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How game developers can help their players understand network issues

Mathieu Duperré looks at how players perceive problems like lag and latency, and what to do when issues arise

Mathieu Duperré

Tips for selling a studio

Founders with mergers and acquisitions experience share what they learned from their deals

Brendan Sinclair

What are cozy games, and what makes them cozy?

A trio of developers of recent wholesome games share lessons and discuss what players expect from the genre

Colin Campbell

Dealing with online hate: A crisis management handbook for video game developers

TinyBuild's Alex Nichiporchik gives pointers to maintain positive relations between devs and their communities

Alex Nichiporchik

Is it a good time to be an indie dev?

Jason Della Rocca assesses the state of play for small creators, limited opportunity on mobile, and the evolution of subscription services

Brendan Sinclair

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