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December 2017 Archive

    1. TIGA CEO Richard Wilson receives OBE in New Years Honours list
    1. Developers must disclose loot box odds following update to App Store guidelines
    2. Game of the Year 2017
    3. Rocket League surpasses 38 million players
    4. The Podcast: Game of the Year 2017
    5. Cuphead sells two million units in two months
    6. Zeldathon charity event to raise money for Direct Relief
    7. 2017: Celebrating the bright spots
    1. ESA hails US tax reform
    2. Call of Duty: WWII tops $1 billion worldwide
    3. Retro-Bit signs deal with Sega
    4. How stable are Dwarf Fortress' foundations?
    5. presents... The Year In Numbers 2017
    6. Magic Leap One: Creator Edition shipping in 2018
    7. Jobs Roundup: Ustwo names new global CEO
    8. Microsoft promises transparency in sexual harassment cases
    9. Nexus Mods will add a system to reward mod creators
    10. China blocks Steam Community features
    11. Super Mario Odyssey hits 1 million physical sales in Japan
    1. Facebook releases Spaces for HTC Vive
    2. Twitch announces reality game show for streamers
    3. Nintendo leads games industry figureheads' 2017 highlights
    4. How ICO flipped the script
    5. Cancelled Rising Thunder gets open-source release
    6. PS4 took half of all UK physical game sales in 2017
    7. Supercell is 2017's highest-earning mobile publisher
    8. "2018 is going to be the year where gamers take the power back"
    9. Like a Boss Games secures $1.6m investment
    1. How will 2018 shape the games business?
    2. Sumo Group valued at £145m in IPO
    3. Women are most valuable mobile gamers - DeltaDNA
    4. Tequila Works, ustwo and Panzer Dragoon's Yukio Futatsugi join Reboot Develop line-up
    5. People of the Year 2017
    6. Call of Duty tops the UK Xmas chart for fourth consecutive year
    7. Obsidian Entertainment: "No microtransactions, of any kind, in our game"
    8. Funcom takes $10.6 million investment ahead of licensing push
    9. Infinity Ward to open Polish studio
    10. Disney buys 21st Century Fox in $52.4 billion deal
    1. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sells 1 million on Xbox One
    2. Glo secures $3m in funding, IMAX VR partnership
    3. The Podcast: Voice acting, with the stars of Assassin's Creed Origins
    4. Chet Faliszek's AI-powered tactical shooter (that's not about shooting)
    5. Keywords Studios acquires Mexican localisation company LOLA
    6. Pre-orders for Ataribox delayed
    7. 29% of games businesses negatively affected by Brexit, says TIGA
    8. People of the Year 2017: Strauss Zelnick
    9. Brexit's shadow looms over 2018
    10. The great challenge of contemporary video game production
    1. Call of Duty: WWII drives November US game sales to $2.7bn - NPD
    2. FCC votes to dismantle net neutrality
    3. Codemasters may be preparing to go public - Report
    4. UK charts overhaul: Digital data will finally be counted
    5. Lucky's Tale dev aims to be "Disney of the next generation"
    6. People of the Year 2017: Christian Whitehead
    7. Criterion, NaturalMotion, Team 17 and more join UKIE
    8. With Private Division, Take-Two wants to empower a new breed of indie developer
    9. Take-Two launches indie label with Obsidian, The Outsiders and Panache Digital onboard
    10. Patreon raises user fees to stabilise creator payouts
    11. Power Rangers Legacy Wars dev nWay receives $11m investment
    12. Crytek sues Star Citizen developers
    13. Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene calls for better IP protection in games
    14. David Helgason invests in Raw Fury as indie publisher raises $600,000
    15. Red Kite: Work-for-hire removes the risk from your own IP
    1. Skillz secures $25m in funding
    2. IHS: Nintendo Switch Q4 sales approaching 4 million
    3. GamesAid Golf and Spa Day returns July 5th
    4. People of the Year: Emily Greer
    5. Video game prices contribute to UK inflation
    6. Nintendo seeks new partners to increase smartphone line-up
    7. CCP donates skin proceeds to family of deceased employee
    8. Keywords buys Sperasoft for $27 million
    9. Manticore Games closes $15 million series A round
    1. The Game Awards sees viewership triple in 2017
    2. A how-to guide for Muslim representation
    3. Over 10% of UK kids are gambling on in-game items - Report
    4. Cuphead dev: "We didn't go from zero to hero"
    5. Harry Potter and the publisher's casual vacancy
    6. People of the Year 2017: Tequila Works
    7. Pincus: For new mobile devs, it's organic growth or bust
    8. Nintendo Switch sales hit 10m worldwide
    9. Jobs Roundup: New Roblox trio to push for greater diversity
    10. Apple introduces pre-orders to App Store
    11. Loot boxes aren't gambling, says New Zealand government
    12. Doki Doki Literature Club hits 1 million downloads on Steam
    13. Sega Europe boss departs after four months
    14. Valve removes another game from Steam for "pornographic" content
    1. "Mobile has become more difficult to support than consoles"
    2. Player Research to open new lab in Montreal
    3. Global esports revenue to hit $2.3 billion in 2022 - SuperData
    4. People of the Year 2017: Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene
    5. Former employee sues Crytek Istanbul
    6. Call of Duty: World War II longest-running UK No.1 since 2015
    7. Steam's new Curator Connect feature targets key-scamming
    8. Zeptolab's CATS is Google Play's Best Game of 2017
    9. Uncharted series sales pass 41 million
    10. Is Nintendo Switch really as successful as we think it is?
    1. Boss Key co-founder Arjan Brussee joins Epic Games
    2. Adapting a AAA mindset to live ops
    3. Indies overcompensating on marketing
    4. Zelda wins Game of the Year at The Game Awards
    5. People of the Year 2017: Nintendo
    6. GamesAid launches 12 Days of Christmas charity sale
    7. How to be an artist
    8. Bethesda donates $100,000 to scholarship program for women and minority students
    9. Steam adds platform-specific wishlists
    10. Josef Fares: "All publishers fuck up sometimes"
    11. MAG Interactive valued at $137m following IPO
    12. Pushing the trolls back under the bridge
    13. Splitter Critters, Hidden Folks were the year's big winners on the App Store
    14. Fortnite passes 30m players with a focus on rapid updates
    1. Far Cry 5, The Crew delayed as Ubisoft revises profitability targets
    2. Google Play: Gender bias in mobile gaming needs to change
    3. Discord closing in on 90m users in 2017
    4. PlayStation 4 has sold over 70 million units worldwide
    5. Crytek helping launch Crycash cryptocurrency
    6. Playkey raises $10.5m through cryptocurrency sale
    7. People of the Year 2017: SpecialEffect
    8. CrossCut Venture to invest in games and esports after raising $125 million fund
    9. Squanchtendo rebrands to avoid Nintendo clash
    10. Goodgame joins Stillfront Group in €270m deal
    1. Blizzard, EA among Glassdoor's best places to work
    2. Steam no longer accepting Bitcoin
    3. Time for games to get cultured on culture
    4. "Smaller studios will define the future of video game storytelling"
    5. Apple market share dips following late release of iPhone X
    6. What reaching 25 million users says about Rainbow Six Siege and games-as-a-service
    7. People of the Year 2017: Larian Studios
    8. Jingle Jam 2017 raises record-breaking $3m for charity
    9. Nordisk Film takes $5m ownership stake in Heroes & Generals studio
    1. "It's the game designer's job to evoke different sides of humanity"
    2. 35% or more of EA Sports players spend on Ultimate Team
    3. People of the Year 2017: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
    4. Jobs roundup: Three new executive hires at Jagex
    5. Twitch sees "glimmer of hope" in battle against toxic behaviour
    6. World of Warcraft, world of inspiration
    7. Unity's David Helgason joins UK studio Lockwood Publishing
    8. Nintendo targets Chinese gamers with remasters for Nvidia Shield
    1. Sony experimenting with PSVR free trial program
    2. King vets raise $2.2m for mobile start-up Strange Quest
    3. Star Control creators accuse Stardock of selling games unlawfully
    4. People of the Year 2017: Ninja Theory
    5. Warframe dev: Industry must get better at "giving players a choice and a voice"
    6. Wonderstorm brewing animation and AAA games
    7. Childline and NSPCC condemn 'unacceptable' Detroit: Become Human
    8. New UK games media awards event set for May
    9. GAME partners with Three for in-store smartphone push
    10. What the Budget told us about the Government's approach towards games
    11. UK charts: Call of Duty: WWII scores fifth consecutive No.1
    1. Super Mario Run, CATS get Google Play 2017 nods
    2. BBC launches VR Hub studio
    3. Spike Chunsoft launches North American subsidiary
    4. Vivendi a third wheel in the Activision Blizzard union
    5. War Child UK launches world's first mobile gaming armistice
    6. "We have to remember it's a game": Mixing anti-cultism and action in Far Cry 5
    7. The Switch was the best-selling product online over Thanksgiving
    8. Lockwood Publishing opens new UK studio in Leamington Spa
    9. Games industry must self-regulate on loot boxes, says state representative
    10. Persona 5 reaches two million sales
    11. EA trips up on the path from Product to Service