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January 2013 Archive

    1. Next-gen consoles will lose ground, says Roberts
    2. Nintendo: Time for an intervention?
    3. Temple Run 2 hits 50m downloads in two weeks
    4. GTA V slips to September
    5. 190 redundancies across HMV head office and distribution
    6. Sine Mora's Reiker starts new studio
    7. Ending the Violent Game Debate
    8. Digit Game Studios raises $2.5m
    9. Computer Science added to English Baccalaureate
    10. Where I'm @: A Brief Look At The Resurgence of Roguelikes
    11. Iwata: No price cut for Wii U
    12. Facebook profits slump due to cost of mobile transition
    13. TIGA pushes for better maths and science education
    14. Ubisoft cuts torture scene from Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    15. Warcraft film finds director in Source Code
    16. Apple is the biggest threat to Steam Box, says Newell
    17. EA: Q3 lower but digital grows
    18. PlayHaven appoints new chief operating officer
    1. NCAC upset over gun games pulled from rest stops
    2. US Senator: Games affect people, guns don't
    3. Disney lays off 50 on top of Junction Point closure
    4. Animal Crossing still Japan's #1
    5. Roundtable: Who got fat in THQ feeding frenzy?
    6. iOS games earn 3.5 times the revenue of Android games in Q4
    7. How Iwata brought Brain Training to Britain
    8. Major League Gaming considering development of e-sports FPS
    9. Spector: I know we polarised people
    10. Google buys 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers for UK schools
    11. Tencent reshuffle brings new focus to mobile
    12. Grasshopper Manufacture joins Gungho Online Entertainment
    13. Nintendo cuts sales targets for Wii U, 3DS consoles
    14. Epic Citadel released on Android
    15. Ubisoft puts Prince of Persia on pause
    16. Zynga's chief game designer departs
    1. Gameloft Indian studio reportedly closed
    2. Gameloft full-year sales jump 27%
    3. Half of GameStop DLC buyers never bought digitally before
    4. Ex-Midway exec: THQ collapse "the exact same"
    5. Rumble's FPS shooting for "$100 million per month" market
    6. Xbox just behind Wii in UK lifetime sales
    7. 128GB iPad goes on sale next week
    8. Monaco designer: Kickstarter "stretch goals are total bulls**t"
    9. Wargaming moves to consoles with $20m purchase of Day 1 Studios
    10. Bioware's Zeschuk: On leaving games and the "EA bear hug"
    11. Turtle Rock Studios: "We were rooting for THQ"
    12. Kabam hits $180 million revenue in 2012
    13. Tales Of The Unexpected: The Strange Success Of The Walking Dead
    14. Rare director joins Sony Computer Entertainment
    15. Vigil GM to lead Crytek USA
    16. Disney confirms Junction Point closure
    1. V&A museum looking for resident developer
    2. Real pinball sales boosted by sims
    3. Lace Mamba responds to CBE Software accusations
    4. Hilco to save half of HMV stores
    5. Fox's Glee steals Jonathan Coulton's cover
    6. Pokemon tops 2012 software chart in Japan
    7. Montreal incubator picks first indie projects
    8. J. J. Abrams to co-host D.I.C.E. session with Gabe Newell
    9. Black Ops II back on top
    10. Chinese console ban under review - report
    1. Disney prepared to look at game violence, says CEO
    2. PlayStation All-Stars developer cuts staff
    1. Saints Row stifled by immature humor, says Bleszinski
    2. Violent game research bill introduced
    3. Funcom closing Beijing studio
    4. Apple cuts ties with supplier over labour violations
    5. FIFA brand makes over £1 billion at UK retail
    6. THQ - A Victim Of Market Change And Corporate Inertia
    7. Ni no Kuni special edition oversold, customer orders cancelled
    8. PlayStation web store launches in North America
    9. Journey & Dishonored lead 2013 Game Developers Choice Awards
    10. Microsoft reports 29% drop in Xbox revenue
    1. Trion brings XLGames' ArcheAge to the West
    2. THQ IP still in need of new homes
    3. Logitech to stop production of console accessories
    4. Stock Ticker: Apple
    5. Ni No Kuni: Marketing magic
    6. Cliff Bleszinski on the lure of triple-A
    7. Gaming press hoaxed over Xbox and surface rumours
    8. Vigil: New project was going to "blow people away"
    9. Glitch assets now under Creative Commons license
    10. Devil May Cry hits number one in Japan
    11. Sony fined £250,000 for "preventable" PSN breach
    12. Don't Starve: Klei's grand experiment
    13. Double Eleven opens new publishing division
    14. Bayonetta dev willing to buy Darksiders... for cheap
    15. Apple's Q1 sets records, but stock drops
    1. American McGee on Kickstarter: “We turned it into Kicklauncher”
    2. THQ auction update: Rubin, Farrell comment on demise
    3. DeNA joins ESA
    4. IGF Student Showcase winners chosen
    5. Unite 13 to be held in Vancouver
    6. Mario, Zelda lead Wii U push
    7. Former Activision SVP joins Oculus VR
    8. Gamestick Kickstarter introduces "developer tier"
    9. Iwata apologizes for Wii U software drought
    10. Schafer, Lemarchand, Ouya CEO at Nordic Game 2013
    11. American McGee retracts EA marketing claims
    12. Black Ops 2 was 2012's most popular Xbox LIVE game
    13. Critical Consensus: The Cave
    14. Relic boss heads to Activision
    15. Microsoft preparing $2 billion investment in Dell - report
    16. Blockbuster US to close 300 stores
    17. Microsoft releasing Surface Pro on Feb 9
    18. Amazon launches in-app purchasing service
    1. Google announces strong Q4 revenue
    2. South Park Studios objects to THQ auction
    3. PS Vita tops Japanese poll's list of systems to buy
    4. Wipeout vets form Sawfly Studios
    5. Nader calls violent game devs "electronic child molesters"
    6. Dare to be Digital 2013 applications open
    7. Hilco acquires HMV debt of £176 million
    8. Pardo "saddened" by fan reaction to Diablo lead's departure
    9. New deal sees extensive collaboration between Nexon and DeNA
    10. Vancouver devs call for "level playing field" on tax incentives
    11. Temple Run 2 gets 20m downloads in 4 days
    12. Gas Powered: We made the layoffs while we could afford to
    13. Ballmer accused of forcing out competitors to protect role
    14. Hirai: Why go first with next-gen?
    1. Trion and Syfy redefine licensing with Defiance
    2. Next-gen Xbox specs leak
    3. American McGee: EA tricked Alice customers
    4. HMV to begin accepting gift cards tomorrow
    5. Games media's big challenge: "It's hard to monetize all the content"
    6. Reshuffle at Future's Edge
    7. Remode secures £100k from Creative England
    8. Ninja Theory secures UK #1 with DMC reboot
    9. The Rabbit Hole: Innovation The Ubisoft Way
    10. Gas Powered: "Kickstarter has become about saving a company"
    11. TIGA survey shows UK industry wages holding steady
    12. EA talent officer: "The problem is not sexism"
    13. Atari US files for Chapter 11
    1. Administrators to close another 129 Blockbuster stores
    2. EA brings SimCity to the classroom
    1. Gas Powered Games lays off staff in cash crisis
    1. Report: Sony ditching DualShock for next console
    2. Orbis unmasked: what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation
    3. Sony has improved significantly, says Hirai
    4. Trials sells 4 million
    5. Kunio Neo joins Capcom Europe
    6. Codemasters facing redundancies
    7. Bohemia Interactive developers return home from Greek prison
    8. Dean Hall "angry" over The War Z similarities
    9. GAME eyes up HMV stores
    10. Sony sells US headquarters for $1.1 billion
    11. The violent games debate isn't about facts; it's about hearts and minds
    12. AppGratis raises $13.5 million to improve app discovery
    1. Intel closes out 2012 with $53.3 billion in revenue
    2. Diablo III director steps down
    3. Crytek opens Istanbul studio
    4. Telltale, Ouya CEOs added to DICE Summit
    5. Sony settles suit with Kevin Butler actor
    6. now #1 on Facebook
    7. GitHub sees 3 millionth member account
    8. Zynga VP joins online gambling start-up
    9. Congressman proposes bill to make ESRB ratings legally binding
    10. SOE: Schooling The Industry On Sexism
    11. Assassin's Creed III and Halo 4 lead 2013 WGA nominees
    1. Obama calls for violent game research [Updated]
    2. Missouri legislator proposes violent game tax
    3. Will Digital Keep Nintendo in Hardware?
    4. Japanese charts still all about Nintendo
    5. Blockbuster UK appoints administrators
    6. Right Pedal Studios launches new accelerator in Australia
    7. Investment halves in 2012 as social bubble bursts
    8. Deloitte: Actively seeking a purchaser for HMV
    9. AMD employees accused of industrial espionage
    10. Nintendo merging handheld and console divisions on February 16
    11. Future Games of London: 50m downloads to date, 40m target for 2013
    12. Crowdfunding Space Colonisation: Simon Roth's Maia
    13. Samsung Galaxy S III crosses 40 million units
    14. Sega enters free-to-play partnership with Gogogic
    1. GameStick manufacturer adds new Head of Games
    2. Disney Infinity merges real toys, virutal worlds
    3. Arma III devs make bail
    4. No mention of games in Biden proposals
    5. Traversing the Wormhole: Investing in Fun
    6. Guild Wars 2 sells 3 million
    7. Kabam acquires Vancouver's Exploding Barrel Games
    8. It's Time to Reconsider the Violent Game Debate
    9. EA, Bioware fire-fighting reactions to SWtOR's 'gay ghetto' planet
    10. Majesco profits in decline amid restructuring
    1. NRA releases iOS game
    2. Taking Back Control: How Kickstarter is Revolutionizing Development
    3. HMV entering administration
    4. Xbox 360, not Wii, to win this console generation
    5. Massachusetts pulls violent games from rest stops
    6. Pinewood Studios to get centre of excellence for video games
    7. Young female market "neglected" by the games industry
    8. Ex Dishonored dev says gamers are "blinded by the fear of censorship" on violence
    9. Gearbox said no to COD
    10. Trimming The Fat: How and Why Game Design Must Change
    11. Journey scores 11 D.I.C.E. Awards nominations
    12. Critical Consensus: DmC: Devil May Cry
    13. Blizzard raises $2.3m for Sandy survivors
    14. $400 price point for next PlayStation, Xbox consoles
    15. Tenshi Ventures gets 50% stake in Indie Royale game bundle
    16. Little movement in UK chart as FIFA stays top
    1. Double Fine looks into THQ assets
    2. Biden to game industry: "You have not been singled out"
    1. Newell: PC and TV gaming the same
    2. US parents blame violence on games as much as guns
    3. How Nintendo is making Wii U indie-friendly
    4. Skylanders revenue tops $500m in the US
    5. Harrison welcomes hardware competition but urges caution
    6. DreamRift: Publisher caution an "ugly and unfortunate" result of piracy
    7. EA facing tattoo lawsuit
    8. GCW-Zero joins fleet of new gaming hardware on Kickstarter
    9. David Cage: Sequels kill creativity
    10. Minecraft sells 15 million in 2012
    11. End of the line for "razors and razorblades"
    12. Australia's first R18+ game is Ninja Gaiden 3
    13. Wii U has stronger first six weeks than Wii
    14. ESA confirms Biden meeting on game violence
    15. Sony launching US PSN web store later this month
    1. GameStick adds support for Green Throttle Games' analog controller
    2. Call of Duty dominates an awful 2012 for US retail
    3. Xbox 360 is best-selling console in US in 2012, sells 1.4 million in December
    4. Funcom confirms closures, restructuring of company
    5. IGDA writes Biden, calls for more game violence research
    6. Roundtable: Here Comes a New Challenger
    7. Sling Media co-founder becomes Microsoft IEB VP
    8. Sessler: Games journalism needs a more "humanistic, holistic approach"
    9. New Microsoft team Lift London to act as studio incubator
    10. Scott Henson takes head of operations role at Xbox, overseeing Lionhead
    11. Bioware writer laments "increasingly toxic" fan feedback
    12. Video: Microsoft demos IllumiRoom off-screen projections
    13. GameStop: DLC attach rates are rising
    14. Dyson frets over glamour of games
    15. EA Mobile doubles down on free-to-play
    16. TERA adds free-to-play options
    1. IDC: Game consoles, discs to remain revenue mainstays for "years to come"
    2. Town ditches plan to collect, destroy violent games
    3. Biden meeting with game industry
    4. drops direct retail
    5. 2K Sports renews MLB contract
    6. Nintendo the big winner on Japanese charts
    7. CiiNOW: Cloud gaming's tipping point will come this year
    8. NJ governor joins violent game debate
    9. Substantial layoffs at Majesco Europe
    10. What's inside the Piston Steam Box prototype?
    11. $83 million pledged to Kickstarter games
    12. Apple poised to launch cheaper iPhone - report
    13. Razer announces Razer Edge tablet PC
    14. Valve's Newell details the future Steam Box
    15. Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses
    16. Nintendo 3DS crosses 10 million units sold in Japan
    1. Xbox Live: expect more TV ads
    2. Trip Hawkins opening new London studio with ex-Moshi Monsters producer
    3. Hirai responds to Nvidia's new handheld
    4. Lego Marvel Super Heroes hits this year
    5. Nintendo aims to boost 3DS business with revamped Pokemon
    6. Three brothers form Hippo Entertainment in Middlesbrough
    7. GameStop holiday sales slip 4.6%
    8. Chartboost closes $19 million funding round, partners with Sequoia Capital
    9. Ouya development competition offers $20K grand prize
    10. Boa Compra offers route to Brazil for European devs
    11. Sony continues 4K push with new tech at CES
    12. Chinese games industry hits $9.7 billion in 2012
    13. Child's Play raised over $5m in 2012
    14. Apple rejects game based on Syrian conflict
    15. Valve-funded Steam-optimized PC coming from Xi3
    1. IGF announces 2013 competition finalists
    2. Crysis 3 skipping Wii U due to missing “business drive”
    3. EMA speaks up on Newtown shooting
    4. PCs will replace consoles, says Ben Cousins
    5. US bankruptcy court clarifies bidding on THQ assets
    6. Ninja Gaiden 3 director defends Wii U
    7. Pachter: Nintendo weakness contributes to 11% decline in December
    8. App Store downloads hit 20 billion in 2012
    9. Nvidia gathers partners for Grid cloud gaming platform
    10. FIFA 13 scores in a quiet chart week
    11. Iwata: Wii U sales "not bad" despite lack of premium units
    12. Heyzap completes $4.3 million round of funding
    13. The Walking Dead sells 8.5 million episodes
    14. Del Toro in InSane talks with "a very, very big company"
    15. Rare veterans start new studio Flippin Pixels
    16. Nvidia introduces new gaming console
    1. Warner Bros and more circling for THQ titles
    2. American McGee turns to Kickstarter for free-to-play action RPG
    3. Majesco Boston shuts down [Report]
    1. Curse launches Wikia alternative Gamepedia
    2. Activision 007 games pulled from digital stores
    3. Facebook: "A fantastic core option for gamers"
    4. Wii U launch disappoints, says analyst
    5. Roundtable: A Question of Quality
    6. Search for a Star 2013 opens to students
    7. Citadel Investment grows Take-Two stake
    8. Sony patent speculation leads to GameStop share drop
    9. Age of Empires updates "no longer cost-effective"
    10. The State Of Games Journalism
    11. Peter Hepworth moves on from Activision UK
    12. Smart TV in 2013 - a trickle, not a torrent
    13. Microsoft testing streamlined Xbox Live region migration
    14. Namco planning Dave & Busters-style restaurant
    15. Angry Birds nets 8 million downloads on Christmas
    1. THQ creditors, US Trustee object to quick sale
    2. US has more Internet devices than people
    3. Sony patent would "suppress" second-hand sales
    4. TERA publisher promotes publishing VP to CEO
    5. Humble Indie Bundle 7 closes with $2.6 million
    6. Kim Swift's call to arms for female devs
    7. New head of technology for Velocity developer FuturLab
    8. Holiday app downloads hit 1.7 billion
    9. Elite: Dangerous clears Kickstarter goal
    10. Dementium dev: We'll drop 3DS if piracy gets bad
    11. Microsoft bolsters Xbox with R2 Studios acquisition - report
    1. Free-to-play SW:TOR switch postponed same-sex options
    2. Connecticut town gathering, destroying violent games
    3. Metacritic sees fewer great games in 2012
    4. Capcom avoiding late Wii U ports
    5. Features you may have missed
    6. UK digital game sales grow to £552m
    7. Ian Livingstone awarded CBE
    8. PlayJam turns to Kickstarter to fund Android TV console
    9. Far Cry 3 ends 2012 on top
    10. Valve's Michael Abrash: Latency is getting in the way of VR
    11. 2013: The State of the Games Industry