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April 2016 Archive

    1. San Jose college announces VR/AR program
    2. Romero and Carmack suspend Kickstarter
    3. Lionhead officially closes today
    4. Vivendi increases its stake in Ubisoft to almost 18%
    5. Drinkbox cuts through the noise
    6. DeltaDNA: Whales don't respond to expensive items
    7. China accounted for 31% of Unity game installs in Q1
    8. FTC strikes a blow against Amazon in IAP lawsuit
    9. Smart device pivot could cost Nintendo at home
    10. VREAL launches first native game streaming platform for VR
    1. YouTube amends Content ID dispute process
    2. Social media is most common way to follow eSports - Survey
    3. New chief customer officer for Keywords
    4. Ubisoft's The Division pushes digital sales up 5% in March - SuperData
    5. ESA loses three members
    6. "The roadmap for a successful Nintendo console is unclear"
    7. Nolan Bushnell inks three game deal with Spil Games
    8. Minecraft makes its VR debut
    9. Nintendo to sell majority stake in Seattle Mariners
    10. Sony shipped 17.7 million PS4s in the last fiscal year
    11. Rovio ups the ante on Angry Birds marketing
    1. Samsung planning more VR headsets
    2. New hires for Arkadium
    3. Ubisoft opening Rabbids Amusement Center
    4. One Piece: Burning Blood is Japan's #1
    5. Average Steam game sales plummeting - Steam Spy
    6. ESL launching 24/7 eSports channel
    7. CD Projekt wants to emulate "the Rockstar model"
    8. Stolen Uncharted 4 copies hit shelves early
    9. Crytek launches Film Engine VR production tech
    10. Nintendo's tumbling profits underline need for new hardware
    11. Nintendo NX will launch in March 2017
    1. Apple sees iPhone sales fall
    2. Hearthstone hits 50m players
    3. Hack affects 7 million Minecraft players
    4. HTC launches $100m VR Accelerator
    5. CyberConnect2 opening Montreal studio - Report
    6. Blizzard considering "pristine" World of Warcraft
    7. UK games industry behind in female employment
    8. PewDiePie asks fans to confront his "immature" past
    9. Paradox will offer 15 per cent of its stock in IPO next month
    10. Kamcord raises $10m from Time Warner at $100m valuation
    11. Glu: Putting a price on fame
    1. Lionsgate brings blockbusters to Steam
    2. 1666: Amsterdam legal battle ends
    3. SNK recommits to games
    4. John Romero, Adrian Carmack return to FPS development
    5. Audio vet Jory Prum passes away
    6. Early Access "good for our whole industry" - Daybreak
    7. Gameloft has closed its Spanish studio - report
    8. Digital Shelfspace: Four new storefronts for PC devs
    9. Ratchet & Clank unseats Dark Souls III as UK #1
    10. ESL cuts ties with YouPorn sponsored eSports team
    11. Toca Boca acquired by Canadian toy firm Spin Master
    1. VR: The next big thing in audio?
    2. "Gamers are bored... They're ready to spend on something new"
    3. AMD's "design wins" point to new console hardware in 2016
    4. Titan MMO's "horrific" collapse led to the creation of Blizzard's Overwatch
    5. 2016 is about VR experiences, not VR sales
    1. Helsinki's Armada Interactive secures $3m seed funding
    2. Xbox Live sees growth but hardware dips in Microsoft's Q3
    3. Alex St. John: Shut up and be grateful for your 80 hour weeks
    4. Mobile to overtake PC in $99.6bn global games market - Newzoo
    5. Platinum Games' president has stepped down - Report
    6. Toys-to-life grew 7% in 2015 - NPD
    7. "No matter how awesome Star Wars is, we don't need another one"
    8. One Special Day charity initiative asks for 100%
    9. Update: Gfinity says Xbox One sales figures were estimated
    10. Nazara invests in Mastermind Sports
    11. Gumi withdraws from Canada, Germany, Sweden
    1. NRG eSports appoints new CEO
    2. Yo-kai Sangokushi stays Japan's #1
    3. VR dev already dropping price
    4. PlayStation Network getting two-step verification
    5. Microsoft retires Xbox 360
    6. Superdata downgrades VR forecast again
    7. Toys-to-life's problem isn't saturation; it's fatigue
    8. expands with Japan Edition
    1. Intel to cut 12,000 staff
    2. GSN Games acquires Gamedonia
    3. China leapfrogs Japan in iOS revenue - App Annie
    4. There hasn't been a ton of risk-taking in mobile - SGN
    5. Don Daglow: "I'm calling bullshit on core, mid-core and casual"
    6. eSports involvement actually greater among women than men - PwC
    7. Industrious Boys: Alex Seropian and Tim Harris are back
    8. Nordic Game Conference schedule takes shape
    9. Tencent CEO Pony Ma makes $2bn charity pledge
    10. Report: Specs unearthed for PS4.5 - Codename Neo
    1. Autodesk acquires Solid Angle
    2. Ken Levine working on Twilight Zone hybrid
    3. PlayStation VR to see greater demo presence at GameStop
    4. Why Insomniac is committing to VR
    5. GameStop unveils publishing label GameTrust
    6. Dark Souls III takes UK retail #1
    1. Trendy sues Studio Wildcard over origins of Ark: Survival Evolved
    2. Q-Games gets new creative producer
    3. SB Nation, Polygon launch League of Legends site
    4. Housemarque's Antti Kallioinen passes away
    5. Magic Leap acquires NorthBit - Report
    6. GameFront shutting down
    7. Shovel Knight passes 1.2m sales, with 200k from retail
    8. Report: Apple working on 'improving' App Store search
    9. Minecraft: Education Edition will launch in early access this June
    10. Xbox veterans form new mixed reality studio, LOOOK
    11. What causes indie games to fail?
    1. Oculus "don't condone" HTC Vive software hacks
    2. BAFTA adds 90 new games members to BAFTA Crew
    3. JuiceBox Games shutting down
    4. "I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"
    5. Toytalk targets wider audience, rebrands as PullString
    6. Fable Legends' closure marks the end of Lionhead Studios
    7. Working With Publishers: A Clarification
    8. NPDs: The Division is the big software seller
    9. Force Field and Vanguard Games merge
    10. Nielsen: eSports audience is 81 per cent male
    11. Rust hits 3.5m sales amidst concerns over gender, race assignment
    1. Leonard Boyarsky joins Obsidian Entertainment
    2. Stardew Valley sells 1m
    3. Fairytale Distillery gets additional funding for MMORPG
    4. Far Cry Primal hits Japan's chart at #3
    5. Reboot: Develop finalises line up
    6. How Camouflaj cheated death in a volatile industry
    7. Wargaming wants an eSports players union
    8. "Every year has been better than the last. Thriving is the best way to put it."
    9. GREE launches $12 million VR investment fund
    10. Keywords buys the Synthesis Group in €18 million deal
    11. Climax opens New Zealand studio in Auckland
    12. Games audio specialist Side expands in China
    13. Enter The Gungeon sold 200,000 copies in a week
    1. Rockstar: Benzies' claims "downright bizarre"
    2. Grand Theft Auto devs planned to leave Take-Two
    3. Oculus: "We've taken steps to address the component shortage"
    4. Leslie Benzies suing Rockstar over $150 million
    5. Free-to-play not viable on VR just yet - Palm
    6. Lucky's Tale: Why third-person games are a vital part of VR's future
    7. Activision Blizzard boasts new CS:GO eSports viewership record
    8. Epic opens Berlin outpost
    9. Tranzfuser calls on UK graduates and universities to diversify skills
    10. Strike Club bowling tournament to raise £30,000 for Special Effect
    11. “Thank you for this honour, but I'm just getting started”
    12. Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me
    1. Microsoft reveals equal pay progress
    2. Quantum Break is the UK's #1 retail game
    3. Animoca Brands raises $6.5 million from share placement
    4. Evolution Studios joins Codemasters, Hocking becomes VP of product
    5. Jennifer Ann's Group offers $11,000 in prizes for dev contest
    6. Blizzard issues cease and desist to private WoW server
    7. Choice Provisions closes San Francisco studio
    8. Gambitious looking for 50 new investors
    9. Machine Zone diversifies business, rebrands as "MZ"
    1. Fun Bits offers grants to LGBT students in Mississippi
    2. US legislator presses Oculus on user privacy
    3. Psyonix's Nosgoth cancelled
    4. SiriusXM launching a daily eSports show
    5. Jason Avent departs Boss Alien
    6. VR devs "have a responsibility to be considerate" of the player
    7. Tom Clancy's The Division tops YouTube trending chart
    8. How will developers make money from VR?
    9. Destiny creative lead resigns from Bungie
    1. Fallout 4 wins best game at BAFTAs
    2. Oculus Rift tops awareness among VR headsets - Nielsen
    3. HTC acknowledges Vive shipping problems
    4. Crytek's VR First initiative partners with IEEE
    5. IAP the least popular form of monetisation among players
    6. Life as an indie: Obscurity, triage, and trust issues
    7. Fear Effect returns with Kickstarter campaign
    8. Rock Band 4 Fig campaign raises half its $1.5 million target
    9. Wargaming Labs: What is it good for?
    10. Nazara Games takes minority stake in TrulySocial
    11. Ahoy there internet: Don't Starve Shipwrecked and feedback
    1. Beamdog CEO defends employee targeted by harassment
    2. En Masse Entertainment lays off devs
    3. MaxPlay joins OGA
    4. Yo-kai Sangokushi is new Japanese #1
    5. Rovio posts continued declines for 2015
    6. hits 10 million monthly active users
    7. eSports driving over 21% of Twitch viewership - Newzoo
    8. Oblivion's Horse Armor was ahead of its time
    9. Twitch and FACEIT launch eSports Championship Series
    10. "The scale required, even for indie success, has changed"
    11. International "eGames" event announced at London Games Festival
    1. Indie cooperative launches in Quebec
    2. Black Desert Online sells 400K in month one
    3. eSports driving game purchases - NPD
    4. Austin Game Conference returns
    5. Last of Us movie in "development hell"
    6. South Side story: We Are Chicago
    7. Hideo Kojima to keynote Develop Brighton
    8. Ex-Lionhead, Superhot devs join Quo Vadis lineup
    9. The View From the Tower
    10. Vicarious Visions founders depart studio
    1. Nintendo denies bowing to GamerGate pressure in employee firing
    2. EA: Trump video "an unauthorized use of our IP"
    3. Rovio focused on user acquisition for existing games
    4. Maximum Games acquires Avanquest Software Publishing
    5. GamePolitics shutting down
    6. Hitbox signs ESL, DreamHack deals
    7. Is CastAR poised to become the next Nintendo?
    8. Oculus apologises for "unexpected component shortage"
    9. Activsion Blizzard reshuffle puts Philip Earl in EVP International role
    10. "Bungie has a deal with Activision for 20 years or something. We would be interested in doing something like that"
    1. Slice: Mobile gamers spend average of $87 on in-app purchases
    1. New studio Echohead Games wants to "twist the AAA landscape"
    2. Activision restructures Freestyle Games
    3. Critical Consensus: Remedy's reach exceeds its grasp with Quantum Break
    4. Studio cancels Wii U game in protest of Nintendo firing employee
    5. Alibaba investing in 1200 Chinese eSports events in 2016
    6. Two Sony presidents, one VR revolution
    7. Keywords Studios makes another acquisition with Mindwalk
    8. Final Fantasy XV needs 10 million sales for success
    9. Capcom unites mobile studios into single division
    10. Sony's making a big mistake by not addressing PS4.5 rumors