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July 2019 Archive

    1. Nearly 10,000 games added to Wishlists from Steam's Interactive Recommender
    2. Zynga sees best mobile bookings and revenue in company history for Q2
    3. Immortals Gaming Club reportedly selling Houston Outlaws for $40m
    4. Pokémon GO reaches over one billion downloads worldwide
    5. Slitherine enters contract with Dstl to develop games for UK military
    6. Ubisoft acquires mobile publisher Green Panda Games
    7. Bandai Namco opening Barcelona mobile studio
    8. Jobs roundup: Frank Azor appointed chief architect of gaming solutions at AMD
    9. Learn, reset, repeat: The intricacy of time loop games
    10. EarthNight's quest for epic yet accessible
    11. Improving the depiction of mental illness in Vampire: The Masquerade
    12. SpecialEffect announces One Special Day 2019
    13. Red Kite Games moving to Leeds
    1. EA: Subscriptions combined with cloud services will "lower the barriers" to gaming
    2. Nearly half of EA's unit sales are now digital
    3. Rocket League gets license approval in China
    4. Diablo III's devilish appeal is in the details
    5. Submissions for Leftfield Collection at EGX 2019 are now open
    6. Streamers host #SlutStreamDay to fight harassment, raise money for charity
    7. Jon Blow: "The job isn't to be in a community; the job is to make a good game"
    8. Sega Sammy operating income up 246.6% this quarter
    9. US trade sanctions force GitHub to restrict access in Iran, Syria and Crimea
    10. Nintendo quarterly profits down 10% despite rising Switch sales
    11. PlayStation 4 passes 100m shipments, but revenues dip by ¥15bn
    12. Patrice Désilets: "We spoke with 45 investors before someone said yes"
    1. Bethesda missteps mar Doom re-releases
    2. David Cage says lighting key to photorealism
    3. Fire Emblem voice actor dropped for abusive behavior
    4. Making the most interesting licensed games through self-sabotage
    5. Winner of the Fortnite World Cup took home $3m
    6. Cloudhead Games' VR sleight of hand
    7. Rockstar hasn't paid UK corporation tax in ten years, claims investigative think tank
    8. Microsoft: Cloud partnership "all driven by Sony"
    9. Fire Emblem beats Wolfenstein to the top of the UK charts
    1. No More Robots reaches $3m in lifetime revenue
    2. Bulkhead Interactive announces $650,000 investment into esports
    3. Epic Game store adds cloud saves
    4. The Podcast: The incredible timing of GTA V's online casino
    5. British Gambling Commission: Industry should be "proactively dealing" with skin betting
    6. Fire Emblem Three Houses: Critical Consensus
    7. Grand Theft Auto V leads a static top three in the EMEAA charts
    8. Whoever wins the console wars of tomorrow, Microsoft will profit | Opinion
    1. US Department of Education awards $900k to Schell Games for VR education
    2. Amazon reportedly ends Prime Video on Wii U, launches it for VR
    3. Facebook Instant Games moves off Messenger
    4. Latest Unity investment values company at $6 billion
    5. Focus Home Interactive's Q1 revenue up 49% YOY
    6. Strafe raises $3m for esports hub app
    7. Corsair acquires Origin PC
    8. Star Trek Fleet Command surpasses $100m in lifetime revenue
    9. There is no typical Curve game
    10. The irony of Oddworld
    11. Tilting Point invests $30m into Mino Games' Cat Game
    12. Joke game removed from Steam after offering bribes to customers
    13. Devcom set to thrive in close alliance with Gamescom
    14. SpecialEffect's Chicken For Charity PUBG Tournament returns tomorrow
    15. CD Projekt Red promises "no disrespect" in religious-themed Cyberpunk 2077 quests
    16. Dragalia Lost becomes second highest-grossing Nintendo mobile game
    17. Mail.Ru's My.Games grows revenues to $116.9 million in Q2
    18. PUBG. Corp says Epic is "one of our best partners" despite previous lawsuit attempt
    19. Kickstarter veterans on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign
    1. Bigben acquires Spiders
    2. Five more investors join the PAX Investment Summit
    3. Bandai Namco combines physical toys and mobile games with Tori
    4. UK Charts: Crash Team Racing returns to No.1 as Amazon Prime Day boosts market
    5. From platform holder to indie investor
    6. VR streaming platform LIV raises $1m seed funding
    7. "If you're trying to make the game of the film, you're onto a loser"
    8. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's first month revenue lags far behind Pokémon Go
    9. Nintendo is reportedly offering free repairs for Joy-Con controllers
    10. Tencent and Nintendo to host Switch press conference in China on August 2
    11. Defiant Development to close after nine years
    1. Grand Theft Auto V update adds a casino that can be played with real money
    2. SuperData: Crash Team Racing sold over 550k units digitally in June
    3. Tencent to stream NBA 2K League in China
    4. Can real-time CG be better than pre-rendered?
    5. Google, Amazon invests in voice-controlled games studio Doppio
    6. "Employee health, employee happiness, and then the game -- in that order"
    7. Ex-MachineGames devs target healthy work-life balance with new studio
    8. Game Accessibility Conference makes UK debut this October
    9. Techland: “It's still not a corporate studio. We still get crazy sometimes”
    10. Tencent leads 'substantial' funding round for retro games streaming platform Antstream
    11. The free-to-Play cookbook: Secrets to player engagement
    12. Ubisoft joins Blender development fund
    13. Nintendo faces class action lawsuit over Joy-Con drifting defect
    1. Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI
    2. Supercell pulls games out of Vietnam, citing "regulatory issues"
    3. Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson dies at 33
    4. Football Manager 19 surpasses 2m copies sold across all platforms
    5. The Pokémon Company teams up with Tencent to create more Pokémon games
    6. NetEase launches Montreal studio
    7. "If she can do it, I can too": The message behind Girls' Game Lab
    8. Brendan Greene: "It's crazy, the hate I receive. I just have to ignore it"
    9. Tekken 7 sells 4 million
    10. Game Seer Venture Partners launches with €10m fund
    11. Grand Theft Auto V returns to top spot in EMEAA charts
    12. Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce ends 28-year career at company
    13. Gaming and esports revenues on the rise for MTG
    1. The Podcast: Are Ubisoft and HitRecord exploiting fans?
    2. Sega drops publishing deal with Interior Night
    3. Former Witcher developers form new studio Different Tales
    4. NSE and Intel partner for second season of the British University Esports Championship
    5. Digital Catapult launches AR and VR accelerator programme for UK startups
    6. Indies on Steam are betting on discoverability
    7. Satya Nadella: Microsoft is "well positioned" to expand beyond traditional gaming
    8. UKIE's Jo Twist is right: the words we use matter | Opinion
    1. Kongregate acquires Bit Heroes from Juppiomenz
    2. NPD: Super Mario Maker 2 warps to the top of June US sales
    3. Microsoft hardware revenue dips 48% YOY for fourth quarter
    4. Stadia director of product: "Eventually all games will be in the cloud and we'll feel great"
    5. Tim Willits leaving id Software
    6. Drawkanoid: Launching an indie game in a market where "everything changes"
    7. Kind Words: A game of lo-fi beats, letters to strangers, and feeling less alone
    8. Zynga expands its presence in India
    9. Gearbox commits to cross-play for Borderlands 3
    10. Disney and Glu aim to target nostalgia without exploiting it
    11. DouYu goes public with $775m Nasdaq IPO
    12. GOG reverses decision to reject Heaven's Vault
    13. Monster Hunter World has shipped 13 million worldwide
    1. The Man in the High Castle creator to produce TV series based on Warhammer 40,000
    2. Ubisoft sees PC, digital sales share increase in Q1
    3. LuckyHammers shuts down
    4. Ubisoft will host a two day fan event in the UK
    5. Yogscast CEO Mark Turpin resigns following sexual harassment allegations
    6. Nintendo releasing new Switch with longer battery life
    7. Would freedom of speech beat loot box legislation? | Opinion
    8. Lego Star Wars: Rise of TT Games
    9. MTG has invested $11m in games companies this year
    10. Suda 51, Rockfish, Improbable and Playground Games to speak at Devcom 2019
    11. Private Division has parted ways with Darkborn developer, The Outsiders
    12. Pole to Win opens Montreal office
    1. Detective Pikachu becomes the highest-grossing video game movie
    2. German researchers propose treatment for gaming addiction
    3. Pixion Games raises $2m toward mobile esports development
    4. Merge Games announces $4m indie publishing and marketing fund
    5. Ubisoft announces over 110 titles coming to UPlay+
    6. Four questions to help improve your narrative design
    7. Tencent launches app for streaming PC games to smartphones
    8. Jo Twist: Games industry needs to "step up" to fight cultural bias
    9. Ubisoft: "Nobody has dared do anything with a granny before"
    10. German consumers spent €4.4bn on video games in 2018
    11. My.Games acquires Love Sick dev Swag Masha
    12. A record year for Letter from the Publisher
    13. GameStop plans to renovate stores, pilot new store concepts
    14. NetEase acquires minority stake in Behaviour Interactive
    15. Kickstarter suspends over ambitious MMO inspired by GTA Online
    16. Disney hires former PlayStation portfolio boss to head up games licensing
    17. Ubisoft criticised for sourcing Watch Dogs Legion music through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HitRecord
    1. Respawn working on matchmaking Apex Legends cheaters with other cheaters
    2. Twitch growth dips as Fortnite viewership continues to decline
    3. Surrogate raises $2m in seed round
    4. Epic awards Blender Foundation $1.2m grant
    5. No More Robots brought in $2m in revenue in its second year
    6. Red Candle Games will not re-release Devotion "in the near term"
    7. “In the past, YouTubers were very problematic... Suddenly they became our allies"
    8. Sports Direct now owns 84% of GAME
    9. Five more investors join PAX Investment Summit in Seattle
    10. Ratio of successful Kickstarter projects at highest since Double Fine Adventure
    11. Courtship Under a Killing Moon
    12. Blizzard testing automatic shutdown for Overwatch matches where players are cheating
    13. Dr Mario World is the lowest grossing Nintendo mobile launch so far
    14. How to spot an exploitative mobile game publishing deal -- from a former publishing CEO
    15. Wube Software takes up G2A on offer to pay back ten times its chargeback fees
    16. Microsoft to close Remix 3D asset sharing platform
    17. UK Charts: Super Mario Maker 2 scores third consecutive No.1
    18. League of Legends dominates South Korean PC cafés
    1. Big PC sales continue to rock EMEAA charts
    2. UK digital charts: Sales and anticipation lift Borderlands 2, Pre-sequel once more
    3. The Coalition partners with Truth Initiative, cuts smoking from Gears 5
    4. Fortnite streaming hours drop for fourth straight quarter
    5. The Podcast: How do you solve a problem like G2A?
    6. Jason Kingsley: Epic is "paying through the nose" to build its store
    7. G2A proposes key-blocking tool
    8. Ubisoft bans XP farming quests in Assassin's Creed Odyssey's story creator
    9. The industry is still "developing games in a bubble"
    10. Blizzard unleashes Google's DeepMind AI against European Starcraft II players
    11. Smartphone maker ROKiT announces $50m indie dev fund
    12. Nintendo reaffirms its toy-maker identity | Opinion
    1. Nearly three-fourths of gamers prefer Netflix-style subscription for cloud games
    2. Overcooked 2 named Game of the Year at Develop:Star Awards
    3. Microsoft opens first flagship store in Europe
    4. 2019 Global Game Industry's 50 over 50 finalists announced
    5. Fiverr adds dedicated gaming store
    6. Steam launches Steam Labs to house feature experiments
    7. Spiritfarer wants to talk to you about death
    8. Jagex denies reports it has been sold
    9. Media Molecule: LittleBigPlanet would have really benefited from Early Access
    10. Nintendo Switch Lite is destined for success, but Switch Pro is the important one | Opinion
    11. Google Stadia has received 4,000 applications from developers
    12. Shenmue III backers have to purchase season pass, deluxe edition separately
    13. "Just because discrimination is illegal, doesn't mean it doesn't happen"
    14. Doug Bowser: No Switch Pro this year, Lite won't kill 3DS
    1. Mobile gamers downloaded a total of 11.2 billion games in Q2 2019
    2. Facebook reportedly after Ubisoft IP, other AAA franchises for Oculus exclusives
    3. PUBG banned in Jordan, Fortnite expected to be banned as well
    4. Motion Twin partners with Bilibili, Playdigious to bring Dead Cells to China
    5. IGDA, IGDA Foundation name new executive directors
    6. Game investments continue at record pace in first half of 2019
    7. How did Falcon Age tackle discoverability? By winging it
    8. Million Victories raises $1.4m toward first mobile strategy title
    9. Amazon Game Studios partners with Leyou on Lord of the Rings MMO
    10. Nintendo Switch Lite launches this September
    11. Dr Mario World reaches No.1 faster than Harry Potter (but slower than BTS)
    12. Chinese government revokes Indievent's business license
    13. David Braben: Now is the best time to make your game
    14. Jaroslav Beck steps down as CEO of Beat Saber studio
    15. Vela Games' mission to reinvent multiplayer games
    16. Warframe studio treats development like "a marathon, not a sprint" to avoid crunch
    17. Zordix launches indie publishing label
    18. Monolith Soft opens new studio as profits boom
    19. IP holders can now manually timestamp YouTube videos in copyright claims
    1. Pokemon Go has brought in $2.65b since launch
    2. Ex-Panic Button GM establishes Enduring Games
    3. Cuphead getting Netflix series
    4. Hello Games: Positive No Man's Sky stories "don't do as well -- and that's a problem"
    5. Hi-Rez Studios expands in the UK with Red Beard Games
    6. Jobs Roundup: Sébastien Motte to head up third-party efforts at Quantic Dream
    7. GameStop: "As new subscription services evolve, we'll evolve along with them"
    8. League of Legends reclaims top spot on Twitch
    9. Nintendo moves some Switch production to Vietnam
    10. Google rolls out school coding initiative
    1. G2A image rehabilitation effort backfires
    2. "Xbox Game Pass is the first time subscription is fair for developers"
    3. Mediatonic opens new Spanish studio
    4. Sensor Tower: Gaming accounted for 75% of total mobile revenue so far in 2019
    5. Writing a business plan -- advice for indie game developers
    6. Yogscast cuts ties with Matthew 'Caff' Meredith after sexual harassment allegations
    7. Layoffs at HQ Trivia as downloads continue to fall
    8. G2A: "It's a good thing that people can re-sell keys"
    9. tinyBuild CEO clears confusion on DRM stance after one rep says it's "not smart business"
    10. Bethesda: "We are bringing some people to Nintendo Switch"
    11. Super Mario Maker 2 holds UK No.1 in strong week for Nintendo Switch
    1. Tencent, Chinese gaming companies push new age rating system
    2. Crash Team Racing nitro-boosts to stay at the top of EMEAA charts
    3. Level-5 International America closes design department
    4. The Podcast: Why people see EA as the "bad guys"
    5. Shigeru Miyamoto: Games will still be fun without streaming
    6. No More Robots petition demands G2A drop all indie games
    7. Crazy Labs offers $500,000 signing bonus for hyper casual indie devs
    8. New gaming initiative helps funds flow to unwanted cats
    9. G2A: "We want to finally stop the accusations"
    10. Obsidian has been "very careful" not to "lecture" players with politics in Outer Worlds
    11. Paradox's Fredrik Wester defends company's DLC policy
    12. Microsoft and Sony reportedly scaling back console production in China
    13. Keywords opens new Brazilian recording studio
    14. When will Disney get back into video games? | Opinion
    15. TIGA calls for Video Game Investment Fund for UK devs to prevent post-Brexit exodus
    1. How Zachtronics makes its games so GIFable
    2. Investment Summit returns to EGX on October 17th
    3. Five sessions to watch at Develop:Brighton 2019
    4. Artifact designer says game is salvageable, but isn't interested in damage control
    5. Glass Bottom Games on taking "the biggest possible swing" with Skatebird
    6. French government launches campaign to attract UK talent post-Brexit
    7. Layoffs at Endless Entertainment
    8. Konami: PES rebrand will help the series in Europe
    9. Zachtronics offers free educational licenses for all of its games
    1. Man behind Daybreak Games DDoS sentenced to two years in prison
    2. Fall Guys: The battle royale where you don't kill anyone
    3. Super Mario Maker 2: Critical Consensus
    4. South East, London, North West, and Scotland are largest UK dev centres, TIGA reveals
    5. Digital Minister wants UK Games Fund to continue
    6. CD Projekt Red working on three Cyberpunk-universe games
    7. Steam works wonders for the retail PC market
    1. Shovel Knight has sold 2.5m copies
    2. Mordhau developer denies plans for gender/diversity toggle after describing plans for said toggle
    3. Hi-Rez donates over $400k to Child's Play Charity
    4. Epic Games will foot refund bill for Shenmue III, future crowdfunded exclusives
    5. Valve releases CAD files for Index headset
    6. Digital Minister Margot James defends loot boxes
    7. Shenmue 3 PC backers will get refunds over Epic exclusivity
    8. Valve to speak at US Investment Summit
    9. "The games industry has some maturation to do in understanding data protection law"
    10. Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm offers statement after E3 bathroom filming fiasco
    11. Weather Factory on the advantages of being "weird and divisive"
    12. EA: "I struggle with the perception that we're just a bunch of bad guys"
    13. Valve is already exploring "untethered" Index VR hardware
    14. Developers call for players to pirate their games rather than buy from G2A
    15. Street Fighter characters to be used in Osaka police recruitment ads
    16. Age of Empires series still attracts more than a million players each month
    17. Remedy obtains publishing rights to Alan Wake
    1. PlayStation Vue prices rise by another $5
    2. Call of Duty League adds LA, Minnesota slots
    3. Jim Ryan says Sony is looking at studio acquisitions
    4. Soedesco Studios opens second studio in Czech Republic
    5. Eden Rising's language shift from 'free-to-play' to just 'free'
    6. Nexon takes majority share in Patrick Söderlund's Embark Studios
    7. Redhill Games raises $11.4m toward first project
    8. BAFTA reveals 2019 Young Game Designers winners
    9. Paradox Interactive: "The 70/30 revenue split is outrageous"
    10. Brazilian games industry has more than doubled in size since 2014
    11. Summer Games Done Quick raises $3m for charity
    12. Time is running out to take part in the UK Best Places To Work Awards
    13. Sony says PlayStation 5 is a niche product for hardcore players