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October 2018 Archive

    1. Ubisoft working on Child of Light show, Werewolves Within film
    2. Zynga investing in Harry Potter, Game of Thrones titles
    3. Sony licenses PSVR design for Lenovo VR headset
    4. Liftoff: Mobile user acquisition costs drop while in-app purchases struggle
    5. Black Desert Online reaches ten million users after four years
    6. Chasing oblivion with Disco Elysium and alcohol addiction
    7. Roblox's international transformation
    8. Streamlabs: Live streaming industry worth $10.1bn
    9. Dragalia Lost has highest spend per install of any Nintendo mobile title
    10. How to design your mobile game for maximum virality
    11. Oculus founder: "No existing or imminent VR hardware is good enough to go mainstream"
    12. Digital Bros.' full-year results hurt by a lack of new releases
    13. Shroud of the Avatar goes free-to-play
    1. Outfit7 partners with Assassin's Creed producer for Talking Tom film
    2. EA maintains digital strength in Q2 as it gears up for Battlefield V, Anthem
    3. Alan Wake returns to Steam after renegotiation of music rights
    4. Discord Store planning offline mode, currently uses opt-in DRM
    5. Ubisoft sees continued digital growth in first half of fiscal year
    6. Ex-IGDA head Kate Edwards now convinced game devs need unions
    7. UPDATE: Minecraft reaches 150 million downloads in China
    8. Red Dead Redemption 2 makes $725 million in three days
    9. Turning a documentary into a video game
    10. EA details new cloud native development platform, Project Atlas
    11. Switch reaches 22m lifetime sales in a solid six months for Nintendo
    12. Spider-Man drives 65% increase in games profits for Sony
    13. The balance of Scavengers, a multiplayer game built by “famously vicious trolls”
    1. Sony announces PlayStation Classic game line-up
    2. World War 3 sells more than 100,000 copies in 48 hours
    3. SuperData: Digital spend on console reaches $1.24bn for September
    4. .hack//GU sells 300,000 units
    5. Can a video game prevent domestic violence?
    6. NBA superstar Michael Jordan leads $26m investment into aXiomatic Gaming
    7. Games deals in 2018 worth record $25bn but "could signal top of the market"
    8. Nintendo Switch version of Fallout 76 "wasn't doable"
    9. Monster Hunter: World drives Capcom to strong six-month results
    10. The dark, ironic, surreal games of Central and Eastern Europe
    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 UK sales more than double the first game
    1. Suspect in fatal swatting faces 46 new charges
    2. Epic Games raises $1.25 billion from handful of investors
    3. Raspberry Pi launches games development magazine Wireframe
    4. Team Sonic Racing delayed until May 2019
    5. Analyst expects Houser brothers to receive huge Red Dead royalties
    6. Rockstar: "Overtime is not mandatory"
    7. Rockstar's broken work ethics
    8. Has the VR boom hit a wall?
    1. Ex-Runic Games devs establish Monster Squad Games
    2. Advance acquires The Esports Observer
    3. Focus Home Interactive posts H1 growth, appoints new COO
    4. Dotemu, The Arcade Crew, and the retro revival
    5. Esports Integrity Coalition issues five-year ban to CS:GO cheater
    6. Candy Crush Saga is the UK's most popular game of all time on Android
    7. Esports makes up 9-17% of Twitch's viewership in 2018 so far
    8. Edge Case Games ceases support for Fractured Space
    9. Tabletop games are bigger than ever, and its driving growth in the digital sector
    10. Red Dead Redemption 2: Critical Consensus
    11. Bublar Group acquires Swedish AR/VR company Vobling for $5.5m
    12. Microsoft gaming revenue up 44% despite quiet Q1 2019
    13. Assassin's Creed Odyssey built without 'massive crunch'
    14. Jobs roundup: NFL exec Johanna Faries heads up Call of Duty World League
    15. Industry-first esports gambling platform gets wagering license approval
    16. GlobalStep acquires Testology
    17. Australian devs' advice to students: Specialise, and kill your darlings
    1. China closes last remaining official game licensing process
    2. Hugo Games appoints former King lead for new Berlin studio
    3. Team Cherry and The Voxel Agents win big at the Australian Game Developer Awards
    4. Red Dead Redemption 2 receives HUD-replacing companion app
    5. "Don't give into fear and keep adding more features" - How not to overwork your employees
    6. Steam reaches 90m monthly active users
    7. NPD: Marvel's Spider-Man was the biggest PlayStation exclusive launch ever
    8. Tony Reed leaves GDAA to found Epic Games Australia and New Zealand
    9. “I've seen sleep disorders, chronic stress fatigue, dissolved relationships, broken marriages..."
    10. Unity dabbles in development with FPS Sample Game
    1. Nintendo Labo heads to schools
    2. Zombie Orpheus cancels contract with GOG over transphobia
    3. Rockstar employees past and present offer mixed takes on company's work culture
    4. If less than 30% of players come back to your game on Day 2, fix it or kill it
    5. Diddy Kong was my Dark Souls
    6. GamesAid launches #GamesAidMinute to encourage weekly fundraising
    7. Resolution Games secures $7.5 million in additional funding
    8. Brendan Iribe departs Oculus
    9. The Podcast: Red Dead Redemption 2 Special
    10. Intellivision joins the retro console space with new hardware coming in 2020
    11. "More people have played Florence in Mandarin than in English"
    12. Secrets and advice from the Best Places To Work Awards winners
    1. Former Disney Infinity exec joins Gearbox
    2. Trion Worlds lays off staff
    3. Fatshark snaps up A Sweet Studio AB
    4. Fluffy Fairy Games rebrands to Kolibri Games
    5. Jade Raymond departs EA Motive
    6. Phoenix Labs on walking the line between Dauntless and reckless
    7. What does it take to reach No.1 on mobile?
    8. "Designing with marketing in mind" in Move or Die
    9. Tekken 7 sells three million copies in first year
    10. CCP CEO: “You can't build a business” on current VR
    11. Six Foot lays off one third of development staff
    12. Green Man Gaming delays float due to 'horrendous' equity markets
    13. All eyes on Red Dead as UK games retail falters
    1. Arena of Valor brings in $15 million lifetime player spending
    2. Rockstar Lincoln QA tester: "Overtime is NOT optional, it is expected"
    3. Splash Damage ends live development on Dirty Bomb two months after launch
    4. SuperData: Mobile AR to generate more revenue than VR by 2021
    5. EA and Activision's $79bn games-as-a-service growth
    6. UK magazines GamesTM and GamesMaster to close
    7. How to avoid video game development crunch
    8. PlayStation delays Days Gone
    9. 100-hour weeks mean bad management, not passion
    1. Day of the Devs announces 2018 participants
    2. Discord updates terms of service to force arbitration over lawsuits
    3. Maple Story 2 reaches one million players in a week
    4. Some Best Buy copies of Starlink are missing the game itself
    5. Independent game stores may get Red Dead Redemption 2 late
    6. Rockstar says average work week under 46 hours
    7. The average Football Manager 2018 player has over 285 hours of playtime
    8. A post-mortem of Telltale Games
    9. Call of Duty brings in $500 million in three days
    10. Keywords subsidiary Liquid Violet relocates to new central London studio
    11. Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Critical Consensus
    12. Steam's Chinese audience grows to more than 30 million users
    13. Rockstar allows employees to speak out on 100-hour week controversy
    14. The rebuilding of People Can Fly
    15. Lords Mobile dev I Got Games opens new office in Jakarta
    16. Skybound "fully expect" third episode of The Walking Dead's final season to launch this year
    1. Valve publishes loot box odds for Dota 2
    2. Epic Games files suit against YouTubers over Fortnite cheats
    3. Fighting Esports Group closes $15m funding round
    4. Loot Crate launches monthly indie game subscription
    5. Panic Button and the search for "design fun"
    6. Analogue preps Genesis/MegaDrive console
    7. Ubisoft Massive COO: "We don't want to take a stance in current politics"
    8. Games4EU preps anti-Brexit letter for more than 200 MPs
    9. "It felt like the reality of the world was fighting against this game"
    10. Former Rockstar and Telltale dev says "time for change" on crunch culture
    1. Cloudhead's The Gallery crowned game of the year at VR Awards 2018
    2. GTA cheat developers have assets frozen in crackdown
    3. Discord Store enters global open beta
    4. Ubisoft elevates Frédérick Duguet to chief financial officer
    5. Cryptocurrencies "on the brink of an implosion" - Juniper
    6. Gaea makes 20% investment in Behaviour Interactive
    7. Leaving AAA to make games for your mum in the name of your cat
    8. Bandai Namco inks European distribution deal for Cyberpunk 2077
    9. Epic sues two YouTubers over Fortnite cheats
    10. Seriously reaches $150 million lifetime revenue
    11. Steam adds language support for Vietnamese and Latin American Spanish
    12. Starlink: Is this Christmas' riskiest video game?
    1. Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, dies at 65
    2. Cloud9 raises $50 million toward staff increases, planned new facility
    3. Developers drag Rockstar over 100-hour weeks on Red Dead Redemption 2
    4. Dan Houser: "We have some senior people who work very hard purely because they're passionate"
    5. Call of Duty Endowment reaches 50,000 veteran employment placement goal early
    6. Watch our Best Places To Work Awards opening video here
    7. Sega Sammy cuts “long overtime” by 80-90%
    8. What is Rovio's Project Magic?
    9. Yager: "We're taking everything we've learned into The Cycle"
    10. Sniper Strike: Special Ops surpasses 10m downloads in ten months
    11. Rockstar has been “working 100-hour weeks” on Red Dead Redemption 2
    12. National Videogame Museum re-opens in new Sheffield venue on November 24th
    13. Sony delays PS4 release of Senran Kagura game over sexually explicit content
    14. John Carmack vs ZeniMax Media lawsuit is over
    15. In Pictures: The Best Places To Work Awards 2018
    1. Digital sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 breaks PlayStation and Activision records
    2. UK Charts: Physical Call of Duty launch sales lowest in 11 years
    1. FIFA 19 tops EMEAA charts in second week
    2. Revealed: The best places to work in the UK games industry
    3. Discord's problem: Which Nazi group were you reporting again?
    4. Bethesda opens Russia office
    5. Secrets from the Best Places To Work Awards winners 2018
    6. Jobs roundup: Ben Cousins takes over as CEO at Isbit Games
    7. The Podcast: Full stream ahead?
    8. Microsoft kills support for Minecraft on Apple TV
    9. War Child UK partners with Bandai Namco on 11-11: Memories Retold
    10. The Xbox Tanker is turning
    11. Roblox acquires PacketZoom
    1. Ubisoft issues call for third season of incubator program at Station F
    2. SpecialEffect's One Special Day 2018 has raised over £300,000 so far
    3. Brazilian government opens investigation into Valve, Steam, and developers behind Bolsomito 2k18
    4. Ubisoft to partner with EGAL at UC Berkeley to research industry diversity
    5. China's new game approval process could hurt indies most - Vicarious
    6. Call of Duty children's hoodies are a "consequence of success"
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 more anticipated this holiday than Red Dead Redemption 2
    8. The cathartic expression of shared cultural trauma in The Sinking City
    9. Sega will shift QA team from UK to Bulgaria
    10. German regulator warns Outfit 7 and Green Tea Games over in-app purchases
    11. Educational games startup Kahoot valued at $300 million
    12. The Swords of Ditto and the race against time
    13. Mojang is open sourcing some of Minecraft's code
    14. Magic Leap wants to avoid a takeover and go public
    15. Starbreeze CFO Sebastian Ahlskog steps down
    16. Magic Leap indie developer grant programme to launch this year
    1. South Korean network OGN bringing esports programming to North America with $100m investment
    2. Ninja Theory establishes Senua's Scholarship to train mental health tutors
    3. Infinite Esports & Entertainment lays off 19 employees, replaces president
    4. John Heinecke joins Square Enix as chief marketing officer
    5. OverActive Media raises $21.5m for new Toronto Overwatch League team
    6. Assassin's Creed Odyssey sales out-perform rest of series on current console generation
    7. For Honor passes 15 million players
    8. SuperData launches media measurement tool SuperData Arena
    9. Sony confirms PSN name change feature
    10. Forza Horizon 4 gets 2m players in first week
    11. Advance acquires majority stake in Newzoo
    12. Pixel Toys embraces games-as-a-service with Warhammer: Realm War
    13. Jagex investigates streamer following allegations of abusive behaviour
    14. Indie dev's "honest mistake" inadvertently revives dying game
    1. Skybound's Walking Dead finale hasn't secured original devs yet
    2. Subway Surfers developer to launch video streaming platform
    3. UK retailer GAME selling Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 early
    4. Microsoft in talks to buy Obsidian - Report
    5. Making games is just the beginning for Media Molecule's Dreams
    6. Appreciating annelid annihilation in Worms: Armageddon
    7. Sony sues hacker for manufacturing and distributing jailbroken PS4s
    8. Sony confirms PlayStation 5 (but doesn't call it PlayStation 5)
    9. Wavedash lays off the majority of its staff
    1. Games industry contributes £2.87bn to UK economy, supports nearly 50,000 jobs
    2. CD Projekt Red partners with Digital Scapes on Cyberpunk 2077
    3. Improbable establishes new London HQ
    4. "Launching on console is shaping how the whole company looks at games"
    5. Microsoft details game streaming service Project xCloud
    6. Epic Games acquires game security and anti-cheat firm Kamu
    7. Homescapes emulates Gardenscapes with reported $420m first year revenue
    8. What's up with Sega's retro strategy?
    9. Epic to launch "Support-A-Creator" Fortnite initiative
    10. More Halo leads and Fumito Ueda join Reboot Develop Blue 2019 line-up
    11. UK Charts: Forza Horizon 4 is the fastest-selling game in the series so far
    1. Skybound to complete development of Telltale's The Walking Dead
    1. Sensor Tower: Fortnite on iOS earns $300m in 200 days
    2. Nintendo patents Game Boy phone controller/case
    3. FIFA 19 scores at launch on top of EMEAA charts
    4. One week left to enter Best Places To Work Awards Canada
    5. "We aren't curing cancer. There's a human cost to making games"
    6. Com2uS: "We were just shocked" by audience response to Summoners War esports
    7. London Games Festival expands for 2019
    8. Remaining Telltale staffers laid off - Report
    9. Paul W. S. Anderson's Monster Hunter movie slated for production
    10. Jacksonville victims to be honoured with charity Madden tournament tomorrow
    11. Dragalia Lost is a turning point for Nintendo
    1. NHL team bans Fortnite, other games
    2. EA "closely monitoring" Ronaldo rape investigation
    3. Truly Social Games acquires AR developer Cooper's New Reality Garage
    4. EA announces partnership with English Premier League
    5. Romanian government boosts games industry with €94 million tech fund
    6. NFTS secures £10m funding to run national centre for immersive storytelling
    7. Legendary game music composer Ben Daglish dies age 52
    8. Chilean mobile game dev attracts $1.4m investment
    9. Blizzard to champion diversity at BlizzCon 2018
    10. Developers weigh in on "cold reality" check for indies
    11. Industry staff protest working conditions with Twitter storm
    12. Nintendo planning new Switch for 2019 - Report
    13. Capcom announces live-action Mega Man movie
    1. Telltale reportedly searching for partner to finish Walking Dead by hiring its former devs
    2. J Allen Brack succeeds Mike Morhaime as president of Blizzard Entertainment
    3. ESA president Michael Gallagher steps down
    4. Tencent investing $316 million in Bilibili
    5. "Gaming is not about entertainment, it's about learning"
    6. Warner Bros distributing Cyberpunk 2077 in North America
    7. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Critical Consensus
    8. Ex-Irrational and Slipgate veteran shares the secret to game dev survival
    9. Housemarque goes battle royale: "We've had pushback, and we're expecting more"
    10. 13 million PUBG accounts banned to-date
    11. Toys R Us bankruptcy auction cancelled, retailer will live on as branding firm
    12. Bigben spending spree continues with Kylotonn acquisition
    1. It's time we stopped encouraging indies
    2. Chinese console and TV-based game market projected to reach $736m in 2018
    3. EA has killed, pledges to kill again
    4. CD Project Red rejects Witcher author's request for $16.1m in additional royalties
    5. Dragalia Lost has lowest-grossing launch of Nintendo's mobile line-up
    6. In-store arenas central to Currys PC World's revamped games offering
    7. Minecraft exceeds 90m monthly active users
    8. Hugo Games acquires 5th Planet Games for $737,000
    9. Animoca Brands to acquire stake in AI accelerator Zeroth
    10. Google and Ubisoft to test game-streaming service with Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    11. Tencent using facial recognition to check users' ages in Honour of Kings
    1. Naoto Hiraoka steps down as Atlus CEO and president
    2. How Owlcat Games re-rolled tabletop into a video game
    3. MercurySteam: “Going free-to-play has been a nightmare... but it's working”
    4. Kickstarted project Limit Theory cancelled after six years in development
    5. IGDA reaches out to ex-Telltale, Capcom, Carbine devs with Virtual Mentor Café
    6. More than 170 'trolling' games removed from Steam in two weeks
    7. How the Georgia game dev community came back from the brink
    8. Loot boxes don't fall under gambling legislation, says Irish government
    9. Playstation boss Shawn Layden explains why PS4 cross-play took so long
    10. Tencent announces restructure as share price continues to tumble
    11. Trump administration suing California to block net neutrality laws