kinect's dead, no matter what Phil says
    1. Respawn adds former Activision exec as COO
    2. Square Enix Europe plans HQ move
    3. Watch: GameHorizon 2014 - Panel: Games For Good
    4. EGX: First playable games announced
    5. Minecraft console sales surpass PC and Mac
    6. "I was so fed up of people telling us we should do free-to-f***ing-play"
    1. Google promises "PC gaming graphics in your pocket"
    2. Ben Cousins: Forget pride, make games for wearable computers
    3. Oculus: Zenimax seeking to correct a "massive missed opportunity"
    4. King joins UKIE
    5. Pokemon Art Academy is Japan's #1
    6. Net neutrality the biggest issue facing games - Lanning
    7. Autodesk acquires Shotgun Software
    8. Develop's Indie Showcase top ten revealed
    9. BAFTA chooses its Young Game Designers finalists
    10. Watch: Eutechnyx' Doug Wolff at GameHorizon
    11. Game software market to hit $100 billion by 2018 - DFC
    1. Oculus buys Xbox 360 controller design team
    2. Aaron Loeb joins Kabam
    3. Watch: Getting your indie game off the ground at GameHorizon
    4. Time to reinvent E3
    5. 56% of devs in favor of unionizing - IGDA
    6. Cuts to Quebec tax credits could stifle industry - Martin Carrier
    7. Bungie COO: We came to Activision with the 10-year plan
    8. Surgery forces Iwata to miss Nintendo AGM
    9. "2015 is going to be our year"
    1. Humble Store raises $1 million for charity
    2. CVG gets a reprieve
    3. Crytek misses payroll for months - Report
    4. UK studios become smaller, more numerous
    5. Xbox head on stand-alone Kinect: They'll buy it
    6. Gamelab celebrates its tenth year
    7. Watch: CCP Games' Hilmar Petursson at GameHorizon
    8. EA Sports UFC is new UK #1
    9. HB Studios: No licenses, no problem
    10. Last Guardian devs form new studio
    11. How indie film financing could shape the future of games
    1. Nintendo loses UK patent ruling to Philips
    2. Watch: SuperAwesome's Dylan Collins at GameHorizon
    3. VR will be in "almost every household" - Oculus
    4. Japan's Xbox One launch line-up revealed
    5. EA: Innovation and tech problems go hand-in-hand
    6. Bandai Namco shutting Ridge Racer Driftopia
    7. Riot Games offers "mismatched" new hires cash to walk away
    8. Nintendo's comeback strategy: Whale hunting
    1. Sony investors vote to keep directors
    2. Watch: TT Games' Jonathan Smith at GameHorizon
    3. Sony wins the war of E3 media coverage
    4. Microsoft's Matt Booty: "Listening is the key for us"
    5. Ubisoft responds to Quebec tax relief cuts
    6. Gone Home dev starts Dim Bulb Games
    7. Wii U at the tipping point - Nintendo
    8. GamesIndustry Summer Party tickets now available
    9. Yoshida: Expect fewer first-party games for Vita
    10. Mario Kart 8 on top in Japan for third week
    11. "Your backers are smart, they've done this before. That's our main advice"
    1. Polygon cuts features staff
    2. Amazon introduces the Fire Phone
    3. Atari details new corporate strategy
    4. Mobile games market to hit $28.9 billion by 2016 - Juniper
    5. Nintendo: Amiibo not mimicking competition
    6. Blast Furnace devs form new studio
    7. GameHorizon bringing Investment and Marketing Summits to EGX
    8. Reiner Knizia: "I think people will come back to full-price games"
    9. Watch: Herman Narula of Improbable at GameHorizon
    10. World's largest game collection sells for $750k
    11. Kinect voice commands, camera will work after XDK update
    1. Game stocks up on strong NPD results
    2. Nexon CEO: "Precious little good art coming out of industry"
    3. PewDiePie draws $4 million annually
    4. Skylanders licensing biz expands
    5. Console transition pains not a bad problem to have - Hirshberg
    6. Frontier Developments: 240 people and still indie
    7. Star Citizen employs 268 people
    8. Game subsidies cut as Quebec slashes spending
    1. Mario Kart 8, Watch Dogs spark big US game sales in May - NPD
    2. Oculus hires Supergiant's senior programmer
    3. Nintendo wins another patent battle over Wii controls
    4. Capcom shareholders reject anti-takeover plan
    5. Notch clarifies Minecraft EULA changes
    6. Halfbrick enters mobile publishing realm
    7. Dare to be Digital 2014 launches
    8. David Braben given OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours
    9. Watch Dogs holds on to #1
    10. Wii U sales up 4x following Mario Kart 8
    11. Ouya: 1000 developers sign up every month
    12. Polytron to offer production, promotion services
    1. Ubisoft: "Diversity for us is very important"
    2. Zynga CEO to earn over $57 million this year
    3. Nordic Games acquires THQ trademark
    4. Attendees up, exhibitors down at E3 2014
    5. Nintendo: Where's the fun in streaming gameplay?
    6. Stig Asmussen now at Respawn Entertainment
    7. The Lady Killers
    1. PS4, Xbox One seeing much higher digital download attach rates
    2. "Inclusivity always seems to end up on the cutting board"
    3. No female Assassin's Creed characters a "reality of development"
    4. Kojima: Bigger budgets make authorship more difficult
    5. Wii U loses grip on number one in Japan
    1. Far Cry 4 to also skip playable female character due to workload
    2. New AFM deal with Microsoft is welcome news for game musicians
    3. Assassin's Creed's female problems: Devs respond
    4. Ubisoft Montreal: "We invent when we need to invent"
    5. E3 considering other venues
    6. Valhalla's Devil's Third now a Wii U exclusive
    7. Giant Squid and 505 Games partner up
    1. E3 2014 Roundtable: Playing It Safe
    2. E3 2014: Nintendo confirms new Wii U Zelda, Mario Maker
    3. Oculus VR hires Jason Rubin
    4. Nintendo E3 2014: Watch the live stream here
    5. E3 Day One: Tweet Watch
    6. The Banner Saga composer fined $50,000 by musicians union
    7. E3 2014: Sony puts big focus on games
    1. Sony E3 2014: Watch the live stream here
    2. E3 2014: Ubisoft shows off eight games
    3. Guillemot: "We knew Watch_Dogs would really polarise people"
    4. Ubisoft E3 2014: Watch the live stream here
    5. E3 2014: EA talks of "commitment to put players first"
    6. EA E3 2014: Watch the live stream here
    7. E3 2014: Xbox offers up a banquet of games
    8. Xbox E3 2014: Watch the live stream here
    9. Autodesk acquires Bitsquid and its engine
    10. Games contributed over £1 billion to UK GDP last year
    11. Tim Christian joins Dimensional Imaging board
    12. Watch Dogs is still UK #1
    13. Gaijin Games now called Choice Provisions
    14. PlayStation 4 adds PayPal support
    15. Sony insists The Last Guardian is in "full development"
    1. Former Halo music composer files suit against Bungie
    2. Watch all the E3 conferences live right here
    3. 130 jobs lost in Nintendo of Europe reshuffle
    4. Can a developer succeed making games for itself?
    5. Win free tickets to Gamelab 2014
    6. Game Digital drops flotation price
    7. Game jam announced for Develop in Brighton conference
    8. Mattrick: Zynga left its lunchbox unattended
    9. launches Galaxy, online activation not required
    10. Can Wii U dodge the banana peel?
    11. The Astronauts: 'It's just a game' design
    1. Super Evil Megacorp reveals plan for tablet domination
    2. Iwata skipping E3 for health reasons
    3. E3 2014: California Dreaming
    4. Flaregames secures $12.2m in Series B funding
    5. CCP confirms 49 layoffs
    6. Super Evil Megacorp hires Segerstrale as COO
    7. Ex-LucasArts folk raise $1.5m for new studio
    8. Goodgame Studios hits 200 million registrations
    9. Mandatory Kinect was a 10% drain on Xbox One's GPU
    10. Valve: Some Early Access games will never be finished
    11. Mario Kart 8 is Japanese #1
    12. Oculus VR hires Jason Holtman
    1. "Mobile is the true next generation gaming platform" - Turbo
    2. Oculus signs exclusive content from Words With Friends creator
    3. Xbox One getting 34 new apps
    4. The industry needs more mentors - Jade Raymond
    5. Temple Run titles hit a billion downloads
    6. Dovetail Games grows with three key hires
    7. Indian dev Octro raises $15 million
    8. More exits from Zynga
    9. Quiz RPG hits 26 million downloads in Japan
    10. Kickstarter simplifies campaign rules
    11. Games sweep Apple Design Awards
    1. Watch Dogs sells 4 million in first week
    2. Three new hires for Indie Fund
    3. Variable State: "Indie is the real cutting edge of games"
    4. India: The Power of One Billion
    5. BAFTA Breakthrough Brits: A winner's story
    6. Irrational vets form Day For Night Games
    7. Sony halts PSP shipments in Japan
    8. SOE GIRL Scholarship winner announced
    1. Naughty Dog heads - Employee turnover "not significant at all"
    2. Mario Kart 8 tops 1.2 million in first weekend
    3. Apple "investing a ton in the App Store" with iOS 8
    4. NCAA athletes could get thousands each from EA settlement
    5. Deep Silver co-publishing Homefront: The Revolution
    6. Bithell: "You stop looking punk if you used to be in Boyzone"
    7. Watch_Dogs storms to UK number one
    8. iOS 8, new hardware expected at Apple WWDC tonight
    9. Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Sweden
    10. PlayStation 4 a "great redemption" - Jack Tretton