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December 2012 Archive

    1. Edwards lays out IGDA agenda
    2. EA Sports shuts down online for Madden NFL 11, FIFA 11, and more
    3. Zynga kills PetVille and more to cut costs
    1. IGDA names Kate Edwards as Executive Director
    2. Temple Run and Minecraft rack up the Christmas downloads
    1. Sony shuts down the PlayStation 2 in Japan
    2. Epic Fail: The Losers of 2012
    3. Crystal Gazing: What to Expect in 2013
    1. Blizzard cancels Diablo III Team Deathmatch mode
    2. War Z exec producer apologizes for “arrogant” response to issues
    3. TERA goes free-to-play in Japan and Korea
    4. World of Tanks launches in Korea
    5. Crowning The Winners of 2012
    6. Word of Mouth: The Top Quotes of 2012
    1. The War Z trademark suspended
    1. Capcom Europe COO steps down
    2. Zynga Japan shuts its doors
    1. NRA blames games in wake of shooting
    2. Seasons Greetings from GamesIndustry International
    3. Working With Borrowed Brands
    4. Games That Captivated Us In 2012
    5. World of Tanks ends year with 45 million players
    6. Mobile won't kill console. F2P won't kill full priced
    1. Angry Birds maker to talk about building brands at [a]list summit
    2. Black Isle crowdfunding new game
    3. Hunger Games dev: "We are changing the way Hollywood does business"
    4. Valve: Biggest threat to the next generation?
    5. Rubin: THQ sale "a new start for our company"
    1. EFF receives $250K donations from Notch and Mark Cuban
    2. Assassin's Creed III: Ubi wanted to avoid the “glorified add-on pack”
    3. The War Z pulled from Steam
    4. Project Godus Kickstarter reaches funding goal
    5. Bill would study effect of violent games on kids
    6. THQ files for bankruptcy protection, arranges sale
    7. NY attorney general purges another 2,100 sex offenders from online gaming
    8. Kickstarter made Double Fine "unafraid of being open"
    9. Newtown shooting reignites violent games debate
    10. Zork creators to receive Pioneer Award at DICE
    11. Nintendo TVii tunes in December 20
    12. PlayStation 3 hits 30m sales in Europe
    13. News of the Year - Part Two
    14. Infernum: investors in free-to-play have unrealistic expectations
    15. Capcom slashes profit estimates on weak Resident Evil 6 sales
    16. From PlayStation to Playrise
    1. Microsoft testing Kinect therapy system for soldiers
    2. SOE's Smedley: Free-to-play “an art, not a science”
    3. Epic opens merch store
    4. Zynga's Pincus makes Worst CEOs list
    5. Happy Wars tops 1.2 million players
    6. Persons of the Year 2012 - Part Two
    7. News of the Year - Part One
    8. InnoGames names new CEO
    9. Packaged games expected to further harm EA's bottom line
    10. Koch Media invests in F2P dev Infernum Productions
    11. Apple denied Samsung injunction
    12. Oculus Rift and the Virtual Reality Revolution
    13. Gamevil breaks past 200 million mobile downloads
    1. THQ evaluating Linux
    2. EA dropped from NASDAQ 100
    3. Persons of the Year 2012 - Part One
    4. Aeria Games and Gamepot merging to create global company
    5. Ex-Codemasters, FreeStyle Games talent form new indie studio
    6. Raspberry Pi store goes live
    7. Frontier becomes latest UK studio to axe staff
    8. 6,600 jobs gone as Comet closes its doors
    9. iPhone 5 sells 2 million units on China debut
    10. Redundancies hit Portalarium - report
    11. Fifth week at number one for Black Ops 2
    12. 12 Games That Defined 2012
    13. Square Enix makes cuts at LA office
    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review
    1. Machinima cuts 23 employees in editorial
    2. Beenox head moves on from studio
    3. Minecraft sells 5 million on mobile
    4. GamesAid Christmas Concert next week
    5. Valve acquires Star Filled Studios
    6. Games dominate App Store revenue in 2012
    7. Dizzy Returns won't meet funding target
    8. Schafer questions Double Fine's place on next-gen consoles
    9. Retail limps to the finish line after a tough 2012
    10. NCsoft Corp to sell NC Interactive
    11. Capcom improving localizing efforts for 2013
    1. EA folding Play4Free into Origin
    2. David Cage, Frank O'Connor, Phil Larsen join DICE Summit speakers
    3. Ubisoft: Just Dance won't go the route of Guitar Hero
    4. HMV records £37m loss for first half
    5. DeNA to turn first foreign profit this quarter
    6. THQ Humble Bundle raises $5 million
    7. War in Syria: Using Games to Understand Conflict
    8. BAFTA Games Question Time: Games as Big as Film?
    9. Star Citizen: "We'll compete with any AAA game out there"
    1. Level-5 steps up to fight Sega patent lawsuit
    2. EVE Online reaches 450,000 subscribers
    3. Steam sets up Community Market
    4. OpenFeint co-founder Peter Relan unveils OpenKit
    5. Tetris exec launches startup accelerator
    6. Assassin's Creed III sells 7 million in first month
    7. John Smedley on PlanetSide 2 success, Facebook failure
    8. Gamers rule: Only 10% of the industry's $50 billion comes from casuals
    9. GamesAid launches littleBIGbunch2
    10. Naughty Dog: We've been asked to push Ellie to the back of the box art
    11. Suppliers pledge £40m to support HMV
    12. Funcom drops subscriptions for The Secret World
    13. BAFTA Games Question Time: Art Versus Entertainment
    14. Minecraft Halloween skin pack raises $770k for charities
    15. Google: Android is clear winner in the war with iOS
    16. Crytek CEO: THQ trouble "unsettling"
    17. Fat Pebble: Zynga, creative control and claymation
    18. Trion Worlds confirms layoffs
    1. Angry Birds movie coming in 2016
    2. Hotline Miami "torrented to extraordinary levels"
    3. WB, MGM invest in Kabam
    4. Tax relief will have no minimum budget
    5. Industrial Toys aims to "reimagine the shooter for touch"
    6. Sony to fund FuturLab PlayStation Vita projects
    7. US still the gaming super power
    8. BAFTA Games Question Time: Women in Games
    9. Wealth of new content coming to Xbox LIVE
    10. Wii U sells 308,570 units over Japanese launch weekend
    11. Rebellion: Windows 8 suffered tall poppy syndrome
    12. GameStop offering Kindle Fire HD
    13. Hawken's virtual payments coming from Live Gamer
    14. Disney Interactive acquires South Korea's Studio Ex
    1. FTC: Kids' apps need better disclosure
    2. Seahorn Capital and DDM to finance gaming startups
    3. Wii U blitzes PS3 and 360 as the "greenest" console
    4. Black Ops 2 stays top of UK charts
    5. Glu shuts Sniper Elite servers, without Rebellion's consent
    6. German law restricts 18+ content on Wii U eShop
    7. BAFTA Games Question Time: Free Versus Paid
    8. Bingo Bash on course to hit $55m annual revenue
    9. $6 million for MoMinis mobile business
    10. Levine: Bioshock box art isn't for fans
    11. PopCap recruiting for AAA console title
    12. Infinite Loop: IP, innovation and the console cycle
    1. NBCUniversal may rebrand G4 as Esquire Channel
    2. Newell expects living-room PCs to compete with next-gen consoles
    1. Wii U sells 1.2 games per console
    2. BioShock Infinite delayed to March 26
    3. Wii U second only to iPhone 5 as Time's gadget of the year
    4. Eurocom ceases trading, all jobs lost
    5. 25 jobs go at GREE US following OpenFeint closure
    6. Halo 4 sold 3.2m in US during November
    7. Rubicon: Porting to Windows RT only made us £52
    8. Experimental, accessible, creative; for games, the best is yet to come
    9. Nintendo of America sells over 1.75 million systems in November
    10. DeNA's Swedish studio developing mobile FPS
    1. US game sales down 11% in November despite Call of Duty
    2. Xbox 360 sells 1.26 million in US during November
    3. Naughty Dog veteran launches new mobile studio
    4. Pachter: Activision to buy Take-Two, Nintendo becoming "completely irrelevant"
    5. IGF finalists guaranteed Steam deals
    6. Minecraft XBLA sales near 4.5 million
    7. Kixeye expands to Canada
    8. Bigpoint staff vote for employee organisation
    9. Sega wields Warhammer
    10. TIGA: Tax relief will combat brain drain
    11. Guitar Hero 7 development "a disaster"
    12. 2nd Super Robot Wars takes top spot in Japan
    13. Def Jam's Simmons launches game developer
    14. Roundtable: Has The Industry Grown Up?
    15. Zynga applies for gambling license in Nevada
    16. Splinter Cell film coming from New Regency
    17. Capcom's Beeline bringing Ghostbusters to mobile
    18. Top 25 US mobile devs take in half of app revenue
    19. IPKeys licenses Unreal Engine 3 for military simulations
    1. GameFly: Online Passes having "negligible" impact
    2. Pikmin 3 delayed
    3. GameHorizon 2013 set for May 8-9
    4. Intent Media acquired by NewBay Media
    5. Call of Duty: Black Ops II tops $1 billion in 15 days
    6. Osborne promises "most generous" tax relief for games
    7. Strategy specialists Slitherine and Ageod merge
    8. Report: Lay-offs at End Of Nations studio Petroglyph
    9. Two more execs jump ship at Zynga
    10. Bigpoint hits 300m user milestone
    11. NCsoft Seattle cuts employees in “realignment”
    12. Motorola denied Xbox ban in US and Germany
    13. Electrified Games names Jonathan Epstein as CEO
    1. Mike Capps retires from Epic Games
    2. Hitman Marketing Botches the Job, Sells Us Short
    3. Cut the Rope studio: We're not a one-trick pony
    4. Guitar Hero co-creator raises $6 million for Android controller
    5. PS3 becomes top Netflix device in the world
    6. Cut the Rope developer unveils new IP
    7. Replay Games appoints Josh Mandel as CCO
    8. Square-Enix pulls controversial Hitman ad campaign
    9. Stream BAFTA Games Question Time live tonight
    10. War of words over Star Wars: Battlefront 3
    11. Adobe launches Game Development Tools as part of Creative Cloud
    12. New board chairman for Gamigo
    13. Zynga signs cloud TV deal with Synacor
    14. Growth of Asian app sales a "major tectonic shift"
    15. No Platinum sellers at Japan's PlayStation awards
    16. Wooga: We have more staff developing for mobile than Facebook
    17. Kabam acquires Chinese social dev Balanced Worlds
    18. The Walking Dead retail release coming December 11
    19. Kickstarter UK sees £2 million pledged in first month
    20. Windows 8 passes Mac OS X on Steam survey
    1. Steam's Big Picture mode hits public release
    2. Ouya shipping dev consoles this December
    3. Game start-ups drawing lower acquisition prices
    4. Analysts expect November sales decline
    5. Molyneux: Retirement is "abhorrent"
    6. Butterfield on the death of Glitch
    7. Avellone: It doesn't matter if Project Eternity is a flop
    8. Wii U titles miss out on UK top ten in launch week
    9. THQ bosses spend big on their own Humble Bundle
    10. Console to Mobile: A Return to the Frontline