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May 2018 Archive

    1. The Elder Scrolls: Legends development switched to Sparkypants Studios
    2. Tranzfuser announces 18 student teams for 2018 program
    3. Layoffs reported at Harry Potter dev Jam City
    4. Paradox: "If a game can't be played for 500 hours we probably shouldn't be publishing it"
    5. Why Codemasters is finally ready to float
    6. Fig acquires blockchain startup Ownage Ltd
    7. Breaking into China as a Western developer
    8. VR title Beat Saber hits 100,000 sales in a month
    9. Bethesda stream for new Fallout game pulls 2m unique viewers
    10. Jack Tretton's indie investment fund will target UE4 projects
    11. Gumi launches $30 million cryptocurrency investment fund
    1. Intellivision returns with new console, president
    2. Nordisk Film acquires Avalanche Studios
    3. Market for dev talent is tight - Take-Two
    4. Zynga splashes $250 million on Gram Games acquisition
    5. Cory Barlog and Peter Molyneux headline Devcom 2018
    6. Jobs roundup: Stéphane Decroix joins Starbreeze after 20 years with Ubisoft
    7. Pokémon's new evolution was inevitable
    8. Paradox partners with TeacherGaming on Cities: Skylines for education
    9. Valve removes school shooting game, along with developer's entire catalogue
    10. UK Games Fund selects winners for its Pitch Development Programme
    11. Microsoft reportedly replaced support staff with the volunteers they trained
    12. Keywords Studios buys Fire Without Smoke for £5.2 million
    1. Pokémon profits down nearly 50% in company's second most profitable year
    2. US has the largest gender pay gap for video game streamers
    3. Atari co-founder Ted Dabney passes away
    4. One Thumb Mobile closes Glasgow studio
    5. UK indie chain Games Centre enters liquidation
    6. PUBG Corp files copyright lawsuit against Epic Games
    7. Syrian refugee games developer denied UK visa ahead of awards ceremony
    8. Voodoo secures $200m Goldman Sachs investment
    9. Codemasters valued at £280m as it prepares to go public
    10. UK Charts: Detroit: Become Human headlines all new Top Three
    1. Fortnite sold 5 million battle passes on the first day of Season 3
    2. DICE GM pushes back against Battlefield V anger
    3. Six finalist teams revealed for Dare Academy 2018
    4. Breadcrumbs Interactive wins the Nordic Discovery Contest
    5. State of Decay 2 passes 1 million players within first week
    6. Players get credit for evolution--and stagnation--of gaming narrative
    7. Revenue expected to double this year for augmented and mixed reality
    8. Echo and Little Nightmares clean up at 2018 Nordic Game Awards
    9. ESA: We can't go to the "lowest common denominator of government" on loot boxes
    10. Charity calls on Valve to remove 'school shooting simulator' from Steam store
    11. EA Originals, Nintendo and Sony set for Investment Summit 2018
    12. Nintendo offers dockless Switch in Japan
    13. Game critic John "TotalBiscuit" Bain dies aged 33
    14. Steam Link app rejected by Apple
    15. Sony's PlayStation 5 hints confirm an eight-year PS4 lifespan
    16. Stugan marks fourth year with its most diverse group to date
    1. Detroit: Become Human: Critical Consensus
    2. Fortnite, God of War break monthly revenue records - Superdata
    3. Spil Games names Timm Geyer as new CEO
    4. What does GDPR mean for PR?
    5. Andrew Maximov: "Technology is actually going to make us better artists"
    6. PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida to keynote Develop:Brighton 2018
    7. Wizard of Legend sells 200,000 copies in its first week
    8. Battle royale players are among the most engaged gamers, report finds
    9. Media Molecule: Avoiding the "soul tax" of making games
    10. Battlefield V ditches season pass and loot boxes, takes on Red Dead Redemption 2
    11. YoYo Games launches publishing arm for GameMaker titles
    12. Wargaming reportedly closes Seattle studio
    13. H1Z1 reaches 1.5 million players on PS4
    1. Jagex shutting down RuneScape Classic
    2. Portable gaming shouldn't be separate from consoles - PlayStation head
    3. FTL and Into the Breach: Two-of-an-unkind
    4. Digital Extremes' Chinese owner stealthily launches new US publisher
    5. Tim Schafer: “I haven't made my best game yet”
    6. Rovio doubles down on Angry Birds with new content roadmap
    7. Epic to host pro-am Fortnite tournament with $3 million prize money
    8. God of War helps PlayStation smash records in April NPD stats
    9. Special Olympics USA to hold first ever gaming tournament
    10. iOS gamers are more loyal than Android, suggests Priori Data
    11. Tesco Direct shutting down to coalesce services
    12. Chinese Overwatch League team practices for twelve hours, six days a week
    13. EA acquires GameFly subsidiary for cloud gaming
    1. Jobs Roundup: Obsidian's Josh Sawyer taking a break from directing
    2. Overwatch to get Lego sets and Nerf merch
    3. Best Places To Work Awards 2018 returns in October
    4. Thinking outside the cube
    5. Sony prepares for the "final phase" of PlayStation 4's life-cycle
    6. Ant Workshop: "Accessibility does not mean making your game easier"
    7. Avalanche opens third studio in Malmö, Sweden
    8. Gameloft revenues fell 13% in Q1
    9. We Happy Few denied classification in Australia
    10. Overwatch art used in Paladins Strike ad due to "not much oversight"
    11. Steam games warned for "pornographic content" have warnings dismissed, subject to re-review
    1. Adult Swim Games acquires Big Pixel
    2. Hearts of Iron IV sells one million copies
    3. Epic Games to provide $100 million prize pool for Fortnite esports this year
    4. Ex-Wolfenstein, Bulletstorm devs forming new studio Neon Giant
    5. Paradox: "People were coming to us in droves asking if we could make board games"
    6. FIFA and Call of Duty driving viewer growth in console esports
    7. Tencent takes majority stake in Path of Exile dev Grinding Gear Games
    8. Capcom experiments with streaming and new pricing in Resident Evil 7 for Switch
    9. Microsoft calls for ideas to improve Xbox accessibility
    10. Oculus adds DLC support for mobile VR apps
    11. Infinity Ward has quietly been recruiting Respawn developers
    12. UK Charts: God of War scores fifth No.1 as Hyrule Warriors debuts in third
    13. Demystifying venture capital
    14. Valve targets improved accessibility with SteamVR Input
    15. BIG Festival to host talks from devs behind Firewatch, Inside, Assassin's Creed: Origins
    1. Valve advises sexualized anime-themed titles to censor content or be removed from Steam
    1. Owlboy turned profit on Nintendo Switch within 24 hours of release
    2. Gamelynx raises $1.2 million for mobile esports development
    3. Apple brings Everyone Can Code to schools for blind and deaf students
    4. The Podcast: Accessibility in games, with SpecialEffect
    5. Paradox Q1 profits up 270% - despite only one new game release
    6. PlayStation Vita game production will continue in Japan
    7. Reassessing the legacy of PlayStation Vita
    8. ESRB dropping short form ratings for digital games in June
    9. Eurogamer scoops multiple awards at first-ever Games Media Brit List
    10. Team17 expects gross proceeds of IPO to hit £107.5 million
    11. PUBG Mobile reaches ten million daily active users
    12. Sega Cricket tournament raises £2,700 for Action for Kids
    13. Netease Q1 financials show hefty expenses, reduced profits
    14. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will have no Steam release or single-player campaign
    15. OrangeGames acquires majority stake in Sulake
    1. Pushing PixelJunk beyond pixel art
    2. Less AAA competition makes delays easier - Ubisoft
    3. Ubisoft posts record sales, delays Skull & Bones
    4. Players make the game (literally) in Worlds Adrift
    5. Casual free-to-play without the competition
    6. Giants Software opens new office in Brno, Czech Republic
    7. Amy Hennig and Shawn Layden headline Gamelab 2018
    8. Investors urge GameStop to overhaul retail strategy amid management upheaval
    9. Google rethinks Chrome update after it breaks countless HTML5 games
    10. Low campaign completion figures bolster rumours of multiplayer-only Black Ops 4
    11. Rovio's Q1 revenues hold steady at €65.7 million, but profitability is rising
    12. Xbox reveals accessible controller for players with disabilities
    13. Quarterback raises $2.5 million fan-based esports league platform
    14. Senate vote to reinstate net neutrality passes 52-47
    15. Overwatch celebrates second anniversary with 40 million player milestone
    16. Esports gambling could be good for game publishers - Zelnick
    1. Record years from Grand Theft Auto Online and NBA 2K18 drive Take-Two
    2. Tencent posts 59% increase in operating profits in Q1
    3. Shenmue III delayed to 2019
    4. THQ Nordic posts 673% revenue increase following acquisition of Koch Media
    5. People Can Fly opens new UK, Poland studios
    6. Villa Gorilla's five-year journey to make a one-year game
    7. Madden NFL could go in "new direction" following departure of creative director
    8. Xbox One may be indies' least popular platform, survey suggests
    9. Is Metro Exodus the latest game to flee from Red Dead Redemption 2?
    10. NCSoft profits up by 585% to $110m in Q1 2018
    11. GameStop boosted by billionaire hedge fund
    12. Teatime Games raises $9 million for mobile gaming communication platform
    13. Sony announces end of Vita GameCard production
    14. German mobile game revenue growth surpasses whole market growth in 2017
    15. Roblox begins international expansion with Spanish language support
    1. Kakao Games prepares IPO
    2. SteamVR Input allows for accessibility, more controller support
    3. Discord triples users to 130 million in one year
    4. Universal "committed to games", addresses free labour concerns over IP contest
    5. Mafia III developer Hangar 13 opens UK studio for AAA console game
    6. Unprecedented move by German prosecutors over Nazi imagery in satirical game
    7. Bethesda calls in Just Cause studio Avalanche to co-develop Rage 2
    8. ModDB parent launches cross-platform API
    9. Supreme Court lifts ban on sports gambling, including esports
    1. Appealing to the West by focusing on the East
    2. Boss Key Productions shuts down
    3. NES Classic Edition returns to stores in June
    4. Bigben acquires Cyanide for €20 million
    5. Gran Turismo franchise tops 80 million sold
    6. Jobs Roundup: Mark Dickenson rejoins Electronic Arts to create new mobile franchise
    7. From zero to 15 million: The story of Outlast
    8. Daybreak insists it has no connection to parent company
    9. Turtle Beach recovery on track following better-than-expected Q1 2018
    10. Republican politician and lobbyist runs for election in EVE Online
    11. Chinese streaming firm Huya raises $180m in IPO
    12. Jagex raises £225,000 for mental health non-profits
    13. Star Stable Entertainment hands over "substantial minority" share to Nordisk Film in €15m deal
    1. God of War scores fourth consecutive No.1 in UK boxed charts
    1. Valve offers bounties for Steam bug hunting
    2. Harmonix denies association with Columbus Nova
    3. Square Enix reports decreased sales, increased profits
    4. Balancing Hearthstone
    5. Sony will show no new hardware at E3 2018
    6. GameStop CEO steps down after three months
    7. Nvidia posts record Q1 revenues as profits soar by 145%
    8. Eidos Montreal: “We have to try new models for single-player games”
    9. "The era of 'break-out indie success' is long dead"
    10. Kingsleys unleash ire of independent author community with Rebellion trademark
    11. Sega's game profits rose 30% last year
    12. Nolan North to receive BAFTA Special Award
    13. Nintendo still won't commit to online services
    14. Hackers find PSP emulator in PS4 remaster of PaRappa the Rapper
    15. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft update warranty policies in response to FTC warning
    16. Microsoft enables digital game and DLC gifting on PC
    17. Twitch counter-sues streamer banned for gambling, inappropriate conduct
    18. Net neutrality officially ends June 11
    1. Mega Cat Studios, Devolver Digital announce charity SNES game
    2. Konami shows record operating profits
    3. Belgian Gaming Commission recommends criminal prosecution over illegal loot boxes
    4. SNK readies NeoGeo mini
    5. Little Orbit acquires GamersFirst, APB Reloaded
    6. Kongregate opens Montreal office
    7. Online retailer Gameseek goes into liquidation
    8. BioShock Remastered studio lays off 10% of workforce after project cancellation
    9. Nexon more than doubled profits in Q1
    10. Niantic to build a 3D augmented reality world map with Pokémon Go data
    11. Campo Santo retains freedom, flexibility under Valve
    12. Steam services expand to mobile with new apps
    13. Acram Digital games removed from Steam after rogue staffer manipulates reviews
    1. Evolving beyond empowerment narratives
    2. US Senate forces vote to restore net neutrality
    3. Top 25 companies made up 77% of global games market in 2017 - Newzoo
    4. Bandai Namco sees game sales up 14%
    5. Oculus: "We don't want exclusivity. We want VR to thrive"
    6. Tequila Works' Raul Rubio on the dangers of building on stereotypes
    7. Jagex shutting down online game portal FunOrb after ten years
    8. Blizzard to donate more than $250,000 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    9. Games to kick off Tencent's cultural collaboration with UK government
    10. Empires and Puzzles wins Best Breakthrough Hit at Google Play Awards
    11. Google Play Instant is now open to all everyone
    12. GDPR spells closure for free-to-play shooter Loadout
    13. DDoS attack against Blizzard lands Romanian man in US federal prison
    14. Starbreeze doubled revenue in Q1 on Dead by Daylight sale
    15. Nintendo partners with Random House on book series
    16. EA adamant loot boxes aren't gambling
    1. EA celebrates a record year, forecasts another
    2. Nintendo drops Virtual Console model in favor of subscriptions
    3. Square Enix holds its own E3 event
    4. Tenchu: No prescription needed
    5. Maltese studio PlayMagic plots flotation on Swedish Stock Exchange
    6. Players less concerned by bugs than bad game design, study finds
    7. Google breaks HTML5 games with latest Chrome update
    8. Conan Exiles reaches one million sales
    9. Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Funomena complete Nordic Game Conference line-up
    10. Monster Hunter: World drives Capcom's most profitable year ever
    11. Chinese games market expected to reach $42bn revenue by 2022
    12. Your fußball table isn't your culture
    13. Nintendo courts families with Switch Online service
    14. Hi-Rez Studios announces new esports production company
    1. Team17 confirms £230 million flotation plans
    2. UK Charts: God of War beats Donkey Kong to No.1
    3. "The reason we're killing ourselves isn't because we love what we're doing"
    1. Digi-Capital: Combined Asian markets could deliver over half of AR/VR revenue by 2022
    2. Supercell: Meet the industry's "least powerful CEO"
    3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds turns off item trading
    4. Activision share price wounded following "extraordinary error" by Dow Jones
    5. Last chance to take part in the Careers Survey
    6. Inside Bandai Namco's Innovation Department
    7. PUBG most downloaded mobile game last quarter, but revenue flags
    8. Why do mobile games get a 'free' pass?
    9. Activision Blizzard jumping on battle royale bandwagon
    1. Activision Blizzard posts record Q1
    2. Oculus Go to ship 1.8 million this year - Superdata
    3. God of War tops 3.1 million sold in three days
    4. "We can't rely on nostalgia to sell"
    5. Xbox One sales up by 15% for 2018
    6. Self-regulating loot boxes is harder than it sounds
    7. Mail.Ru acquires controlling share of mobile developer Bit.Games
    8. Zynga posts $5.6m profit last quarter after predicting $9.5m loss
    9. The Leeroy Jenkins approach to world-building
    10. Swery's The Good Life Kickstarter fully funded at over $660,000
    11. Reboot Develop confirms dates for 2019
    12. Fortnite pulls in fives times more revenue than PUBG on iOS
    13. New Nintendo president targets ¥100bn mobile business
    14. Google confirms new social gaming startup
    15. Helsinki's Games Factory industry hub to open in June
    1. Nintendo shifting away from individual leadership
    2. What separates China and the West in mobile?
    3. Games industry to compete in charity bowling tournament later this month
    4. PS2 classics added to PlayStation Now
    5. Life beyond RuneScape: Jagex's bid to build a games portfolio
    6. Sumo Digital transformed £52.2m debt into £12.4m cash balance in 2017
    7. Glu's fiscal year "off to a great start" with $81.4m revenues
    8. Oculus Go standalone headset launches at $199
    9. Nintendo Switch targeted by Gamevice patent lawsuit (again)
    10. An era of "triple-I" development is almost here
    11. Facebook rolls out in-app purchases to Instant Games platform
    12. Xbox Live Rewards will transition to Microsoft Rewards in June
    1. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft among those warned by FTC - Report
    2. Tencent to publish Freejam's Robocraft in China
    3. Loot boxes expected to drive games market to $160 billion by 2022
    4. Imagine Dragons invest in esports agency RektGlobal and Team Rogue
    5. The ESA hits a low point
    6. UC Berkeley introduces League of Legends scholarships
    7. How to stop big publishers breaking your business
    8. 12 months that transformed UK games retail
    9. Nintendo yet to achieve "satisfactory" profit on mobile says company president