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May 2017 Archive

    1. Nintendo fighting over Switch components
    2. Ubisoft changes logo
    3. BAFTA Breakthrough Brits: “The initiative that changed my life”
    4. Gamer Network partners with Road to VR
    5. David Ismailer steps in as new 2K president
    6. Take-Two acquires Kerbal Space Program
    7. Gamevice raises $12.5m as ex-Kabam CEO Kevin Chou joins board
    8. More than half of young online gamers are being bullied
    9. Forge of Empires reaches €250m lifetime revenue
    10. Sign-up for the Daily E3 Briefings
    11. What does Red Dead Redemption 2's delay mean for retail?
    12. League of Legends' biggest eSports earner highlights gulf with Dota 2
    13. Player bans in eSports “lack any kind of justice”
    14. Stillfront Group buys eRepublik Labs for €7.5m
    15. Subscription mobile games publisher raises $20m
    16. Staffordshire University launches UK's first esports degree
    17. Uzbekistan bans video games that 'threaten stability'
    18. Star Trek: Bridge Crew bundled for free with HTC Vive
    1. VR startup Playsnak raises $2.5m
    2. Meggan Scavio leaving GDC
    3. The Podcast: Inon Zur on scoring the end of the world
    4. Raspberry Pi merges with CoderDojo
    5. Square Enix looking to move Hitman with IO Interactive
    6. Sega signs publishing deal with former Lionhead leaders
    7. Wired Productions launches online store
    8. Square Enix reclaims control of Final Fantasy VII Remake development
    9. PlayStation's E3 press conference will be screened in US cinema
    10. Almost every new Rift owner has bought Touch controllers
    11. Nier: Automata hits 1.5m in global shipments and downloads
    12. PlayStation 3 production shut down in Japan
    13. Games industry unites for Whale and Dolphin Conservation
    1. Report: Nintendo significantly ramps up Switch production
    2. Overwatch jumps 16 places to No.2 in UK retail charts
    1. Rime: Critical Consensus
    2. Monster Hunter Switch reveal spikes Nintendo shares
    3. Brenda Romero's plea for unity among game developers
    4. Why Minecraft: Education Edition is Microsoft's most important video game
    5. Bandai Namco and Drecom invest $2.1m in new HTML5 games developer
    6. Switch and Pokémon boost GameStop Q1 sales
    7. $275,000 awarded in latest Unreal Dev Grants round
    8. Nintendo Switch helps Best Buy fight off decline
    9. Sony's new discovery idea: Curating the curators
    10. Lusionsoft raises $1.7 million for VR development
    1. Penny Arcade Expo launches global expansion
    2. Namco, Twitch tag team Tekken tournament
    3. Digital game sales rise to $7.7bn in April - SuperData
    4. Vlambeer, Supercell and Raw Fury join Stugan 2017 as mentors
    5. Beam becomes Mixer: Microsoft upgrades its Twitch rival
    6. GAME to rent out Belong arenas for private parties
    7. Wii U was the most profitable for Rain Games' Teslagrad
    8. Oskar Burman: “Free-to-play will grow, but will never dominate VR”
    9. Cookie Jam reaches 100m downloads milestone
    10. Softbank buys Nvidia stake, worth a reported $4 billion
    1. Resident Evil movie franchise to be rebooted for six more films
    2. Microsoft launches Xbox Game Pass
    3. Sega Europe boss Jurgen Post to leave after ten years
    4. Jurgen Post: “The Sega brand will come back and start to flourish again”
    5. Is "creative ADD" the key to avoiding burnout?
    6. Netflix renews Skylanders Academy for third season
    7. Shadow Warrior 2, Bound and Superhot honoured at Digital Dragons
    8. NetEase bringing Peter Molyneux's The Trail to China
    9. PlayStation Store introduces developer-led curation
    10. Bandai Namco delays Get Even after Manchester Arena attack
    11. raises $2.5 million seed funding
    12. Wargaming apologises for World of Tanks YouTuber row
    13. Unity takes $400 million investment from Silver Lake
    14. Xbox Project Scorpio will debut in China this year
    15. Top Gear mobile dev Motorious passes €1.3m in investment
    1. Supercell acquires 62% of Space Ape: “A match made in heaven”
    2. YoYo Games release education edition of GameMaker 2
    3. Jobs lost at IO Interactive as Square Enix searches for buyer
    4. Get your game funded at the Investment Summit 2017
    5. Humble Bundle has raised over $95 million for charity
    6. Red Dead delay does little to temper Take-Two expectations
    7. “This is as important as AI or space travel” - Why Improbable is worth over $1bn
    8. Jury to decide whether Valve owns DOTA
    9. Kerbal Space Program developers hired by Valve
    10. Game companies are agreeing to strike terms, say screen actors guild
    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed
    2. Bioware: Humility and compromise are key to good game design
    3. Atari extends RollerCoaster Tycoon license through 2022
    4. Making a Graceful Explosion Machine
    5. Nintendo Switch dock will cost £80
    6. Zynga and NetEase bringing Dawn of Titans to China
    7. Platinum Games now working on first fully-owned IP
    8. Injustice 2 and Farpoint lead UK weekly boxed charts
    9. Keywords picks up Asia-based games art firm Red Hot
    10. Nintendo trials packaged version of Splatoon 2 featuring no game card
    1. Transformers: Forged to Fight wins best game at Google Play Awards
    2. Will Housemarque's Nex Machina be "the last of its kind"?
    3. UKIE warns UK Conservative Party over immigration policy
    4. “Virtual reality will be our best interface with true AI”
    5. GAME launches £36 'Elite' loyalty scheme
    6. Future delivers improved results following Imagine acquisition
    7. Anita Sarkeesian: “Games need to tell better stories that don't oversimplify oppression”
    8. Life is Strange was bought by 3 million people
    9. Playdead's Inside cleans up at the Nordic Game Awards
    10. Is Switch what the future of consoles looks like?
    1. Nintendo helps push April US game sales up 10% - NPD
    2. Destiny 2 PC exclusive to
    3. Sega Europe names new digital VP
    4. Razer launching Destiny 2 peripheral line
    5. Splatoon 2 gets Switch hardware bundle
    6. Facebook expands eSports coverage with ESL partnership
    7. Curve Digital appoints Alex Moyet as marketing director
    8. Ico, Inside and Ultima creators to speak at Gamelab 2017
    9. Fumito Ueda: “For me, it's not important to tell the details of the story”
    10. The Podcast: VRX 2017 with Brynley Gibson and Julian Mower
    11. VR Diversity Initiative to launch in the UK this summer
    12. Inon Zur: “In video games, you don't need to hear the music - you need to feel it”
    13. Tencent game revenues hit $3.9 billion in Q1
    14. Ukie's Student Game Jam starts today
    1. UKIE lays out new policy manifesto
    2. Google to launch standalone VR headsets with HTC Vive, Lenovo
    3. The Witcher series to be adapted for Netflix
    4. Playground spent 18 months developing the first 10 minutes of Forza Horizon 3
    5. GameStop Expo 2017 set for August 27
    6. Switch best-selling console in US for second month
    7. Devolver Digital planning an E3 press conference
    8. Is Bethesda's reviews policy really harming game sales?
    9. One month remaining for Esports Industry Awards nominations
    10. VR motion tracking firm OptiTrack opens European office
    11. Keywords moves into software engineering with GameSim acquisition
    12. Paradox opens mobile studio in Sweden
    13. MotoGP owner aims to create "the most important racing esport championship"
    14. Jagex signs Improbable's SpatialOS technology for future projects
    15. PS4 free-to-play game Let It Die secures 3m downloads
    16. Steam cracks down on Trading Card abuse to combat "fake games"
    1. Oculus promises developers better communication
    2. Resident Evil 7 gets 10 million sales target
    3. "There's a change in the way games are exploited in the market"
    4. Ubisoft's operating income grows 40% as digital takes 50% of sales
    5. "Open marketplaces can work"
    6. HTC turns to financing to boost VR uptake in Europe
    7. Capcom signs creative agency Bits + Pixels for major brands
    8. Razer takes up to $100 million in new investment - report
    9. “No region or city is free of the games industry's gender disparity”
    10. Audiomotion founder Mick Morris joins Kuju
    11. UploadVR sued over sexual harassment allegations
    12. Strange New Things and the quest for 'meaningful gaming'
    13. Crossfire owner Smilegate on the hunt for global game developers
    14. ZeniMax extends legal pursuit to Samsung Gear VR
    1. NBCUniversal spinning up mobile games division
    2. E3 public tickets sell out
    3. Sega strategy calls for revival of dormant franchises
    4. Former MCV sales boss joins Green Man Gaming
    5. Chris Lee replaces Dan Ayoub at 343 Industries
    6. Oliver twins: “Failure to change results in complete collapse”
    7. A Limited History of Castle Infinity
    8. Twitch Unity day aims to promote diversity, inclusivity
    9. Glu's losses widen in Q1 despite revenue gains
    10. Prey bounces back to claim UK No.1 in second week
    11. Nintendo is making a Zelda mobile game - report
    12. Alan Wake to be removed from sale over music licenses
    13. Gearbox hires 16 students to make "avant-garde" VR game
    1. GamesIndustry.Biz at Nordic Game Conference
    2. “VR shooters are the lowest common denominator - we need to move on”
    3. Magic Leap settles sexual discrimination case
    4. Reported $20m franchise fee is putting esports teams off Overwatch
    5. Civilization V designer Jon Shafer joins Paradox - under a cloud
    6. Derivière: “Games music needs to emancipate itself from Hollywood”
    7. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds raises $223k for charity
    8. Total War and Persona 5 lift Sega's games revenue
    9. 212 games approved for UK tax relief in 12 months
    10. PSVR: Losing Steam, or Gaining Traction?
    11. Dungeon Fighter boosts Nexon to record Q1 revenue
    1. Improbable raises $502 million to further develop its tech
    2. Microsoft intros AR/VR motion controllers
    3. Tencent invests $90 million in Pocket Gems
    4. Nintendo lays out E3 plans
    5. Remote Control seeks to galvanise "overlooked" Romanian industry
    6. Starbreeze losses widen in Q1 despite increased revenue
    7. Report: Andromeda's poor reception sees Mass Effect put on hold
    8. Square Enix posts "record-high" revenue and profits
    9. Press Replay: Rune Dittmer of Flashbulb Games
    10. NetEase Q1 game revenues up 78% to $1.6 billion
    11. Square Enix drops IO Interactive
    1. Google acquires Job Simulator studio Owlchemy Labs
    2. Rime's digital version now priced the same on Switch as other platforms
    3. Critical Consensus: Prey
    4. Nielsen: VR/AR awareness has nearly doubled among US population
    5. Re-Logic: 'We're leaving money on the table with Terraria'
    6. Former Lionhead boss joins PlayStation
    7. GamesAid launches 'Digital for Good' fundraising initiative
    8. Nitro Games sets sights on €3.2m IPO
    9. Roblox appoints VP of developer relations
    10. Mobile devs should target 39-year-old women that play Pokémon Go and Candy Crush - report
    11. EA expects console game sales to be 40% digital this year
    12. Zynga funds 3 year social game design course at USC
    13. Nintendo Switch boosts Nvidia revenues by up to $192m
    14. Smilegate makes strategic investment in Phaser Lock
    15. Blizzard's new MLG eSports division to focus on Overwatch
    16. Live streaming platforms Hitbox and Azubu relaunch as Smashcast
    17. Keywords Studios buys XLOC Inc.
    1. EA enjoys record net sales in "milestone" Fiscal 2017
    2. Gear VR far and away the leader with almost 7m expected to be sold in 2017
    3. Steam aims to be more transparent about discovery
    4. Execution Labs wraps up with fund "fully deployed"
    5. Tequila Works: "It's not about doing what you want, it's about loving what you do"
    6. It's time to talk about mental health in the games industry
    7. Why the games industry holds the key to War Child's future
    8. Bossa Studios hires new CMO
    9. Diego Maradona settles with Konami over likeness dispute
    10. War Child launches GameOn fundraising hub
    11. "There's a lot of money in VR, but you need to look at different avenues"
    1. Flights of Fancy
    2. “VR doesn't have to be an immersive first-person thing to add something special”
    3. Nintendo and Mario Kart 8 top UK boxed charts in quiet April
    4. Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish concluding MBO of Imaginarium
    5. UK charts: Prey debuts at No.2
    6. Disney rebrands all Youtube content under Disney Digital Network
    1. Avatar writer tapped for Gears of War screenplay
    2. Amazon Lumberyard: One Year On
    3. 'Antisocial VR' and the power of isolation
    4. Former 2K Games exec Neil Ralley joins 505 Games as president
    5. Steam Gifting changes hit code resellers
    6. “Call of Duty's negative social media sentiment has virtually evaporated” - Activision
    7. Can big companies produce real innovation?
    8. NaturalMotion founder Torsten Reil leaves Zynga
    9. Oculus to close in-house Story Studio
    1. Overwatch drives Activision Blizzard to record Q1 2017
    2. Zynga CEO: "We'll be profitable in the very near future"
    3. Remedy prepares for a future with more games and more control
    4. 2017 World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees include Donkey Kong, Halo
    5. 2K president Christoph Hartmann departs
    6. E3 introduces new series of panels called E3 Coliseum
    7. Nordisk Film and gumi Inc. open Nordic VR fund
    8. Gang Beasts dev: Parity clause means we can't commit to Xbox One release
    9. TIGA: UK games industry employment could be improved by 40% by 2022
    10. Steam currently handling 50,000 refund requests per day
    11. YouTubers struggling to make money from Call of Duty: WWII
    12. ZeniMax trademark forces indie to rename Prey for the Gods
    13. Chinese games market to hit $35bn by 2021 - Niko Partners
    1. Skydance hires ex Survios head of studio to lead interactive
    2. eSports investments need a 10-year view - Hi-Rez
    3. Need For Speed creative director joins Amazon Game Studios
    4. Xsolla Capital to fund Unreal Engine 4 projects
    5. “2022 Asian Games is another step towards mainstream acceptance of esports”
    6. Gamer Network acquires Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    7. Guerrilla Cambridge art directors form Polygon Treehouse
    8. HTC Vive appoints Spotify and Disney exec as European GM
    9. Wavedash Games secures $6m in Series A funding
    10. 3DS - Nintendo's new template for success
    11. 505 Games will publish Remedy Entertainment's new game
    12. Minecraft Education Edition now teaches kids to code
    1. PopCap Seattle getting downsized
    2. Rovio's Q1 2017 sees 94% revenue growth
    3. Nintendo now believes Switch can reach Wii sales levels
    4. What's wrong with the PS3?
    5. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits 2 million on Steam
    6. Julian Gollop's Phoenix Point funded within a week
    7. PlayStation UK appoints The Romans as communications agency
    8. Hearthstone passes 70 million players
    9. Nexon acquires publishing rights to First Strike Games' debut title
    10. Amazon discontinuing Underground Actually Free initiative
    11. ESL founder forms $19.6m Esports VC fund
    12. Nintendo issues unsurprising take down notice for fan-made Zelda
    13. Nintendo Mii patent infringement case ends after 6 years
    14. MTG ups InnoGames stake to 51%
    15. Chet Faliszek leaves Valve
    1. Oculus won't have a booth at E3 this year
    2. VR/AR to "rival the internet" - Riccitiello
    3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sets franchise record in US
    4. Watch the 2017 Vision VR/AR Summit here
    5. Unity forums hacked
    6. VR exclusivity should be a last resort - Owlchemy
    7. Switch shipments selling out same day - GameStop