February 2024 Archive

    1. 505 Games shutter offices in France, Germany, and Spain
    2. Toys For Bob splitting from Activision Blizzard
    3. Report: Firesprite devs describe rocky acquisition by PlayStation
    4. Wildlife Studios cuts 21% of its staff
    5. Report: Saber Interactive buys itself back from Embracer in $500m deal
    6. "I want people in my age range to realize they can jump into the industry" | Black Voices Progress Report
    7. Volition alumni on building Shapeshifter Games in an era of layoffs and closures
    8. How to find and get a job in today's video games industry
    9. Sega hires ex-Disney exec as head of global transmedia
    10. EA shuts down Ridgeline Games
    11. Report: Rockstar mandates return to office five days a week
    12. Cloud Imperium hit with layoffs
    1. EA cutting 5% of workforce
    2. Jobs Roundup: February 2024 | CD Projekt Red grows Project Orion team
    3. Black Desert Online's lifetime revenue hits €2bn | News-in-brief
    4. Remedy acquires full Control rights from 505 Games for €17m
    5. Tekken boss says microtransactions are prevalent because dev costs are larger
    6. Nintendo files lawsuit against Yuzu emulator creators
    7. Are games too much like pornography? | 10 Years Ago This Month
    8. What is the best game engine: is GameMaker right for you?
    9. NetEase opens new AAA studio BulletFarm led by Treyarch vet David Vonderhaar
    10. Marcus Lehto leaves EA studio he founded
    11. Deck Nine Games cuts 20% of its staff
    1. Playtika earmarks up to $1.2bn for mergers and acquisitions
    2. Sony to lay off 900 PlayStation workers
    3. Balatro grossed $1m in eight hours
    4. "The Immortals of Aveum story isn't written yet"
    5. Supermassive to cut staff by 90
    6. Unity revenue rises 57% to $2.1 billion in 2023
    1. Game devs say Apple Arcade payouts have been on the decline for years
    2. Sony tests out PC support for the PSVR 2
    3. Apple disables web apps in the EU
    4. Game announcements and data deficiencies | GI Microcast
    5. "You have to be built differently to stay resilient in this industry" | Black Voices Progress Report
    6. Die Gute Fabrik halts production
    7. Suicide Squad failed to meet Warner expectations
    8. Four ways to build better indie marketing campaigns
    1. EA adds more patents to its accessibility pledge
    2. Tekken 8 wins King of the Iron Grift | This Week in Business
    3. EA cutting "small number" of staff as it sunsets two mobile games
    4. US game revenue gets a 15% bump in January | US Monthly Charts
    5. EA offers over 11,000 college football players $600 to appear in-game
    6. How game making is shaping theatre and exhibition spaces | Playable Futures
    7. Palworld hits 25m players | News-in-brief
    8. Where is the console hardware market headed? | Opinion
    9. IGN Creators Guild recognised as a union
    1. DDM: Gaming M&A activity reached $76.7bn in 2023
    2. Developer cohort unveils Fun Dog Studios
    3. "The needle is moving. I don't know if it's moving forward" | Black Voices Progress Report
    4. Game Devs of Color Expo returns in 2024
    5. Gameloft sees staff redundancies in Lviv and Toronto offices
    6. Network N takes controlling stake in Roucan
    7. Pacific Drive's road to reshaping the survival genre
    8. Football Manager 2024 and Viewfinder lead UKIE Video Game Awards 2024 nominations
    9. Thunderful CEO says restructure is "off to a good start" as it reports full-year loss of $60m
    10. Build A Rocket Boy facing layoffs
    11. Activision reportedly laying off more than 130 people from Ireland branch
    1. Xbox takes Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush to PlayStation, Grounded and Pentiment to Switch
    2. Gigantic returns as a premium title
    3. Time Crisis | Why I Love
    4. Nightingale developer at an Inflexion point
    5. Tales of Arise sells 3m units | News-in-brief
    6. More than 500 games earned over $3m on Steam in 2023
    7. Phil Spencer says Xbox is not dropping physical media
    1. Unwind becomes the South Australian Games Association
    2. Humble has raised over $250m for charity to date | News-in-brief
    3. Swedish game veterans unveil Cult of the North
    4. Video game consoles are doomed… right? | Opinion
    5. The reorganization behind rescuing Cyberpunk 2077
    6. Why Neonhive is taking the leap into publishing
    7. Frost Giant asks players to invest in studio
    1. The struggle with trying to utilise multiple skill sets | Black Voices Progress Report
    2. Monumental to acquire Game Circus
    3. A tough week for games consoles | Microcast
    4. Investors on the state of video games: "We are investing, but the bar is so much higher"
    5. Apple to allow alternative app stores in Europe
    6. Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly not launching until 2025
    1. Optic Texas CEO and player sue Activision alleging Call of Duty League monopoly
    1. Epic Games Store sees $950 million in PC game sales over 2023
    2. Multiplatform Microsoft and a very different future for consoles | This Week in Business
    3. Baldur's Gate 3, Spider-Man 2 sweep DICE Awards 2024
    4. French Ubisoft workers on strike over salary
    5. Bandai Namco's Q3 revenue rose 3.9% to $5.1bn
    6. For Sony and Microsoft, revenue growth is more important than any "console war" | Opinion
    7. Payday 3 returns Starbreeze to profitability despite "significantly lower" than expected sales
    8. Embracer CEO says layoffs are "something that everyone needs to get through"
    9. ZA/UM reportedly preparing to lay off devs
    10. Alan Wake 2 sells 1.3m units | News-in-brief
    1. Microsoft bringing four games to other consoles
    2. Daybreak confirms "less than 15" layoffs
    3. Sony seeking growth by bringing more first-party games to other platforms
    4. The power in granting access to the gaming industry | Black Voices Progress Report
    5. Embracer restructuring nears "final stretch" but unlikely to reach net debt target by March
    6. Maximum Entertainment merges six games divisions under parent brand
    7. Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama dies
    1. Scopely layoffs hit Kingdom Maker team
    2. Blackbird Interactive cuts staff again
    3. Ziggurat no slave to tradition
    4. Xsolla leadership changes continue with new chief strategy officer
    5. Empowering play for all: The path to true accessibility in games
    6. Five UK women-led studios receive £215,000 in funding
    7. Supercell revenue drops 4.2% to €1.7bn in 2023
    8. PlayStation generates $9.6 billion in holiday quarter, but expects hardware decline in 2024
    9. Sony confirms Rise of the Ronin will not launch in South Korea
    1. Disney teams up with African studio Maliyo Games on Iwájú tie-in
    2. Twitch viewership grows by 6% in January
    3. GamesIndustry.biz to host social event at GDC 2024
    4. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth fails to dethrone Momotaro Dentetsu World | Japan Monthly Charts
    5. 1SP Agency acquires UK communications firm Renaissance PR
    6. Study finds 17% of active gamers are LGBTQ
    7. Japan spent more than $620m on location-based games in 2023
    8. Monumental to acquire Kongregate
    1. Xbox confirms business operations update February 15 | News-in-brief
    2. Adam Duncan, League of Geeks co-founder, dies
    3. Toys for Bob closes physical studio location
    4. Disney bets big on Fortnite | Microcast
    5. A Black QA tester's perspective | Black Voices Progress Report
    6. What is the best game engine: is Godot right for you?
    7. Threshold Games shuts down
    8. Skills awarded $42.9m in patent infringement trial against AviaGames
    9. Report: Phil Spencer says Xbox will still make consoles
    1. Motion Twin to end post-launch support of Dead Cells | News-in-brief
    2. GDC Awards to honor Yoko Shimomura, Fawzi Mesmar
    3. French union flags concerns for welfare of Don't Nod staff
    4. Nexon's revenue grew by 20% in 2023
    5. Are unions actually growing? | This Week in Business
    6. Sega revenues rise to $2.7bn
    7. The "live service" model is all played out | Opinion
    8. CVC Capital Partners and Haveli Investments confirm plans to buy Jagex
    9. Humble Bundle raised $14 million for charity in 2023 | News-in-brief
    10. European video game sales dip by over 7% in January | European Monthly Charts
    1. Room 8 Group finalizes integration of Massive Black and PUGA
    2. Take-Two cutting costs again as Q3 sales dip 3%
    3. Report underscores how little investment goes to women-led firms
    4. Q3 bookings boost makes Ubisoft confident of record year
    5. Krafton gets a 3% sales bump in 2023
    6. Take-Two argues that virtual currencies are "fictions" in bid to dismiss lawsuit
    7. FromSoftware owner acquires Octopath Traveler developer
    8. Stoke Games raises $5.5m for "shooter-adjacent" PvP game
    9. Hidden Path lays off 44
    10. "Make yourself undeniable" ⏐ Black Voices Progress Report
    11. PlateUp's solo dev shares recipe for success
    12. IGDA launches new Incubation Special Interest Group
    13. Powering Hello Kitty’s rise to the top flight of mobile
    14. FTC claims Microsoft contradicted Activision acquisition following mass layoffs
    15. Persona 3 Reload is fastest-selling Atlus game ever | News-in-brief
    16. EA Sports FC and The Last of Us Part 2 impress in tough January | UK Monthly Charts
    1. Disney invests $1.5bn in Epic Games and announces major Fortnite partnership
    2. Paradox Interactive sees its full-year revenue grow by 34%
    3. Inflexion's Nightingale Early Access gets moved up | News-in-brief
    4. Roblox continues to grow revenues, deepen losses
    5. Nitro Games raises €3.5m in agreement with Digital Extremes
    6. Visual Concepts Austin reportedly hit with layoffs
    7. MENA-3 games market generated $1.92bn in 2023
    8. Will Xbox publishing on rival consoles spark a Revolution? | Opinion
    1. CVC Capital Partners is poised to acquire Jagex
    2. IGN workers unionizing
    3. Tencent acquires controlling stake in Swords of Legends dev Wangyuan Shengtang
    4. Creative director Laralyn McWilliams has died
    5. Silent Hill: The Short Message passes 1m downloads | News-in-brief
    6. Nintendo profits rise to $2.7bn despite Switch sales slowdown
    7. Finding power in language with Chants of Sennaar
    8. Microsoft reportedly bringing Indiana Jones and Starfield to PS5 and Switch
    9. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor wins Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games at the Grammys | News-in-brief
    1. Layoffs at Crop Circle Games
    2. Square Enix sales almost flat through first nine months of fiscal year
    3. Does it make sense for Xbox to bring its games to PlayStation? | Microcast
    4. Building a career on a dare | Black Voices Progress Report
    5. An introduction to mobile user acquisition
    6. Japanese physical sales neared $3bn in 2023 | Japan Annual Report
    1. Eggspace Entertainment raises $4.25m in seed funding round
    2. The future's so bright, I gotta wear Apple's $3,500 shades | This Week in Business
    3. Report: 95% of studios are working on or aim to release a live service game
    4. Seven reasons to be hopeful about the future of the video games industry | Opinion
    5. Scottish government greenlights "national games strategy"
    6. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth becomes fastest selling game in the franchise | News-in-brief
    1. Nordcurrent snaps up Cinemaware library
    2. Data.ai: Genshin Impact hits $5bn faster than any other mobile title
    3. Supermassive Games co-founders exit company
    4. RAFA Racing Club acquires Grid Finder
    5. From Kingdom Hearts fan movies to writing EA's Black Panther | Black Voices Progress Report
    6. Introducing GamesIndustry.biz's Black Voices Progress Report
    7. EGDF says it's disappointed in Apple's new EU policy
    8. Konami raises forecasts as profits rise 53% to $427m
    9. Devolver Digital CEO Douglas Morin steps down
    10. Report: Airship Syndicate lays off 12 staff
    11. Death Stranding 2 and new Kojima stealth game headline PlayStation's State of Play
    12. Palworld is biggest third-party Xbox Game Pass launch | News-in-brief