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October 2014 Archive

    1. Full Sail restructuring but game course safe
    2. PS4 firmware issues postpone Evolve alpha
    3. "October has been a dreadful month for Kickstarter"
    4. PlayStation Plus reaches 7.9 million members
    5. Nordic Games acquires de Blob IP
    6. Kamcord has opened a Japanese office
    7. Denis Dyack returns with a new entertainment company
    8. Prey 2 is officially cancelled
    9. Sega made an $18m loss in the first half of FY2015
    10. Sony sold 3.3 million PS4s in Q2
    11. Where Destiny Leads
    1. Sony apologizes for Driveclub's ongoing launch woes
    2. Anki taps Activision, EA execs
    3. Ubisoft sees sales shrink in Q2 but rise 65% for first half
    4. OnLive adds new European territories
    5. Iwata explains why US, Europe need to wait for New 3DS
    6. Platform, not gender, drives gamer differences - EEDAR
    7. Getting more women in games
    8. Next Games acquires Helsinki GameWorks
    9. Zoe Quinn calls for big companies to speak out on GamerGate
    10. Nintendo is redefining entertainment with a sleep sensor
    11. Kim Kardashian earned 54 per cent of Glu's revenue in Q3
    1. Tellem and Levin depart Xbox Entertainment Studios
    2. Reddit launches Kickstarter competitor
    3. Take-Two financials show GTA V hangover
    4. GungHo acquires PlayPhone
    5. Confidence is everything in game development - Rami Ismail
    6. Lucas Pope awarded Gamecity Prize 2014
    7. Tribal Wars 2 beta attracts 1 million users
    8. DICE Awards get new categories
    9. Call of Duty Endowment launches Race To 1,000 Jobs
    10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate still Japanese #1
    11. "It's the software that matters, that's it"
    12. Iwata returns to work after tumor removal
    13. Work-for-hire is not an admission of failure
    14. So you think video game research sucks?
    15. Cultural centre for games to open in the UK next year
    16. HTML5 standard is finally complete
    17. Ninja Theory can recoup Hellblade budget with 300,000 sales
    18. Capcom suffers from lack of new releases
    19. Nintendo sold 600,000 Wii Us in Q2
    20. Dying Light cancelled for PS3 and 360
    21. Zuckerberg: Oculus a "long-term bet on the future of computing"
    1. Adobe clarifies #gamergate stance
    2. Judge dismisses Noriega lawsuit over Call of Duty
    3. Madden, mobile and digital drive EA to record Q2
    4. Perfect World giving R&D employees ownership stake
    5. Blizzard bans "several thousand" Hearthstone botters
    6. "Success can actually be failure"
    7. Walmart begins used game sales
    8. Reaching a broader audience with games that have meaning
    9. Coping with the "glitter and doom of development"
    10. Brazil Game Show: This is one market that Xbox One can win
    11. Plague Inc. sees 50 per cent download spike due to Ebola fears
    12. Extra-Life raises over $5.4 million for children's hospitals
    13. Shanda Games is looking for a new CEO
    14. Traplight secures $500,000 in funding, employs Mojang advisor
    1. "Scared blank check journalism appears to be the status quo"
    2. SecretNewCo becomes Big Huge Games
    3. 17-Bit signs with GungHo
    4. Cowen & Co. analysis sees CoD pre-orders well down, YoY
    5. Xbox One will be cheaper than PS4 this Christmas
    6. FIFA 15 holds on to UK number one for a fifth week
    7. Crit Con: Sunset Overdrive brings the Xbox One a worthy exclusive
    8. DreamHack fires CEO ahead of next eSports event
    9. Are there lines games shouldn't cross?
    1. AbleGamers starts monthly open house
    2. Xbox doesn't need another military space marine series
    3. Kongregate CEO: It's harder to be a woman in games
    4. Amazon has $83 million in unsold Fire Phones
    5. Swedish developers sign declaration against sexism, abuse
    6. Mobile could soon dominate - so what?
    1. Xbox console sales jump 102% in Q1
    2. NCsoft lays off "around 60" at Carbine Studios
    3. Digital retailer speaks out on #gamergate name confusion
    4. Goodgame Studios appoints new head of communications
    5. British Academy Scotland Awards nominees announced
    6. Helgason: Negative view on Riccitiello is "incredibly unfair"
    7. ESA Foundation grants $90,000 to women and minority students
    8. Gaming is the least welcoming online venue for women
    9. New Zurich studio for Studio Gobo
    10. Sweet Success: the Difficult Second Album
    1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate keeps Japanese #1
    2. With Riccitiello, is Unity planning something big?
    3. Linear games "going to suffer" in the market - Far Cry 4 dev
    4. Steam now accepting local currency in Mexico and Turkey
    5. Small Giant Games raises $3.1m
    6. Battlefield 4 class action suit suffers setback
    7. Supermicro UK adds to cloud gaming team
    8. Unity appoints Riccitiello as CEO
    9. BAFTA creates director of awards role
    10. Community management isn't just a complaints department
    11. Report: Mobile to become gaming's biggest market by 2015
    12. VR sweet spot no more than $200 - EEDAR
    13. Psychology of video game play - low hanging fruit!
    1. Destructoid EIC quits over disagreement with management
    2. Black Tie Ventures promises $7.5 million to Quebec City
    3. Chris Donahue joins PlayFab
    4. Google helps augmented reality company raise $542m
    5. Mike Capps joins Sphero board of directors
    6. The Stanley Parable sells 1 million
    7. Console declines delay $100 billion mark for industry to 2019 - DFC
    8. Uber Entertainment cancels Human Resources Kickstarter
    9. Steam pulls game over Gabe Newell death threat
    10. 40,000 fans pack stadium for League of Legends final
    11. From BioShock to The Black Glove
    12. Life is Short (for Mobile Games)
    1. iPhone up, iPad down as Apple sees Q4 sales rise 12%
    2. Space Engineers hits million sold milestone
    3. Jade Raymond leaving Ubisoft
    4. Marketing doesn't have to be gross
    5. Our House Rules
    6. Games dominate mobile internet business 'rich list'
    7. FIFA 15 makes it four weeks as the UK's number one
    8. UK proposes tougher sentences for online abuse
    9. Tale of Tales: Making a game for gamers
    10. "It would be stupid not to try to support it more in the UK"
    1. What Do Women Want?
    2. Apple CPI surpasses Android - Fiksu
    3. AMD to cut more than 700 jobs this year
    4. Osmo raises $12 million for educational games platform
    5. Nintendo's Window is Closing
    1. Destiny, PS4 lead sales boost for US games biz in Sept - NPD
    2. Trine franchise tops 7 million sales
    3. iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 confirmed
    4. Quantic Dream boss re-elected as EGDF president
    5. Google reveals Nexus Player
    6. MediaCity offers free studio space to UK developers
    7. New GamesAid comedy night reveals full line-up
    8. Razer is worth more than $1 billion - report
    9. New 3DS models dominate Japanese hardware chart
    10. Digital Extremes sells 61 per cent of shares for $73 million
    11. ESA: "There's no place in the video game community for threats"
    1. Turbine hit with layoffs as part of "strategic alignment"
    2. Barry Cottle leaves Zynga
    3. Games driving "nearly all" Google Play's revenue growth in US
    4. Sony launching eSports league
    5. NaturalMotion sponsors Future8 Awards
    6. No Man's Sky dev among first speakers at DICE 2015
    7. What's fueling GamerGate?
    8. BAFTA is on the hunt for 100 young game professionals
    9. PlayMob named among Talent Unleashed finalists
    10. "You need to be at peace with uncertainty"
    11. Bandai Namco opens office in Kuala Lumpur
    12. World of Warcraft subs up 600,000 ahead of expansion
    13. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ships 2 million in Japan
    1. Robin Hunicke joins UC Santa Cruz faculty
    2. "There is a literal war in this industry on women" - Wu
    3. "Amazon is trying to do things a little differently"
    4. DDM appoints Perfect World Entertainment's Arkhipov
    5. PlayStation Now beta launches on PS TV, PS Vita
    6. Mobile spending driven by 35-44-year-olds
    7. Destiny is no GTA, says Pachter, predicting YoY slump in NPDs
    8. Update: Sarkeesian cancels USU talk after threats
    1. "We have no plan to sell Unity"
    2. Critical Consensus: Bayonetta 2 is a rare beauty
    3. Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK launch game
    4. New Singapore office for Gamevil
    5. The Death of Reviews
    6. Resident Evil TV series on the way
    7. Newzoo expands into Asia with new China offices
    8. Driveclub server issues continue
    9. Brianna Wu is latest dev threatened and driven out of home
    10. Too artsy, but not artsy enough
    11. Destiny averaging 3.2 million players a day
    12. Four new top ten entries can't shift FIFA from UK #1
    1. Xbox One deserves to be "first class citizen" for indie games - Spencer
    2. Ubisoft "does not constrain its games"
    3. Telltale: We're not like young pups out of the garage
    4. Sony preparing around 200,000 PS4s a year for Chinese market
    5. Gree and Line form Epic Voyage, Inc.
    6. Dirty Videos
    1. FuturLab scores 1m PlayStation Store downloads in Europe
    2. Amazon to open physical retail store in NYC
    3. Mobile studio Cloudcade raises $1.55 million
    4. Ubisoft backs anti-bullying campaign
    5. Super Smash Bros fights off Kingdom Hearts
    6. Unity recently in talks to sell - Report
    7. Gamer Network launches new 'Fishbowl' mobile ad format
    8. Nintendo sponsors indie game exhibit
    9. Sleepy Giant lays off 18
    10. Brandon Beck keynoting MIGS 2014
    11. Myst creators pen deal for series based on game
    12. OnLive partners with Extra Life for charity fundraiser
    13. Nude videos of players uploaded to internet by Chinese mobile title
    1. FarmVille vets join Storm8
    2. Sid Meier: Game designers should create a "positive climate"
    3. Activision offers free Call of Duty cross-gen to digital buyers
    4. King runs more TV ads than Sony and Microsoft
    5. AIAS doles out 2014 scholarships
    6. DriveClub delayed for PS Plus
    7. Square Enix sues SNK Playmore
    1. Battlefield 4 "absolutely" damaged player trust - DICE
    2. Bomb threat hoax strikes Gearbox HQ
    3. New chair for IGDA Scotland
    4. Thumbstar and Bossa sign distribution deal
    5. Harder to wow with visuals now, says Crytek dev
    6. Built to Last: Making your brand the first priority of development
    7. Super Smash Bros 3DS tops 2.8 million worldwide
    8. Future to close Official Nintendo Magazine and website
    9. Nexon: We need to focus on heart first and money second
    1. Xbox One sales in China already top Japan
    2. Intel: "We are deeply sorry if we offended anyone"
    3. Massive acquisitions put M&A value up to Q3 2014 over that of 2013 entire
    4. Microsoft reveals the diversity of its workforce
    5. FIFA 15 staves off Mordor, Forza, Smash Bros. to keep UK #1
    6. Microsoft digs deeper into AR with RoomAlive
    7. PewDiePie: "All the networks have been managed in such an incredibly poor way, it's embarrassing"
    8. Ubisoft Reflections: 30 years on the cutting edge
    1. Tiny Death Star pulled from app store, devs "had no prior knowledge"
    2. Game devs urge you to write Intel in response to #GamerGate
    3. Steam demands full disclosure on paid content from Curators
    4. EGX Rezzed tickets on sale
    5. US military can learn from game marketing, says ex-Call Of Duty director
    6. Japan is just a symptom of Xbox' problems
    1. Twitch wants 'complete transparency" on sponsored content
    2. Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra in response to #GamerGate
    3. Apple appoints interim head of public relations
    4. State Of Decay sells 2 million
    5. Tencent tops Newzoo revenue charts
    6. Microsoft not satisfied with Xbox One launch in Japan
    7. New CMO for mobile marketer Swrve
    8. Roll of the dice: Betting the future on board games
    9. Rovio considers axing up to 130 jobs
    10. Ubisoft now has a Russian office
    11. Appeals Court divided in Trip Hawkins tax case
    12. Cygames hires Square Enix veteran Akihiko Yoshida
    13. Humble Bundle names Yogscast as first curation partner
    1. PS Plus fees to rise in South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and India
    2. Super Smash Bros 3DS still Japanese #1
    3. Goodgame Studios amasses 1000 employees
    4. EGX Strikes multi-year deal with Birmingham's NEC
    5. Ms Pac-Man joins the fight against breast cancer
    6. "We're in this kind of historic, golden moment"
    7. Reddit closes $50 million round of funding
    8. ICO Partners report suggests Kickstarter is in decline
    9. Adjust raises $7.6 million in funding