March 2023 Archive

    1. Wings Elevate Game Accelerator returns in 2023
    2. Roblox will hide ads for users 13 and under
    3. The vibes are bad | This Week in Business
    4. Shuhei Yoshida excited to see what indies do with generative AI
    5. is now hiring for a staff writer
    6. In the end, the industry just didn’t want this E3 | Opinion
    7. God of War Ragnarok cleans up at BAFTA Games Awards
    1. E3 2023 is cancelled. ESA tells us why
    2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles ships 3m units | News-in-brief
    3. East Side Games countersues Truly Social Games
    4. Shuhei Yoshida on his BAFTA, breaking the rules, and opening PlayStation to more indies
    5. Keywords snags market firm Digital Media Management
    6. Blizzard, NetEase partnership reportedly broke down over misunderstandings
    7. Xbox’s Chris Charla: Game Pass isn’t disruptive
    1. Resident Evil 4 remake moves 3m copies in two days | News-in-brief
    2. GDC 2023 sees attendance of 28,000
    3. EA restructuring, laying off 6% of workforce
    4. Australia proposes labeling games with loot boxes M for 15 and over
    5. Hardware, Hogwarts push February spending up 6% | US monthly charts
    6. Sony's objection to Activision sale won't hurt relationship, says Kotick
    7. Sarkeesian: "Your DEI initiatives are making your culture worse"
    8. Tips to support your neurodiverse team
    9. Ubisoft's Northern Europe MD Rob Cooper departs after 23 years
    10. GDC exploring development of abuse hotline following recent allegations
    11. Disney to lay off 7,000 staff, shuts down metaverse division
    12. Sega and Tencent bow out of E3
    13. Microsoft's Activision acquisition approved by Japanese regulator
    1. Ubisoft hires Katie Scott as vice president of editorial
    2. French union accuses Ubisoft Paris of crunch, mismanagement
    3. Creating Windies Direct, a beacon for the Caribbean game dev scene
    4. Exploring the complexities of humanity through video games
    5. Games London's Ensemble 2023 cohort unveiled
    6. Take-Two acquires mobile games subscription service GameClub
    7. Abuse allegations emerge in the wake of GDC 2023
    8. US Members of Congress slam Sony's "monopoly" in Japan
    9. Team17 CEO Debbie Bestwick to step down
    1. MultiVersus to go offline as it readies early 2024 launch
    2. Ubisoft to skip in-person E3 show
    3. Resident Evil 4 Remake launch 29% bigger than the GameCube original | UK Boxed Charts
    4. SELL: French games market dips to €5.5bn in 2022
    5. Abuse allegations against Chris Avellone settled
    6. Jobs Roundup: March 2023 | Diablo co-creator Erich Schaefer joins Moon Productions
    7. New AAA studio Lighthouse Games formed by Playground co-founder Gavin Raeburn
    8. Dark and Darker removed from Steam due to ongoing Ironmace/Nexon dispute
    1. GDC 2023's AI buzz has a familiar feel | This Week in Business
    2. CD Projekt Red writes off over $7m costs for Project Sirius as development is reset
    3. Josh Sawyer says that GDC has a "big accessibility problem"
    4. Fortnite's evolution is delivering on metaverse dreams | Opinion
    5. PS5 version of Redfall dropped after Xbox acquisition of ZeniMax
    6. Unity details 2023 roadmap
    7. UK regulator now says Call of Duty exclusivity would be "significantly loss-making" for Microsoft
    8. Xbox: We can't reach the billions of gamers without underrepresented creators
    9. First annual Activision Blizzard DEI report: 26% of workforce are women or non-binary
    1. ZA/UM resolves legal dispute with Disco Elysium producer Kaur Kender
    2. New York Times: "Buying Wordle substantially changed our business"
    3. Fatal Call of Duty swatting incident settles for $5m
    4. Felony charges against Justin Roiland have been dismissed
    5. Playtika's deal to acquire Rovio has come to an end
    6. Merge games as a fulfillment of the American Dream
    7. The building blocks of a AAA partnership: Lego and 2K on their first game together, and beyond
    8. Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök sweep GDC 2023 Awards
    9. Atari to acquire Nightdive Studios for $10m
    10. Tim Sweeney believes the metaverse is "happening for real"
    1. Meta reveals Oculus Publishing as Meta Quest Store revenues pass $1.5bn
    2. Gamestop revenue dips as it pulls nearly $6bn in 2022
    3. Unreal Editor for Fortnite launching in beta today
    4. Nexon's MapleStory Universe to feature NFTs
    5. Microsoft reveals Xbox Developer Sustainability Toolkit
    6. Pokémon Snap, systemic comedy and siding with the player: How Bugsnax came to life
    7. Amazon Luna launches in the UK, Germany and Canada
    8. Resident Evil 4 Remake | Critical Consensus
    9. Player spending on Epic Games Store reached $820m in 2022
    10. ID@Xbox has paid out more than $4bn to developers in ten years
    11. California judge dismisses gamer lawsuit against Microsoft ABK acquisition
    1. EA to sunset Battlefield 1943, Bad Company 1 and 2, and Mirror's Edge
    2. Super Evil Megacorp expands team for upcoming Netflix title
    3. Twitch viewership dips 8% in February as it hit 1.64bn hours
    4. Xbox upgrades its developer program designed to support underrepresented creators
    5. Job cuts hit Team17
    6. CCP raises $40m for AAA blockchain game in EVE Online universe
    7. WWE 2K23 ends Hogwarts Legacy's reign as champion | UK Boxed Charts
    8. The evolution of Sky's seasonal events
    9. Canada Judge rejects unlawful gambling accusation in EA loot box lawsuit
    10. Whynow Media acquires Wireframe Magazine, launches Whynow Gaming
    11. Amazon to cut 9000 roles
    12. Meet CliCli, the next big user-generated games content platform
    1. Room 8 unveils Highlight QA
    2. Big Fish Games to launch New Orleans studio
    3. Subway Surfers surpasses 4bn downloads | News-in-brief
    4. Want a trailer? What you actually need is a dating sim
    5. Arctic7 expands with two new acquisitions
    6. Netflix taking "more strategic" approach as it ramps up dev partnerships
    7. Respawn opens third studio to keep Apex Legends going for '10 to 15 years'
    8. Royal Match developer Dream Games opens new office in London
    9. Facepunch cancels GDC meet-up following threats to developer safety
    1. Nexters continues trading on Nasdaq
    2. Splash Damage collaborates with content creators to develop Project Astrid
    3. The industry's disingenuous defense of loot boxes | This Week in Business
    4. Kepler Interactive hits $50m in 2022 and unveils new partnerships
    5. The future of game consumption | Playable Futures Podcast
    6. As supply chain issues subside, the cold console war heats up | Opinion
    7. Microsoft offers remedies to EU to win approval for ABK acquisition
    8. Atari acquires 1980 shooter Berzerk and sequel Frenzy
    9. Twitch CEO Emmett Shear steps down
    1. Report: PC and console global gaming dipped to $92.3bn in 2022
    2. The full return of GDC
    3. FTC seeks further details Microsoft's Nintendo, Nvidia agreements
    4. UK Government increases tax relief support for video games
    5. 4J Studios and five others argue Microsoft's bid to buy Activision Blizzard should go ahead in the UK
    6. Microsoft's latest ten-year cloud gaming deal is with Ubitus | News-in-Brief
    7. Grammy-winning songwriter BloodPop forms new games studio GenPop
    8. Shuhei Yoshida to receive BAFTA Fellowship
    9. Former Criterion leaders set-up new AAA games studio Fuse Games
    10. Giselle Stewart to lead new Creative Assembly studio in Newcastle
    11. Atari and Fig launch Atari Game Pool to fund future titles
    1. Plug In Digital snags Celsius Online | News-in-brief
    2. Flux Games launches new publishing division Short N Sweet Games
    3. PlayStation 5 tops Japanese monthly charts for the first time
    4. Yellow Brick Games opens Montreal studio
    5. Jen Oneal and J. Allen Brack discuss "incredibly difficult" exit from Activision Blizzard
    6. Former Blizzard leadership form Magic Soup Games
    7. The Wandering Village developer launches publishing label
    8. Google Play Games for PC to launch in Japan and Europe | News-in-brief
    9. China games association publishes draft for industry self-regulation guidelines
    10. Bleak Faith devs rebuff allegations of using animations from Elden Ring
    11. Maximum Entertainment acquires Fun Labs | News-in-brief
    12. IO Interactive opens new studio in Istanbul
    13. Meta to lay off 10,000 staff by end of year
    1. FBI issues warning over fake games stealing cryptocurrency
    2. A survival guide to GDC 2023
    3. Blizzard Entertainment alums form Gas Giant Games
    4. Second Life is heading to mobile devices | News-in-brief
    5. Microsoft will bring Xbox PC games and Call of Duty to cloud gaming provider Boosteroid
    6. How are investors feeling about video games today?
    7. Roblox had $150m in Silicon Valley Bank, says it will be unaffected by collapse
    8. Lightyear Frontier's early access launch delayed | News-in-brief
    9. Hogwarts Legacy scores fifth No.1 as it surpasses Elden Ring's sales | UK Boxed Charts
    10. Microsoft confirms it won't have a physical presence at E3
    1. Restoring a missing piece of history with MLB: The Show's Negro Leagues
    2. A guide to properly crediting game workers and why it matters
    3. GSC Game World suffers Stalker 2 leak after latest cyber attack
    4. Frontier-published Lemnis Gate shutting down in July
    1. Sweeney: Commercial AI models shouldn't use art without artists' consent
    2. How to get away with being an abusive employer | This Week in Business
    3. Microsoft proposes remedies to appease UK regulator's concerns over Activision acquisition
    4. Square Enix has called Forspoken's sales lackluster
    5. Two decades later, the cross-media dream is a reality | Opinion
    6. Dynasty Loop staff reportedly owed $2m in missed payments
    7. Suicide Squad reportedly delayed again
    1. Horizon Forbidden West writing unit gets full accreditation on Nebula Award nomination
    2. Gaud-Hammer Gaming and Sports Illustrated unveil Esports Illustrated
    3. Epic rolls out self-publishing tool for developers on the Epic Games Store
    4. Gameloft shutters Budapest office
    5. Always-online SimCity burns to the ground | 10 Years Ago This Month
    6. The blueprint for building a press kit
    7. Industry registration now open for E3 2023
    8. Dark and Darker developer Ironmace raided by Korean police
    9. Report: Multiple projects cancelled at TT Games, including a Lego Disney title
    10. New indie label Cult Games: "Real breakouts don't come from the boardroom"
    1. Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase will return on June 11 | News-in-brief
    2. NPD and IRI rebrand to Circana | News-in-brief
    3. Starfield to release on September 6
    4. The SFWA announces 2023 game finalists for Nebula Award
    5. StandUp For GamesAid comedy night returns to London
    6. Games tackle the villainy of propaganda
    7. YouTube softens profanity rules
    8. Playdate price rising by $20, on-device store now live
    1. Aragami creator Lince Works announces closure
    2. Take-Two cuts jobs at Private Division
    3. Human: Fall Flat moves 40m units worldwide | News-in-brief
    4. Riot vets aiming to shake up multiplayer with new studio The Believer Company
    5. Hogwarts Legacy is Europe’s fastest-selling game (that isn’t FIFA) for a generation | European Monthly Charts
    6. Rovio says classic Angry Birds was delisted due to impact on search results
    7. Average selling price of games rose nearly 7% in the UK last year
    1. Meta drops Quest Pro and Quest 2 prices
    2. PS5 sales surge over 300% in the UK during February | UK Monthly Charts
    3. Square Enix's main offices in Japan will be relocating to Shibuya
    4. Workers & Resources pulled from Steam after fan claims credit for game mode
    5. Marvel Snap has amassed $50m in global revenue since its launch | News-in-brief
    6. So, you want to establish your own pizza plac... Oh, wait, game dev studio?
    7. Discover the tool that can speed up marketing approvals and help prevent video game leaks
    8. Austrian court rules that FIFA loot boxes violate gambling laws
    9. Ubisoft's publishing arm going through reorganisation of its "European business subsidiaries"
    10. Hogwarts Legacy narrowly denies Metroid Prime Remastered the No.1 spot | UK Boxed Charts
    1. Will we see mid-generation console refreshes again? | This Week in Business
    2. Kai Cenat breaks the record for most Twitch subscriptions within a month
    3. No rest for Call of Duty | Podcast
    4. US Congress "disappointed" with companies' response to extremism concerns
    5. VR isn't ready for a "must-play" experience | Opinion
    6. Square Enix's Yosuke Matsuda stepping down after ten years as president
    7. God of War Ragnarok picks up 14 nominations for BAFTA Games Awards 2023
    1. Report: EU likely to approve Microsoft deal for Activision Blizzard
    2. Where did Knockout City go wrong?
    3. Yuji Naka admits to insider trading
    4. Building a Myst-ery | Why I Love
    5. Microsoft granted access to Sony documents: The FTC's response in detail
    6. The Wolf Among Us 2 delayed to 2024 to avoid crunch
    7. Report: Meta planning three more VR headsets, Quest 3 due this year
    8. Hi-Fi Rush reaches 2m players | News-in-brief
    1. Room 8 unveils new production studio Heroic
    2. Game Devs of Color Expo returns this year | News-in-brief
    3. Marvelous and Arc System Works alum launch Studio Flare
    4. ESL FaceIt acquires esports analytics provider Vindex
    5. Sony's third-party plan to make PlayStation the best place to play
    6. Join the free GI Webinar on code assessment and how it can save developers time and money
    7. CWA presses charges against Activision over the firing of two employees
    8. Playtika no longer launching or developing until market challenges ease
    9. Forspoken studio Luminous Productions merged with Square Enix
    10. FTC warns companies over unsubstantiated AI claims