April 2011 Archive

    1. Microsoft games business sees sales up 60% on Kinect success
    1. Volition founder steps down after 18 years
    2. $18 million extra funding for PapayaMobile
    3. PSP leads 3DS again in Japan
    4. Security expert warns of "inherited apathy" towards user data
    5. US developer salaries up 7% according to annual report
    6. Sony: Credit card data was encrypted
    7. PSN hack could cost Sony $24 billion
    8. First lawsuit filed over PSN breach
    9. Zynga acquires Wonderland Software team
    1. RockYou signs second title with Romero's Loot Drop
    2. Into the Breach
    3. PSN breach will impact wider digital games business
    4. Xbox Live service alert for Modern Warfare 2
    5. UK officials to quiz Sony over PSN breach
    6. EA sees "buckets of money" in cross-platform ads
    7. Nintendo admits 3DS sales disappointment
    8. Sony tracks hackers as users vent rage
    9. US senator questions Sony over PSN breach
    10. Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian hit with layoffs
    11. UK first quarter sales drop 15% at GAME
    12. In Theory: Will Apple Launch a Home Games Console?
    13. Indie Project Budgets
    1. Sony warns of compromised personal data following PSN attacks
    2. Schappert quits EA for Zynga
    3. Turbine to take full control of LOTRO in Europe
    4. Analysts warn of 60% profit drop for GAME
    5. GREE buys OpenFeint for $104 million
    6. Jaffe to Iwata: "You can't put a price on fun"
    7. Memo details EA Sports subscription service
    8. Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat top UK sales charts
    9. Games to "drive investment" in glasses-free 3D - Cameron
    10. Free CryEngine 3 mod and SDK due this summer
    11. Investors spend $350m on controlling stake in Bigpoint
    12. Sony unveils two PlayStation compatible tablets
    13. Iwata: No new console before April 2012
    14. Sony unable to update gamers as PSN remains offline
    1. In Theory: What's Inside Project Cafe?
    2. Nintendo confirms new home console for 2012 launch
    1. Dundee's Cohort Studios shutting down
    2. Going, Going, Gone
    3. Valve: no Steam data for digital sales charts
    4. Develop in Brighton opens submissions for indie games
    5. PSN down in North America and EU
    6. 3DS retakes lead in Japanese weekly charts
    7. FTC study shows improvement in ESRB enforcement
    8. Apple profits hit $5.99 billion in second quarter
    9. Internal memo reveals bullish Activision
    10. Autodesk's Matthew Jeffery
    11. Autodesk issues Livingstone Hope call to action
    1. Michael Rawlinson resigns from UKIE
    2. GAME releases Portal 2 on PC early
    3. Fans protest Portal 2 on Metacritic
    4. Capps: 99c apps are killing us
    5. Playfish adopts Facebook Credits
    6. App Store chart changes suggest new ranking algorithms
    7. Harmonix plans "significant" announcements for E3
    8. Zynga pulls Mafia Wars from Myspace
    9. Tech Focus: Crysis 2 and the future of CryEngine 3
    10. Teaching Players How to Play Your Game
    1. Capcom establishes Beeline Interactive
    2. Ivor Novello music nominees announced
    3. Gamescom exhibitors up 20 per cent on 2010
    4. Wii hardware and software prices drop in U.S.
    5. Sony skirts around rumours of PSPgo's demise
    6. Critical Consensus: Portal 2
    7. Earthquake caused $88m damage to Japanese games market
    8. PAX Dev event planned for August
    9. THQ's Farrell plans mid-price revolution
    10. The Man in the Leisure Suit
    1. Sign of the Hines
    2. Bethesda: We'll survive if a big title flops
    3. Zumba Fitness remains the UK's number one
    4. Gamers' Voice files formal complaint with Channel 5
    5. Frozenbyte indie bundle makes $500,000 in 48 hours
    6. Battlestar Galactica users pass 1 million mark
    7. EA Tiburon vet forms new studio
    8. ESRB age ratings to be automated online
    9. Smartphone and tablets now 8% of U.S. games market
    10. Zero Point raises $125,000 through fan-funding
    11. Fan Funding
    1. Preview: Nordic Game 2011
    2. Aaron Loeb appointed MD of Playfish San Francisco
    3. OnLive adds new social features
    4. Money Games: The Middleware Opportunity
    5. Report shows iOS narrowing market share gap on Android
    6. Games Convention Online cancelled
    7. Analysts discuss next Nintendo platform
    8. US sales down 4% despite handheld launches
    9. Tough Road Ahead
    10. PlayStation 3 passes 50m sales worldwide
    11. 3DS sells under 400,000 in US debut
    1. HD Wii successor expected at E3
    2. Gartner analysts say gamification on the rise
    3. Dixons to close all 34 PC City Spain stores
    4. Stardock hits back at GamersGate criticisms
    5. IGDA attacks Amazon Appstore terms
    6. Setgo secures £50k funding
    7. UKIE calls for computer science in National Curriculum
    8. What games can learn from other media
    9. PSP outsells 3DS again in Japan
    10. Elizabeth Ross joins Digital Development Management
    11. Elliott to depart GamesIndustry.biz
    12. Earth Defence Force Portable takes Japanese No.1
    13. Razer and Tencent form Switchblade partnership
    14. Return to bigger E3 in 2009 tripled show revenues
    15. Kinect for Windows SDK to include skeleton tracking
    16. Activision's Dan Winters
    17. Activision: We're not a "monolithic empire"
    1. Former Rockstar devs start consultancy NFinite Games
    2. Newth running London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support
    3. Street Fighter producer "half happy" over game info leaks
    4. Garry's Mod catches pirates with error message
    5. Australian 3DS launch breaks records
    6. Glitch developer Tiny Speck raises $11m
    7. SEGA quashes Streets of Rage fan-remake
    8. Tiger Woods 12 enjoys best ever first week sales
    9. Wii price cut set for May?
    10. PlayJam games bundling with LG Smart TVs
    11. BlizzCon 2011 sees third yearly price increase
    12. Wooga moves into fourth in Appdata metrics
    13. Growing Game Animation
    14. Tech Focus: IMG on PowerVR mobile graphics
    15. Sony sets E3 press conference date
    1. Chinese online market grew 25% in 2010
    2. Abertay awards six companies with investment
    3. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition ships 1m
    4. TeePee Games gets Turner Broadcasting investment
    5. Move outsells Kinect 2:1 in Japan
    6. Jeffery urges positivity on UK development strength
    7. HMV launches trade-in price checking app
    8. Free-to-play games rumoured for Xbox Live
    9. 3DS sales have "slowed considerably" claim analysts
    10. Activision: "Guitar Hero on hiatus, we're not ending it"
    11. Rare Breeds
    1. Sony, Hotz settle PS3 hacking lawsuit
    2. Analysts estimate 750,000 3DS sales in US
    3. Video games recognised at Grammys
    4. Games are number one use for tablets - survey
    5. Nintendo stock hits two year low
    6. Zumba Fitness tops slow week for UK charts
    7. Social gaming to hit $5 billion by 2015
    8. Serious games can be commercial - Red Redemption
    9. Serious Business
    10. Tretton: DS is "a great babysitting tool"
    1. Sony cuts Euro PSP price
    2. Minecraft comes out of beta on November 11
    3. Apple nabs Nintendo and Activision UK PR vets - report
    4. Trip Hawkins enters Madden legal dispute
    5. PopCap's new studio has debut title rejected by Apple
    6. RockYou appoints Lisa Marino as new CEO
    7. Ubisoft, Microsoft take MCV Awards
    8. EA wants market leadership on Facebook
    9. MTV Networks launches 345 Games
    10. No Silver Lining
    1. Minecraft revenues pass £20 million
    2. Unreal will come to Android says Mark Rein
    3. GameStop: Tablets the next gaming "explosion"
    4. Riccitiello hails BF/COD "battle of the titans"
    5. Ex-Factor 5 staff form social games studio
    6. LucasArts and EA vets launch November Software
    7. PSP outsells 3DS in latest Japanese charts
    8. Bizarre Creations staff discuss Activision takeover
    9. Return on investment "years out" for cloud companies
    10. Sony Japan says earthquake will not delay NGP
    11. GameStop launches Facebook store
    12. Eternal Champions
    1. Industry PR must improve further, says Morris
    2. Tech Focus: Firemint on iPad 2 development
    3. Epic: No Infinity Blade on Android for now
    4. Tretton defends high platform pricing
    5. Impulse "an outdated distribution platform" - GamersGate CEO
    6. Blind Mind pulls game from Impulse following GameStop acquisition
    7. Pick Up That Can
    8. Zynga buys MarketZero team
    1. Saunders to leave Nintendo UK
    2. PopCap announces new small games studio
    3. Sony UK boss Ray Maguire leaves after 17 years
    4. Retailers deny 3DS scare story
    5. Sony Android tablet due this summer - report
    6. Australian Gametech Conference 2011 planned for June
    7. Sony earthquake appeal raises $1.3 million
    8. HMV lowers full-year profits forecast to £30m
    9. Sony sites suffering as reports circulate of further hacking
    10. Cheaper Xbox 360 development kit planned
    11. DreamWorks CEO joins Zynga board
    12. Japanese earthquake could stagger NGP launch
    13. SOE's John Smedley
    14. FreeRealms can grow to 100m users - Smedley
    1. West and Zampella add fraud charges to Activision suit
    2. GameStop expects $1.5bn in digital revenues by 2014
    3. THQ and Random House enter 'transmedia' agreement
    4. Angry Birds Rio downloads hit 10 million
    5. Arthur Bastings named as new Bigpoint co-CEO
    6. Live pitching session for Nordic Game 2011
    7. Google cracks down on unauthorised Android deals
    8. Crysis 2 keeps top spot in UK charts
    9. Madden creator sues EA for royalties
    10. Utilzen acquires Japanese developer Red
    11. Hacking collective Anonymous alleges attack on Sony
    12. "By the time you hear about the goldrush it's been milked dry"
    13. PSP beats DS, PS3 beats Wii in 2010 Japanese sales
    14. Oberon faces job losses - report
    15. Puppy Dog Tales
    1. NPD acquires digital tracker In-Stat
    2. 3DS sells 113,000 at UK launch
    3. Keiji Inafune starts two new companies
    4. AIAS awards and DICE sessions on Xbox Live
    5. Mo-cap's not just for big budgets - Audiomotion
    6. Platinum: "Japanese games companies have lost their vigour"
    7. GameSalad raises $6.1 million funding
    8. Analyst figures show worldwide PS3 install base bigger than 360
    9. GameStop to acquire Stardock's Impulse download service
    10. Pi Studios set for closure - report
    11. THQ cuts jobs at Volition and Kaos Studios
    12. Curate or Filter?