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April 2019 Archive

    1. Valve officially unveils the Valve Index
    2. Devs suggest government play a larger role in regulation and research around addiction
    3. Square Enix growing Montreal studios
    4. The heavy toll of making games in the San Francisco Bay Area
    5. Deux Ex: The game you can't win
    6. Swery's White Owls is building a better work culture for Japan
    7. Record-breaking year for Jagex with revenues of £92.8m
    8. Banned Republican politician restored to EVE Online council following investigation
    9. Google CEO: Publishers "want to see our commitment" to Stadia
    10. Anno 1800 is series' fastest-selling entry
    1. Riot employees threaten walkout over forced arbitration
    2. A Dark Room pulled from Switch eShop for including code editor
    3. Google removes Do Global Games from Play Store
    4. Microsoft continues to distance itself from Minecraft creator
    5. Musician Leo Pellegrino sues Epic Games over alleged misappropriation of his identity
    6. Xbox should absolutely team up with Nintendo at E3 | Opinion
    7. Slightly Mad Studios withdraws trademark for Mad Box console
    8. Phoenix Labs' undaunted quest for cross-platform play
    9. Mobile VR game Sea Hero Quest generates 1,700 hours of research into Alzheimer's
    10. Nintendo Switch Online reaches 9.8m subscribers in six months
    11. Mojang donates $100k to charity:water
    12. Magic Leap gets $280m investment from Docomo
    13. PlayStation Now downloads get double the play time of streamed games
    1. UK Charts: Days Gone defeats Mortal Kombat 11 to claim No.1
    1. Riot says women waived right to sue when they were hired
    2. AbleGamers reveals plan to get accessibility experts into AAA studios
    3. Dino Patti: "If you get what you expected, it always gets boring"
    4. Nintendo shares drop 5% after conservative Switch forecasts
    5. The Podcast: The slow journey to killing crunch
    6. Rising PS4 game sales drive Sony to $78.1bn full-year revenues
    7. Starbreeze sells publishing rights for 10 Crowns back to developer
    8. Nintendo remains the industry's best long-term bet | Opinion
    1. UK government awards £12m funding for innovation projects based on homegrown IP
    2. Magic Leap donates 500 Magic Leap One devices for Epic MegaGrants program
    3. Tim Sweeney: Epic would stop pursuing exclusives if Steam improved its revenue share
    4. Focus Home Interactive brought in €126m last year
    5. Microsoft market cap reaches $1 trillion
    6. Apex Legends updates less to maintain dev quality of life
    7. Hatch Entertainment wipes nearly €2m off Rovio's Q1 profit
    8. Codemasters moves F1 team into new Birmingham studio
    9. Bloodborne board game adaptation raises $1.6m in two days
    10. The Indie Guide To Marketing
    11. BioWare delays multiple Anthem features
    12. Nintendo Switch had 23 million-selling games in the last fiscal year
    13. Mario Kart Tour steps closer to launch with closed beta test
    14. Adult gaming portal Nutaku launches Android storefront
    1. Sagging Xbox hardware sales offset by software, services growth
    2. Persona 5 has sold over 2.7m units worldwide
    3. James Ohlen joins Wizards of the Coast
    4. Neo Cab: Staying human in a world where an algorithm is your boss
    5. Amy Hennig: Streaming must be more than "just an invisible console"
    6. Sega Hardlight integrated into publisher's European pillar structure
    7. Frostpunk sells 1.4m units in first year
    8. Supercell partners with child safety organisation Internet Matters
    9. 996.ICU accuses NetEase, Tencent and Chinese devs of overworking staff
    10. Disney reportedly offered controlling stake in Nexon
    11. NPD: Nintendo Switch continues strong sales in quarter of hardware declines
    1. Nepal Supreme Court suspends ban on PUBG
    2. Limited Run, UploadVR schedule E3 briefings
    3. SuperData: Sekiro sells 1.4m digital units in March, beating Dark Souls III launch
    4. Epic devs speak out on Fortnite crunch
    5. World War Z sells 1m copies in first week
    6. Warren Spector: "If immersive sims disappear, I disappear"
    7. Epic Games Store exclusivity helps Phoenix Point achieve 191% return
    8. Is it Game Over for traditional PR?
    9. GAME and GameStop shrug off Xbox One S All-Digital Edition threat
    10. Chinese streaming platform DouYu files for $500m IPO
    11. Skybox Labs: Development and co-development in broad vistas
    12. Keywords acquires Japanese mobile studio Wizcorp
    13. Tencent raises minimum age for "digital lock" to 16
    1. Mortal Kombat 11: Critical Consensus
    2. Over 200 Fortnite World Cup prize winners caught cheating
    3. PUBG Corp sees $920 million in 2018 revenue
    4. UK Charts: World War Z lurches to the top in debut week
    5. Kitfox: People are more important than projects
    6. CCP Games: EVE Online's tech is "absolutely at its breaking edge"
    1. European Esports Federation to be formed with 12 countries
    2. South Korean FTC examining consumer regulations surrounding in-game purchases
    3. China introduces new game approval process, limiting total approvals per year
    4. Nintendo stock leaps following Switch approval in China
    5. Code to Inspire is creating "Afghan Hero Girls" through education
    6. Diverging paths: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's radically different visions | Opinion
    1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new Stage Builder mode is recommending inappropriate content
    2. Streamlabs: Twitch is still streaming king, though YouTube is gaining ground
    3. Life after EVE Online: From intergalactic warfare to "elegant, cosy" card games
    4. Magazine Issue 3 will debut at E3 2019
    5. Iraq bans PUBG, Fortnite
    6. Eight ways the UK games industry can work better with education
    7. Tencent cleared to distribute Nintendo Switch in China
    8. Battlefield V and Pode lead Nordic Game Awards nominations
    9. The Podcast: PlayStation 5 vs disc-less Xbox
    10. AbleGamers launches new accessibility website
    11. Stillfront Group doubled profits in 2018
    12. Mojang sets March 2022 date for Minecraft movie premiere
    13. Actor Will Smith joins $46m investment into esports organisation Gen.G
    14. Branded for success | Opinion
    15. Sony promises "appealing" price for new PlayStation console
    16. Game Informer Australia closes as GameStop cuts costs
    1. More powerful Nintendo Switch reportedly still in experimental stages
    2. Finnish games industry employed over 3,000, brought in over $2b in 2018
    3. Student sues CEO of Minecraft Education Edition's Chinese publisher
    4. Ubisoft offering Assassin's Creed: Unity for free following Notre-Dame fire
    5. Ninja named to Time 100
    6. Gamigo shuts down Atlas Reactor
    7. Top 25 public game companies grossed over $100bn combined revenue last year
    8. "Picking the right door" with the future of Unity
    9. GameStop offers full refunds on selected new releases returned within 48 hours
    10. Blizzard: "We're crafting stories for a global audience so our team needs to reflect that"
    11. Google opens applications for Indie Game Accelerator
    12. Iraqi lawmakers consider ban on violent games
    13. Education summit highlights divisions between UK universities and studios | Opinion
    14. Gamescom to debut Geoff Keighley fronted live show
    1. Rocket League nixes loot boxes in Belgium, the Netherlands
    2. Fortnite cheat maker exposes professional player cheating in World Cup
    3. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launches May 7
    4. Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    5. Natsume launches Indie Program
    6. Sony says #MeToo, streaming behind stricter limits on sex in games
    7. Backers have pledged over $1b total to games on Kickstarter
    8. Jen MacLean joins Amazon Game Tech
    9. Plug In Digital reveals plans for China office
    10. Capcom rolling out its own retro system
    11. Line-up revealed for Stand Up for GamesAid comedy night
    12. ISFE calls on European gambling authorities to tackle online skin betting
    13. Amy Hennig: AAA industry is at "an interesting crossroads" with storytelling
    14. Machine learning bots beat DOTA 2 world champions in best-of-three
    15. Unraveling Undertale
    16. Next PlayStation will have discs, backward compatibility
    17. Native American nation files lawsuit against Valve over skins gambling
    18. Miyazaki vs Ueda: The path to compelling fantasy
    19. Devolver: Publishing Weedcraft Inc "has been a nightmare"
    20. Disc-less Xbox One leaks ahead of expected reveal
    21. Forza goes free-to-play with Forza Street
    22. UK Charts: The Division 2 holds No. 1 in another week without big releases
    1. Twitch launches first game, Twitch Sings
    2. Gayming Magazine to launch in June
    3. Microsoft overhauling HR complaint process
    4. Superhot VR sells 800k
    5. CCP: China will be EVE Online's biggest market in two years
    6. "The bankers are actually much more metal than publishers"
    7. How Clone Wars and Rebels influenced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    8. Reboot Develop dates 2020, Uni and Canada conferences
    9. Warren Spector leads speaker line-up for Nordic Game Conference 2019
    10. Over half of HQ Trivia staff tried to oust CEO
    11. Sony is now auto-changing offensive PlayStation Network IDs
    12. Apple invested a reported $500 million in Arcade partnerships
    13. Hajime Tabata to lead development of first ever Paralympics game
    1. Watch the Reboot Develop Blue livestream here
    1. Epic Games hires Jason West
    2. The Podcast: Why does Activision need pregnancy data?
    3. Here is every boxed game to sell over 1m copies in the UK
    4. Revealed: The most successful UK game developers
    5. Animoca Brands to acquire Skytree
    6. Watch the Reboot Develop Blue livestream here
    7. Red Dead Redemption 2 named Game of the Year at Italian Video Game Awards
    8. Xbox: Stadia has the infrastructure, but doesn't have the content
    9. "Accessibility" and "difficulty" aren't the same thing | Opinion
    1. purchases rights to Minecraft: Education Edition in China
    2. Ubisoft removes slur from The Division 2
    3. Weedcraft Inc meets advertising, video blocks
    4. Take-Two, Rockstar complaint against Pinkerton dismissed
    5. Nepal bans PUBG
    6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sells 2m in less than ten days
    7. Telltale's The Walking Dead "made Skybound what it is"
    8. BBC Studios and hosting Changing Channels conference next month
    9. Dark Slope thinking bigger with warehouse-scale VR
    10. NetEase investment is bringing indies East
    11. Clash of Clans season pass drives 145% revenue spike
    12. Watch the Reboot Develop Blue livestream here
    1. PSN name changes launch today
    2. YouTube creating interactive narratives
    3. Vampyr sells over 1m copies
    4. Lightstream acquires GameWisp technology
    5. Activision Blizzard pays employees for health tracking
    6. The difficulties of researching gaming disorder and addiction
    7. Digital Sun's Moonlighter has sold 500k copies
    8. "Find your tribe but reach out to everybody"
    9. The second launch of Sea of Thieves
    10. Deep Silver to publish King Art Games' Iron Harvest
    11. Good Shepherd buys majority stake in Artificer
    1. Google Play hosting inappropriate games with kid-friendly ratings
    2. Brenda Romero's guide to becoming a game designer
    3. Black Desert franchise tops $1 billion in revenues
    4. 60% of Greater Southeast Asia gamers are "strongly drawn to esports"
    5. Gaming is not a meritocracy
    6. "Accessibility has never and will never be a compromise to my vision"
    7. Xsolla Funding Club wants to connect developers with investors
    8. Check out the photos from the 100 Women In Games event
    9. Sumo Group raised revenue, narrowed losses in 2018
    10. Daybreak Game Company back in control of H1Z1 battle royale spin-off
    1. Univision sells Gizmodo Media Group
    2. Gender pay gap widens in UK games industry
    3. IGDA's Jen MacLean stepping down
    4. What makes a good Kickstarter campaign?
    5. Sold Out and Epic offering up to $500,000 in The Unreal Box Offer
    6. "Games that have succeeded in Turkey are all localised -- that's hands down"
    7. Keywords' 2018 revenues surpass €250m
    8. Valve finally tackles review bombing as Borderlands 2 attacked over Epic exclusivity
    9. UK Charts: The Division 2 retakes No.1 in quiet week
    10. Tencent stealth launches international version of WeGame storefront
    11. Roblox hits 90m monthly active users
    1. FTC sets date for loot box workshop
    2. Future recognizes staff union
    3. Hideo Baba departs Studio Istolia, Square Enix
    4. Team Meat delays Super Meat Boy Forever to maintain "healthy and sustainable pace"
    5. Microsoft increases Xbox Live Gold price in the UK
    6. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo under investigation for consumer rights violation
    7. The Podcast: Shrinking second-hand sales and BioWare blues
    8. EU Commission accuses six game companies of illegal geo-blocking
    9. Meet 100 of the most influential women working in the UK games industry
    10. John Romero: "There are always people who question games that push the boundaries"
    11. Jam City establishes foothold in Europe with 231 Play acquisition
    12. Nintendo adds VR support for Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    13. Revealed: 100 of the most influential women in the UK games industry
    14. Pre-order refunds could force publishers to shift priorities | Opinion
    1. God of War takes home five BAFTAs
    2. Snap Inc announces Snap Games, launching with six titles
    3. Epic to continue signing exclusivity deals regardless of Steam plans
    4. Microsoft investigating more sexual harassment claims
    5. Why life after Dead Cells does not mean growth
    6. Weaker currency could encourage foreign investment post-Brexit
    7. BioWare admits workplace, production issues
    8. European gamers shows progressive streak on diversity
    9. CVG team reunite for new games media website
    10. Gamigo acquires casual games publisher WildTangent
    11. Avalanche: "The industry is going to calm down on tech and focus on creativity"
    12. Ubisoft cancels Starlink physical toys following game's under performance
    13. Tencent raises nearly $6bn in bond sale
    1. Minecraft on PC surpasses 30m sales
    2. QC Games shuts down
    3. Ten tips for pitching from the head of ID@Xbox
    4. Borderlands 3 joins list of Epic Games store PC exclusives
    5. Guerrilla Games' Hermen Hulst and Yu Suzuki close out Reboot Develop line-up
    6. This War of Mine has sold 4.5m units worldwide, raised $500,000 for charity
    7. Flaregames founder launches Phoenix Games group ahead of multiple acquisitions
    8. Rebellion founders to keynote Develop:Brighton 2019
    9. Mayor Sadiq Khan opens London Games Festival 2019
    10. GameStop: Sony pulling game cards won't "have a material impact" on sales
    11. Is it all over for pre-owned video games?
    1. Latest batch of Chinese game approvals includes 30 foreign titles
    2. GameStop posts $673m full-year loss
    3. Jobs Roundup: Klang Games appoints new COO
    4. Gratitude for the Miracle Man
    5. Lucid Sight secures $6m investment
    6. London Games Festival names Ensemble 2019 exhibitors
    7. Google: We're "committed to protecting and respecting privacy" with Stadia
    8. Sega Mega Drive Mini will launch September 19
    9. ChilliConnect secures over $450,000 in seed funding
    10. How Mario Kart Tour could bring Mario Kart up to speed | Opinion
    11. Record year for UK games market as spending nears £6bn
    1. Valve Index to launch June 15
    2. Polystream secures $12m in Series A funding
    3. Humble Monthly reaches over 40,000 subscribers
    4. Sony updates policy to allow refunds on pre-orders
    5. Konami rebrands New York office
    6. Making piracy and pre-owned games problems of the past
    7. Brendan Greene: "I'm done with battle royale"
    8. The Romeros, an Oliver twin and Creative Assembly lead Career Bar
    9. Deep Silver deactivates stolen Metro Exodus Steam keys
    10. UK Charts: Yoshi's Crafted World wins in close battle for No.1
    11. Sony is shutting down all Driveclub online servers
    12. "At Ubisoft you always have a second chance"