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June 2012 Archive

    1. Molyneux says authors should stand by their decisions
    2. Amazon Appstore Postmortem: A Guide to Android Developers
    3. South Korea's "Shutdown Law" faces legal challenges
    4. Battlefield Premium hits 800,000 registered players
    5. Gree enters partnership with Namco Bandai
    6. Google Nexus 7 will be available at GameStop
    7. Wii U online service won't come with a fee
    8. EA looking to bring Battlefield Premium type service to more properties
    9. PlatinumGames: "Most games from anywhere aren't good"
    10. Miles Jacobson tells all on Eidos/Sports Interactive split
    11. 3DS dominates first half of 2012 in Japan
    12. Vivendi CEO steps down after seven years at the helm
    13. Creative director Hocking exits LucasArts
    14. RIM delays BlackBerry 10, axes 5000 jobs
    15. EA Redwood home to new education lab
    16. House: Hirai will change Sony
    17. Wisecrack Games cancels Sam Suede Kickstarter project
    18. Can't Get No Satisfaction
    19. U4iA launches Offensive Combat
    20. EVO tournament offering HD pay-per-view stream
    21. Atari toyed with early game network
    1. Castlevania producer says DLC "was a mistake"
    2. Hero Academy heading to China via Yodo1
    3. What venture capitalists think about Kickstarter
    4. E3 report details less risk, more movement from Asian companies
    5. Nintendo's Wii U has "major issue" with capability
    6. NPD sees US gamers going digital
    7. Prototype 2 developer seeing "significant reduction in staff"
    8. Castlevania studio Mercury Steam wants to work on Contra revival
    9. Gears designer says Kinect potential "not fully realized"
    10. Lego MMO coming from Age of Conan developer Funcom
    11. Nintendo of America enhances digital focus with new hire
    12. Nintendo will release a Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL
    13. Auto Club Revolution ARPPU hitting $24
    14. Sega closing five European offices this year
    15. Digit Game Studios to locate in Ireland
    16. Perry: Which company wouldn't want to partner or own a company like Gaikai?
    17. Red 5 Studios' Firefall hits 500k users in beta
    18. EA Sports launches Innovation Lab at Florida University
    19. Vita slumps as Pokemon storms Japanese charts
    20. Coconut Dodge dev: iOS is all about luck
    21. Free-to-play action RPG launches on Facebook
    1. Square-Enix moving away from large-scale internal development
    2. The Rise of Naughty Dog - Part 2
    3. Activision and Sony execs bring PlayCanvas to life
    4. Gree going to Gamescom 2012
    5. Android reaches 400 million device activations
    6. Epic Mickey Marketing to the Second Power
    7. Activision snaps up China-related Call of Duty domains
    8. Valve powers more machinima with Source Filmmaker
    9. Google Nexus 7 tablet coming in July at $199
    10. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Due in July
    11. Aardvark Swift's Search for a Star winner named
    12. Support GamesAid at Develop poker game
    13. New CEO and commercial director for Kuju
    14. Infinity Blade is Epic's most profitable title
    15. Rovio: Casual gamers don't read reviews
    16. Mobile games marketing "doesn't work at all" - Reil
    17. Hirai exits role as Sony Computer Entertainment chairman
    18. Peter Molyneux confirmed for Rezzed
    19. "Patent Troll" lawsuits cost defendants $29 billion in 2011
    20. Tech Focus: Second Screen Gaming
    21. Why Zynga Unleashed was tame
    22. Free-to-play gaming: Finding the right payment methods worldwide
    1. Zynga Unleashed: New games, new tech, new partners
    2. Amazon Kindle Fire 2 launch event in July - report
    3. OnLive service built into Vizio's Google TV Box
    4. Digital Extremes working on free-to-play title Warframe
    5. E3 Awards see The Last of Us winning big with critics
    6. Gears of War Judgment has Pixar input
    7. Star Trek Online designer announces resignation
    8. Ofcom outlines "three strikes" policy on piracy
    9. GameTrailers relaunches "from the ground up"
    10. Wooga hits 200 employees
    11. Capcom adds support to Eurogamer Expo
    12. Dutch refuse to ratify ACTA, no matter what EU parliament decides
    13. Pokemon Black & White 2 sells 1.6m in two days
    14. Ex-employee tracks GAME Australia fall
    15. Microsoft to open London store in 2013 - report
    16. Apple virus message tweak sparks vulnerability debate
    17. Crytek: Retailers holding back F2P on consoles
    18. New Habbo Hotel goes live in Brazil, Spain and Finland
    19. Dust 514 developer CCP: "We don't expect most players to spend money"
    20. VSC: "PEGI is stricter than the BBFC. We're not ashamed of that"
    21. Wii U will have a "reasonable" price
    22. Mojang's Scrolls will have a paid beta
    1. The Rise of Naughty Dog - Part 1
    2. Xbox 360 subscription model comes to Best Buy and GameStop
    3. Google tablet details leaked
    4. Nintendo "troubled" by "insatiable" gaming community
    5. LulzSec members plead guilty to hacking Sony
    6. Activision awards $175,000 to Iron Dragon
    7. Critical Consensus: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
    8. Stock Ticker: State of the Industry
    9. Games Invest returns to new-look GamesIndustry Fair
    10. Lumines producer swaps Q Entertainment for Q-Games
    11. EA Bright Light VP joins Marmalade
    12. LEGO Batman 2 heads up familiar UK chart
    13. Sony pushing AR on Vita with 3 free games
    14. GameStop appoints new member to board of directors
    15. Final Fantasy XI is series' most profitable game
    16. Exergames don't combat sedentary lifestyles, says study
    17. Hiromichi Tanaka departs Square Enix
    18. Yoshida: E3 conference needed more Vita
    19. 1 million shipped for Dragon's Dogma
    20. Nexon brings free-to-play games to Steam
    21. Pachter: New Xbox could be subsidised by cable companies
    1. Need for Speed under Criterion's control now
    2. Origin aiming to be "better version" of Steam
    3. Nintendo co-owns Fatal Frame franchise [Report]
    4. Tomb Raider dev job listing hints at new IP
    5. Valve and Adult Swim revealing Team Fortress 2 project next week
    6. Need for Speed movie coming from DreamWorks
    7. Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC coming June 26
    8. Schilling says 38 Studios "employees got blindsided"
    9. Ubisoft adds biggest titles to Eurogamer Expo line-up
    10. New European accelerator launches
    11. Just Add Water: Microsoft "dragged along" Stranger's Wrath HD
    12. CD Projekt: E3 booth babes are "the cheapest trick"
    13. Acer shares doubts on Microsoft surface
    14. Kickstarter to release daily funding stats
    15. Schafer "scared" for publishers
    16. Microsoft releases SmartGlass SDK
    17. Crytek: Homefront 2 won't suffer from THQ woes
    18. Sulake: Habbo will become "protected democracy"
    19. Rockstar head of marketing departs
    20. The End of the Console Era?
    21. Nintendo 3DS XL announced
    22. Super Smash Bros being co-developed by Namco Bandai
    23. Sony's Ueda on The Last Guardian: "it's been business as usual"
    1. Global Gaming Market: "Console is not dead"
    2. Assassin's Creed III mobile game won't link to console title
    3. Gameloft bringing My Little Pony to mobile
    4. Gears of War designer calls current games too easy
    5. Diablo III locks digital buyers into Starter Edition for limited time
    6. Gaikai looking for a buyer
    7. Journey‬ Collector's Edition confirmed
    8. Family Guy Online developer Roadhouse Interactive acquires The Embassy Interactive
    9. Sine Mora heading to PSN
    10. Natural Motion raises $11m to increase mobile development
    11. Wooga makes Pocket Island open source
    12. South Korean Diablo 3 players offered refund
    13. Vivid Games raises $1m from international VC
    14. Thumbstar looks to China with new distribution deals
    15. Amazon opens Appstore to European developers
    16. Draw Something and Word With Friends coming to Windows Phone
    17. GAME Australia goes into liquidation
    18. Wii U's Miiverse won't connect with other social networks
    19. THQ's accounting officer quits
    20. Valve launches free educational tools based on Portal 2
    21. Microsoft demands removal of Xbox 720 documents
    22. Vita sales surge in Japan on release of new Persona game
    23. Stock Ticker: Why EA's Market Valuation Has Crashed
    24. Facebook Turning its Attention to Core Gamers
    1. Metal Gear Solid 5 will be built on Kojima's Fox Engine
    2. EA calls microtransactions the future of gaming
    3. Game Insight's new publishing program offering $3 million to devs
    4. Windows Phone 8 adds Direct X and Havok support
    5. PlayStation Store suspended in Korea
    6. Binding of Isaac reaches 700,000 units sold
    7. CryEngine 3 "runs beautifully" on Wii U
    8. Nintendo's Miyamoto worried about industry's reliance on guns
    9. Wii U: Dissecting Nintendo's Biggest Quotes
    10. Fight My Monster signs big merchandise and licensing deal
    11. Alienware And The Battle For The Living Room
    12. sets Wii U price and release date
    13. THQ slashes sales expectations by $20m following Saints Row delay
    14. Tickets go live for the GamesIndustry International Summer Party
    15. David Yarnton steps down from Nintendo UK
    16. Starbreeze: Syndicate was "a lost battle from the get-go"
    17. Japan's downloaders could face jail
    18. Nintendo talks Call Of Duty on Wii U
    19. Facebook introduces local currency support
    20. Achievement 'rewards' system coming this autumn
    21. Wii U store to beat Xbox and PlayStation on revenue share - report
    22. Ubisoft Australia: We need to compete
    23. Capcom's Seth Killian becomes just Seth Killian
    1. John Carmack "not all that excited" by next-gen hardware
    2. Anarchy Reigns delay surprises developer
    3. Games for Change inducts new board members
    4. Tetris company wins over clone developer
    5. Facebook launches game subscriptions
    6. EA: SmartGlass is a "killer initiative" that "puts positioning pressure" on Nintendo
    7. Willem Dafoe to co-star in Quantic Dream's Beyond
    8. Epic eager to get Unreal onto new Microsoft Surface
    9. PlanetAxel shuts down due to bankruptcy
    10. Kabam announces acquisition of Wild Shadow Studios
    11. Habbo Hotel planning "Great Unmute" event
    12. THQ hit with class-action suit over alleged uDraw sales misrepresentation
    13. Matulef steps up as Eurogamer US news editor
    14. BBC Worldwide launches digital start up scheme
    15. Tencent acquires minority stake in Epic Games
    16. Full line-up confirmed for Barcelona's Gamelab festival
    17. Moore: "We are standing on a burning platform"
    18. Search for a Star finalists highlight key UK universities
    19. Update: TIGA/UKIE launching consultation iniatives for UK tax breaks
    20. Ex-GAME CEO: UK retailers aren't managing customer base
    21. Movie giant Paramount under legal fire from Swedish developer
    22. GAME Australia closing all stores
    23. Fatal Distraction: Don't Blame Violence For Gaming's Woes
    24. The Xbox 720 Leak: Fact or Fantasy?
    25. Origin launches Steam-like sale in UK
    26. Microsoft announces Surface tablets
    1. Ubisoft registers Watch Dogs film domains
    2. M.U.L.E returns to mobile
    3. Sony on Protecting Studios and Vita's Advantage over Wii U
    4. Zynga selloff has been "misplaced, overdone"
    5. Australia formally passes mature game rating
    6. Unity 4 makes a confident stride towards AAA quality
    7. THQ's Jason Rubin: "Everyone's out there beating us up"
    8. Pitchford to present Borderlands 2 session at Rezzed
    9. European football fever fires FIFA 12 back to UK's top slot
    10. Take-Two boss "sceptical" about core games on Wii U
    11. CBS wins battle for Draw Something TV show - report
    12. Jenova Chen: next game should reach "mass audience"
    13. Leaked document reveals next Xbox price, tech details
    14. Stephenson's Racket: Why the Snow Crash author wants to crowdfund CLANG
    15. Rebellion's Kingsley awarded OBE
    1. True cross-platform play coming from the cloud
    2. Ubisoft talking Splinter Cell film with Paramount
    3. Xbox SmartGlass will improve Microsoft "multi-screen" strategy
    1. Neversoft working on Call of Duty content
    2. Diablo III was originally an MMO
    3. Microsoft's first Android title is Kinectimals
    4. EA aiming for 5 million sold with Dead Space 3
    5. Sony on The Cloud: It's "absolutely inevitable"
    6. EA confident that people will be playing The Old Republic a decade from now
    7. Mobile Games Discovery: Why Publishers Are Needed
    8. Valve hires economist to manage economies around its games
    9. Capy Games: The Indie Survival Guide
    10. Max Payne 3 sold 440,000 units in US launch month
    11. Humble Bundle V breaks record with $5.1m haul
    12. Curt Schilling sued for $2.4 million
    13. Sony: PlayStation Mobile to counter "junk" on app stores
    14. Microsoft to unveil tablet device on Monday - report
    15. Habbo's main investor withdraws finance
    16. Zynga Falls Back to Earth
    17. Korea bans online game item trades
    18. DeNA raises earnings despite complete gacha ban
    19. Tapjoy partners with Kabam
    20. Fruit Ninja selling licensed products worldwide
    1. Microsoft Launches NUads On Xbox LIVE
    2. PlayStation NPD response: PS3 exclusives "posted strong results"
    3. Xbox 360 sells 160,000 units in US during May
    4. Diablo III tops May US game sales, but industry down 28%
    5. Kongregate finds avid players account for 90 percent of game revenue
    6. Sony puts Wii U in "its own generation"
    7. Google+ losing key game developers
    8. Nintendo nearly scuttled Wii U GamePad tablet over cost
    9. SSX reboot had "successful launch", Syndicate "didn't pay off"
    10. Thatgamecompany goes independent with $5.5 million in funding
    11. Crytek: CryEngine 3 has been doing Unreal Engine 4 visuals for 3 years already
    12. Gamers play on mobile far more than consoles - survey
    13. Microsoft not attending Gamescom 2012
    14. Joining the Pantheon: How Signal Studios Secured a Keynote Slot at E3
    15. Rovio HQ staying in Finland
    16. Majesco secures American Idol licence
    17. Iwata doubts impact of Apple TV on consoles
    18. Ubisoft brings Far Cry 3, ShootMania to Rezzed
    19. THQ investigated over "false and misleading" uDraw demand
    20. Bank Rhode Island subpoena'd over 38 Studios loan
    21. Sony platforms storm Japanese software charts
    22. Nokia axing further 10,000 jobs
    23. Warren Spector: "The ultraviolence has to stop"
    24. Rage of Bahamut tops Google Play and App Store charts
    25. EA's Project Honor charity benefits fallen Special Ops members
    1. US Congressmen speak out against Xbox 360 ban
    2. 38 Studios employee's wife pens personal account of studio problems
    3. Game consoles will be extinct after next-gen, says Jaffe
    4. Xbox Live app launches on Android, updated on iOS
    5. Mass Effect 3 cleared by UK advertising regulator
    6. Nintendo looking for "unprecedented" partners for Wii U
    7. Sexual assault "categorically not a theme" in new Tomb Raider
    8. Mario creator interested in making first-person shooter
    9. Nintendo's Miyamoto: We're thinking about a future generation handheld
    10. European Commission may be "forced" to regulate Habbo
    11. RockYou increases real-money business with Ryzing acquisition
    12. The Sid Meier Advantage
    13. Wedgwood to discuss Splash Damage's future at Rezzed
    14. So You Want to Work in Games?
    15. UKIE launching PEGI awareness campaign Control.Collaborate.Create
    16. Activision launches Mobile Publishing brand in partnership with Flurry
    17. BAFTA experts cast doubt on Wii U and SmartGlass
    18. Wii U a "potential risk" but Sony puts faith in new IP
    19. Molyneux questions the morality of freemium games
    20. Feminist Frequency Kickstarter project smashes target, extends reach
    21. THQ's Rubin: I don't know what went wrong for Bilson
    22. Facebook App Center to use random sampling to combat ratings cheats
    23. Zipper devs join indie studio Serellan
    24. Tech Focus: The Rise of Cross-Gen Development
    25. Diablo III's real-money auction house launches in North America
    26. IGDA appoints new officers
    1. Apple Design Award winners include Jetpack Joyride and Limbo
    2. Zynga shares drop 11 percent, Nasdaq halts short-sales
    3. Nintendo's Wii U has an improved friend code system
    4. EA holding onto more Wii U announcements
    5. THQ has "hit the bottom", ready for the upswing
    6. Assassin's Creed III devs have "nothing against" the British
    7. Xbox team looks "obsessively" at Sony says Molyneux
    8. Burning Your Cookies? Don't Panic!
    9. Habbo investors dump shares over grooming investigation
    10. PlayStation Home's Aurora attracts 1 million unique visitors
    11. Android device activations hit 900k a day
    12. THQ: No assurance we can grow net sales
    13. Nintendo slashes employee bonuses - report
    14. Sony: "Absolutely have no regrets" about PS3
    15. Activision, Intel, IBM add voices to oppose Google's proposed Xbox ban
    16. Majesco Q2 results boosted by Zumba Fitness
    17. Surprise! Here's Why E3 2012 Fell Flat
    18. Slant Six cuts quarter of workforce
    19. A History of Violence: So Where Do We Go From Here?
    20. Kickstarter: more than half of game projects fail - report
    1. Apple's Gaming News: Diablo III in Retina
    2. Zelda Wii U will be more accessible than Skyward Sword
    3. Silicon Knights sees layoffs, says Nintendo rumor "has no basis in fact"
    4. Timesplitters 4 on Crytek's free-to-play service a remote possibility
    5. Dead Island: Riptide sees budget price due to "end of console cycle"
    6. Apple WWDC: New hardware, new software announced
    7. THQ's Rubin takes more job cuts off the table
    8. PlayStation Plus gets student-made Vita games in Japan
    9. Wii U getting Call of Duty: Black Ops II this holiday?
    10. Yoshinori Ono: "Street Fighter 4 was an unwanted child"
    11. Ubisoft Reflections working on Watch Dogs
    12. Nintendo Europe exec joins Bigpoint
    13. Channel 4 contributing £25k prize to Dare to be Digital 2012
    14. UK government drops ICT curriculum
    15. Rubin: I definitely want to do right by THQ Montreal
    16. ESA enters debate on 'public interest' ban on Xbox
    17. Valve's Source engine to be used in animated film
    18. Third time on top for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    19. Microsoft Japan offering Kinect package for existing Gold members
    20. FIFA free-to-play worth $100m a year in Korea
    21. League Of Legends hacked
    22. Seedy dance routine lands Microsoft in hot water
    23. revenue will triple within a year
    24. Microsoft: Inside Xbox closure "logical"
    25. Neal Stephenson opens Kickstarter for sword fighting game Clang
    26. Rovio considering Dublin move
    27. GREE predicts very tough year for mobile start-ups
    28. Kojima on Japan's game development curse
    1. Xbox 360 "has more than two years left" says Phil Spencer
    1. Sony's Shuhei Yoshida reinforces importance of indies to PS Vita
    2. Slightly Mad Studios appoints new COO
    3. Unreal Engine 4 illuminates next-gen at E3
    4. Critical Consensus: Wii U
    5. PwC denies GAME Australia closure rumours
    6. Kojima sees social and core games converging together
    7. Nexon acquires 15% stake in NCsoft
    8. THQ sold UFC license after failing to break even
    9. E3 2012 attracts 45,700 to Los Angeles
    10. Dragons Quest gives 3DS a boost
    11. Crytek: Premium pricing and DLC is "milking customers to death"
    12. Activision publishing "some sort" of Angry Birds on console
    13. Not So Smart: Microsoft's Heart of Glass
    14. God of War, Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe pursuing free-to-play project
    15. Jack Buser: "PlayStation Plus is a revolution"
    16. Nintendo on Wii U Price: Consumers will be "pleasantly surprised"
    17. Facebook App Center goes mobile
    18. Game revenues to grow to $70 billion by 2017 - DFC
    1. 38 Studios files for bankruptcy
    2. EA prepping "3 to 5" new IP for next generation
    3. "Wouldn't with yours, mate"
    4. Vivendi SA considering sale of Activision-Blizzard - report
    5. BioWare: "We haven't had a breakthrough success"
    6. Sony undecided about Gamescom attendance
    7. Molyneux's £50,000 chisel DLC
    8. Imagine merges Xbox 360 titles
    9. FBI accused of illegally exporting Megaupload data
    10. Rioting at Foxconn
    11. Zynga acquires Tomb Raider dev Buzz Monkey - report
    12. Hitman trailer: "never the intention to provoke people"
    13. Gambitious calling for submissions prior to summer launch
    14. Team Ninja: Japanese devs must look beyond "Hollywood" games
    15. E3 "half a show" without Sony/Microsoft next-gen consoles, says EA
    16. John Carmack: Next generation of consoles should last a long time
    17. Next-gen consoles for Sony/Microsoft likely out late 2013
    1. Wii U lacks "killer app" say analysts
    2. Machinima content comes to Gaikai
    3. Nintendo shares fall following E3 press conference
    4. ESA: 49 Percent of U.S. households have a game console
    5. Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" says EA Origin boss
    6. Yoshida: "Absolutely" too early for a Vita price cut
    7. Sony: "We've never been first, we've never been cheapest"
    8. Record number of entries for Dare To Be Digital
    9. Kindle Fire suffers declining sales and consumer interest
    10. THQ's Rubin fires back over San Diego rumours
    11. BioWare: Old Republic players reached end-game at "lightning speed"
    12. CCP: Eve Online could live 30 years
    13. Trion: 38 Studios' concept was too big
    14. Microsoft extends $99 Xbox subscription to Best Buy and GameStop
    15. Last Guardian absence due to "technical difficulties"
    16. Chris Lewis: "We remain committed to great content, great games"
    17. Epic on Unreal Engine 4: "You have to eat your own dog food"
    18. Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi talks cost of extra controller support
    19. One Vision: Is SmartGlass the New Kinect?
    1. Civilization and Pirates! coming to Gree
    2. PopCap Launches Bejeweled Legend in Japan
    3. Pikmin, Wii Fit and New Super Mario Bros. lead the charge for Wii U
    4. Wii U confirms two gamepad support, enhanced Miiverse sharing mechanics
    5. Majesco launches new corporate branding
    6. OnLive partners with LG, upgrades spectator features
    7. Samsung enters gaming space backed by Gaikai
    8. Over 2 million sold for XBLA Minecraft
    9. EKG: Devs to get a cut of pre-owned sales too
    10. THQ shuts San Diego studio
    11. Why are we still so insecure about the quality of our games?
    12. Peter Molyneux The Journalist
    13. Harry Potter author involved in Sony's Wonderbooks
    14. Sony PlayStation Mobile gets HTC as first partner
    15. Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed titles coming to PS Vita
    16. Ellen Page to star in new Quantic Dream IP Beyond
    1. Watch Dogs howls at Ubisoft's press conference
    2. Ready to Launch: Ubisoft's Wii U Strategy
    3. Ubisoft to port Wii U titles to tablets, smartphones
    4. SimCity goes social
    5. EA signs multi-year deal with UFC
    6. Battlefield Premium announced, is live currently
    7. Xbox Live Arcade getting several new titles
    8. Microsoft SmartGlass aims at Wii U, Apple TV
    9. Microsoft shows new EA Sports, Halo 4, Gears, Fable and Splinter Cell
    10. Nike partnership and Xbox Music for Xbox 360
    11. E3 could leave Los Angeles in 2013
    12. Wii U "doesn't look like it's innovative" says John Romero
    13. Ghost Recon defends top spot
    14. Humble Bundle devs hold Reddit AMA
    15. Sports Interactive head slams Sega rumours
    16. Fargo: Kickstarter could save middle-size devs
    17. Report: STALKER devs form new Kiev studio
    18. Crytek: "Next-generation of home consoles will be the last"
    19. Wright's Hive Mind facing legal issues
    1. Epic building new studio with Big Huge Games staff
    2. Nintendo reveals new Pro controller for Wii U, confirms redesigns
    1. Nintendo stock still "best investment" in industry - Game Trader
    2. THQ details Rubin and Kay's stock compensation
    3. Xbox Smart Glass app allows AirPlay-style connection with 360?
    1. DOTA 2 confirmed as free-to-play
    2. (RED)RUSH tourney brings gamers together to fight AIDS
    3. The Rise and Fall of Sony - Part 2
    4. Gears of War to see People Can Fly involvement, confirms Epic
    5. Remedy's Death Rally hits 10 million downloads
    6. Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling unveils Human Element
    7. Neil Young: E3 relevance has "diminished massively"
    8. Replay and Al Lowe not looking to sue Wisecrack over Sam Suede
    9. Trion Worlds announces expansion of EU offices
    10. Skylanders is best-selling franchise thus far in 2012
    11. LEGO Lord of the Rings to launch in fall 2012
    12. Star Wars 1313 coming from LucasArts
    13. E3 is "more relevant than it has ever been" says ESA
    14. Sony brings backwards compatibility to PlayStation with Gaikai deal
    15. Tokyo Jungle becomes first Japanese PS3 digital pre-order
    16. Megaupload wins evidence disclosure tussle in US extradition case
    17. South Korean authorities raid Blizzard's Seoul offices
    18. Wii U: What Nintendo Must Deliver