August 2011 Archive

    1. 3DS tops Japan charts again, but sales declining rapidly
    2. Indie Games Arcade chooses 12 titles for Eurogamer Expo
    3. Activision buoys Vivendi second quarter profits
    4. Future and Gawker partner on Gizmodo UK
    5. Gameloft introduces Android subs model
    6. Playdead buys independence from investors
    7. Livingstone hails Google chairman's "ringing endorsement" of skills review
    8. Unity unveils Unite Awards 2011 finalists
    9. Sony continues 3D push with HD headset
    10. Yakuza creator forms new studio
    11. Woozworld raises $6 million in new funding
    12. GameSpot to host OnLive game demos
    13. Tech Focus: Optimising for the Cloud
    1. THQ Warrington vets form new studio
    2. Zeebo Inc. raises $17m in equity funding
    3. Minecraft "incompatible" with Steam terms of service
    4. Blue Byte to control F2P for Ubisoft in Europe
    5. GameStop offers compensation over Deus Ex vouchers
    6. Deus Ex storms UK chart to dislodge Zumba Fitness
    7. Google closes social dev Slide
    8. Gears of War 'Season Pass' bundles future DLC at discount
    9. Activision: Gamers, not the economy, have shaped IP
    10. Shooting From the Lip
    1. AppyNation collective studios revealed
    2. Fukushima Game Jam to stimulate development following disaster
    3. Medal winners named at Serious Play Conference
    4. EA refuses Forza 4 use of Porsche license
    5. Tapjoy appoints new vice president of Asia-Pacific
    6. Zynga proposes "unprecedented" stock structure for IPO
    7. Steve Jobs' Retirement
    8. Trion and Gazillion vets launch new mobile studio
    9. OpenFeint introduces single sign-on for iOS
    1. NPD Group releases taxonomy of digital games market
    2. EA's Rich Hilleman headlines New Game 2011
    3. CocoaChina raises $14m in funding
    4. Japanese 3DS sales halve following price cut
    5. Saffron Digital appoints new COO
    6. Valve wants Counter Strike Steamworks integration on XBL
    7. Home will trigger free-to-play on consoles
    8. Wolfenstein 3D disappears from Swiss and Austrian App Stores
    9. New and improved Epic UDK released
    10. GameStop reportedly pulls PC Deus Ex in OnLive row
    11. Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple
    12. Wooga CEO defends Facebook
    13. Wooga's Games For Everyone
    1. Telltale Games signs Wii publishing deal
    2. Babel staff face redundancy as operations move to Montreal
    3. PapayaMobile users up 940 per cent since Jan 2010
    4. Sony DADC opens two interim locations in aftermath of London riots
    5. GDC Online awards finalists announced
    6. CVG editor leaves for Music Week
    7. Claritics expands analytics service to Android
    8. John Carmack's console wish-list
    9. TIGA gets new member in Creative Scotland
    10. Traditional publishers need new consoles to grow
    11. You Web tech incubator wins $2 million in funding
    12. Toy manufacturer acquires 50 per cent of PC developer
    13. ngmoco appoints TV exec as COO
    14. Tech Focus: Stereo 3D - Year One
    1. Critical Consensus: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    2. iSwifter claims to be on course for $10 million 1st year revenue
    3. Zoo Entertainment sees 63 per cent decrease in Q2 revenue
    4. Perfect World Q2 results show revenue and profit growth
    5. Nintendo shares spike amid speculation
    6. Diablo creator Brevik to keynote Unite 11
    7. Serious Play Awards finalist announced
    8. GameStop: Used sales benefit the whole industry
    9. JavaScript tutorial site attracts 20,000 users
    10. Sony to reposition Home as social game hub
    11. 105,000 downloads for Crytek SDK
    12. Android increases US market share to 52 per cent
    13. Sony Ericsson's Tim Harrison
    1. Rovio appoints Fox Digital exec as GM of North America
    2. Blizzard will rename DOTA mod to avoid legal issues
    3. Virgin Gaming increases prize fund to £2.6m
    4. EA will limit launch sales of Star Wars: The Old Republic
    5. Freeplay Independent Games Festival winners announced
    6. Silicon Sisters: Industry is failing female gamers
    7. Codemasters VP launches new consultancy
    8. 275,000 members of public attend Gamescom 2011
    9. Namco Bandai and DeNA launch new mobile venture
    10. Zumba still holding on to UK number one
    11. German industry shows slow growth
    12. The Great Divide
    1. DeNA opens new Singapore subsidiary DeNA Asia
    2. 5 million sign up for new Facebook spin off The Sims Social
    3. Ubisoft EU reports "eight-fold" increase in 3DS software sales
    4. GameStop's console game streaming in early beta
    5. MocoSpace doubles HTML5 dev fund
    6. Digital content leads revenue on Xbox Live
    7. GameStop: PlayStation 3, 3DS sales up on price cuts
    8. Microsoft building App Store for Windows 8
    9. Mojang commits to co-publishing with Oxeye collaboration
    10. Rearguard Action
    1. Frima Studio acquires art specialists Volta
    2. Moshi Monsters magazine passes 113,000 circulation
    3. Sony and the next 10 years of gaming
    4. Activision: EA "mud-slinging" bad for industry
    5. GameStop profits down but digital sales surge 69%
    6. Mojang partners with Skrill for online payments
    7. Euro virtual goods market to triple to £1.9bn by 2014
    8. Zynga sued for patent infringement
    9. Kunlun offers $46m fund to Korean developers
    10. CryEngine 3 free for non-commercial use
    11. Ex-Frogster CEO launches new free-to-play company
    12. Atari strengthens management team
    13. Nexon US sales up 38 per cent
    1. EA, Sony win official Gamescom awards
    2. Samsung Galaxy injunction restricted to Germany
    3. Mobile dev reaps rewards with Freemium
    4. Zynga acquires Astro Ape Studios
    5. Virtuos secures Tencent development deal
    6. Streamlined Wii to get Christmas release
    7. Ubisoft bringing Ass Creed, Lumines to Vita
    8. Vita dev kit to cost €1,900 plus VAT
    9. Vita RAM confirmed as 512MB
    10. Tech Focus: Stranger's Wrath and the Rise of the HD Remaster
    11. Robbie Bach joins Sonos board
    1. Price cuts and entry points: Sony press briefing, Gamescom 2011
    2. EA's Gamescom press conference: The highlights
    3. Sony confirms global PlayStation 3 price cut
    4. Digital Choclate acquires Sandlot Games
    5. Why Epic wants all consoles created equal
    6. Epic: We're working on five new games
    7. Nordic Games acquires JoWood and The Adventure Company
    8. Crytek: Dedicated handheld consoles "losing ground" to tablets
    9. Nintendo adds big names to Eurogamer Expo
    10. We R Interactive finds new investor
    11. 3DS sells 215,000 in Japan following price cut
    12. Hasbro wrestles D&D license from Atari
    13. Broken Thumbs pays $50,000 for violating child privacy laws
    14. Stainless: IP control is the holy grail of indie development
    15. Stainless Steel
    16. EA buys iOS studio Bight Games
    1. Start-up building user-generated social platform
    2. Gameforge passes 300 million users
    3. German angst in the run up to Gamescom
    4. Google acquires Motorola for $12.5 billion
    5. Dare to be Digital winners crowned
    6. Used game start-up offers publisher revenue share
    7. Wooga: Social gamers spend on shortcuts, not decoration
    8. New generation of talent steps up through Search for a Star
    9. i-Jet Media launches social dev platform
    10. Only one 3DS exclusive in top 40 despite price drop
    11. PlayStation Vita launch will be "a car wreck"
    12. Facebook introduces features to "re-open virality"
    13. Gameloft creates 150 jobs with New Orleans studio
    14. GAME to sell digital PlayStation 3 titles
    15. What Developers Want
    16. Unity: Our AAA push is motivated by users
    1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive playable at Eurogamer Expo
    2. Trion Worlds makes End Of Nations free to play
    3. Zynga amends IPO filing
    4. Games Invest 2011 speakers and sponsors detailed
    5. MMO publisher Outspark hires new CTO
    6. Japanese 3DS sales plummet before price cut
    7. Microsoft sued over Xbox Live billing
    8. Rovio investment deal to value company at $1.2 billion
    9. Vatra boss leaves Silent Hill to join Heavy Iron
    10. Gaming Unboxed
    1. US retail sales lowest since October 2006
    2. Games go live on Google+
    3. World Of Tanks: 5 million users after one year
    4. Analysts predict 3 million sales for Star Wars MMO
    5. GAME secures Modern Warfare 3 for consumer show
    6. Jeremy Verba swaps Zynga for dating site
    7. UKIE doubles membership in less than a year
    8. Texas Film Commission increases developer incentives
    9. Age Of Conan doubles revenue with f2p version
    10. Rovio: We're not a games company
    11. Sifteo announces price, date for Sifteo Cubes in US
    12. EA and Rovio call for Apple aid in Lodsys suit
    13. Gamevil scores 50 million downloads
    14. Sony and LG bring patent dispute to a close
    15. UK retailers announce 3DS price cuts
    16. ZeptoLab opens new London office
    17. Disney Interactive suffers increasing losses
    18. Mad Catz to re-release Rock Band 3 this winter
    19. Publisher Mindscape exits industry, 40 jobs lost
    20. Rebel Without A Pause
    21. Indies need to give up IP to get funding - RebelPlay
    1. OnLive to launch in UK on Sept 22
    2. Sega adds 5 playable titles to Eurogamer Expo
    3. Tencent posts quarterly profits of $362m
    4. NPD to track digital spend in Europe
    5. EA Play VP to join Zynga - report
    6. OpenFeint network takes 60 mobile games to China
    7. Packaged game sales expected to crash in August
    8. Apple wins preliminary judgement against Samsung in tablet case
    9. Valve launches Steam Trading beta
    10. Australian PSN users offered identity protection
    11. NSW Attorney General supports Australian adult rating
    12. Hirshberg says Activision has nothing to fear from Facebook
    13. Humble Indie Bundle 3 earns $2.1 million
    14. Gamefly announces new digital distribution service
    15. Perfect World completes acquisition of Cryptic Studios
    16. THQ lays off 200, shuts down 3 development teams
    1. Team Bondi sells IP, staff offered new roles at KMM - report
    2. Ubisoft and Naughty Dog to headline MIGS
    3. Razer opens new office in Taiwan
    4. Nintendo UK signs Wi-Fi deal with The Cloud
    5. Take-Two braced for new economic storm
    6. Sony hit by London riots
    7. Gamevil: Smartphones account for 62% of revenue
    8. Outspark appoints new CEO
    9. Take-Two posts loss despite L.A. Noire success
    10. NPD and EEDAR to collaborate on new sales figures
    11. Havok acquires 3D engine creator Trinigy
    12. Head in the Cloud
    13. Gaikai: Almost all major publishers on board
    1. Gree and Tencent sign mobile compatibility deal
    2. Zipline Games adds Shane Kim to board of directors
    3. Blitz Games closes 1UP initiative
    4. Kim Jong-il training hacker army
    5. No London Games Festival this year
    6. CrowdStar launches It Girl in Russia
    7. EA2D renamed BioWare San Francisco
    8. PS3 jailbreak raid in South Africa
    9. Blitz's Blake now deputy chair of Computer Games Skills Council
    10. Icon Games: Vita a better platform for indies
    11. Zumba Fitness makes it 11 weeks as UK number one
    12. Used 3DS sales rocket in Japan
    13. 3DS price cut puts pressure on Sony
    14. Southpeak's 7Sixty
    1. Bethesda lawyers threaten Minecraft creator
    2. Minecraft passes 3 million units
    3. Zynga triumphs in Vostu lawsuit
    4. Popcap headlines GDC Online
    5. Blizzard raises $2m for tsunami appeal with virtual pet
    6. Maroon 5 singer sues Activision
    7. Square Enix suffers declining revenue and profits
    8. Kixeye gets $18 million in funding and Zynga co-founder
    9. ngmoco brings Mobage network to AT&T
    10. From Dust breaks Ubisoft sales records
    11. Tech Focus: Euclideon's Unlimited Detail
    12. Bethesda: November schedule "healthy" for the industry
    13. id Software to release Doom 3 source code
    14. Turning the Tanker
    15. EA promotes Moore, Gibeau, Cottle
    1. Trion Worlds hires Microsoft Game Studios veteran
    2. Do pirates check Metacritic?
    3. Valve to headline London Games Conference
    4. Airy Labs secures $1.5 million in funding
    5. Japanese 3DS sales drop 50 per cent
    6. opens San Francisco office
    7. No Vita launch in US or Europe this year
    8. Steve Jarratt leaving Future Publishing
    9. DotA pro-team acquired for $6 million
    10. Social growth bumps up Konami sales in Q1
    11. Ex Gameforge CEO opens new mobile studio
    12. HBO streaming service coming to consoles
    13. Warcraft subs drop, but sales up for Blizzard
    14. Glu Mobile sells $500 virtual gun
    15. Game sales drive revenue growth at Time Warner
    16. 3D: Failure to launch
    17. Team Bondi to join Happy Feet 2 studio - rumour
    18. Sony's 3D Dream: One Year On
    19. Sony: 3D costs as low as "half a per cent of overheads"
    1. Digital drives $1.1bn sales for Activision Blizzard
    2. OnLive, NCsoft to sponsor Eurogamer Expo party
    3. Iwata issues apology letter over 3DS price drop
    4. Ex-Havoc exec appointed as Xaitment CEO
    5. 800 indie devs using GameSpy online services
    6. Braben to open Dare ProtoPlay festival
    7. Unity hires 3D Flash veteran Hauwert
    8. Stockholders file lawsuit against Zoo Entertainment
    9. Adobe embraces HTML5 with free preview of Edge
    10. Glu doubles internal development with two studio acquisitions
    1. Namco Bandai sees 8.1% rise in games division
    2. GamesAnalytics teams up with Edinburgh Napier University
    3. THQ adds four titles to Eurogamer Expo line up
    4. Humble Bundle 3 scores $1 million in sales
    5. EA Sports launches Season Ticket subscription service
    6. EA Sports' Peter Moore
    7. Sony and Square Enix headline TGS
    8. 6waves Lolapps secures $35 million in funding
    9. ChangYou profits up 29% year on year to $54.2m
    10. Amazon Appstore director defends pricing model
    11. Gameloft sales up 15% year-on-year for first half 2011
    12. Square Enix rescues cancelled True Crime
    13. DeNA reports $444 million in quarterly sales
    14. Sony acquires Sucker Punch
    15. New indie studio launches in Florida
    16. Blue Sky Thinking
    17. Autodesk: Standardised technology "a matter of time"
    1. Paypal: 12 million per month pay for Facebook games
    2. The End of Handheld?
    3. G-Mode CEO and founder dies
    4. South Korean hacks compromise 35 million accounts
    5. 10th week at UK number one for Zumba Fitness
    6. Vita dev kits freely available to indies
    7. Carmack: violent games "potentially positive"
    8. 3DS and Wii U to support paid DLC
    9. COD, WoW removed from sale in Norway after killings
    10. Blizzard introduces real currency to Diablo III
    11. Epic's Gamble warns against TV, film distractions
    12. Epic Responsibility