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Kickstarter has seen over $20m pledged to game projects

Games enjoy some of the highest financing on average

Kickstarter has been around for three years, and while it's only been in the last few months that the financing platform has really opened some eyes in the games industry, game projects in general have been faring very well, generating over $20 million in pledges so far.

According to The New York Times, design, music and film/video have seen larger total pledge figures, but importantly, the average financing for successful game projects actually ranks among the highest financing for projects on the platform. Average financing of successful game projects sits at $26,910, which is behind tech projects at $27,677 and design projects at $29,409.

Interestingly, it seems that the number of live or successful game projects (857) or design projects (854) is just a fraction of film or music projects, which both stand over 7,000. Given the attention Kickstarter's now getting from game developers, we'd expect the number of game projects to accelerate in the months ahead.

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