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How to find and get a job in today's video games industry and Amiqus offer advice on CVs, portfolios, interviews, contract negotiations and more

Christopher Dring

What is the best game engine: is GameMaker right for you?

Our updated in-depth guide to YoYo Games' GameMaker, one of the best game engines for aspiring developers without technical skills

Marie Dealessandri

Four ways to build better indie marketing campaigns

20ten's director of gaming Luke Fisher gives tips on how to keep players engaged

Luke Fisher

Empowering play for all: The path to true accessibility in games

Natalie Burns and Améliane Chiasson share their insights on how to tackle the challenges facing the games industry when it comes to accessibility

Natalie Burns & Améliane Chiasson

What is the best game engine: is Godot right for you?

The Academy's in-depth guide to Godot, a flexible, versatile, and intuitive engine (now updated to include Godot 4)

Marie Dealessandri

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