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December 2015 Archive

    1. Happy Holidays from!
    2. Wizard World cancels debut gaming con
    3. The events that will define 2016
    4. GAME shares plummet in light of sales slump
    1. Nintendo wins Mii patent suit
    2. Don't think of Early Access as a funding solution - Studio Wildcard
    3. Orgasms, mistakes and Metacritic: 2015's exclusive interviews
    1. Julien Merceron joins Bandai Namco
    2. Vive delay due to "technological breakthrough"
    3. Japan's console market: Lost in Transition?
    4. Editor's Choice: Our Favorite Games of 2015
    1. FTC announces settlements with LAI Systems and Retro Dreamer
    2. Azubu: "We have to punch above our weight"
    3. The Year that Handhelds Died
    4. Twitter hires first ever director of game partnerships
    5. Landing Kojima was a necessity for Sony
    1. 2K Games hires PlayStation vet Murray Pannell
    2. Apple names new chief operating officer
    3. Rocket League revenues nearly $50 million
    4. eSports still waiting for its big "Supercell moment"
    5. Starship's enterprise: Making virtual reality truly social
    6. Unity, Strike Gamelabs vets form Rocket Lolly Games
    7. Colopl launches $50 million VR fund
    8. Kojima Productions considering film and TV production
    9. Hideo Kojima's first post-Konami game will be PS4 exclusive
    1. Tencent now owns Riot Games
    2. Monster Hunter X Japanese #1 with 2m sold
    3. CastAR to pay back Kickstarter backers
    4. Ex-King devs launch Snowprint Studios
    5. Crystal Dynamics head leaves Square Enix
    6. Console creators now less risk-averse - House
    7. The crowdfunding bubble isn't bursting
    8. “We're not taking a bet on six months. We're taking a bet on five years"
    1. Publishers sued over fantasy sports patents
    2. Bethesda joins ESA
    3. People of the Year 2015
    4. Japanese studio Agatsuma Entertainment closed after 18 years
    1. New MD for Pixelbomb Games
    2. Fable Legends officially delayed
    3. A peek under Tim Schafer's Fig leaf
    4. The discussion in mobile is over, Free-to-Play has won
    5. Goodgame Studios denies allegations of unfair dismissal
    6. Star Citizen reaches $100 million in funding
    7. nDreams tops up staff and funding ahead of VR's big year
    1. Streaming's dark underbelly couldn't stall its meteoric rise in 2015
    2. Gearbox opens Quebec City studio
    3. Project Phoenix's backers are in for a long wait
    4. Lara Croft GO is Apple's iOS game of the year
    5. PlayFab goes free, launches Services Marketplace
    6. Kickstarter failures highlight the "backer" vs "consumer" divide
    1. NPD: November was best month ever for PS4, Xbox One
    2. EA sets up Competitive Gaming Division
    3. Riot Games one of Glassdoor's best places to work
    4. Oculus aims to spark pre-orders with EVE: Valkyrie pack-in
    5. 77,000 Steam accounts hacked each month
    6. HTC Vive founder, FarmVille co-creator launch seed fund for VR/AR
    7. VR and AR: The year of promises
    8. The Game Awards draws 2.3 million viewers
    1. SGN expands with two new studios
    2. Magic Leap raising additional $827 million - Report
    3. Rovio CEO stepping down after one year on the job
    4. Bethesda launches Montreal studio
    5. Welcome to the post-indiepocalypse
    6. eSports network Azubu raises $60 million
    7. HTC and Valve's VR headset pushed back to April 2016
    1. Activision tops November TV ad spend - Report
    2. CCP hires chief customer officer
    3. Nintendo, Capcom top Japan's game stocks in 2015
    4. This holiday's mobile trends to watch
    1. 9% of Kickstarter projects fail - Study
    2. British Writer's Guild names game award nominees
    3. "Mobile gaming is becoming artisanal. That's a good thing"
    4. Niantic Inc. opens Tokyo office
    5. FIFA back on top of UK chart after Black Friday sales
    6. Motiga lays off 16 people following Gigantic delay
    7. Video Game Stocks Bounce Back in 2015
    1. VR to hit $70 billion by 2020 - Report
    2. Sega makes "multi-million dollar" investment in GoGame
    3. Report: Kojima prevented from picking up award by Konami
    4. Sega cuts full-year profit estimate by 90 per cent
    5. Why a 20m target for Nintendo NX is actually realistic
    1. Watch The Game Awards here
    2. Tim Campbell to head up Gameforge's new division
    3. 10 Years Ago This Month: December 2005
    4. "We're not building the next version of Wii or Wii U"
    5. Ukie partners with Superdata, Reflection
    6. David Zemke joins DeltaDNA in North America
    7. Monster Hunter X tops Japanese chart with 1.5m sales
    1. RockYou CEO confirms layoffs
    2. ESA names new gov't affairs directors
    3. Equity Crowdfunding: Gateway To Games Industry Diversity
    4. Nazara Games hires new mobile publishing chief
    5. DeNA cuts staff in Singapore
    6. Traplight closes €1.3 million funding round
    7. Microsoft cuts 60 HoloLens jobs in Israel
    8. Animoca Brands raises $3.4 million from share placement
    1. Small devs need to promote more - SNJV
    2. VG247 doubles traffic record
    3. Nintendo NX to ship 10-12 million in 2016 - Report